Take control of your own starship in a cutthroat galaxy. Elite Dangerous brings gaming’s original open world adventure into the modern generation with a connected galaxy, evolving narrative and the entirety of the Milky Way re-created at its full galactic proportions.
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Release Date: Apr 2, 2015

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July 1

Elite Dangerous: Horizons Update 2.1.04

Greetings Commanders, we have a small update coming for PC as well as the Xbox One players. Specifically to address a number of stability issues including some additional fixes.

Patch notes

Stability Fixes

  • Fixes for crashes when Hyperspace jumping
  • Fix for crash when entering Supercruise from a Conflict Zone
  • (Xbox) Fix for title entering unresponsive state after disconnecting the WAN Network cable
  • (Xbox) Fix for title crash from launch

General Fixes
  • (Xbox) Fix for loss of Horizons access after launching from Engineer Base
  • Fix for Docking Computer and NPC’s drifting off target landing pad
  • Various text updates

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June 24

The Engineers (2.1) feedback and planned updates

As seen from our official forums.

Greetings Commanders,

You may well have seen our recent posts after The Engineers (2.1) which highlight some of the feedback that we’ve taken on board and changes we’ve made based on that feedback. You’ll have noticed that we’ve made a number of server and point updates including a host of immediate bug fixes and balances to NPC behaviour as well as allowing you to select the experimental modification type from Engineers, reducing the rare allocations to make the unlocking of Engineers easier and local news article at Engineers bases to give more information on where to find specific materials.

However, that’s not all, as ever we are working hard to ensure that player feedback is at the heart of Elite Dangerous and we just wanted to share with you a few more changes that we are planning for our next major point update. We are aiming for the end of July/Early August (there may be a few minor point updates and stability fixes before then).

In order to continue to address the feedback raised regarding both the grind and RNG nature of The Engineers we’re going to making the following changes;

  • We will be adjusting the way the surface scanner works to allow you to see what materials are available from any given planet. This should make locating materials far easier.
  • In addition we are making a number of changes to the lowest level blueprints. This includes improving the positive effects of low level upgrade results as well as reducing the cost and simplifying the materials needed.
  • We’re also increasing the number of units you get for each instance of a material you find. This means instead of getting one unit of a material, you will get multiple units of that material. This will allow you to increase the number of attempts at each Engineer.
  • We’ll be increasing the number of materials spawned when surface mining. Again, to make the process easier and the materials easier to gather.
  • The likelihood of finding rare materials in these instances will also be increased, meaning it will be easier to use higher level blueprints.
  • And we will be reviewing the balance and locations of non-planet salvage and reviewing the possible USS locations for each material

Not to mention the changes that we’ve made in the recent point update. To be able to select your weapon upgrade and give you control over what module you leave with, reducing the requirements to unlock certain Engineers and increasing the visibility of where materials can be sourced, should help to make the Engineers more accessible and more rewarding for players venturing down to the planet surface in search of a new upgrade.

As always the development team will continue to read and review your feedback to allow us to make the best possible experience for the community.

Thank you for your continued patience and support.

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“Capable of delivering some of the best stories about spaceships you've ever taken part in”
86% – PC Gamer

“Satisfying handling that sets a new standard for any cockpit-based genre.”
8/10 – Edge Magazine

“Shining Bright Like a Supernova”
95% – The Koalition

About This Game

Elite Dangerous is the definitive massively multiplayer space epic, bringing gaming’s original open world adventure to the modern generation with a connected galaxy, evolving narrative and the entirety of the Milky Way re-created at its full galactic proportions.

Starting with only a small starship and a few credits, players do whatever it takes to earn the skill, knowledge, wealth and power to survive in a futuristic cutthroat galaxy and to stand among the ranks of the iconic Elite. In an age of galactic superpowers and interstellar war, every player’s story influences the unique connected gaming experience and handcrafted evolving narrative. Governments fall, battles are lost and won, and humanity’s frontier is reshaped, all by players’ actions.

400 Billion Star Systems. Infinite Freedom. Blaze Your Own Trail.

A Galaxy Of Wonders
The 400 billion star systems of the Milky Way are the stage for Elite Dangerous' open-ended gameplay. The real stars, planets, moons, asteroid fields and black holes of our own galaxy are built to their true epic proportions in the largest designed playspace in videogame history.

A Unique Connected Game Experience
Governments fall, battles are lost and won, and humanity’s frontier is reshaped, all by players’ actions. In an age of galactic superpowers and interstellar war, every player’s personal story influences the connected galaxy and handcrafted evolving narrative.

Blaze Your Own Trail
Upgrade your ship and customize every component as you hunt, explore, fight, mine, smuggle, trade and survive in the cutthroat galaxy of the year 3301. Do whatever it takes to earn the skill, knowledge, wealth and power to stand among the ranks of the Elite.

Massively Multiplayer
Experience unpredictable encounters with players from around the world in Elite Dangerous’ vast massively multiplayer space. Experience the connected galaxy alone in Solo mode or with players across the world in Open Play, where every pilot you face could become a trusted ally or your deadliest enemy. You will need to register a free Elite Dangerous account with Frontier to play the game.

A Living Game
Elite Dangerous grows and expands with new features and content. Major updates react to the way players want to play and create new gameplay opportunities for the hundreds of thousands of players cooperating, competing and exploring together in the connected galaxy.

