Train hard, fight crocodiles and find love. Earn your place in the Punch Club ranks, and discover who brutally murdered your father, in this choose your own adventure boxing management tycoon.
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Mostly Positive (3,609 reviews) - 79% of the 3,609 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Jan 8, 2016

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June 23

12 languages are available! Enjoy!

Czech and 11 other languages are available right now! Enjoy the game :)

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June 20

Turkish and Polish added!

Added 2 new languages: Turkish and Polish. Czech is coming.

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“Punch Club is pretty awesome”
9/10 – TouchArcade

“Utterly Fantastic”
9/10 – Hardcore Gamer

“If you are looking for an excellent 16-bit fighter game then look no further than Punch Club as it’s a hell of a lot of fun to play and sink some hours into.”
8/10 – GameGrin

Punch Club The Dark Fist Expansion

To thank the fans of Punch Club for being awesome, we have added a brand new, free expansion that adds 3 hours of new content. Enjoy!

About This Game

Your father was brutally murdered before your eyes. Now you must train hard, eat chicken and punch dudes in the face to earn your place in the Punch Club ranks, and discover who ended your father's life.

Punch Club is a boxing tycoon management game with multiple branching story lines. Your goal is clear, but how you get there depends on whether you want to legitimately climb the rankings, or take the more ridiculous, shady route.

Along the way you'll want to focus your talents. Will you take the Way of the Tiger, the Way of the Turtle, or the Way of the [other one?]? Your strength, accuracy and agility all depends on whichever Way enlightens your path. Do you have stripes, or flippers?

And every decision will matter, especially in your social life. You'll be juggling friendships, love life, work, recreational time, relationships, and possible stardom, all alongside your gym time and fighting aligators. It's not all just pumping iron, you know.

  • Fighter management sim with RPG and tycoon elements
  • Find out who killed your father, and maybe learn something about yourself along the way
  • Heavily story-driven, with multiple different narrative branches and game endings to discover
  • Get as deep with stats as you like, and find your own way through extensive skill trees
  • Gorgeous pixel visuals with 80-90s references and nostalgia all over the place

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows XP and up
    • Processor: 1 GHz and up
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Toaster
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
    • OS: Lion (10.7)
    • Processor: 1 GHz and up
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Any
    • OS: Ubuntu 12.04
    • Processor: 1 GHz and up
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
Customer reviews
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Mostly Positive (203 reviews)
Mostly Positive (3,609 reviews)
Recently Posted
2.1 hrs on record
Posted: August 23
Before I played:
\\ _
   \( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    < ⌒ヽ
   /   へ\
   /  / \\
   レ ノ   ヽ_つ
  / /
  / /|
 ( (ヽ
 | |、\
 | 丿 \ ⌒)
 | |  ) /
`ノ )  Lノ
After I played:
/フフ         ム`ヽ
/ ノ)   ) ヽ
/ |  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ノ⌒(ゝ._,ノ
/ ノ⌒7⌒ヽーく  \ /
丶_ ノ 。   ノ、 。|/
   `ヽ `ー-'_人`ーノ
    丶  ̄ _人'彡)
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17.2 hrs on record
Posted: August 22
Good game!
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2.5 hrs on record
Posted: August 21
It's boring. Plain and simple. Stats decay and takes away from the game way to much.
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8.0 hrs on record
Posted: August 20
Punch club is a tycoon style (or “one of those games” style ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)) game where you play a young man on a quest to avenge his father’s death in a world full of strange people and loads of referential humor.

Typical for the game style, you have a “home base” where you can rest, eat, and even do training. There’s also a world map full of locations for you to earn money, train, fight people, and advance the story. There are 3 main statistics: Strength, Agility, and Stamina and in addition to these you also have meters governing your health, hunger, happiness, and energy and these affect various factors such as your ability to train and maximum HP. You also have several skill trees of different fighting styles that can be invested in with skill points obtained from winning or losing fights. Generally you’ll want to pick a single style and corresponding statistic and focus the majority of your efforts into both for the best results.

So now onto the problems I had with this game. One of the things that bugged me a lot was the high rate of stat atrophy, especially on higher levels. I would spend most of a day getting a statistic up a point only to lose 1/3 of my progress. Not a huge deal but it seems more like a system put there to artificially lengthen the game. The skill trees are really awkward and have nonsensical relationship-requirements where in one case you can cut back diagonally from a parallel line to learn a skill, but in other cases you can’t. This should be more consistent, especially since it can take hours just to find out that you took the wrong way to get a skill.

