TROPICO RELOADED é a compilação de jogos definitiva para ditadores de faz-de-conta e aqueles que sonham com a própria ilha no Caribe. Tropico combina elementos de estratégia em tempo real e de simulação com uma dose saudável de intriga política e gosto caribenho para criar uma experiencia única e aclamada pela crítica.
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Data de lançamento: 24/jul/2009

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TROPICO RELOADED é a compilação de jogos definitiva para ditadores de faz-de-conta e aqueles que sonham com a própria ilha no Caribe. Tropico combina elementos de estratégia em tempo real e de simulação com uma dose saudável de intriga política e gosto caribenho para criar uma experiencia única e aclamada pela crítica.


Você é o único líder de uma remota república das bananas. Lute contra a pobreza, corrupção e rebeldes, fazendo seu próprio povo feliz ou imponha seu domínio através da força militar. Porém, não se esqueça de deixar alguns dólares para a sua aposentadoria em uma conta na Suíça!


A expansão oficial do jogo original não só traz desastres naturais mas também novas atrações turísticas para sua ilha. Encare os desafios de um monte de novos cenários, prove-se um líder digno para seu próprio povo e faça de Tropico um paraíso para visitantes ricos do exterior.


Como um temido Rei Pirata, você deve manter ambos os seus piratas e prisoneiros sob controle e mandar os seus navios em busca de tesouros. Além de um ambiente completamente novo, a continuação oficial do Tropico original oferece aprimoramentos na jogabilidade, novas funcionalidades e cenários.

Principais aspectos:
  • Inclui o Tropico original, a expansão Paradise Island e Tropico 2: Pirate Cove
  • Mais de 100 cenários
  • Gerador aleatório de mapas para um número infinito de desafios

Requisitos de sistema

    • OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
    • Processor: 1.6 GHz
    • Memory: 256 MB
    • Graphics: 128 MB DirectX® 9 graphics card
    • DirectX®: 9
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB
    • Sound: DirectX-compatible
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Publicada: 3 de setembro de 2015

"Prezidente, the people's spiritual needs are not being met.
PerHAPS if you build a CHURCH the people will be more cONteNT."

10 Egor Putins out of 10
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Publicada: 5 de setembro de 2015
Tropico Reloaded is a pack that contains 2 first games of Tropico series, all of which are town-managment games. Tropico 1 makes you a dictator of tropical island during cold war. It also comes with Paradise Island expansion pack already patched in, which adds random storms and more buildings for tourists. And Tropico 2 makes you manage a pirate haven, with captives doing main force. No, you don't control fleet when they are out on the mission. They all came out in 2001-2003, used engine of Railroad Tycoon 2 and made by PopTop.

Now, technical side, how do these old games work now. Well, none support widescreen, as you guessed.
I had almost no trouble with Tropico 1. It just ran in full-screen in Software mode by default. It refused to switch to Hardware mode. The only shame is that because of that Steam overlay was not working.
Tropico 2 gave much more resistance, being filthy pirate and all. It would crash when it loaded any level. I had to go to game's folder, open Tropico2.ini file and enable "SoftwareDevice". After that, it still was unfriendly, as not only Steam overlay did not work, but Alt-Tab would cause annoying graphical bugs in game's interface.

Tropico 1 should be familiar to you if you played T3 or T4. You are Dictator who controls small island. The game is noted for combining SimCity with micromanagement elements. This game is much smaller scale of having around 100 persons in a town. As results it simulates every person indicidually, much less abstract than in SimCity. They got needs, wants, they need to travel distances to work, or wander around for enternainment. And yea, thus you get to get more personal. Ordering to take out individual person. Or having pain of making sure that they live nearby work.

And well, one of a flaw of a game is that it sometimes requires you to micromanage some stuff that you don't have good tools for. What I am mostly talking about is making sure that person lives in the best house, that is closest to work. The only thing you can do is firing person from work or such and that puts them into bad mood. Heck, one of the way you can fail in this game is by overextending. Most often you will end up taking only 1/3 of the island, otherwise you tend to drop into negative balance. The only thing that building road do is to make it easier to go up the hill.

You can order people to build, you can make edits or you can tweak wages and options of each building. You have to make your town work. Also, it's a very slow paced game. And it shows, like constructing can be a pain there. First workers will have to clean the land of shacks/trees by destroying them, then clean rubble, then they have to work on ground to put it into same level and only then they will start to actually build. Airport can end up being less worth than the time it takes, for example. Still enjoyable to watch people work.

You also have many political sides to satisfy. You can either build economy on tourists or industy. And you can be either more people-caring dictator or a forceful evil one with military might. It's fun as it's not so single-pathed. Though to be honest, it leans more toward satisfying needs of religious people, easier and more beneficial to appeal toward Soviets, tourists don't give much of strong economy and it's better to be more democratical than actually use edits for evil.

Pretty nice game, though I wish it made us use more dictatorship tools. And a bit clunky nowdays.

Tropico 2 is more pirate-themed though. It's quite unique, but it's also less fun somehow. You got two kind of people who do their own jobs and must be kept in separate zones of comfort. Captives work on industry and require fear and order. Pirates just satisfy their needs on lands and work on the ships, they need zones of defence and anarchy. And sadly pirate job is handled on a map and is mostly a game of chance where you can get screwed up. If you do screw up, well, you may not get out if you run out of gold. Though main recource there is lumber for buildings.

It's more linear game too. Some buildings produce certain recources for other buildings, all to satisfy pirates. You need industry from captives, you build ships, you send them and hope for the best. Every building needs to be made near road. Edics feel more like general orders. And you just need to keep happyness above middle, it doesn't feel as much of motivating to grow as in Tropico 1.
On good side, stats book was improved, letting you choose and control much easier. And to analyze.

It also got a campaign, though it still feels like just series of separate islands one after another. Still nice.

It doesn't really feel exciting for me for some reason. Kinda more one-lined. But some will love it. Makes a good bonus with Tropico 1.

Oh, and important thing to note: both Tropico games have simple yet catchy music. T1 has tons of them! There.
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Publicada: 28 de agosto de 2015
One of my favorite games of all time, I come back to play the original Tropico every summer. The sequels are great, but there is something about the original graphics and the awesome soundtrack that make it enjoyable even about a decade later.

From a perspective from someone who has held elected office, Tropico taught me a decent bit about the pitfalls of power and what to do/and what definitely not to do. Though it deals with the antiquated cold war ideals, I found that to be one of its strengths because it displayed just how horrible it probably was to be a member of the Third World and have the potentiality of a U.S. gunship landing on the shore.

Anywho, great game. Had it since it came out and haven't put it down even still.
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Publicada: 23 de setembro de 2015
Very relaxing game
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Publicada: 30 de novembro de 2015
Ever dreamed of ruling a banana republic? Me neither, but Tropico shows why you should.
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