The Original Open World Adventure
Elite Dangerous is the third sequel to 1984's genre-defining Elite, bringing gaming’s original open world adventure into the modern generation with a connected galaxy, evolving narrative and the entire Milky Way re-created at its full galactic proportions.

System Requirements

Mac OS X
    • OS: Windows 7, Windows 8
    • Processor: Quad Core CPU (4 x 2Ghz)
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GTX 260 / ATI 4870HD
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 7 GB available space
    • OS: Windows 7, Windows 8
    • Processor: Intel Core i7-3770K Quad Core CPU or better / AMD FX 4350 Quad Core CPU or better
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GTX 770 / AMD Radeon R9 280X
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 7 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Supports Oculus Rift and TrackIR
    • OS: OS X Yosemite (version 10.10.3)
    • Processor: 2.3Ghz quad-core Intel Core i5 CPU
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GT 650M 1GB (or equivalent)
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 8 GB available space
    • OS: OS X Yosemite (version 10.10.3)
    • Processor: 3.4GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 CPU
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 775M (2GB video memory) / AMD Radeon R9 M290X (2GB video memory)
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 8 GB available space
Customer reviews
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Mixed (728 reviews)
Mixed (15,771 reviews)
Recently Posted
( 57.1 hrs on record )
Posted: July 24
Pirates are constantly chasing after my booty even when its full of bio waste i've never been so popular! Everyone should live with ED.
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Jk Ibanez
( 127.5 hrs on record )
Posted: July 24
Ok here is a review,

+this is a flight sim, at first the keybindings seem simple then soon changing them is a must. i would say a xbox one controller or steam controller with voice attack simplifies it more than you know till you have to play.
+the game time compared to actual game cost is worth it, at least 100+hrs playtime
+its not easy to understand your role in the game so you might need 3rd party help like google or youtube but give it your best shot cause you will be putting the game at stake when it comes to spoilers unless you take it as it is and play for your own experience only if you like that feel, its totally possible
+im 100+hrs into the game and i havent even tried everything this game has to offer
+solo/co-op and mmo features are all in the game *im currently playing solo, havent tried the multiplayer part of the game yet
+Graphics are good, upgrading to better ships is great, and upgrading the pieces on the ship is even greater so you can be unique in a sense
+this game is definetly grindy, it does take time to do things, you cant just zip right thru things unless you know the game
+Your role in the Game when it comes to missions, bounty hunter, salvager, mining or just up for adventure is up to you, you dont have to be set in any direction its always up to you.
+Insurance, insurance, ship insurance, be very careful with this aspect of the game cause you could possibly lose your ship if you dont understand it, but you do get to fly a free ship to begin with ***just words of caution***

++++i havent done everything in the game so my review is just of what i have experienced and you will have to look at this as partial so there you go, i personally say go buy it its worth it, but go do your research before coming to your final conclusion++++

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( 1,117.9 hrs on record )
Posted: July 24
Just take a look at the amount of hours played on everyone's review. It's not perfect, but well worth your money. It really is the most spectactular game I've ever played for the first 30-50 hours. After that, your personality and play style will determine how much more you'll get out of the game. The game is more like flight simulator with more to do than an MMO. Flying the ships is extremely satisfying and the main focus of the game and everything else takes a back seat.
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( 19.9 hrs on record )
Posted: July 24
Unplayable unless you have a joystick, and the fact that the game has pretty much no content whatsoever is annoying as hell. U can well spend an entire hour moving from base to base, just to find an available quest, that you finish in 4 minutes. I hear the expansion pack has more content but I'm not gonna invest even more money into a game that has failed to deliver what it promised.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
( 416.4 hrs on record )
Posted: July 24
So I am not going to lie this game is the exact game I was looking for. There are people that complain about it but it's a space Sim with an enormous open world like we have never seen before. Yes it's quiet yes there is empty space everywhere. But for God sakes it's SPACE. I pine for the updates and plans. It's light years ahead of SC and that's not a shot at them but an acknowledgement of what Frontier has done. There is so much to do in this game. Trade goods, complete mmo style missions, bounty hunting, fight in wars, pick faction, explore, fight in the arena, mine for ores, play solo, play open with everyone, or form a play group. It has some issue but for my money this game is what all space enthusiasts have been looking fo.
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Havoc Complexity
( 68.8 hrs on record )
Posted: July 24
Don't. buy. this. game. Maybe after 2-3 years.

Elite: Dangerous gives one of the most stunning visuals and realism to have graced the gaming scene ever, as far as space flight sims would go. But would I recommend it? Definitely not.

This game started as a kickstarter project. The concept was extremely nice, and the end result was stunning visuals and graphics, plus the awesome realism.

But then as I played, The flaws become more and more coherent:

- Good visuals. Lacking on the special effects for weapon fire though.
- Extremely good sound design. Wish pilots actually talked more though instead of text.
- Realistic controls. The most realistic controls you will ever feel for a space sim.
- Dogfights are very tactical, and not just aim and fire.
- Huge, HUGE universe. True to its promise of a 1:1 scale Milky Way.

