Take part in the epic sequel that unfolds nearly two decades after the events of FINAL FANTASY IV. Now enhanced for Windows PC.
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Mixed (148 reviews) - 64% of the 148 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: May 11, 2015

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About This Game

Now with a full 3-D remake, FINAL FANTASY IV: THE AFTER YEARS can now be played as never before on PC. Take part in the epic sequel that unfolds nearly two decades after the events of FINAL FANTASY IV. Classic characters make their return alongside several new heroes, such as Ceodore, son of Cecil and Rosa.

Story : Seventeen years have passed since the war's end, and the son born to King Cecil and Queen Rosa of Baron has grown into a young man. Prince Ceodore has enlisted in the airship fleet known as the Red Wings, eager to meet the expectations demanded of his blood and station. Yet once more another moon has appeared in the sky, and with it vast hordes of monsters intent on destruction. The brief peace enjoyed by the Blue Planet now stands threatened under the shadow of impending catastrophe.

Ten Playable Tales

Begin your journey with "Ceodore's Tale." Complete it to unlock the tales of six additional characters, which can be played in any order, and then return to the core story with "Kain's Tale," "The Lunarian's Tale," and "The Crystals." A total of ten tales in all, and all contained in FINAL FANTASY IV: THE AFTER YEARS.

Active Time Battle
Take control of exhilarating combat made possible by the non-stop action in Square Enix's iconic battle system.

Lunar Phases
Feel the moon's presence in combat, as its waxing and waning influences the potency of attacks and abilities of all combatants. Lunar phases cycle naturally with the passage of in-game time, or when resting at an inn, tent, or cottage.

Band Abilities
Combine the strength of your party members to awesome effect with Band abilities that can be unlocked through in-game events or by levelling your characters' Affinity.

Keep an eye on your current location and nearby surroundings, or click for quick access to the world map.
Includes STEAM Trading cards!

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows Vista, 7, 8
    • Processor: Pentium 4 2.4 GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Storage: 950 MB available space
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234 of 270 people (87%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
69.5 hrs on record
Posted: May 17, 2015
Play the PSP version instead.

This version of the game has no challenge dungeons. No cameo bosses. Significantly shorter final dungeon. No optional superboss, and the game's framerate is capped and choppy as hell.
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142 of 162 people (88%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
86.6 hrs on record
Posted: May 24, 2015
I played this a long time ago on the Wii and loved it. I've not played the PSP version but from what I understand it adds all kinds of content relative to the Wii version. Imagine my surprise then when I finished the game and realized that the steam version not only lacks the extra content of the PSP version (challenge dungeons etc) but even removes content relative to the already comparatively sparse Wii version. Just a horrible middle finger to fans of the franchise courtesy of Square-Enix.
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121 of 136 people (89%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
31.4 hrs on record
Posted: June 8, 2015
I want to start by saying that I really, REALLY wanted to like this game--and for the first few hours, I really did! Final Fantasy IV was my first (main series) FF game, and therefore one of my favorites. I hadn't played the After Years because I didn't have a system or phone capable of playing it, so I was excited when it was announced on Steam and even pre-ordered it.

There are quite a few things I do really enjoy about the game, but unfortunately the flaws outweigh the positives.

As you know, this game has an episodic format. I like how you'll play through each character's own tale--you get to piece together events plaguing the world from each character's perspective. This makes the game's plot intriguing, as you'll want to know "how did this character end up there?!" at the climax of each scenario. And because each character has ample time in the spotlight, they're fleshed out more this time around than the original game. For example, I found Palom and Porom to be much more interesting in this game than FF4, as you get to see how they've grown and changed--and learn about their respective insecurities as much as their ambitions. As others have said, the plot is pretty much fan-fiction tier--but the characterization and development, I think, is really good.

There is a problem with the episodic format, though: a good 75% of the game is exposition. While it's great to watch events from so many perspectives, and is certainly interesting at the start of the game, 10 hours in you'll be thinking "okay, but where will this all LEAD to?" Once you reach the climax of someone's tale, it ends--which means starting fresh with a new character elseware. While characters will unite later--MUCH later--you spend the majority of the game feeling as though you aren't actually progressing.

I wish they paced the plot differently: have the first 3 or so tales be expositon, the next few "in the middle" of it all, then the last few being a little more climactic. But instead, you play maybe 8 tales that are all happening at the same time before you can progress through the timeline/plot.

Also, and this might be a spoiler! You don't actually learn anything very significant, plot-wise, until the very end. I'll save you the trouble by saying the antagonist is generic, has no compelling backstory, and you won't learn the enemy's motive until seconds before the final fight. I don't mind that the plot is fanfiction-y, but I do mind that there just isn't a real payoff at the end.

