As a man or woman stranded naked, freezing & starving on a mysterious island, you must hunt, harvest, craft items, grow crops, & build shelters to survive. Use skill & cunning to kill, tame, breed, & ride Dinosaurs & primeval creatures living on ARK, and team up with hundreds of players or play locally!
User reviews:
Mixed (3,315 reviews) - 64% of the 3,315 user reviews in the last 30 days are positive.
Mixed (99,880 reviews) - 69% of the 99,880 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Jun 2, 2015

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Early Access Game

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Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“ARK is a huge game, in terms of geographical space, scope of content, features, technology, and just about every other metric. We're a veteran team with some major hits behind our leads, and much of the core challenge is already met, but this is still an ambitious one for us. We want the player community's help to 'evolve' ARK into the dinosaur world game that we've been dreaming about since the days we played with plastic green T-Rex toys during elementary school recess, since we shed a tear to 'The Land Before Time', since we wistfully imagined the towering cities of 'Dinotopia', and since we nearly choked on our popcorn to the thrills of 'Jurassic Park'. We love games, and holy smokes do we ever love dinos (along with all sorts of other extinct creatures/natural sciences), and through interaction and iteration with the ARK's community, we think we have the best shot at creating the be-all, end-all long-term prehistoric universe that we want to live and thrive in. We have a great start, and with your valued input and contributions, we will take it all the way together!”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“Approximately 1 year, with a full release planned for June 2016 coinciding with the console versions.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“While we have the foundation of our game at Early Access launch, there are many currently-planned features and content additions we will be adding over the year from EA to full release. Beyond such planned features, will be adding TONS of aspects suggested or iterated on by the community, hence the point of Early Access!

Planned Core Features include, among many other things:

- 30+ more creatures to reach well over 100, with essentially every major category of extinct animal represented in some way
- More saddle types including saddle armor tiers and saddles with powerful weapons mounted on them
- Gas-powered Vehicles
- Enhanced building mechanics to evolve ARK into one of the best straight-up builder games out there
- More underwater biome/ecosystem complexity, including support for vacuum-sealed underwater bases
- Lots more items, weapons, armors and further advanced tech tiers
- More item skins, limited run event skins
- More bosses and the end-game cycle including the Ultimate Life Form & Ascension
- More biome types
- Steam Economy Support for Statistical Items (Need some Steam API functionality for this from Valve!)
- Way more plants and more detailed plant biology systems/farming systems
- More statistical modelling of status illnesses/diseases (both player and creature)
- Better SFX, more Music, Better UI's, Better Gamepad support (i.e. UI button shortcut callouts), Better VR support (i.e. HMD gun-aim option)

In addition to zillions of bug fixes, intensive performance improvements, mega iterative polishing, and what have you. The game will sparkle like a shiny diamond before it is considered ready for Full Release, and even then we plan on a long-term post-Release content lifecycle, with specialized ARK's on the drawing board.”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“Everything described on the full Features List is in the Early Access version right now -- not all 100% polished, but designed to be fun. Over the next year, the game will be rapidly iterated on with updates usually coming 3 times per week, almost always including new features, balance and polish improvements, and bug fixes. We are extremely fast at development, and will continue to push forward with maximum energy to make the game ever-greater on a daily basis. We live and breath game development, this is what we do.”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“Yes, the game will be lower priced through Early Access, relative to its final full-version retail price.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“We will have a Trello roadmap at Early Access launch, as well as massive & intense Forum interaction by the development team to gather ideas, feedback, and issues, along with a bi-weekly Q&A / Reddit AMA to involve everyone under the sun who wants to give us their 2 cents on how to make this game everything it can be! Essentially we view ARK's Early Access player community as our primary benefactors -- we're making this game to serve you. Join us on the ARK :)”
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October 20

Patch 248: Procedurally Generated Maps, Kaprosuchus, Diplocaulus, Chalicotherium, and more!