- Get RNG-produced missions. Deliver, Kill, Mine. Some slight variations, enjoyable at first, but becomes evidently and extremely repetative after 20+ hours.
- Extreme grind. Which would be OK, if the world FELT MORE ALIVE.
- Dead. Empty. There are about 6000+ players online, but I can't see anyone.
- NO GLOBAL CHAT. It doesn't help that you can't even chat with people who are actually online.
- Very bad network infrastructure. Peer-to-peer. You want to play with friends not in your Wing? Log-in and log-out repeatedly. Good luck getting in the same instance.
- Instance-based world. For an extremely large sandbox, a peer-to-peer, instance-based infrastructure is just plain ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t.
- Where are the mega-ships that are actually atleast 100x bigger than you? I was expecting to actually see them in-game.
- Dumb-♥♥♥ AI. The game is supposed to be realistic. So you're in a Conflict Zone to make sure you don't get ♥♥♥♥♥ by the strong enemy? Frontier says ♥♥♥♥ you, because even after choosing a target currently going mano a mano with another ship, said enemy will shift focus on you immediately, and other ship leaves your target for another one.
- Did I mention the NPCs have ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t loadouts? Infinite Heat Sinks, Railguns that shoot 5 times in 3 seconds, EMCs to ruin your lock, and Infinite Shield Canisters. IN A SIDEWINDER.
- Devs obviously go dip-in and dip-out of the game as they please. They seem to go on a vacation after a week-long hardwork of releasing an over-priced expansion that SHOULD HAVE BEEN free, it being a required core mechanic of the game.
- Money-grabbing, greedy devs. Nuff said.

It's quite sad that the devs of this game actually succeeded in attracting players with eye candy and ear candy. The game is well-conceptualized, but EXTREMELY poorly executed.

Or this may have beeen planned from the start.
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( 60.7 hrs on record )
Posted: July 24
I was really expecting more of it. After a point it becomes really linear and with not much variety. Good for a casual game, but I can barely play 4 hours straight. Would not really recommend unless you like boring, plain games.
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Bitter little pill
( 45.6 hrs on record )
Posted: July 24
I used to enjoy this game, but i took a break for a couple of months and now i can't find any suitable weapons for my ship. I cannot get anywhere to find decent weapons and the ones that used to work fine now have such massive power draw that i cannot use them.

What a waste of money.
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( 104.2 hrs on record )
Posted: July 24
I have sunk quite a bit of time into this game, but overall it's still not worth the $80 I paid for it along with the DLC.

I'ts pretty, it's vast, it's got black holes n' ♥♥♥♥, but it's not really a "game" after a while. After 50 hours or so, once you've pretty much experience all there is to combat, and want to try something else, it becomes trading or exploring...

Trading becomes a grindy, slow and boring process of looking up various prices, for various items in various systems to see what you can get the best profit:weight you can. There is no way to do this in game, you use 3rd party sites and sources to manually go through each and every item to see whats even worth it in the thousands of systems to choose from in populated space.

Exploring is reaally boring. You just set a route to a place you want to go and spend what seems like an eternity pressing the same buttons over and over again. Since there is no worm hole or super duper hyper space travel easy mode to use in this game, you have to go system, to system, to system. Point at system. Charge drive, jump, repeat. Manually. Oh and you have to stop at stars to refuel once every few jumps.

Horizons is the most grindy ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t I've ever seen. This ♥♥♥♥ will make you want to go back to clash of clans.

Oh and did I mention you can't even go to OUR solar system in game without grinding out missions for a faction to achieve enough ranks to recieve a "permit". You can't land on earth like planets either, just icy or rocky moons and crap.
That's only a feature with the grindy $40 horizons dlc btw, can't land on planets/moons otherwise.

Yeah they fixed AI in combat so that's not an issue anymore so if that was your only concern then go ahead and buy it lol
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( 140.3 hrs on record )
Posted: July 24
Game is pretty fun when you first start out and are learning the ropes, but once you get a Cobra the fun factor drops immensely and you start to see how everything in the revolves around going from point A to B, do something, then repeat ad nauseum. Many parts of the game are very fleshed out but overall there is nothing to do but grind credits to try and get a better ship, and the grind itself simply isn't fun for long, nice attempt though FD.
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Not Recommended
566.0 hrs on record
Posted: June 26
I am not going to lie, I am hooked on E:D. The visuals are amazing, the universe is vast (as one can imagine), the activities are (technically) hundreds in number. I would say that for me personally having the opportunity to experience something like it has had an everlasting impact on my gaming life.

Would I recommend it to a newcomer, however? The answer is no, and the reason for that answer is simple - it is not for everyone. There are, of course, things for the casual gamer to try and experience in this game and have fun doing it without having to invest a lot of time. Sadly, doing this will result in you getting bored after several sessions. If you want to feel like you're succeeding in there, you have to get your hands dirty. In other words - grind grind grind until you want to punch a hole in the wall... and then grind some more.

Grinding for money is just the start. With all the attractive additions that Frontier add to the game with every update (like ships, gameplay features and mechanics, etc.) come more and more layers of grinding. I mean, there is 4 different types of just reputation to grind for, for Christ's sake! With Engineers there are so many amazing features that were added to the game, but all of those seem to be blocket by a grind barrier that, for someone like me who already spent 80% of the play time grinding one thing after another, becomes a bit too much.

There used to be a time when I was so enthusiastic about Elite that I wanted to convert more people to playing it. I even bought an extra copy of the base game to give to someone who might have shown some interest. Sadly, this copy is still in my inventory. The game is in such a state at the moment, that even I feel reluctant to start it at times. At the time of writing this review I haven't played it in about two weeks, feeling a bit overwhelmed by the mere thought of starting it. I will eventually start playing it seriously again, but my point is I can't even imagine how massive of an undertaking it would be for someone who has not picked it up before to start playing it now.