My playthrough of Punch Club was extremely buggy and at one point my character got stuck on the map and I couldn’t exit the game or save my progress. No problem, I thought, as I killed the process and loaded up the game again, expecting some lost progress at worst. Instead what seems to have happened were a series of story flags accidentally thrown, suddenly placing my character much further ahead in the storyline where his home had moved to a new location. When I exited the location, both that location and my original home were nowhere to be seen on the map. This made it impossible for me to complete the game under that save file.

Having spent 8 hours already, I decided that it wouldn’t be worth it to bother with a new file and just put the game down for good. It wasn’t bad for the $2.50 but I’d rather not feed into a buggy time vampire when I have other games available on my backlog.
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22.5 hrs on record
Posted: August 20
Punch Club is a mixture between resourse manegment and rpg elements. I had so much fun playing this game, and big part of that is due to the retro game design and the sarcastic/funny references to the movies, games, toons and other cultures. If you like TMNT, Double Dragon, Street Fighter, Fight Club, Rocky and so on, I assure you, get Punch Club and smirk while playing!
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4.3 hrs on record
Posted: August 20
I want to like this game, but there's nothing particularly good about it. You literally win or lose on a random number generator, with minimal gameplay required on the player's behalf. I out-leveled the 4th place newbie league guy in terms of stats and skills, and he, 5th, 6th AND 7th place consequently beat the living daylight out of me because my character refused to take a swing in a fighting game, despite having two punch moves. The story itself is standard to sub-standard, and over the course of what I played only went for the more bizarre. While some may like that, it was a bit too weird for my taste and I spotted some typo's and grammar issues in there as well (not exactly breaking, but not helping either). The only thing I really liked were the references in the game. To be brutally honest, it was a chore playing this game long enough to get the cards.
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9.3 hrs on record
Posted: August 20
wow, it's a really nice game. totaly worth it.
lots of cultural hints.

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16.4 hrs on record
Posted: August 19
Having played all the way through this game, I unfortunately can't recommend it. There are a lot of good things--the gameplay is generally pretty enjoyable, there are some solid options in terms of different classes, and the story is at least cute and makes a lot of great references that boxing/martial arts movie/game fans will enjoy.

That said, the stat creep is undiscovered-tribe-in-the-Amazon level savage, and adds a good 3-4 hours to a playthrough that are not enjoyable (at least on my first time through). The late game is a mess that pretty much exclusively involves grinding with only a very limited connection to the story. The ending, even subject to the most forgiving interpretation, does not make any rational sense and seems like it's just a somewhat weaker reference to the tropes of this genre. All in all, this is a promising game that probably isn't worth the purchase unless it's heavily discounted.
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4.9 hrs on record
Posted: August 19
No problems running on Linux
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1.9 hrs on record
Posted: August 18

You embark upon an epic storyline of playing the typical broke gym ♥♥♥♥♥♥-bag!
Spend countless hours doing repetitive workouts while jackhammering concrete so you don't starve.
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Most Helpful Reviews  In the past 30 days
28 of 32 people (88%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
2.8 hrs on record
Posted: July 31
Fun game cant reccomend it though because while the stats arent as important as skills or perks the stat decay really makes it a demoralizing grind to say the least. a lot of refferences fun soundtrack decent story also it appears the devs have abondaned the game Worth the $2.49 I piad during the summer sale. 6/10
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27 of 34 people (79%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
18.7 hrs on record
Posted: August 1
It is not a bad game... But the unnecessary grinding and the WTF ending spoiled it for me.
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21 of 24 people (88%) found this review helpful
2 people found this review funny
Not Recommended
13.5 hrs on record
Posted: July 25
Part of me wants to recommend Punch Club. Its references to 80s entertainment gives a certain nostalgic charm, and its pixel art-style lends itself well to appealing visual humor and furthers that 80s flavor. The game tries something new-ish too by having the player manage a fighter's life and career, instead of having the player bloody his virtual knuckles himself.

However, the positives of humor and individuality are heavily outweighed by the negatives of tedium and frustration. As mentioned before, you don't actively participate in your character's fights. You train him in the gym and you decide what skills he brings into a particular fight, but once it begins, all you can do is sit back and watch the fight play out, rooting for your own guy. In the beginning, there was some excitement in that, like seeing the horse you raised run in his first few races. But as you get further through the game, the spark wears off and all the fights start to look the same: two guys punching and dodging based on percentage chances and numbers generated behind the scenes.