Patch 248 expands ARK: Survival Evolved today in many ways, with the arrival of Infinite Procedurally Generated Maps, players can determine a myriad of landscape options from the heights of mountains, depths of valleys, and the number of lakes, rivers or oceans, to the kinds of each biome they want, and more! 

Also, the ARK “Explorer Note System” finds its way into both the main Island and ARK: Scorched Earth. Found within 130 treasure chests and available now, these chests contain the stories of actual inhabitants who have previously lived on the isle, as well as provide a temporary XP buff to those Survivors who collect them.

These 3D Explorer and Story Notes are punctuated with powerful personalities from a Roman Centurion to an Ancient Chinese Warrior to an Egyptian Priestess, each one chronicling their experiences on ARK and unveiling kernels of the story secrets they have uncovered. What will they reveal about the mysteries that surround the ARK?

Three new creatures join the fray with the prey-grabbing Kaprosuchus, the boulder-tossing Chalicotherium, and the oxygen-giving Diplocaulus making their debut.

The Kaprosuchus is a water-based carnivore primarily found among swamps and capable of high speed running on land or in water. It is a solitary hunter that picks off small to medium creatures, especially those isolated from their packs. 

Kaprosuchus are patient hunters and when the time is right, they will leap out of the water and use their powerful jaw to drag their victims beneath the water surface. 

The Chalicotherium, found in small numbers in colder regions, is a primitive creature with simple behaviors. While normally a peaceful herbivore that prefers to spend its days lazing about or playing with its family, it is very territorial, and the entire family, young and old, will turn against an encroaching creature at just the slightest provocation.

It’s believed that Chalicotherium is best used as a trained mobile artillery, as its unique playtime habit delivers a devastating long-range assault tactic when it is given boulders to throw!

The Diplocaulus, at home mainly on the island's swamps, is a small amphibian residing at the middle-bottom of the ecosystem. Tamed Diplocaulus are often used by survivors as an oxygen bag. They air in the bladders of their head, divers can suck from these bladders to take deep breaths while submerged, supporting long-term underwater exploration without the use of external gear.

Diplocaulus’ unique capability to retain vast quantities of oxygen allows to effectively remain submerged for hours at a time, usually outlasting even other amphibious creatures that might otherwise prey upon it.

Update v248 also includes the following features and changes: 

  • Neuter/Spay option for Tamed Dinos (irreversible!) 
  • Tree Platforms now have +70% HP and +50% resistance to explosive damage 
  • Directly wield your weapons when mount-riding smaller Dinos! 
  • Radial Wheel Menu text size now scales with number of entries (to avoid Diplodocus overload, etc) 
  • Spectators can now see player-talking moving lips & hear voice chat when in range 
  • Fixed player collisions onto big dino ragdolls 
  • Non-Drop-In Supply Crates (Cave/Underwater crates etc) no longer have decreasing Health over time (no longer auto destroy), but they can also not accept Inventory anymore and can not be used to generate Boss Tribute Portals. 

ARK: Scorched Earth 25% Off!

Also: to celebrate the upcoming release of ARK v248 and the finding of this Explorer Note, Scorched Earth is now on sale for 25% off on Steam!
Get it while it's hot! ;)

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October 17

Unraveling the Mysteries of the ARK & Scorched Earth Sale!

A new Explorer Note has been discovered! 


We’re excited to reveal the second of many Explorer Notes to be uncovered whilst surviving on the ARK very soon.

In patch v248, the ‘Explorer Note System’ will be finding its way onto the ARK the Island and Scorched Earth. You’ll be able to discover the stories of actual inhabitants that have lived on the isle, and follow their fate over time. By studying their notes, learning through their experiences, and revealing the secrets they have discovered, you will be able to get closer to the heart of the mysteries surrounding the ARK. 

This "Raia Tablet" has been found specifically on Scorched Earth. It's very intriguing... But who is Raia? And what does it say? 

We are putting out a call to all Survivors! We need your help in translating this mysterious tablet. The first person to translate this tablet and tweet the findings to us on our Twitter @survivetheark (either with a screenshot of the translation or a pastebin link) using the hashtag #ARKNote will be rewarded with a $100 Steam giftcard! Be the first to unravel a true mystery of the ARK, and best of luck!