If you are a casual gamer who wants to experience an extremely realistic and believable space sim, maybe do a few missions, get a taste of all the different kinds, do some exploring and witness some trully facinating sceneries (BUT NOTHING MORE than the aforementioned!), then I would have no problem recommending this game to you, you'd have a blast! If you, however, are a bit of an overachiever like me, and want to pilot the best ships and have the best equipment this game has to offer, it is not difficult to execute, but you better have some nerves of steel because you'll be doing the grind of your life!
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67 of 88 people (76%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
180.5 hrs on record
Posted: June 27

I have a love/hate relationship with Elite: Dangerous for the following reasons.

On the one hand it does an awesome job at immersing you into the world with great flight mechanics, sound design, and lots of stunning vistas, all at a mindbogglingly immense scale, along with a decent amount of customization.

On the other hand however, once that initial novelty wears off, many people find that many aspects of the gameplay design are rather horrendous, along with story elements that aren't involved or interesting enough to keep you going—leading to mixed reviews. Many of these issues stem from the overall lack of cohesion, agency, and persistence in the game which are some of the main motivations for why people play these types of games in the first place: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qjOsK8gZ1vc
Get it at a sale for those initial moments of awe. Follow its development in hopes that it, at some point, seizes all that potential it has and transforms from the current painfully average into the great game we've been advertised.


Flight/combat mechanics - What can I say... It's simply a joy to rain down projectiles, missiles, etc. on your opponent: https://youtu.be/WR92dOGahbY?t=7m21s
There are lots of more fun details but lets just say this is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the game.

Sound design and soundtrack - This, coupled with the good flight/combat mechanics, makes for a very solid and enjoyable flight experience. Every ship has their own unique engine humming which makes them feel different from eachother: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSxqTyFZKHo

Scale and Exploration - Everything is in 1:1 scale with the actual Milky Way including stars, planets, etc. There are over 100 billion star systems in the game and just as many planets for you to discover, meaning as an explorer you will discover stellar objects no one has ever seen before and get your name written on it (one of the few sources of persistence in the game): https://youtu.be/clJwjraN_5Q?t=3m43s

The downside with this however is that you'll rarely see anything new or interesting. Once you've spent a few hours exploring you'll more or less start seeing almost identical stars, planets, etc. over and over. So once the novelty wears off there's likely not gonna be much keeping you invested—especially since there aren't any interesting gameplay mechanics for explorers. All you do is jump to a star system, hold a button to use discovery scanner, scan valuable planets by pointing your ship at them (takes a very long time and is rather tedious), and then jump to next system.

Story and Lore - Who? Where? What? The game just throws you into a Sidewinder ship in a random station with no exposition on anything. There's no introduction to the lore or your place within it and the only encouraged motivation is basically to earn credits to upgrade your ship.

So you basically just start grinding for credits by focusing on whichever career you feel like; bounty hunting, trading, exploration, mining, or piracy. The missions are very simplistic; even more so than your typical MMORPG quests. They're essentially inconsequential, linear, and uninteresting in all story-related aspects.

Some people say it's all about "blazing your own trail and making up your own story". The thing is that the game doesn't provide the mechanics to do that. You shouldn't have to invent an imaginary narrative. The narrative should naturally evolve from the consequences of your actions. Powerplay was originally advertised as being this gameplay aspect that would add this dynamic and emergent narrative but it ultimately failed at that for a couple of reasons: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=911GnDTFNx0

Right now the only remotely interesting evolving narrative is the Thargoids. But that story is progressing extremely slowly and has yet to provide any meaningful incentives to the game.

Social features - Given the size of even a fraction of the Milky Way most of the areas will be empty and it's clear that social features were never a focus for Frontier. The "Wings" update was a very basic update that added the essentials at least so you can play with 4 friends in a group. But don't expect any large guilds or corporations like in EvE Online. Hopefully this will be expanded upon later since Frontier is supposedly planning to add smaller player-built asteroid-bases: http://elite-dangerous.wikia.com/wiki/Elite:_Dangerous_FAQ#Can_I_build_an_empire_and_own_space_stations_and_fleets.3F

But there are plenty of those plans. The future of the game might look promising given how much potential it has at first but be cautious about the hype. Frontier has a poor track record and more often release rather tact on features that die out quickly (Powerplay, CQC, etc. being examples): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DWCEqC5PKHw

Interface - The ship interface is intuitive and works really well for most aspects (both for joysticks and mouse/keyboard). For explorers however it is very clunky and could use an overhaul, especially with regards to the system map which takes an awful long time to load up.

That about sums up the more important aspects. I would go into excruciating detail of all the pros and cons but the videos cover them pretty well.
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Not Recommended
158.1 hrs on record
Posted: July 11
UPDATE: 7/24/2016

My access was restored to the game in steam after contacting steam support and they replied that my access was suspended by the developer. While steam restored my access, I still do not have access to my acct.

UPDATE: 7/23/2016

This may just seal my fate, but I think everyone has a right to know this:

I've seem some really bad moderation before in steam, but never to this level. One review I made on Life is Feudal had a helpful rating of 90% before it was banned by the LIF staff. That is pretty dirty, but that pales in comparison to getting salty with your customer because they are critical of your actions and claims stating that it is their opinion that you can't deliver on your promises (such as delivering 2.4 before December when their seasonal obligation expires, while it took them 6 months to deliver 2.1) and pulling their license and abily to play your game.

