"Hanafuda" is a traditional Japanese card game. Now you can enjoy "Koi Koi," its most well-known variation, in a purely Japanese milieu with elegant and refined graphics. Online Multiplayer!!
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Release Date: Apr 27, 2015

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August 29

Updated [ver2.2.1]

Added support for a second DLC entitled “36 Views of Mount Fuji
・Collect famous Japanese Ukiyoe wood-block prints in Collection mode

This update also includes:
・A new male guide character
・Additional background image (selectable in the Theme section)
・Bug fixes for MacOS
・Bug fixes related to multiplayer games

We're still working on some bug fixes and we appreciate your feedback again if you notice something that doesn't seem right.

Please check out our two DLCs allowing you to collect famous Japanese Ukiyoe
wood-block prints in Collection mode.

Thank you.

7 comments Read more

August 10

Updated [ver2.2.0]

* DLC on sale now
Play Ukiyoe wood-block print Collection mode
("53 Stations of the Tokaido")

* Updates in this version:
・Added BackGround in Game
(to be selected in the Theme section)
・fixing bugs chat functionality
・fixing bugs multiplayer rankings
・fixing bugs the Fuda seems a bit blurry

*Several bug fix.
fixing bugs related to multiplayer games.

We're still working on some bug fixes and we appreciate your feedback again
if you notice something that doesn't seem right.

Thank you.

15 comments Read more

About This Game

If you want learning "Hanafuda", "Koi-Koi Japan" is the fastest way!
Everyone can be a "Koi-Koi" Master!

"Hanafuda" is a traditional Japanese card game.
Now you can play Koi Koi, its most well-known variation.

In Koi Koi, you compete to snatch up cards that will allow you to win by forming Yaku, or card combinations, before your opponent does.
If you form a Yaku, you can aim for even more points by calling "Koi Koi" and continuing the game. I hope you'll try this simple, but fiercely competitive game of strategy.

◆Optimized for Hanafuda Beginners
We've prepared an easy-to-use tutorial for those who may be playing for the first time.
Now anyone can learn the basic rules and start enjoying Koi Koi right away.

◆Beautiful Japanese Design
The cards with floral and animal designs evoke a sense of "wabi sabi," a uniquely Japanese aesthetic. Combined with elegant music, this enchanting game is sure to captivate you.

◆Great Replay Value
Enjoy the game again and again with extra features such as achievements and Collection Mode where you can collect postcards depicting Japanese scenery.

System Requirements

Mac OS X
    • OS: Windows 7/8/8.1
    • Processor: 2Ghz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX compatible card
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 500 MB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX-compatible sound
    • OS: 10.9.2 or greater
    • Processor: Dual Core
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Graphics Memory: 1 GB
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
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Most Helpful Reviews  In the past 30 days
3 of 3 people (100%) found this review helpful
21.5 hrs on record
Posted: September 27
Sometimes on days after work when there's nothing decent on tv (often), the gf isn't available yet or one just doesn't want to go through even more stress after somehow not beating the living crap out of insufferable bosses, a simple and easy way to relax is what everyone really needs. A card game, for one, that is easygoing enough to make one laugh even if on the losing side yet challenging enough to keep you going for a long time, waiting for the chance to show an overconfident opponent that no victory is certain until the game is still in session and revel in the glory of your skill to the amusement of those watching with you. Games like that are far and few between in today's world but there are still some that rise up to the challenge, and while there are those that cannot meet the expectations of people looking at them, some are much more endearing you'd see from one at first glance.

This is one such game where with a deck of cards you can play Koi-Koi against an AI or real opponent once you've completed the short but beginner friendly tutorial, through either 6 or 12 rounds and take points from the other by completing hands not unlike in mahjongg, though this can only be played with two people. Since the system gives hints on which cards can be used by highlighting their borders, there's no need to know all of them by heart which makes playing easier, especially to those who like to take their time planning ahead. This is more noticeable in multiplayer since unlike when playing alone, during a 2 persons session you have a time limit to decide how to proceed, and when there are multiple possibilities to choose from, even one can be the final push to in a well played match.

Once it launches a very nice graphical style greets the player with customizable backside for the cards and pictures that are reminiscent of Ukyo-e art, depicting the flowers and months of the year that form the combinations with which one wins. This may seem a bit lacking to those who like visually well developed games as there's little to see aside from the cards we're playing with, but this also can be a good feature since there's no trap suggesting that you can undress your partners more than they are planned to. It also has many postcards from various regions of Japan that can be obtained through wins in campaing mode, showing many famous tourist spots which may be familiar to those who also bought Go Go Nippon ~My First Trip to Japan~.