Congrats to Sean who was the first to translate the tablet! That was super fast! Here is their translation:

ARK: Scorched Earth 25% Off!

Also: to celebrate the upcoming release of ARK v248 and the finding of this Explorer Note, Scorched Earth is now on sale for 25% off on Steam!
Get it while it's hot! ;)

Be sure to follow us on out Twitter @survivetheark and check out our Community Forums to keep up-to-date with all of the latest info!

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About This Game

As a man or woman stranded naked, freezing and starving on the shores of a mysterious island called ARK, you must hunt, harvest resources, craft items, grow crops, research technologies, and build shelters to withstand the elements. Use your cunning and resources to kill or tame & breed the leviathan dinosaurs and other primeval creatures roaming the land, and team up with or prey on hundreds of other players to survive, dominate... and escape!

The following features are in the game on its Day-1 Early Access release. We have many more aspects and refinements planned for the long-term development roadmap, and here's what you get to experience right now in ARK:

Dinosaurs, Creatures, & Breeding! -- over 70+ currently at Early Access and 100+ planned for final release -- can be tamed using a challenging capture-&-affinity process, involving weakening a feral creature to knock it unconscious, and then nursing it back to health with appropriate food. Once tamed, you can issue commands to your Pet, which it may follow depending on how well you’ve tamed and trained it. Pets, which can continue to level-up and consume food, can also carry Inventory and Equipment such as Armor, carry prey back to your settlement depending on their strength, and larger pets can be ridden and directly controlled! Fly a Pterodactyl over the snow-capped mountains, lift allies over enemy walls, race through the jungle with a pack of Raptors, tromp through an enemy base along a gigantic brontosaurus, or chase down prey on the back of a raging T-Rex! Take part in a dynamic ecosystem life-cycle with its own predator & prey hierarchies, where you are just one creature among many species struggling for dominance and survival. Pets can also be mated with the opposite gender, to selectively breed successive generations using a trait system based on recombinant genetic inheritance. This process includes both egg-based incubation and mammalian gestation lifecycles! Or put more simply, breed & raise Dino Babies!

You must eat and drink to survive, with different kinds of plants & meat having different nutritional properties, including human meat. Ensuring a supply of fresh water to your home and inventory is a pressing concern. All physical actions come at a cost of food and water, long-distance travel is fraught with subsistence peril! Inventory weight makes you move slower, and the day/night cycle along with randomized weather patterns add another layer of challenge by altering the temperature of the environment, causing you to hunger or thirst more quickly. Build a fire or shelter, and craft a large variety of customizable clothing & armors, to help protect yourself against locational damage & extreme temperatures using the dynamic indoor/outdoor insulation calculation system!

By chopping down forests full of trees and mining metal and other precious resources, you can craft the parts to build massive multi-leveled structures composed of complex snap-linked parts, including ramps, beams, pillars, windows, doors, gates, remote gates, trapdoors, water pipes, faucets, generators, wires and all manner of electrical devices, and ladders among many other types. Structures have a load system to fall apart if enough support has been destroyed, so reinforcing your buildings is important. All structures and items can be painted to customize the look of your home, as well as placing dynamically per-pixel paintable signs, textual billboards, and other decorative objects. Shelter reduces the extremes of weather and provides security for yourself and your stash! Weapons, clothing & armor gear can also be painted to express your own visual style.

Pick seeds from the wild vegetation around you, plant them in plots that you lay down, water them and nurture them with fertilizer (everything poops after consuming calories, which can then be composted, and some fertilizer is better than others). Tend to your crops and they will grow to produce delicious and rare fruits, which can also be used to cook a plethora of logical recipes and make useful tonics! Explore to find the rarest of plant seeds that have the most powerful properties! Vegetarians & vegans can flourish, and it will be possible to master and conquer the ARK in a non-violent manner!

