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It was July 7th, 2011. While investigating reports of unlawful weapons trafficking, peacekeeping forces encountered an unclassified carnivorous species occupying a small village in Northern Africa. These rabid creatures were easily provoked and resistant to conventional attack.
Data lansării: 19 Nov 2009
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It was July 7th, 2011.

While investigating reports of unlawful weapons trafficking, peacekeeping forces encountered an unclassified carnivorous species occupying a small village in Northern Africa. These rabid creatures were easily provoked and resistant to conventional attack. Eight specimens were encountered in the region now referred to as "Ground:ALPHA"... Only four were successfully contained for study. Victims of the attack were quarantined at a research facility nearby. These victims displayed signs of internal liquefaction and accelerated necrosis, similar to symptoms of other flesh-eating viruses native to that region.

But it wasn't a viral outbreak. It was a parasitic infestation. A previously unidentified species of hook worm was found beneath the skin of the Ground: ALPHA specimens. These parasites, we call them "Alpha-worms", laid dozens of eggs inside their hosts, which in turn produced numerous larvae. These larvae penetrated the bloodstream and triggered a variety of genetic failures. However, unlike most genetic failures, these symptoms were not fatal. Instead, infested victims were larger, stronger… and driven by hunger. Using the research gained from the Ground: ALPHA specimens, a team of some special individuals were assembled. Minor outbreaks occurred over the next few years, but elite squad quickly put them down. Which brings us to the current situation in Tokyo...

  • Exciting and challenging battles with 3 different weapons
  • QTE and cinematic action
  • Variety of powerful ninja abilities
  • Weapon and ninjutsu upgrade system
  • Crisscross the city of Tokyo with intense gunfights

Cerinţe de sistem

    • OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP/Vista
    • Processor: Pentium® 4 3,2 GHz or similar Athlon® 64
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 3D Video card with 256 MB VRAM, DirectX® 9.0c compatible (GeForce 8600GTS/Radeon HD2600XT or higher)
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 5 GB free disk space
    • Sound: DirectX® 9.0с compatible sound card
    • Controller Support: Keyboard, mouse, gamepad (Microsoft X-Box 360 Controller Compatible)
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This game is epic in idea, just from the start it looks amazing. This seems to be maybe the fatal flaw of any game that is a platformer, going way way back, they may look good but their impossible to play due to broken controls. Must be what made Super Mario brothers one of the most iconic games ever made, because the controls work. Seems like 99% of games that require any precision from this game to AC games just are terrible with controls.

What is worse is the game has strange features, under settings for visual quality it says low, medium, average. Ummm ok so is medium or average better? There is no actual data point given to us to know what "average" means. This seems made for consoles not a bad thing, but when all the dialogs say please dont turn off your console, thats kinda weird on a computer. The game defaults to locking at 30fps, thats a console thing, this is PC. Im not sure if its even possible to disable if I disable it, not to mention the odd choice of not having 1920x1080 is kinda weird for a game.

The gameplay is real bad, if you miss a QTE you need to do it over, not a bad thing, but it makes you press retry everytime. Meaning it would be alot more fun and fast paced if It just started over since the only option is to retry anyways, or give up crawl in a hole and die there. The game just doesnt work though, the character will warp around where he will suddenly appear on top of walls or other places. The controls dont seem to work, as in there are prompts on the screen telling you what to do, but the game seems to randomly decide when it wants to work and when it doesnt. This game relies on QTE events which are done pretty well, other times its confusing because there is so much information on the screen like in BIG text it will say HIT RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON with a little x button underneath if your on a controller, it will also say dodge, how much information is needed to hit a button? Is it really an einstein project to just put an x on the screen? Did they really think gamers would not know to hit that button without providing tons of on screen text to correspond with it making it hard to even see what button to press?