And then there's the dungeons. At first, I didn't mind that almost all the dungeons are recycled from FF4. In fact, I kind of like that they didn't change the world too much; after reading others' reviews, I decided to think of this more as an "expansion" than a sequel, knowing that the world would be mostly untouched but with new scenarios. You might care much more than I do about the recycled dungeons, but you probably already know about that.

What I didn't know, and what made this game ultimately frustrating, is that within this game alone you will go through certain dungeons over and over and over. I can't tell you how many times they make you go through the underwater passageway--5 or 6, with 3 of those in Edward's tale alone (and back to back, too!). There's also the Lunar Subterraine, but I won't talk about that too much since it might be spoilery to--but let's just say you'll have the layout of that memorized by the time you're finished playing as well. Taking stuff from FF4 and putting it in this game was ok enough, but the way this game makes you do the same exact tasks over and over as different characters (or within the same tale) is unforgiveable and lazy.

The endgame is also incredibly grindy. Once you're able to form a party with all the characters you've played as, you'll find that they're terribly underleveled, even though they were leveled fine in their respective tales. Grinding + the endless rehashing you'll find in the final dungeon makes this game difficult to win--not because enemies are too tough, but because you'll simply become too bored to want to go any further. It becomes very clear by the end of the game how a great deal of it exists to drag out the length, rather than deliver any interesting playing experience.

Some little "pro" points:
+ I loved the bands feature, which adds an extra little thing to battles while also making characters' relationships more interesting.
+ The lunar phases were a neat idea, though I'm not sure they made much of a difference--though I could be wrong.
+ You'll have different parties in different tales, which means you're always expected to come up with new strategies. For example, you might not have a healer in one tale. Or maybe you have no magic user at all. This might seem annoying, but it can be good to switch things up.

Little "cons":
+ Because you begin as a new, low-level character at the start of each tale, you'll spend a good chunk of the game only being able to attack or use the lowest-leveled magic. I spent most of the game with "auto battle" on, because you simply don't have many choices in fights, since no one really has good abilities. And you can imagine that the enemies in the first half or so of every tale are pushovers until the endgame.

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68 of 81 people (84%) found this review helpful
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60.1 hrs on record
Posted: December 13, 2015
The official Sequel to the classic Final Fantasy IV (1991) set 17 years after the events in the original game. Originally released on the wii in episodic format. You would play each part or "tale" following one of the many characters, all of which follow the same story leading to a climax in which everyone will reunite to save the world yet again.

The release on ios & steam was tossed on the cutting board and sadly it loses most of it's charm in the process. Challenge dungeons that ended each tale were removed from this version. Which leaves you very underdeveloped and geared by the time you reach the final chapter. In episodic format they encouraged you to farm until the next tale was released to the public. But instead of adding a fix they just decided to cut them from this version.

The second huge disappointment from the steam release is after playing nearly 30 hours through the 9 character tales. You enter the final stages of the game, In which if you have watched any trailers for the game you will see the many many bosses and optional bosses that the game offered you to challenge. In the original release you could fight 12-15 optional bosses in the final dungeons. Which encouraged you to level your party to max level. Some of those included past final fantasy bosses such as Lich (FF1) Kraken (FF1) even Ultima weapon (FF6). All of these have been removed from the game, leaving the final dungeon quite barren.

A good handful of achievements from this game are also luck based and require you to literally farm for potentially hundreds of hours for items that are obsolete and not necessary since the optional content was all removed.

So even after all that, I leave the game with a positive review only because of the nostalgic strings it pulls, I enjoyed my playthough. But if you want to experience the game in it's entirety I suggest you purchase a copy of Final Fantasy IV The Complete Collection on PSP or Vita.
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50 of 58 people (86%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
56.1 hrs on record
Posted: January 13

This version of the game is missing a large chunk of the final dungeon and multiple superbosses from the Wii and PSP versions of the game.

This is not a definitive version by any standards. We need to make sure Square Enix does not do this again. Demand Final Fantasy IV: Complete be ported from PSP.
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83 of 118 people (70%) found this review helpful
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4.2 hrs on record
Posted: May 12, 2015
Battle fps is still capped at 15 like FFIV, but other than that it's great. Naturally, since it's a remake of a successful FF game.

If you liked the 3D remakes of FFIII and FFIV, you'll like this one too.
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79 of 113 people (70%) found this review helpful
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42.8 hrs on record
Posted: May 12, 2015
This game is fantastic. Especially for completionists.

If you DID like Final Fantasy III and IV and you don't own it already for Android? Definitely worth getting. Same story as the original release on Wii, updated graphics, great musical score. Now, when I say "updated", keep in mind I don't mean "top-tier 3D graphics". It's the same level as the NDS remakes. This is GOOD because it basically means that even if your video card is lame, it should be able to handle this title.