By bringing sufficient rare sacrificial items to special Summon locations, you can capture the attention of the one of the ARK’s god-like mythical creatures, who will arrive for battle. These gargantuan monstrosities provide an end-game goal for the most experienced groups of players and their armies of pets, and will yield extremely valuable progression items if they are defeated.

Create a Tribe and add your friends to it, and all your Pets can be commanded by and allied to anyone in your Tribe. Your Tribe will also be able to respawn at any of your home spawn points. Promote members to Tribe Admins to reduce the burden of management. Distribute key items and pass-codes to provide access your shared village!

All items are crafted from Blueprints that have variable statistics and qualities, and require corresponding resources. More remote and harsh locales across the ARK tend to have better resources, including the tallest mountains, darkest caves, and depths of the ocean! Level-Up your player character by gaining experience through performance actions, Level-Up your Pets, and learn new "Engrams" to be able to craft Items from memory without the use of blueprints, even if you die! Customize the underlying physical look of your character with hair, eye, and skin tones, along with an array of body proportion modifiers. As you explore the vast ARK, you'll find clues left by other Survivors who have made the ARK their home in ages past, in the form of collectible detailed 3D "Explorer Notes". By uncovering all of these, you can begin to piece together the true nature of the ARK, and discover its purpose!

Everything you craft has durability and will wear-out from extended use if not repaired, and when you leave the game, your character remains sleeping in the persistent world. Your inventory physically exists in boxes or on your character in the world. Everything can be looted & stolen, so to achieve security you must build-up, team-up, or have pets to guard your stash. Death is permanent, and you can even knock out, capture, and force-feed other players to use them for your own purposes, such as extracting their blood to for transfusions, harvesting their fecal matter to use as fertilizer, or using them as food for your carnivorous pets!

The mysterious ARK is a formidable and imposing environment, composed of many natural and unnatural structures, above-ground, below-ground, and underwater. By fully exploring its secrets, you’ll find the most exotic procedurally randomized creatures and rare blueprints. Also to be found are Explorer Notes that are dynamically updated into the game, written by previous human denizens of the ARK from across the millennia, creatively detailing the creatures and backstory of the ARK and its creatures. Fully develop your in-game ARK-map through exploration, write custom points of interest onto it, and craft a Compass or GPS coordinates to aid exploring with other players, whom you can communicate with via proximity text & voice chat, or long-distance radio. Construct & draw in-game signs for other players to help them or lead them astray... And yet.. how do you ultimately challenge the Creators and Conquer the ARK? A definitive end-game is planned.

On the 100+ player servers, your character, everything you built, and your pets, stay in-game even when you leave. You can even physically travel your character and items between the network of ARK's by accessing the Obelisks and uploading (or downloading) your data from the Steam Economy! A galaxy of ARKs, each slightly different than the previous, to leave your mark on and conquer, one at a time -- special official ARKs will be unveiled on the World-map for limited times in singular themed events with corresponding limited-run items! Furthermore, you can now design or randomize your own unique 'Procedurally Generated ARKs', for infinite replayability and endless surprises.

You can play single-player local games, and bring your character and items between unofficial player-hosted servers, back and forth from singleplayer to multiplayer. Mod the game, with full Steam Workshop support and customized Unreal Engine 4 editor. See how we built our ARK using our maps and assets as an example. Host your own server and configure your ARK precisely to your liking. We want to see what you create!

The over-the-top hyper real imagery of the ARK its creatures is brought to expressive life using a highly-customized Unreal Engine 4, with fully dynamic lighting & global illumination, weather systems (rain, fog, snow, etc) & true-to-life volumetric cloud simulation, and the latest in advanced DirectX11 and DirectX12 rendering techniques. Music by award-winning composer of "Ori and the Blind Forest", Gareth Coker!