Obviously they're trying to burry any mention of them not being able to deliver 3 minor versions before December, including banning folks, and even pulling their licenses in-game against their OWN EULA, as I do not cheat and do not play in OP.




This was literally a YEARs worth of grinding, 2 anacondas, and 1.4billion credits lost because I stated my opinion.

I would advise extreme caution if you plan on approaching Frontier about their failed promises and false advertising, you might just end up like me with no way to play or even ask them "why". I advise against even contacting them with any sort of diffrential opinion of the game; in fact if you must speak out, do it on Reddit with an account that can't be traced to your Frontier or Steam account, else, welcome to the club.

UPDATE: 7/22/2016

Upon my first moderation action in their steam forums, I have received a 30-day ban for describing my experience with the game for the developers to read and then pointing out the thread was locked without reason after many others came in to talk about their bad experiences and showed a lot of support for the topic and my story. Apparently it is considered "excessive spamming and excessive harrassment to moderators" to point out that negative posts are disappearing from the forums without naming or pointing a finger at a single moderator (this is allowed in accordance with the steam community guidelines, so long as you do not call out any moderator, you are allow to express concern with posts disappearing, but not in the ED forums, especailly when you ask about release dates being removed from the steam store, and why the name changed from ED: Horizons Expansion to ED: Horizons Season Pass).

Both, their official forums, and their steam forums suffers badly from dirty moderation (but not from the volunteer moderators, from the developoers themselves in which the post that got me banned clearly pointed out) in which a post will be made soon on Reddit about it. The TL;DR version is simply this: If you make a post about their poor sales on steam, or their failed commitments from the kickstarter or the Horizons Pre-Order, your topic gets locked and you risk being banned. Furthermore, it is noteworthy that when a publisher begins to censor its community based on civil feedback, the game is a lost cause. I've written the game off as a lot of money wasted, so do yourself a favor and look elsewhere for your next space-sim fix.


But if you think maybe that is a hair overboard, consider this, this next bit is about Braiben, the CEO of this game telling his investors that he doesn't have to honor his commitments and promises with customers. He doesn't have to honor the commitments they make on steam, and they don't have to honor the commitments made in the kickstarter. This is who is running Elite: Dangerous; reflect on that.



"Non-recourse money" ~ Braiben

That is what the CEO thinks of your loyality. What does that mean you ask? That means you can take your money and laugh in your face -- so he thinks. Non-recourse means no obligations, no strings attatched like a one-night-stand.

So he said it, what exactly have they missed the mark on?

See the kickstarter page here:


Notice there are quite a few things promised on the kickstarter that are still not in game. Also notice in the FAQ that Planet landings was supposed to be part of a free update after the initial beta release of the game.

Several forum users here on steam have gone to archive.org and have pulled their old marketing material for Horizons. Nowhere, not a single place prior to August did they state in any fashion that Horizons would be airless planets only or that it would be broken up into pieces and slowly released over the course of a year.

When Horizons was released, there was literally nothing to do but play Mario Carts on planets. Yet, the expansion sold for the the price of the main title itself which is what AAA titles sell for. One would expect the expansion to double the size and features of the game. Yet, again, Mario Carts only. In fact, the pre-order was so deceptively advertised and marketed, Valve, Inc, wanted nothing to do with it and denied it entry to the the store.


So Frontier got around this by changing the name to season pass. Imagine that, Valve, Inc, telling Frontier their listing is too deceptive is like a druglord calling his client a junky. The shere implications of this on its face should be enough to make smart buyers think twice.

The current "outstanding" commitments for Horizons is NPC ships and mutli-crew (players/npcs). In essence we were supposed to see 4 minor versions of Horizons in this "season" or "expansion", the expansion is only up to 2.1, yet they would have the community still believe they will deliver v2.2, v2.3, and v2.4 before December when their obligation to support the game expires.

This company, Frontier Developments is borderline fraudsters, in fact, I'm shocked that there has been no class-actions filed to-date that allows all players, not just backers to file claims against this company. It is only a matter of time as I'm exploring the possibilities of a class-action myself with my own lawyers being as they have opened an office in the United States.

These types of developers give the entire gaming industry a bad name and when they're given a free-pass for whatever reason, more and more publishers jump on the same wagon, because it is much more profitable to simply take your money for a finished product and deliver only 1/5 of a product. This has to stop.

This has gotten so out of hand, the moderators are looking for any reason to shut down critical topics in their forums. I just saw where another user posted SteamSpy statistics as a reply to someone else's post about population in the game. His post was deleted and he was warnned by a moderator that it was off-topic.

Therefor the user posted in a new thread, saying that being it was off-topic he was created a new topic. That topic was locked, the user was banned, and the moderator claimed he was attacking other moderators by saying, "I was told it was off-topic so I'm creating a new topic".

Discuss the game at your own risk or... peril.


The review titled "A Sandbox with No Sand" was removed to make room for the most recent occurances and developer behavior.
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Posted: June 29
Elite is a special kind of game. It is one of those games you just have to like to have fund with. It is similar to Flight Simulators or even ArmA. You either like it or you do not. If you like it, you will have the time of your life and it will be easy to look over all of it's problems without regert but if you dislike it, well... then it feels like the biggest piece of garbage you can buy for money.

