What is BRAINPIPE? Is it an otherworldly mind control device, masquerading as a seemingly quaint computer game? Is it a gateway to worlds beyond our own, created by eldritch wizardry and invoked by strange creatures hidden away on uncharted islands in the South Pacific?
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Data de lançamento: 24 Dez, 2008
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Is it an otherworldly mind control device, masquerading as a seemingly quaint computer game?

Is it a gateway to worlds beyond our own, created by eldritch wizardry and invoked by strange creatures hidden away on uncharted islands in the South Pacific?

Perhaps it's a message from the future, an instruction to mankind to uplift humanity to a higher state of being.

Or maybe it's just an addictive endurance run game from Digital Eel.

BRAINPIPE is a unique gaming experience. The ultimate objective is to transcend humanity. You do this by navigating the tunnels of your mind, exercising your hand-eye coordination while relishing in the funkadelic sights and sounds of your inner self. Collect the illuminated glyphs while avoiding the nasty obstacles. They may look all nice and shiny, even warm and inviting, but each brush with them brings you one step closer to eternal darkness!

BRAINPIPE is also an easy game to play, hearkening back to the classic arcade games of yesteryear. A one click interface keeps you focused on the action, instead of searching for the right key to press, and is a perfect complement to the soothing audio and visuals.

Are you ready for a trip beyond space?

Beyond time?

Beyond MIND?

Experience BRAINPIPE today!

  • Single-player arcade action with a psychedelic twist from the masters of trippy computer gaming, Digital Eel.
  • Relive the '60s and '70s without getting hassled by The Man.
  • One click intuitive interface that will have you playing in seconds.
  • Ten levels of ramping perplexity and oddness.
  • Eight distracting obstacles to avoid.
  • Spinning glyphs to collect, including the awesome UNHUMANITY golden glyph! Transcend your humanity and reveal your true self!
  • Relaxing colorful three dimensional visuals race through your mind.
  • Hypnotic sound and music featuring Eelmix sound management.
  • Creepy eyeball buttons.
  • Playable full screen or windowed.
  • Mouse, joystick, and gamepad support.

Requisitos do Sistema

    • OS: Windows XP or Vista
    • Processor: Pentium 1.8 GHz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: ATI Radeon X700+ or NVidia 6800+ video card, OpenGL 1.1 compatible video drivers
    • Hard Drive: 50 MB HDD
    • Sound: Windows Compatible Sound Card
    • OS: OS X version Leopard 10.5.8, Snow Leopard 10.6.3, or later
    • Processor: Intel Mac
    • Memory: 128 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 32 MB 3D Video Card
    • Hard Drive: 40 MB free space
    • Other Requirements:
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There isn't really a lot to Brainpipe but that's OK. It's a game where you zoom through a tunnel at speed, grab glyphs and avoid anything that's likely to kill you (that's pretty much everything that isn't a glyph, really).

And doesn't it sound so terminally dull when you put it like that? (YES, IT DOES)

Is it terminally dull? Nope. it is so very far from terminally dull! Rejoice.

There's a couple of things that really make Brainpipe special. One is the graphics which, y'know, aren't quite up to the full Minter they're certainly not far off. It's like flying through someone's fevered attempt at a 70's Doctor Who title sequence or what might happen if someone sat down and said "Mr Trumbull, could you make us a videogame please" or something.

The other is the sound. Oh man, the sound. This is the stuff of headphones on, turn it up, sit back and enjoy. Or just turn it up really loud if you can't manage that. Parts of the soundtrack wibble in and out of focus, sounds zip around you ear to ear, it's one long Any Colour You Like ride but a little bit more strange.

It's essentially the full audio/visual woooah there. Which is just fine. I love it to bits. I love it for its simplicity, I love it for its graphics and I love it for its sound but I love it most of all because it's so very pure and unfiltered. It's slightly weirdy, slightly askew and all the woah there. I couldn't ask for much more.
Publicada: 28 Setembro
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This is the weirdest game I've ever loved.
It's not particularly deep, but it's a true experience, and I'm gonna reccomend this to literally everyone who's interested in something different, given it'll cost you less than a coffee at Starbuck's and probably last you a good while longer.
Publicada: 19 Junho
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As an individual who has felt out of place on this gay Earth ever since his conception, I can only recommend BRAINPIPE: A Plunge to Unhumanity to others who share this feeling that they are out of place.

