Era il 7 Luglio 2011. Durante l'inverstigazione sul traffico di armi illegale, le forze di pace hanno incontrato una specie carnivora non classificata che occupava un piccolo villaggio in Nord Africa. Queste creature violente venivano facilmente provocate ed erano resistenti agli attacchi convenzionali.
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Data di rilascio: 19 nov 2009
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"Game supports up to 60FPS out of the box, but defaults to a 30FPS cap that has to be disabled each time you run the game. "

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Era il 7 Luglio 2011.

Durante l'inverstigazione sul traffico di armi illegale, le forze di pace hanno incontrato una specie carnivora non classificata che occupava un piccolo villaggio in Nord Africa. Queste creature violente venivano facilmente provocate ed erano resistenti agli attacchi convenzionali. Otto specie furono avvistate nella regione adesso nota come "Ground:ALPHA"... Solo quattro furono conservate con successo per essere studiate. Le vittime dell'attacco furono poste in quarantena in un edificio del centro di ricerca nelle vicinanze. Queste vittime mostravano segni di liquefazione interna e necrosi accelerata, simili ai sintomi di altri virus che consumano le carni nativi di quella regione.

Non fu però una esplosione virale. Era un'infestazione parassitaria. Una specie mai identificata prima di vermi fu trovata sotto la pelle del campione di Ground: ALPHA. Questi parrassiti, che chiamiamo "Vermi Alpha", depositarono dozzine di uova nei loro ospiti, che in seguito produssero numerose larve. Queste larve penetrarono il circolo sanguigno e causarono una serie di danni genetici. Comunque sia, a differenza di molti danni genetici, questi sintomi non furono fatali. Invece, le vittime infestate diventarono più grandi, più forti… e schiave della fame. Grazie alla ricerca ottenuta sugli esemplari di Ground: ALPHA, un gruppo campione di individui speciali fu creato. Piccole rivolte avvennero negli anni successivi, ma la squadra di elite le sedò tempestivamente. Il che ci porta alla situazione attuale a Tokyo...

  • Eccitanti e stimolanti battaglie con 3 differenti armi
  • QTE e azione cinematica
  • Una varietà di potenti abilità ninja
  • Sistema di miglioramento di armi e ninjutsu
  • Attraversa la città di Tokyo in mezzo a intense sparatorie

Requisiti di sistema

    • OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP/Vista
    • Processore: Pentium® 4 3,2 GHz o Athlon® 64 equivalente
    • Memoria: 1 GB RAM
    • Grafica: Scheda grafica 3D con 256 MB VRAM, compatibile DirectX® 9.0c (GeForce 8600GTS/Radeon HD2600XT o superiori)
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 5 GB di spazio libero
    • Suono: schede sonore compatibili DirectX® 9.0с
    • Controller Supportati: Tastiera, mouse, gamepad (controller compatibile con Microsoft X-Box 360)
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Pubblicata: 28 marzo
I really seem to like this game. I had it sitting in my inventory until I saw some screenshots uploaded by( cheese:)
I read a lot of comments that ts too over the top. Last time I played god of war and Devil may cry these games were also not very normal. I think a sci fi slasher should be as exagerated as can be. The graphics are decent , maybe showing there age but still great. The QTE in this game are really cool. You can actually skip them but why would you do that?
I just played through the first chapter and it took me about an hour. I killed a spider that was 100 times bigger than me so thats a good start.