-If you enjoy games with atmosphere, that put you in a gigantic world where you are on your own without any big instructions on what to do, Elite is your kind of game.
-Do you like amazing graphics and awesome scenery to make screenshots off, possibly seeing things noone has ever seen before? Then Elite is for you.
-You enjoy having to chose from a large variety of things to do in a game with none of them being mandatory at all? Then Elite is something you will like.
-Do you enjoy cooperative RPGs where you can Team up to gain an advantage? Then you will have fun with this game.

Elite offers an entire, realistic galaxy with many things to do. Become a miner, a trader, a pirate, a soldier, an explorer, a Bounty Hunter, a rescue operator, a mercenary, a faction leader. All that is possible in Elite, even weird fuses between those jobs.

The galaxy simulation features real time trading between systems that is influenced by both NPCs and Players alike. If you sell a large amount of Mineral A to System X, then the demand for that Mineral will go down and the price will drop as they do not need as much of that Mineral anymore. Smuggle a load of Slaves into a station and watch it have an ecnomic boom. Kill system authorithy vessels and watch as the whole system slowly shifts who is in charge or even goes into complete anarchy.

The Power Play Factions are having an entire war in our Milky way. The so called "Bubble" is the main playground for those, a cluster of systems around the Earth, where everything began. You can pledgy allegiance to one of those Factions and perform missions for them. Gather intel about other systems to allow your Faction to expand into it at some point. Activly help the Navy of your Factions in Combat Zones when attacking or defending a system. Do that in order to keep the influence in that system up or tear the influence of another system down. Gain merits by doing so, leveling you up in the ranks of your faction to allow bigger weekly payouts.

Don't enjoy any of the things named above? Elite also allows for many other things to do. For instance, you can just build an exploration ship and go explore the entire milky way. Yes I said the entire milky way. Think somewhat like Systems. There is also quite some money to be made when finding special bodies or even finding things noone has found before.

Upgrade your ships internal parts: Shields, Hull, Sensors, Thrusters, Frameshiftdrive, Power Distributor, Power Plant, Weapons, Gadgets, Cargo, Reinforcement, Scanners, you name it. If that is not even enough for you, the Season Pass even allows you to farm for special Upgrades able to be applied on certain parts of your ship.

====Negative things about Elite====
While it is a very beautiful and special game in my opinion, Elite currently has a lot of problems.

Getting into the game without help is very hard. You need at least some sort of information source like reddit if you do not want to spent hours and hours figuring out how things work. This is a very unique expierence but most people will not like finding out everything on their own.

The AI can sometimes be completely random and just attack you on sight without hesitation, causing a lot of frustration.

Some Materials, especially for The Engineers DLC under the Season Pass can be annoyingly hard to obtain and the outcome of the recipes are completely randomized so even a few douzen hours of farming can still leave you with something worse than the stock version.

Grinding in general is something any progress oriented player will dislike. It takes a long time to get those 155 Million Credits for that one ship you wanted and even if you are doing something that gets a good amount of money, you'll have to redo it over and over again. Not much change found there.

Playing without a proper input like at least a controller if not a Joystick or even something more professional leaves out a lot of the fun. This game just plays better with good equipment. It even has VR support to make it even better.

Overall I would recommand this game to anyone that likes Space Simulators or that is a fan of flight sims. Elite is a unique Space Flight Sim RPG Hybrid but a lot of fun if you manage to get into it.
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Posted: July 6
Jesus, where to start.
Never has there been a game that can so thoroughly divide the gaming community. People say all the time that a game is the sort where you'll either "love it or hate it", though most of the time they say it because that's all the reviewing prowess their minds can muster.
In Elite Dangerous however, it rings true.

I'll give you a short answer, then a long review.

Short Answer
If You Liked Euro Trucks & Have Even a Slight Interest In Space, You'll Like Elite Dangerous

Now for the long part.
Many people do compare Elite to ETS2, and this comparison is well founded. FOR THE FIRST FEW HOURS OF THE GAME ONLY.
That's not all Elite has to offer. Yes. For the first few hours all you'll do is run some missions to scrape up enough cash to get yourself a better ship. An Eagle if you want to do some Bounty Hunting (which you should), maybe a hauler for some basic trading. But once you get there, you're opening up a whole new world of things to do.

There's Bounty Hunting. Head to a Haz/Res and knock of some bounties for some great credits.
You can take out every wanted pilot you see, or be the guardian of innocent miners.

Want combat, but also want to make difference? Head to an "at war" system, side with a faction and fight with them in a conflict zone. Depending on how things pan out, you could help that faction take control of the system. If that does happen, then there's certain benefits to being allied with a controlling faction. Namely, having infinite back up at Hi/Res's meaning you have an easy way to farm credits, with minimal risk to you.
You could also flip the coin, and just go full "Space Jack Sparrow". Just wait by the sun for unsuspecting traders to fly by, rip them out of supercruise, destroy them and take their cargo.

Combat not your thing? No worries. Grab yourself a ship with great cargo capacity and start making credits by trading weapons, drugs or human slaves. Buy low, sell high. It may be slightly unethical, but that's space for ya'
Sure you could do it legit and sell minerals, but where's the fun in that?
You could also cut out the middle man, and mine resources yourself. Kit out your ship with mining lasers, refineries and collectors, mine everything you find and sell it for maximum profit.