Now for those unfamiliar with me, my ASL and other sensitive info is not really confidential info but it's not really relevant for this review either. What IS important is that "reality" or as I like to call it the "disgusting 3DPD realm" is not a hospitable environment for those of 2-D descent, such as myself and many others. However as cruel fate would have it, we ended up becoming the enigma that is cute, 2-D girls stuck in the bodies of vile three dimensional animals known as MAN.

I must commend the developer, Digital Eel, not only for having a fantastic name as I am a fan of eel, but for providing the end-all SOLUTION to our dilemma, which many so-called big name developers and their "AAA games" have failed to do. As I speak and continue to explore the outer depths of my mind even further, my soul is on its way to free itself from this dreadful anchor that I was forced to call my body. Soon I will be able to return to the world of cute girls doing cute things without any plot or advancement of time. Soon I will live in a world without strife, and only girl's underwear featuring cute, yet intricate designs.

Thank you Digital Eel, for giving me liberation at the generous (discounted) price of $0.99 during the Steam Summer Sale. You are an inspiration and a prime example of what budding developers should aim to be.
Publicada: 3 Julho
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Quick review:

Short Verdict: A psychedelic first-person runner, with maybe a neuro-something theme if you look hard enough. A bland game experience, and it doesn't add much to the genre. If you really want a runner and don't wanna spend more than US$2 on it, then maybe, just maybe, you could get this. (I wouldn't, since I only had fun for the first 5 minutes of the 15 I managed to play.) Otherwise, stay away.

  • Weird graphics in a nice way
  • Could be fun as a casual game for the right player
  • You may start a new game from any stage you want
  • If you like the game, it has replay value, since levels are randomly generated

  • Controls are not very smooth and don't add much to gameplay
  • Weird background... music? No, definitely not music, more like organized noises
  • When it gets too fast, it's almost certain that when you hit an object you'll hit a lot more and die
  • Health system is kind of weird--when you take a hit, everything shakes and red flashes everywhere, but you can't really know exactly how's your health

Bought on / for: I actually only played BRAINPIPE because I got it as a giveaway. Even for free, I wouldn't get it if I'd known. By the way, it's currently being sold on Steam Store for R$ 4,29 (US$ 1.88).
Publicada: 24 Agosto
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It's just a first person runner with psychedelic graphics. Gameplay wise it isn't anything special and I don't recommend unless you are looking to add a runner to your Steam library.
Publicada: 18 Junho
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Okay, this game is ♥♥♥♥ing awesome.

It's the kind of game you play once every few weeks, but for the rest of your life. Great if you randomly feel like immersing yourself in a richly aurally-textured half-axon half-multiverse tunnel with a pace ranging from narcoleptic to highly spasmodic.

The actual goal is collecting glyphes embodying tiered concepts, with a final one marking a progression we'll get back to; all while avoiding obstacles as your speed slowly increases with each level.
For instance, level 1 is the nasal ganglia, with concepts such as "peculiar insight" or "nervous laugh" and the final glyph being Awareness.
The gameplay also involves the ability to, holy ♥♥♥♥ing ♥♥♥♥, SLOW DOWN TIME. The game really has a particular relation to time in general, as you slow down the sound environment as well and pausing temporally stucks you in one audio piece. Said pieces otherwise naturally flow with the game.

While all golden glyphes make you "progress", and the general goal is to collect everything, the game has one and only one condition for winning : collecting the very final glyph, Unhumanity. Completing a playthrough rewards you with the ability to choose an in-game avatar from a variety of monsters. As for what happens when you miss the glyph... I'll let you see for yourself.

So in short, exceedingly fun, love the overall feel of the game, EXTREMELY underrated on steam. It's one of those little games that have a special place in my heart. Maybe literally given the environment.
Publicada: 4 Janeiro
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