Check some videos and maybe you will like it, we only have a few ninja games on steam. Its pretty good

Will rate it once I am done playing
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Pubblicata: 17 luglio
i Think, i have played meny actiong ames before.... but of all of this, this is the best one i have played out of all of them.. i have never been good t metal gear solid rising or devil may cry, i ggot stuck on the part of mgs2 were you go to Detroid Zone and fight Meme Man.... i did also got stuck on the part of devil my cry 3,, where yo fight the gint cerberos. BUt, id igress NIJA BLADE, its a very good game its like in it, you play as ken from SUPER STREET FIGHTER 2 TURBO who is ryu hayabsa's brother, and maybe also shinobis.. strider hiro, unfortunately, does not make an apearance..

anywaay, ken is a g is a very good coold protagonoist, & he fights big insecs, like spiders, and his dad kills him but then he isn't dead.... so wants revenge. which is, like, TOTALLY ♥♥♥♥iN HARDCORE MAN!!!!... but yea.., it is like.... then there are also quick times.. and you have to pres the buton, or else time will rewind and then you will have to press buttons again.. so yeah its, its very good.. and i think u you should buy it.. ok. thnk u, for reading my review.. it is was a very hward review to right.. my fingers, they do not presss keys wel.... they are, very big, and hard 2 cntrol..

Oh and, also, the game doesnt run well, it is very badly optimized, and you must disable the 30FPS CAP every time you run the game but i do not feel this is a bad thing, in fact is a good thing, because sciencists like neel degrease tyson, dr Phil have prooven that the human eye canot see above the "cinamtic level" (24 frames per second) AND if they coud, it would look very bad.. actualy, i dont think they were the ones who said that, but my point stands, IMO....
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Pubblicata: 27 giugno 2014
This game isn't great. But that doesn't stop it from being hillariously crazy and in your face. The gameplay is bland and gets boring. However, this is made up for by how stupidly action-packed the cut-scenes/QTEs are. Annoyed by QTEs? That's fine, you can set the QTE difficulty separately to 'fool-proof' so you don't even have to do them. And you can customize your ninjas colours super thoroughly. Play as a plain grey boring guy for one level and then you can be a rainbow or a sweet neon pink messenger of badassery. I just finished this game today on live stream and can honestly say it's one Hell of a roller coaster ride.
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Pubblicata: 7 ottobre 2014
a mediocre hack and slash game with mediocre platforming here and there.
the game tries to go over the top with the scenes and bosses but kinda falls flat and sometimes makes you cringe a bit.
story is also mediocre and some of you can probably see the plot twist a mile away.
game is also buggy in some parts here and there but nothing game breaking but there is one part when you are fighting a certain boss , you can stunlock him by spamming your heavy weapons and he will never be able to move.

gameplay is pretty neat with different weapons to make combat not so stale but i wish they would try to make it so that changing weapons can make you go on and make different combos instead of giving you a weapon switch animation.
the enemies are cannon fodder with dumb AI but some of them have unneccesarry big health just so you need to hit it a few times more.
there is platforming but not very compelling, but they did put a few hidden stuff in each level so exploration is encouraged in this game. Ninja blade feels a bit like prince of persia with all the parkour/ninja like moves but not as fun as the latter.
this game is also chock full of QTEs, its literally everywhere in almost every scene and in every bossfight which kinda makes the game feel shallow. i think they were trying to get the god of war feeling but its just not there since if you fail the qte it just rewinds you a few seconds back so you can never ♥♥♥♥ it up. it will only affect your end game rating and score.some levels also have a turret section which is pretty weird for a game called ninja blade. its not that fun and is pretty much an on-rail arcade shooter just made to prolong the game.

soundtrack is forgettable but okay.

graphics are decent for its time although still not that pretty and choppy kind of like a ps2 game.

the ending is pretty bad and not really worth noting.

i wouldnt say its a crappy game, its an okay hack and slash game with a few problems here and there, just not at full price. maybe get it at 50-75% discount if you are really interested.
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Pubblicata: 20 febbraio 2011
Recensione di una copia anticipata
I thought it was fun and cool, but not many people liked it. I suppose it is because you need a 360 controller to play it and it is like Devil May Cry and other older games that are modeled on First Generation 3D combat-platform games. Could have been bettter, but for a low budget action game: I liked it. It is the cheap version of Ninja Gaiden.
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