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: 64-Bit Windows 7 Service Pack 1, or Windows 8
    • Processor: 2 GHz Dual-Core 64-bit CPU
    • Memory: 4000 MB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX10 Compatible GPU with 1 GB Video RAM
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Storage: 40000 MB available space
    • OS: OSX 10.9 or Higher
    • Processor: 2 GHz Equivalent CPU
    • Memory: 4000 MB RAM
    • Graphics: OpenGL 3 Compatible GPU with 1GB Video RAM
    • Storage: 20000 MB available space
    • OS: Ubuntu Equivalent Distro
    • Processor: 2 GHz 64-bit CPU
    • Memory: 4000 MB RAM
    • Graphics: OpenGL 3 Compatible GPU with 1GB Video RAM
    • Storage: 20000 MB available space
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Not Recommended
143.5 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: September 27
I really like this game but they insist on adding new dinosaurs with minor mechanical differences instead of adding useful or interesting items or mechanics. More importantly there are numerous bugs that haven't been fixed (such as falling through the floor and losing all of your items).

So amid this they announce an "official mod" primitive plus which looks great but has so many damn glitches over a month after release. It's been totally unplayable and the sole dev working on it has not been very responsive.

To clarify in my opinion when someone buys an early access game they consider it an investment. They spend money now to get more game later. So keeping all this in mind finding out that they've been putting a massive amount of dev time and effort into paid DLC is kind of absurd. They basically took my money and used it to make something that they want me to pay even more money for instead of actually fixing the damn game I wanted to play in the first place.

So yeah I can't recommend this game despite how much I want to like it because there are just way too many issues with it and constantly losing progress to glitches and design flaws while watching them announce new ♥♥♥♥ no one asked for is really just too dissappointing to express.
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85 of 132 people (64%) found this review helpful
5 people found this review funny
Not Recommended
1,196.8 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: October 12
I personally have enjoyed this game for solid 1100 hours. But then I found out the devs were only caring about making more and more and more dinosaurs, instead of polishing this game from all aspects. So I stopped playing. Because to me, dinosaurs are just game models. Experienced game developers can make them and insert them in the game easily. But renovating the game is not easy. So devs were not willing to consider renovation as the priority.

Recently I logged on to see what that new DLC map, Scorched Earth was about. And to be honest, this DLC map is way worse than The Center. And its size is even smaller than The Island. This DLC feels like an Early Access DLC. To be honest, I have heard about Early Access titles (base games) for many times. But Early Access DLC? Wow, this is simply wrong (considering this DLC is not a season pass).

Even so, they're charging 2/3 of price of the base game.

If you dive into players' reviews, you will find out that more and more people are complaining about new updates and how the business mode of this game works. I don't have the time to repeat those words all over again. Just see it for yourselves.

After all, if you're willing to pay for renting or even owning a private server, and you have a neat small group of friends who want to play this game, or you're going to establish a small community based on your server, you can grab it. Otherwise, I don't really recommend it, right now.
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40 of 57 people (70%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
149.0 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: October 17
There are simply some games that I cannot write a proper review for due to a lack of space, so Ill try to be breif, keep in mind, theres no "Yes and no" recommendation, I chose negative because people wanting to see the reasons to avoid the game may gain more from my review, I recommend the game for some and not for others, as seen at the bottom.

Ark is a game that should be considered a dream. The concept is something every child dreamed of, a world of riding dinosaurs, having them as pets, exploring? What kid didnt wish for that at some point??

The issue is the direction Ark is being developed in. Heres the scoop. The game devs play much more to the massive clans of gamers who have all day to play and keep bases, this is understandable since most of those players are wholly devoted to the game, get more gamers on to join their clan, and whatever other silly reasons the devs have for that choice.

So to put it in perspective, the games progression goes Cavemen gear>Cowboy gear>futuristic assault gear and bases of metal with generators and such. You can probably see the issue with this, is that theres a massive leap, and to compound it, most content is endgame content.