Much like its visual side this game also offers a surprisingly small collection of tracks one can listen to during a match that can become repetitive after a while, though a few songs also hail back to the soundtrack of Okami with the instruments that are heard. Particularly the one that plays once a players calls koi koi is fairly similar to the piece called Competition with Idaten, thus creating a nice atmosphere as the session progresses to an exciting stage. Sadly, this also means that simply starting up the OST containing them might be a better choice, providing a more satisfying experience that way.

It should come as no surprise that Koi Koi Japan is not a game that would be called outstanding even if you wished, offering only a modest amount of fun not found in crowded places nor online shooters, but rather in the company of one you enjoy more than anything. It doesn't try to pretend to be more it actually is, so while this certainly feels a little too simplified at times, that still doesn't make for a less enjoyable release. I do recommend it to anyone interested in Japanese culture with some pleasant entertainment along the ride, and though the base price is a little steep it's worth buying at big sales.
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Most Helpful Reviews  Overall
46 of 51 people (90%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
4.7 hrs on record
Posted: November 1, 2015
This review is for all my card playing and/or match 3 loving friends.

Hanafuda, a traditional Japanese card, is well hard to describe. It is like a combination of Go Fish, Old Maid, Bridge, Whist, Gin Rummy, Poker, Eucre, and Cribbage. Instead of 13 cards in only 4 suits, there 4 cards per season or month with the added bonus of special higher point sets of 3 to 5 cards. It is a bit confusing a first, I admit, but there is an in-game visual guide to the card hands. Plus before beginning any card matches or tournment matches there is a very informative tutorial about how to play. It also helps that your playing cards become highlighted along with the central "pot" cards to help find matches. This card game is very challenging.
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49 of 57 people (86%) found this review helpful
6 people found this review funny
2.5 hrs on record
Posted: April 27, 2015
I've only just recently got this game but I saw it had no reveiws so I wanted to spread the love. If your playing becuase you just want to try it out, saw it in an anime movie(Summer Wars), or just becuase, its a great start to teach you how to play the game of Koi Koi. Its pretty bare basics with a bit of a learning curve (mostly with just remembering which card is which and what ones go into a pair), but by played a few rounds you can quickly pick up the basics to the game. If your looking for a different kinda card game to play I defintaly recomend Koi Koi.

The music is good and it fits the pace of the game, and the coms in quick play are not brutal. I havn't tried the collection mode but I assume it'll work like a tournument getting harder each round. The cards all look really nice and the game also looks nice. The only thing is the lack of a exit button if your in full screen mode. An online multiplayer option would make the game perfect.

Otherwise really fun and worth the money to play if you like Japanese card games/dont mind a learning curve! :) KOI KOI!!
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26 of 29 people (90%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
22.1 hrs on record
Posted: November 2, 2015
Usually I'm not fond of card games whether it be in real life or on PC, I am really not that good at card games at all in general. However, I bought this game largely because of the animé film “Summer Wars”, in which Koi-Koi is featured prominently in the film and I always wanted to at least try it out. I happened to acquire this game during the Halloween sales at a very low price, but having played this game for a good few hours I am really enjoying playing this game and is definitely worth the full price.
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49 of 70 people (70%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
21.3 hrs on record
Posted: April 30, 2015
Frankly there are better Flash versions of Hanafuda Koi-Koi that are completely free on the web. This version is extremely basic for the £6.99 price tag.

There are very jarring animation issues - for example when cards are dealt from the stack they disappear and appear elsewhere on the board, rather than moving from the stack to the new position. This is extremely jarring even for experienced players. The same is true when you match a card, the card begins to move in one direction and then just disappears and pops up elsewhere.

There's also no way to turn off the 'hint' mode (which highlights matching cards on the board when you hover over a card in your hand). This is pretty frustrating for advanced players and will cause lazy/bad habits in new players.

Nor are there any difficulty settings, so whether you're a beginner or an expert you get the same experience.

The game only offers two modes "Full Screen" or "Windowed" - you cannot resize or set the resolution of either mode. The windowed mode is rather small on a large resolution display.

'Yaku', 'Koi Koi' and 'Stop' overlays cannot be skipped and take too long to display which will make each game longer than it needs to be.