I should also mention the game is bloody gorgeous. Both visually and auditorily.
Hearing your ship's engine wind up and drone as you travel, the effects when entering and exiting supercruise/frame shift send a shiver down my spine. Then there's the soundtrack, which strikes a nostalgia nerve with me somehow, despite having nothing to do with previous Elite titles.

Of course though, it's not all good.
It is grindy. Very grindy. I've played for 100ish hours at the time of writing and I've managed to gather a total worth of about 25 million credits. That might seem like a lot, but the good ships are going to cost anywhere from 25-150mil to buy, plus that again to outfit in any sort of respectable way.
There's also the online aspect, which is forced even when playing solo. So if your internet carks it, or the server goes down for maintenance, your buggered. You're most likely not going to lose anything, but it's still a pain.
If you do opt to play online with other people, then trust no-one. Everyone will kill you for ♥♥♥♥♥ & giggles or for even the smallest bounty. In short, everyone online is an ♥♥♥♥.

So if you bothered to read even half of that I applaud you. Here's 100 internet points.
Elite really is aimed at a specific audience. If you are in that audience, there's fun & wonder abound.
Fall outside that audience however...well, just look at the game's overall rating.
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Posted: July 21
So, after about 500 hours of playtime (I had 250+ hours on Horizons before it became DLC on steam) I think I can make a more educated review on what I think of Elite: Dangerous.

I started the game about a year ago, mindlessley flying around space with no real direction to go in. This notion can confuse some people as then, there was not a clear objective, it was just you're in space so go do something. The primary directive for me or drive was to generate income and work my way up towards bigger and better ships, and I believe this applies to a majority of players. Before the engineers update however, missions were considered bland and repetitivem, with the only real ways to make money being long distance smuggling or large ship trading. For me, I didn't know what to do, and promptly left the game for nearly a year. I then came back to elite dangerous about 3 months before horizons, having an urge to give it a go. I also had a friend with me which in my opinion made the experience much more enjoyable as you had another person to explore or bounty hunt with.

When planetary landing came out, me and my friend were playing all day from 10am to 2am for about a month or two. I think you have to simply enjoy the fun in flying to a planet, gliding down to the surface, deploying your SRV's and then surveying the brilliant terrain laid before you. Flying through canyons, landing in huge craters and taking hours to cross with your SRV. The game did a fantastic job of giving you a scope of just how big these planets are, and there are millions to explore, which to me was great.

However, after months of us playing and repeating the same act of landing on planets, doing the occasional planetary base mission, we became quite bored with the game. This is a huge defining point for a lot of players. "Endgame". This is the stage where you have a comfortable sum of money in your account, you have tried every mission and done your fair amount of bounty hunting. What drive is there now to continue playing the game. For me and my friend there was none, and we were thoroughly dissapointed in the engineers update for a number of reasons:
-We like many others did not like the random aspect to upgrades
-It adds more grind to the already grindy game
-It didn't feel like the wait was worth it
However recentley I have gone back to the engineers and I am having a much better time. Frontier have definitley made mission boards much better and more understandable. Missions pre-update seemed broken, when stacking 10 missions only increased the rep of a faction by 1%.
I believe that the engineers update tailors well for outfitting a smaller ship as you are able to collect materials much quicker and get to places a lot faster. Overall, I've had a brilliant time with this game, and I am thoroughly nostalgic towards the first time I landed on planets or explored a nebula. I really do hope frontier adds more content to planets but I think that engineers at it's core is a step in the right direction. For players who stop playing at end game, I have been there and have done so, however what kept me into the game was the brilliant feeling when exploring space and just marvelling at the brilliance of the graphics and sounds.
-Brilliant Graphics
-Upcoming DLC which will hopefully make the game a lot more rich with content
-Huge planets with amazing terrain that you can explore for hours
-An extremely large and expansive game space which can occupy your entire day.

I'm glad that I discovered Elite and continued playing it and that's why I'd give it a reccomendation to those who would give it time.
P.S. I know this review is all over the place, it's my first proper one kek
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Posted: July 3
So after 85 hours of play, I've only scratched the surface of the game. I was thinking I would wait to see more of the game before writing a review, but then I realized I already got my money's worth out of it.

I can't believe this game only has 65% good reviews. Sure, it's not perfect, it has problems, a few bugs... But seriously? 65%? From my experience with other Steam games, it should be at least 85-90%.

As you may have read in other posts, this game isn't for everybody. If you're looking for an easy game that will hold your hand and give you clear objectives so that you can actually finish it, then this game isn't for you.
If like me you're a space simulation lover, a science-fiction enthusiast, if piloting is in your blood, if you've always dreamed of exploring the galaxy and visiting strange worlds, and putting your name on a star, then this is for you!

Being a hardcore space enthusiast, I would have bought it just for the exploration part. I read beforehand that the game took place in our galaxy where you could visit 400 billion stars. I thought to myself "meh, how difficult can it be to code a galaxy with 400 billion random stars"? Then I realized it's not random, it's an actual model of our galaxy with what we know as of today (at least star-wise, I guess they make assumptions about the planets).
After a few hours of exploring, I was thinking to myself "they just put regular stars, they let out dwarf stars". Then I see one. "Oh, nevermind." Start thinking the same thing about neutron stars, then I find one. Black holes, proto-stars, nebulas, dark regions, you name it...

If exploration is not your thing, the game has so much more (trading, mining, combat, development...).