This means a simple thing, you and your buddy, 2 people, are wholly, and totally, dead. You will never, ever make it past the age of basic firearms. In Vanilla gameplay, it will take you literal weeks of constant work to get anywhere IF You are never snuffed out along the way, this game is designed for massive clans of 20+ people who can play most of the day (Same issue rust has, the only people who get anywhere dont have lives and never leave the computer)

So youd think they'd try to remedy this, right? add some gear to midgame, improve the balance? ha! They plan on adding EVEN MORE endgame content for the bigger clans to chase. the "Teck" age of plasma weapons and dinos with plasma cannons on them.

The hugely linear progression with its massive jumps make this game a huge chore to play even in private PVE servers (The only place small groups can play). The fact the devs are adding even more to endgame shows a clear bias toward the big clans that everyone despises for ruling servers.

In addition to this, the game itself is out to get solo or small group players. The way dino's level makes it so you dont know if a dino is going to take 1 shot or 15 shots of your rifle. The levelling system is extremely overdone and defeats immersion by making it feel like playing borderlands with a level 50 friend when you are level 1 (Hint: Your guns do nothing). Thats not even all though! To ensure you as a solo player are totally and wholly going to have no fun, you cant learn all the blueprints with one character and that character only unlocks them with level, so you and your little group better plan out in precision who learns what.

Now, while so far ive been hard on the game, I reiterate my point that this is a dream game. In a private server with settings designed to make the game a less-hellish experience for small groups, it is super fun! No big clans to kill you, increased rescources and survivability, and suddenly you have a fantastic PVE game that lets you live out some of the fantasies you had as a kid.

All other points are listed below.

-Fantastic concept
-Incredible array of dinos that can be tamed and used for their own talents (They add dinos in so much that its almost worth complaining that they dont devote that time to other things)
-Under proper circumstances for small groups, its a fantastic survival exploring game
-For massive clans, its the be all end all in fantastic PVP
-Very active dev-team that do seem to honestly care about the game, they are great people.
-Very customizeable servers allow you to bypass many of the negatives shown and have fun by doing things like increasing player health and whatnot.

-Almost impossible for small groups or solo guys to survive on anything but PVE private servers or heavily modified unofficial PVP servers.
-Huge amount of bugs and crashes, Dinos dont even have pathfinding and cant see obstacles, will happily walk into a wall for an hour, and have gotten stuck in trees since the game first came out and still do.
-Easily the worst optomized game ive ever played, 3 minutes to load for me with a SSD (Some people report 45 second load times, I dont doubt this is possible with a top of the line rig (Mine is no potato, custom made and upgraded just months ago)
-No focus on early game content, all focus on late game content, stated this trend will continue with the "Teck Tier"
-Released DLC with items that should have been in the base game during early access (Boomerang, Whip, flamethrower, etc, desert armor, etc)
-Worst building system of any survival game ive ever played, spend 3 hours to create a tiny base just because of how expensive parts are, the running back and forth because of encumberment, and the finnicky behavior of the system.
-Admins are extremely tied in terms of what they can do, the fly command moves you at a snails pace, you cant build or create things without first spawning them, then you have to keep your weight limit in mind as it still applies in god mode and fly mode (Essentially no creative mode)
-Many items are nerfed to the point of being useless. Grapple hooks are awesome, but useless that they can only be used once, same with bolas. Sleeping gas doesnt work on dinos, Sleeping gas traps cant be used to help tame dinos, tons of silly rules that just make the creative choices one could make disappear.
-Stealth system is next to nonexistant, which is strange in a game where you will spend hours trying to hide from large dinos.

Its simple, if you have a top of the line computer and a massive clan and tons of time to give to this game, you should buy it, full price, it is entirely worth it on every level

If you do not have a top of the line computer, DO NOT BUY IT, NO, IT WILL NOT RUN ON YOUR LAPTOP! EVER! I have seen so many people complain on the forums that the game wont run on potato# 221, this has been made clear and YOU are responsible if you buy it for a rig that cant play it!

For people who CAN run it and have small groups or solo, I would hold off until the game is more balanced and fixed up. It can still be a ton of fun, thats not in doubt in any aspect, and the larger the group you have, the more worth it the game will be. For most, this is a game you will want to hold off on until its more complete.