The main reason I'm being so particular in this review is that for £6.99 I would expect a more polished experience. Compared to other versions of this game (on iOS, Android, Windows 8 Store or even on the web) the game is lacking in polish and I recommend getting your Hanafuda fix elsewhere.
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17 of 20 people (85%) found this review helpful
9.3 hrs on record
Posted: October 30, 2015
I had never heard of this card game. It caught my attention in a Steam sale. I was worried it would be super complicated, but the tutorial did a good job of quickly explaining the basics, and then right into Quick Play mode where after a couple games I felt like I had a pretty good idea what I was doing. It's a fun game, a bit like poker, with the gambling aspect, and the different points for different series. The hardest part is remembering what goes with what, and the game helps with that by highlighting valid moves, and with easy access to the rules. Before I knew it I had already sunk a couple hours into my first session, was really enjoying it. Haven't even touched the "Collection Mode" yet.

The presentation and interface is nice and polished. It's a mouse and keyboard game, but was perfect to play from bed on the TV using the Steam controller.

I also purchased a physical deck on Amazon for $11, made by Nintendo. It's an interesting story. This is an ancient game, but I had no idea Nintendo actually got their start in 1889, selling these cards for 100 years prior to the NES...! And still make and sell them to this day.

I also just got done streaming the movie Summer Wars on Vudu. (First time using Vudu. Can recommend.) Highly, highly recommend the movie. Check out a trailer. Let's just say the card game Hanafuda makes several appearances and is significant to the plot. But it's a great movie, reminiscent and of similar quality to Studio Ghibli films. Apparently the game caught quite a few people's attention through that movie as well.

I was a little hesitant to purchase this due to the developers other uh... questionable... titles. But this game is legit.
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13 of 13 people (100%) found this review helpful
7.3 hrs on record
Posted: January 14
Game to relax with and does tell essential about Hanafuda. Only shame it has that it doesn't have multiplayer option because this is one of those good time games that would be best enjoyed together with friends.
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14 of 15 people (93%) found this review helpful
3.1 hrs on record
Posted: May 3, 2015
The game is great, but please add multiplayer!! I am sure that a community would form!
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15 of 18 people (83%) found this review helpful
2.1 hrs on record
Posted: April 28, 2015
A very faithful rendition of Koi-Koi with a fairly smart A.I. opponent. The UI and presentation is about as beautiful and simplistic as the Hanafuda deck itself. You can jump in for a match instantly with Quick Play or try Collection Mode, which is a sort of "campaign" like mode where you choose a region of Japan and face an opponent in a game of Koi-Koi. The main focus of this mode is to collect postcards that depict beautiful photographs taken in the region you chose previously.

Overall, it's simply Koi-Koi, and that's all you really need a game like this to be. It's presented in a lovely way and there's even a tutorial for new players. The game goes as far as highlighting possible matches for yakus, and even a complete list of both the cards and yakus for you to look over at a glance.

If you are new to Koi-Koi and are interested in learning to play it, or a long time fan of the age old playing card game, it's certainly worth picking up!
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14 of 17 people (82%) found this review helpful
9.1 hrs on record
Posted: April 30, 2015
NOTE: Played a lot offline so low playtime!

Having self taught this game to myself and a group of friends, I have a good perspective on this game to the majority of people only playing this card game for the first time.

1) Good Clean UI and very helpful card highlighting
- Memorising which card matches with which is abit hard for many people (November especially) and this game allows you to play without having to memorise, which is great for getting players right in.
2) AI is fierce
- A problem this game might have face would be an AI that just matches cards randomly but as far as I have seen the AI has been great so far. It capitalises on you being greedy and punishes you for it a lot.
3) Brilliant Tutorial
- I made slides to teach this game to my friends. This game has it all written down and the limits of the what moves you can make and identifying the Yaku immediately helps it with beginners a lot. I think anyone looking to learn Hanafuda should start with the game.

1) House Rules?
- The game at one stage said the game is played accross Japan with house rules and It would be GREAT if they had that here, especially with their collection mode which honestly needs a bit of more substance for it to have more replay value.
2) Multiplayer
- This game badly needs this for the game community to expand. I have actual Hanafuda cards so I can get by without it but having this multiplayer function would be brilliant for this game.
3) One Trick AI
- The AI is great and all but its play has little variance. Gets Yaku, 2 cards left? Stops. Gets 3 Brights? Chances are, stops. I have played with my friends and seen ridiculous draws like throwing down a Chrysanthenum card to only pick up a sake cup that just flipped open into double viewing combo (Moon, Sakura and Sake Cup). I don't see the AI having the balls to do that. I know making AI is hard but having some variance in AI, like one that plays more safely, another that plays aggressively will add so much depth into this game.