If you didn't like Final Fantasy III and IV? You won't like this one. In fact, you should probably NOT buy it, not review it, and save the fans of the series having to read complaints about the 3D remakes, like the 30/15 FPS bit.

If you already have it on Android? Same applies. No obvious upgrades to the game or added features. Unless you see an update above about new DLC, just skip it.
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46 of 60 people (77%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
1.8 hrs on record
Posted: May 20, 2015
Great game, terrible port. I'd suggest the Wii or PSP versions instead.

The framerate in battle is locked to 15fps, and control customization is limited and clunky at best. In-game text also doesn't change to reflect which control type you're using.
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47 of 68 people (69%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
123.8 hrs on record
Posted: August 5, 2015
The PSP version is surely a better version. At least, it contains the challenge dungeons, cameo bosses, a longer final dungeon, more stuff and equipment and the developper's office. I just lose money for this.
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29 of 38 people (76%) found this review helpful
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43.5 hrs on record
Posted: May 13, 2015
I really think that you need to be a huge FF4 fan to really like this game. First of all, the story is a little bit repetitive, with all the flash back, all the same boss as before... And what can I say about each dungeon? They're really difficult (for any reason, all your characters lost around 60 lvl...) and there's a lot of random encounters.

So, if you're really a fan of FF4, wait it to be in special and if you didn't play FF4 or didn't love it, buy something else!

(I gave it a positive note because FF4 is one of my favorite...)
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Recently Posted
Guatemalan Insanity Pepper
13.1 hrs
Posted: October 18
This is essentially a game based around reusing assets. The models are reused, the music is reused, and even parts of the story are directly reused from the original Final Fantasy IV. This really becomes a problem because, while there are a lot interesting game mechanics to explore, there is little reward to continuing forward. The few silver linings (mostly involving Kain) are all buried under a mountain of unneeded "nostalgia."

This is a game I keep wanting to finish in spite of it's faults, but I just can't bring myself to do so. There are just so much better games that stand on their own that warrent more attention. This sequel is so focused on reminding you about the original that it ends up destroying it's own potential. What a waste...
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16.7 hrs
Posted: October 2
This is a very lazy game. The setting, while predictably recycling the world setting, does little to improve it, other than the weird moon cycle mechanic that makes gameplay frustrating, as you are forced to change your tactics every half hour, or spam tents/inns to get the condition you want.

The new characters are annoying as they are useless. Some are flat clones or partialclones of other characters in terms of abilities. The playable cast is too large a number to really care for all of them, or even need some of their specific abilities. Why use Iyazoi or Leonora when when Palom, Porom, Rydia, or Rosa can do the same thing more effectively? And honestly, are you ever going to use Calca and Brina? No, because they are poor imitations meant to fill in a role for the filler stories.

The worst sin of this game, and I understand that this is partially due to the game's initial episodic formula, is the filler content that populates this game.
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101.1 hrs
Posted: September 14
Im most certainly biased, but this game is fantastic. Finishes off most of the character arcs in great ways, and even brings more life to characters I found sort of flat in FFIV (Kain specifically). While it's a tad dissapointing that there are not challenge dungeons, like in previous versions, this is still a fantastic game. Would reccomend it to any Final Fantasy fan, especially if you enjoy FFIV.
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42.7 hrs
Posted: August 3
it's better than my PSvita
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106.5 hrs
Posted: July 27
This game is not good. It is very different from FF4 and not in a good way.


-Uses familiar FF4 characters
-Uses familiar FF4 battle UI
-Expanded banding ability with party members
-Intro movie


-Music is very bad(muted it a few hours in)
-Camera is inexplicitedly zoomed in too far on the player character so navigating around feels much more awkward and clumsy compared to FF4
-Picking your own story order is bizarre and loosely connected
-Numerous cut scenes that have prolonged interactions that are boring and unnecessary to the story, poor attempts to develop charm in characters
-Most areas are reused from FF4 with many of the same treasure locations while others are randomly missing or with some cheesy additions
-New characters have annoying personalities, most rehashed characters now also have annoying personalities
-Starting so many different stories involves grinding low levels, getting items and money for each story group which starts to feel horribly repetitive by the 3rd to 4th story especially with all the reused areas and enemies.
-Each fragmented story is poorly written and executed. Feels like there is a lot of pointless filler cut scenes and elements to the story just to increase the required time to beat the game.