This is a little section for what I as a solo player want to see more of.

-Give a better set of instructions on the "Sliders" given when creating a server, no one guesses that setting player resistance to a lower number would make them stronger ingame (Which is exactly how the slider works)
-Expand on other epochs and styles besides primitive and superpowered. Give us some stuff in the middle, maybe some things from the age of exploration. Elephant guns for hunters, compound crossbows for the stealthy assassins.
-Increase the usefulness of items that arent used much, grappling hooks would be much more common and helpful if they didnt last one shot only, the sleeping gas weapons are a tamers dream, but dont work on dinos, etc.
-The mods people download most should indicate what we want, reusables, stack sizes, types of structures, etc.
-Return vehicles to the game, and give them to all epochs. Ill happily take a pedal powered vehicle made of vines and Macgyver sweat during early game, helicopters late game, that kinda thing, let there be a choice between dinos and vehicles as they each have merits (And some of us truly do miss the buggy that was removed)
-The taming and breeding times for some dinos is entirely insane, (I am talking 9 or more hours of continuous attention under some circumstances, and for breeding and growing a baby, sometimes days)
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Not Recommended
811.1 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: October 17
I'm just going to flat out say it. This game sucks balls. The concept is amazing and it could be everything we al wished for, but the people programming it don't seem to know wha tthey are doing. Maybe it is because they re trying to add too much stuff and taking stuff that people produce on the devkit and using it. But this game glitches constantly and has ever since it has been released. buttons often do not work, hitboxes are off, you get stuck when you go from crouching to standing on every foundation or ceiling, all dinos(tamed and untamed) are terribym unbalanced, structure snap points are terrible. If you don't believe me, then ask yourself why so many people are literally remaking/remastering ARK in the devkit and releasing it onto the workshop. It has so many issues and the customers are able to fix them before the developers do. That's sad in my opinion.
Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny
38 of 58 people (66%) found this review helpful
2 people found this review funny
Not Recommended
450.5 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: October 4
Still in early access, and they started releasing DLC's, what a big NO. The game hasn't changed much since it was released, only a few optimization updates that did anything useful, tons of dinos, and content was added, but it's still buggy. When you log off your character stays behind, and when you come back in, you'll often find your character at the bottom of the structure you were in, or even underneath it. If there is a vault on a lower floor directly below where you sleep, you'll need to use the debug console, in order to get out without losing everything on your person. The game still gets buggy, the deaths midair have become rare, the random kicking while flying still does happen and can be annoying, causing you to lose dinos. The game is pretty, and there's a lot of things to craft (however, not much to do. build base, tons, and tons of gathering, build defenses. tame dinos. if you want you can go get the parts to summon a great beast but it's really mind numbing.) This game can quickly turn into a job, jumping on every day or 2 days to feed your dinos so they don't die, gather poop for fertilizer (may be easier with dung beetle but haven't played with it yet) so you can feed the herbivores, grab a spino and go clear the closest 5 battlegrounds to get enough meat to feed all your carnivores. Then, (about 4 hours later) play the game.... which consists of getting more dinos, to add to your daily "work" or explore the same thing over and over again. It really isn't the game that keeps you going (unless you enjoy actually working in a game), it's the players, and modders. If you RP, it's awesome, if you have a ton of hardcore PVPers it's awesome, but otherwise, it's boring. The fact that they are now pushing dlc's on a unfinished game, and have pushed more content than bug fixes since its release (with bugs still there from launch). I honestly can't recommend this game.

-This isn’t a newbie opinion. There’s a total of 450 recorded hours, and all of them were played with other people, most of the time. If there wasn’t anyone there, or anything to work towards for other people, you lose interest and it’s more boring than a common clicker game.
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Early Access Review
Posted: October 4
A game that is never fixed, but constantly added to.

This isn't a good thing. Throwing more and more ♥♥♥♥ on top of an already broken game doesn't fix it.

Adding in even more items when there are broken basic functions isn't good.