A lot of people seem to complain about the update, but I really felt like not being able to land on planets was missing from the original version. Driving around in your rover, enjoying the perks of low gravity, getting lost and losing your ship, falling into a kilometer-deep crevasse, not being able to get out, then realizing you have an option to call your ship to pick you up on auto-pilot, and flying out of there full-speed Death Star trench-like... Again, definitely worth it, without even mentioning all the other planet-based things you can do other than explore.

The game will punish you for being too greedy, for making mistakes, for not being prepared, for hoping for the best, for accidentally shooting your weapons in the vicinity of a space station or forgetting to ask permission before docking... It will punish you for rebinding your "jettison all cargo" key so that you confuse it with your "silent mode" key... three times :-(. Still, definitely worth it. What can I say? I guess I like being punished :-/.
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Posted: July 21
This game is one of my favorite games, i consider my self an avid gamer. A good point from another reviewer is the game dose not hold your hand, there is no advice or tips from the game or that you should go one direction or the other. So when you first sit in your cockpit dont expect the game to push you in the right way or for you to understand everything the first day, or even the first month. I do consider this game for the smarter people, it is quite complex. I have to admit that it took me some time to get my self in a python, but it was worth it to me. Youtube is a great place for advice to get started. Once you pick your grind and get good at it, get some music,(when i got an hour to grind hard i put daftpunk or somthing) and get to it. I am absolutly ok with people getting tired and quitting, this game was just not for everybody, to me, this is one of a kind, beautiful game. the other space games or upcoming space games, dont have anything up on elite dangerous imo, except possibly more simplified. as for me, im here to stay,
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Posted: June 29
Elite: Dangerous is a series of grinds interspersed with moments of uncopiable action, adrelanine, and fun.

This characteristic is a key part to many simulators. Going into a full-scale simulator game (i.e. a game with a 1:1 scale to the Milky Way galaxy) and expecting non-stop action 24/7 for your entire duration of playtime is extremely foolish.

To get the most out of this game, it is best to keep up with the community on in-game events and popular discussion. It is also nice to have others who will play the game with you. Especially in recent times (Engineer update NPC buff), combat is much more bearable when with other players.

Speaking of which, though the Horizons update did bring with it many awful features, newer updates have lessened their effects on the game and made them ignorable. I am a bounty hunter who has never used Engineer perks. The Engineer system is currently ♥♥♥♥. Don't bother with it unless you like gambling for mediocre rewards.

Aside from the main game mechanics, Elite: Dangerous looks good, runs well, and easily has some of the best sound design in any game I've ever played. If you're a space sim fan, get it.

(If you're looking for something with less grind, try the X series, Freelancer, or Star Citizen.)
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Posted: July 1
I thought it would be prudent to write a review seeing as all the negative rep this game has had recently. Now I’m not a good pilot, especially when it comes to PvE / PvP style missions, however I don’t know what everyone is talking about. I played this game a TON all the way up to December of 2015 (pre Horizons / 2.0) and I loved it but my gaming ADD kicked in and I moved on. Recently I got an HTC Vive and I wanted to actually play a game that I like instead of a bunch of demos or titles that I don’t enjoy, so I went to re-download this game and I saw all the negative reviews and I was sad. I really thought they probably broke the game.

However it’s just the opposite. The game before was WAY TOO EASY! You would get into a battle, get them to about ½ health and they would just dead stick spin and let you finish them off without really even fighting back. And by “they” I mean the AI / computer NPCs. Today, they actually fight, target sub systems and you can’t be a one man wrecking ball. But if you aren’t willing to step up your game a bit, then I guess. But this game got super boring because there was no thrill of accomplishment.

I’ve actually legit been killed by an NPC, however I was in a enemy rich conflict zone, in a ship that I probably didn’t belong in and flying it like an asshat.

Don’t let the reviews steer you away from this game, especially if you like space flight, space sims or anything like that. And if you have an Oculus or HTC Vive, you belong in this game.

I do say that flying a ship without a HOTAS flight stick and throttle is challenging, so if you want to actually be good at this game, put an Xbox One controller on your computer or better yet, purchase a flight stick HOTAS setup and you’ll never look back. And just think, you can then properly play War Thunder, DCS Worlds, Mech Warrior and many other games that are SOOOOOOOO much better with proper equipment. And a decent flight stick should be or could be a one time purchase. My Saitek X52 I bought back in 2003 is still alive and kicking strong 13 years later.

Play a driving game, you get a wheel or game pad, play a flight game and you need a stick or game pad. WSAD works for FPS games, but you’ll get your ♥♥♥ shot off if you do combat in Elite with a keyboard.

Real quick about the game, it’s stunning, I’m running it on triple ultra high def widescreen monitors at 10320x1440 and a 1080, however I was when I started (pre-vr) playing this game, I was using an AMD R9 290x Saphire card and a 1080 res monitor. This game is immersive, especially with now being able to land on planets. The interactions in this game are fun and the AI is even more intelligent and makes good decisions now. Overall, the developers listen to the community. To get a good representation of how people feel about this game, I’d go to the forums for Frontier Development and look in there. Most, if not all issues have been fixed. This game is just too much fun to pass up because of some people looking for an easy game to play. No cash shop other than paint schemes, so no pay to win, at all. Heck, you can choose to be online or offline and still contribute to the overall outcomes of the game. You can completely avoid PVP with other players, so you can explore to your hearts content. If you want to fight, you can get into good battles and they even have an arena if you want to do instant gratification warfare.
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