A great concept with awesome visuals, lack of working controls make the game unplayable.
Rating: 0/10 Value: $0.10
Postat: 5 februarie 2014
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Postat: 5 decembrie 2013
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This game is in an absolutely unacceptable state for a commercial product. There are various bugs ranging from audio not playing, animations looking like they are having siezures,the game freezing when trying to skip cut-scenes, and some of which are potentially game breaking bugs like being unable to break down walls to progress through levels.

It's also filled to the brim with quick-time events. It quickly becomes tiring and tedious. They don't difference in the outcome of any cut-scenes They are used in absolutely every possible opportunity, and if you mess up you are forced to replay it over and over until you get it right. It was just too much.

The weapons and combat mechanics are unimpressive. They work, but the attacks don't feel like they carry much impact and timing to pull off some moves feels very loose. Enemies don't convey their patterns or behavior very well either, so anticipating them is difficult. None of the combat flows and it just feels lackluster.
Postat: 5 decembrie 2013
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For starters this game uses Quick Time Events which isn't a bad thing, the issue is the the sheer amount of QTE's. Segments that should be cutscene turn out to be a boat load of QTE (quick time event) sequences which if you progress through the game quickly will happen sometimes every 5 minutes or less. Or if you want to you can QTE every single enemy with no sucsse. If you are using a controller the Quick Time Event prompt fades in giving you less time to react where the keyboard prompt is an immediate thing. All around it feels like quick time events were something that was just tacked on at the last moment and it doesn't really fit. But don't despair, the QTE's have a difficulty setting; if you don't want to put up with them you can set it to the lowest setting and watch it as the cutscene it should be although the prompt will still pop up like you are still gonna give it a go.
As for the story you will be completely lost as to what's going on unless you watch the prologue in the extras or on the store page. Gameplay wise it feels like its trying to be 3 different games in 1 and fails horribly.
1. The setting feels like its trying to be the Shinobi reboot for PS2 with the whole modern urban Tokyo ninja thing.
2. Your character looks like Ryu from Ninja Gaiden and tries to be just as cool and fails at it.
3. The combat system feels like it was based around not your first weapon but your second that feels a lot more natural for some reason and happens to be dual wield sword but it makes you use this super slow broad sword through MOST of the game. The upgrade system mimics that of God of War as well as some of the attacks that you unlock via upgrading. The Quick Time Events mimic God of War in the way of being activated in the same ways. Aside from the games it tries to be there are also poorly incorporated turret segments that completely break the flow of the game. There are moments that also happen quite often where you will have to go through your weapons just to continue through the game. And again this wouldn't be and issues if i was done less often but its over used. The gameplay looks and feels very broken as if the cosmetic things where more important the having a solid foundation for the cosmetic items to be built upon. Most of the main issues with this game could have easily been patched out after its release to PC.
Graphically this game looks sub-par for its era at max settings and you will have to keep going back into the settings in order to have a descent frame rate due to the game insisting that your frame rate does not exceed 30 fps. Mind you this is a port to PC after debuting on Xbox 360 five months before. There is obvious clipping and at times the audio will just cut out, so if your not using subtitles you have no idea what's being said. The game could use more than it's fair share of optimization, because I get better framerate in crytek games with loads of particle effects with better framerates.
Overall this game does not feel like it was made to be on PC at all and it needed another few months of development in order to work out its serious bugs or at least a patch to correct them after release. Only worth the cash it you want to see how not to make a game.
Postat: 26 noiembrie 2013
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While a lot easier than Ninja Gaiden this game still has some difficulty to it. The story isn't engaging as I ,myself, would like and I feel as though this game left a lot to be desired. While the customization area of the game was pretty nea t as well as the cool weapons, it just wasn't enough for me to not regret purchasing this game. If your looking for a game that has no in depth storyline (about 10 chapters), but a ton cinematics where you have to press buttons in accurate timming to continue, as well as a hack and slash style gameplay ,then this is your game. Overall I wasn't as impressed as I would have hoped. The graphics were very good to say the least.
Postat: 24 decembrie 2013
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