Adding (paid) DLC on top of a broken game isn't good. Also, you're paying for addons because Wildcard lost a lawsuit to the amount of 40 million dollars back in April 2016.

We're the ones paying for their legal issues now.

Glitches are too hard to fix, just throw some more dinos in the game and all is well.
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Early Access Review
Posted: October 24
Still early access, won't be buying the DLC till the game I paid for is a fully working game.
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Early Access Review
Posted: October 8
Many times I have come back to this game hoping the performance would improve but it's still shockingly bad even on a decent i7/GTX970 system. I like the concept, but the game is so resource intensive and the graphic texture quality is just sore on the eyes. The control system, especially using a XBox controller, is painfully cumbersome and overly complicated. No tutorial for new players, steep, frustrating learning curve adds more negativity. Also, the game is still in early access and instead of getting it finished, ready for proper release, the devs churn out paid DLC! That's so bad.
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Early Access Review
Posted: October 8
Greatest game i've played so far. But the support team is a trash(i'm not exaggerating). you will not receive any update regarding your request (bugs and server availability). buy this game if you want to spend your precious time refreshing servers. dont expect them to reply on your game inquiries.
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Early Access Review
Posted: September 27
Paid DLC for early access game.
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KA-BOOM... Surprise!
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Early Access Review
Posted: October 27
This game is really freezing, I cant play it, my advice is not to by it.
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Early Access Review
Posted: October 27
Spent 1500 hours playing, or working, at this game. Then the developers think its a great idea to allow tribes to import from the DLC but nothing can transfer out, they dont care about the massive complaints against streamers who build under the map. Screenshots of them apparently arent enough we need video proof of cheating before they will look into it...its a great game, until you realize you wasted all your time trying to play a game that the devs have NO INTREST in keeping fair and competative like their claim. I'm just glad I got to play before Wild Card showed they dont care about their players and basically promote cheating by condemning us for providing photo proof. Game causes fights between IRL friends, back stabs, sell outs, snitches. Great game, Great Player base, VERY VERY VERY POORLY MODERATED. Have fun if you buy, but dont get attached to anything because it will all be destoryed by some glitcher tribe, or a large tribe from a Scortched Earth server that can just import everything they need to take over and wipe a server.
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Early Access Review
Posted: October 27
ARK is a pretty nice game which is a lot of fun to play, but if you want to be successful you probably need to play much or have a big and good tribe. All together it´s very time intensive, on official servers as well as on hard boosted unofficial servers. I played on both and in my opinion official servers have the advantage that there are no admins or server rules, while unofficial servers are mostly easier to play on because you can get a turret base much faster.
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Early Access Review
Posted: October 27
to many bugs and poor optimization. otherwise it is a decent game, i wish they would add official npc tribes or something to fight against. currently the game needs to many mods and it seems the more mods i add the slower the game gets,also the ai is almost non existant, dinos get stuck and caught on EVERYTHING!
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Early Access Review
Posted: October 27
Super good game i love it but its killing your time you dont have a life after
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Early Access Review
Posted: October 27
Good building/exploring game with regular updates, definetely early access, so expect a few bugs and such. I'm not much a pvper, but that's there too.

Word of wanring about servers though, Public servers have no admin and are wild west, Private servers act on the whim of their owners, so they get wiped or change rules randomly based on who you get in charge.

A lot of complaints are about an expansion pack in early access, it's weird, but I got about 800 hours out of the base game, and 100 hours out of the expansion, so if you end up liking this game, you'll get your money's worth out of it.
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Early Access Review
Posted: October 27
Best game on steam 11/10
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Early Access Review
Posted: October 27
This game is not good as you can never get a good game in without the game lagging and for £22 it is deffinitely a rip off.
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Early Access Review
Posted: October 27
Nice survival game with dinosaurs.I think cool game to play.
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Early Access Review
Posted: October 27
A Thousand of Bug, Lag, Glitch, and Very BAD Optiminize graphic. However, if you are fine with these problem, it's a good game with alot thing to do!
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