It's especially tiring when you find that you can't skip to the end of any fight, no matter how inconsequential a sparring match it might be. Unless you alt-tab out or leave your seat, you're forced to sit through every fight, despite being powerless to affect its outcome while it's in progress. Similarly, you'll feel the same kind of frustration when it comes to unskippable dialogue and cutscenes, a problem often encountered by players and has yet to be fully resolved by the devs. Further, while the game is visually pleasing, its writing (largely in the form of character dialogue) feels stilted and ponderous. If you're irritated by poor writing, being forced to wait through several instances of it could be a deal-breaker for you.

Punch Club also tries to make things "realistic" by having your the effects of your training drain away everyday. Roughly, if you gained two points in strength in a single day, you'll lose half a point of strength when it ends. Unless your fighter has a specific skill that halts loss at a set number, you'll find yourself scheduling constant training just to keep your fighter at certain level of competency. It's certainly realistic, but it also makes for even more tedium in a game that needs less of it.

This game doesn't have many tags: Management; Strategy; etc. It needs one more: Clicker. You might not mash the mouse button like in other Clicker games, but you will still repeat the same short series of actions over and over: cycling through a short list of training equipment (because using only one has decreases stat gains over time); constantly clicking the "Next Round" button; clicking to get to the next piece of dialogue you'll only gloss over. Remove the graphics, and this feels more like another compulsion engine Clicker instead of a game.
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19 of 23 people (83%) found this review helpful
3 people found this review funny
32.7 hrs on record
Posted: August 15
Product received for free
Got this game as a gift, and I simply loved it. The pixelated graphics are awesome, the soundtrack is addicting, and the characters were all pretty cool. The gameplay might get a bit boring after some time, it takes a while to get used to. But overall, this is a very good game and I enjoyed every moment of it! I would love to play a similar title.

8/10, all the feels for Fluffy.
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15 of 20 people (75%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
0.8 hrs on record
Posted: August 2
I've play this version and the mobile game. I can never play for more than a couple hours before giving up on this game. Your stats decay daily for no reason. Very quickly it becomes annoying and boring to have to keep training just to maintane decent stats.
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8 of 11 people (73%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
5.2 hrs on record
Posted: July 31
Fun idea, great style and setting, basically just a tycoon style mobile game.

Endlessly frustrating automatic combat and random disaster system. Frustrating vertical scaling, tedious zone-to-zone travel, frequent bugs in walking to objectives in-game.


Would not recommend. Fair effort. Love the studio, sprite style and music (does get repetitive). Like the idea. Poor execution.

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4 of 4 people (100%) found this review helpful
7.1 hrs on record
Posted: August 16
As many other reviewers have made clear, this is a great game with cool pixel art, music and 80's references within a pretty interesting story (at least what I've seen so far). But, but, but.... the grind is just too frustrating, because the stat's loss if you don't find the most efficient regime is so high it just makes you feel "Urgh! Forget this s.h.i.t." Maybe the dev's will provide an additional alternative to "Hardcore Mode" with a "Softcore Mode" that dials down the stat's loss for players that don't want to spend hour upon hour slowly grinding away. I live in hope...
Another peeve is a game dynamic whereby you can randomly be picked on for a street fight when travelling from place to place on the game map. That's fine, but if you lose (and you surely will for the first few hours of play) the mugger takes *half* your money! I worked for ages to build up cash, only to see it taken away. I appreciate this is a game, but it's kinda a simulation style - so who in their right mind carries their entire $300 life savings around with them while travelling from home to the gym!
In the end I felt justified in using a trainer to give me essentially infinite cash so that I could skip the tedious grinding and thwart the daft "mugger takes half your cash" rule. With $999999 the game becomes much more enjoyable.
If there's an update that at least gives players an option to reduce the tedium then I'd certainly re-play the game without the cash cheat, but as it stands understand that the game has a couple of serious flaws.
I'm still giving it a "thumbs up", but with that big "grinding tedium unless you use a trainer" caveat.
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2.5 hrs on record
Posted: August 17
This game is great. The 16-bit graphics, and soundtrack are really good. The storyline is good as well, I definatley think any old school gamer should try this game, And I'm sure people that never got into older 90's games will enjoy this. The game can be repetive when it comes to working out, or working at your job. The game has a lot more to it than I expected. I'm glad I found this game :)
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7 of 11 people (64%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
6.2 hrs on record
Posted: August 10
the game could have been super fun but its only farming farming farming fight farming farming farming fight the game is done and when you see what happen at the end its sucks !!!!
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2 of 2 people (100%) found this review helpful
9.3 hrs on record
Posted: August 20
wow, it's a really nice game. totaly worth it.
lots of cultural hints.

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