I honestly can't really recommend this game. The story as a whole is just a big scrambled redux of the original FF4 with much less interesting places to visit/revisit, boring rehashed enemies and player characters. Most of my hours on this game were unenjoyable compared to the hours I put into FF4. This feels much more like a mod from a random FF fan than an actual expansion of the original game from the original creators.
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Diabeetus Cannon
44.0 hrs
Posted: July 14
As someone who loves FFIV, and FFIV TAY, I can recommend this version of the game, only you don't have a PSP (FFIV The Complete Collection is the definitive version of FFIV and FFIV TAY, this is the one you want; extra dungeons, items, monsters, bosses, etc.) The 15 FPS rate that is locked in battle unless you use Auto Battle which makes it 30 FPS. Which is incredibly annoying and tedious to have to switch back and forth between auto battle and not just to speed up battles, although after doing it for a while, it becomes automatic. Even though I've played through FFIV TAY three times (once on Wii, once on PSP, and once on Steam,) I've still enjoyed playing this version for some reason, probably nostalgia setting in. All in all, if you want to experience this half decent sequel, and don't have a PSP, this is an acceptable version to play. Long and short though, get the PSP version for the true experience.
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44.8 hrs
Posted: July 13
Money-grab. The story isn't furthered by any means, shortened / watered down version of the PSP version. If you really want this game, I really suggest the PSP version, which also felt like a money-grab, but it came with more content than this one does...
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Rot Bear
0.7 hrs
Posted: July 12
This version sucks. Go out on the interwebs, and look up a PSP emulator, and find the rom of the same name. This port is a travesty, and should not be played. Garbage in every way. A step back in computer gaming. If you would like a reference picture Oddworld: Abes Oddysee, and the remake (new and tastey) in reverse. How a company so wealthy can ♥♥♥♥ up something this bad is a mystery to me. If this is a benchmark of your performance take any FF7 remake and shove it up your ♥♥♥.
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You Now Crave Tacos!
69.9 hrs
Posted: July 1
Nothing but a cash-in trying to appeal to nostalgia: There is nothing new here, or at least nothing new that matters. The story is nearly identical to the original game, though even well into the final dungeon you have no idea who the antagonist really is.

Other than the introduction of Ceodore and Ursula and some minor characters from FF4 becoming somewhat more important, it's the same crew. And enemies. And bosses. And locations. Well, obviously you would revisit locations, right? It is the same world after all. But after seeing the underground waterway five times, it really hits home how lame this is.

Despite the fact that the game was originally released one episode at a time, there is no plot development until the final chapters, and even then it is limited to a twist-that-isn't-a-twist. Instead, each character's chapter involves them clawing their way from around level 10 to about 30, then in Chapter 10 you find out they're all still horribly underleveled anyway. That's ok though, because only a few of the characters will actually matter.

The one new element to the game is the Lunar Phase system, the cycle of which increases one and decreases one of the four types of actions' effectiveness - attack, white magic, black magic, and special actions (Edge's ninja tricks, Yang's kick, etc.). At first, it seems like this would cause you to think carefully about your strategy depending on what phase the moon is currently in, but since you don't choose your own party until Chapter 10, you always get stuck with a setup that is objectively good or objectively bad. Why would you NOT just sleep through a new moon in Yang's tale, during which your party of nothing but monks has their attack power crippled?

Also, the moon phases affect characters on the moon as well (that's not a spoiler, there's a "Lunarians tale" chapter). Huh?
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57.7 hrs
Posted: June 28
this should be called FINAL FANTASY IV:rehash
Square set each final fantasy in new world in fear of making games like this one but oh! no, squenix is a different company and not afraid of making money grabbing sub-par games.

let me start by saying i have beaten ff4 well over 20 times and beat the steam version before playing this one and i kinda feel this game was meant for hard core ff players. you know, the ones that do single character runs of the games.

This feels like a ff4 rom hack. they added new characters that play like the old ones, reused all the old dungeons with only a few new ones, a few of the lesser bosses are back, just cause and the story is just lazy. to not go into spoilers it's so lazy edward and yang both "kind" rulers don't even bother to name guards they trust to take on outings. The story is so borrowed from ff4 it gets monotonous. you even get to replay fabuls invasion including ALL the same fights but with a full party of monks. i'm shocked they didn't have a traitor or someone didn't get napped.
on top of this you get really poor party makeup in the chapters like only mages or lone characters (see edward, kain, and edge). Then at one point your forced to depend on edges single target heal and item vs 4 people, that's just horrid.

they did removed possible permadeath from edges 4 ninjas, the the 2 dolls, and some of the summons if not all in this version.
The battle system isn't bad along with the way ff4 plays they added "bonds" basically twin magic but the effect depend on the 2-5 characters doing it. they also added a moon phase mechanic that will buff say attacks but lessen black magic (it tells you next to the attack if its being effected). its something that could change how you attack but has little effect in some chapters do to limited party makeup so you'll be hindered or sleep through phases. using weapons as items is almost a must so make sure you know how to use them as an item in fights if they have an ability (item->requip->click weapon twice).

4-10 (i'ed neutral this if steam had the option)
if you loved ff4 and want more of the same or if you want some expanded story play this (maybe family share or get it on sale though) but if you're not a die hard fan it maybe best to pass. either way expect heavy disappointment and many flashbacks of ff4.
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