Looking at the collection mode, I feel that the game missed some chances to make it a Brilliant game because having all those individuals across Japan you can play against might be like some AI gauntlet with each with local house rules or differing AI. That would have been a strong feature that adds a lot of replayability but overall I love when traditional games like this get to see the light of day on Steam and gain a wider audience. Overall, I would reccomend this game to people who like traditional games that have a lot of luck involved but also a bit of skill.
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Recently Posted
0.6 hrs
Posted: October 15

Pretty unique and interesting japanese card game. Recommended for anyone who would like to try a new card game. It plays like memory, but with more combinations (which you have to learn from scratch - that is the only difficulty here). At the start it feels like everything is basaded on luck, but this applies to you and the opponent! Only if you manage to keep the card combinations in your head you can actually play this game.
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6.1 hrs
Posted: October 9
I already knew how to play hanafuda when I bought this game. It’s an interesting but you’ll not find anyone to play with near you, and you only need two people… So computer games are the solution. I was afraid the AI would be like some other flash games out there, but it’s competent and not completely unfair cheating busted. You feel that the AI knows how to play the game and has average starting hands. One some of the first moves you’ll even feel the pressure since you know (and will end up seeing) that the virtual opponent does a great job at taking the cards you need in order to prevent you from finishing the set you’ve started preparing.
Since I’ve last played, a couple of updates came out and DLC. While I bought them, I haven’t played it yet, but I’ve reinstalled the game and I’m about to go back in. So I’m doing this review on the basic version before that. It probably has some expanded tutorial now, but I’m not sure.
But Hanafuda is an easy game to learn. You’ll enjoy playing it and learning while playing.

On a side note, Nintendo started by making cards, Hanafuda cards. They still make them. The Tengu and President back are the older styles, but they now print so with other Nintendo titles in them, like Mario or Pokemon.
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Peyo de la Mancha
83.6 hrs
Posted: October 7
Hanafuda games are rare. Good hanafuda games even more. Unfortunately, Koi Koi isn't one of them. So let's begin with what is right.

The design is fine, sounds too, and helps are always on screen without disturbing the game, so it's easy to learn yaku. And... that's all I guess.

Now, what's wrong with Koi Koi ? Well, the A.I. is terrible. In solo game, you'll see what A.I. cheating means. It has always the right card, the right pile, and never loses the hand once it gets it. And as soon as it makes a yaku (most of the time, a kasu), it stops the round, meaning you have 0 chance to counter it (except if it does it at the start of a round, which indicates it'll do a serie of yaku and slap your face, so it's also a no-go for you). I've rarely seen such unfair game and it was always from dev focused on mobile games, like Zoo. Nothing surprising here.
So, no need to learn yaku, you just have to rely on chance or cancel any game if the 4th round isn't in your favor (from that round, A.I. always wins if it has more points than you).

And now, about the multiplayer game. It's of course far more interesting to play vs a real opponent. However, we have two problems here. First, this mode is bugged and also badly designed (no chat once game is finished, no you can't congratulate your opponent for his victory...). Second, since public for such a game is small, it's pretty hard to find someone.

At last, about expansions packs. Let's be simple : it's a thief. A.I. is even worst, and all you gain is just a reproduction of an image you can find on Wikipedia. And at least, with WP, you'll get infos about it.

So, the only good thing about Koi Koi is the fact that's it's a hanafuda game. However, it's a bad one. So avoid it and buy a real card game. It'll be more interesting and less expensive. Oh, and avoid Zoo games, too. Because they clearly don't care about quality.
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The One Chronicler
2.1 hrs
Posted: October 6
Pretty good if you want to learn to play Koi-koi, but it does get boring pretty quickly, and the AI is very predictable.
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3.2 hrs
Posted: October 2
Fun little game, straight to the point ^^
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1.4 hrs
Posted: September 25
I really enjoy this game. It does a pretty good job of teaching you how to play and is overall enjoyable. It would like it better if it had a deck overview and breakdown that you could reference as its a bit opaque.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
16.8 hrs
Posted: September 23
WARNING: A game of chance and little strategy. You will experience lots of salt.
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17.9 hrs
Posted: September 1
Players can collect some beautiful postcard.
!When the game to the final round,AI began to cheat,he can get any card from pile,always the same,again and again!
But still recommend this game.
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2.3 hrs
Posted: August 31
I just draw cards and sometimes win. Winning is cool. Loosing is not working, so it is cool sometimes, too.

Cool + sometime cool = Generally cool. Cool game.
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