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Tras un velo de secretismo, el malvado Imperio está creando un ejército terrible, uno que una vez terminado se convertirá en el último engranaje del arsenal de terror y dominación del Imperio. ¿Tu misión?
Fecha de lanzamiento: 15 Feb 1995

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Acerca del juego

Tras un velo de secretismo, el malvado Imperio está creando un ejército terrible, uno que una vez terminado se convertirá en el último engranaje del arsenal de terror y dominación del Imperio.

¿Tu misión? Unirte a la división secreta de operaciones de la Alianza Rebelde, infiltrarte en el Imperio y luchar contra todos los hombres y máquinas que el Imperio pueda reunir. Busca pistas por una inmensa galaxia, ataca las bases enemigas. Todo en un intento desesperado para detener la activación de esta nueva arma temible.

  • Entornos completamente interactivos: paredes y suelos cambiantes, plataformas móviles, cintas transportadoras y relistas efectos atmosféricos y de iluminación
  • Combate terrestre en primera persona. 10 armas a tu disposición para luchar contra 20 clases de enemigos
  • Explora de cerca el universo virtual de Star Wars
  • Escala pasarelas, mira y dispara hacia arriba y hacia abajo, salta y agárrate a salientes, ábrete paso a través de la basura

Requisitos del sistema

    • SO: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista
    • Procesador: 486 o superior
    • Memoria: 16 MB de RAM
    • Gráficos: DirectX
    • DirectX®: DirectX 5.2
    • Disco Duro: 80 MB de espacio libre
    • Sonido: Dispositivo de 16 bits

    • Nota: Debido a la antigüedad de este título, los usuarios pueden sufrir problemas de compatibilidad si utilizan un hardware actual. Por favor, consulta los foros para tener más información.
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Exceptionally well made for its time. I'd take this game over DOOM any day. Obviously, though, its age makes it good for nostalgia and not much else.

The main premise is a bit off beat for Star Wars, but the universe is generally represented in a wonderfully dark, gritty and accurate perspective of a rebel-aligned bounty hunter.

As an extra note, I'd like to say there is nothing cheap or fake about this game, other than the limitations that were common for its time. From start to finish, each mission feels like a well-organized challenge situated in a real, factual location of the Star Wars universe - without feeling like a repeat of any of the three original movies.
Publicado: 26 noviembre 2013
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Star Wars: Dark Forces was one of the first video game entries to incorporate elements of the expanded universe. Built on an enhanced version of the DOOM engine, Dark Forces reset the bar for first person shooters. It introduces the lasting character of Kyle Katarn into the universe and proved that you don't have to be a Jedi or a starfighter pilot to make a successful Star Wars game. An epic storyline, combined with memorable characters and impressive level design makes this game a must have for any Star Wars fan, or those looking for a sense of nostalga about how far gaming has come.

The graphics were top notch at the time of release (1995) with smooth animation and distinct sprites and textures. Digital voice work is crisp and helps to give the characters a sense of personality. From the filtered 'halt!' of stormtroopers to the anamalistic groan of the Diagnosa as you wade through raw sewage, you will always know exactly what is hunting you.

Gameplay is standard fare for shooters of the time. you have a wide variety of weapons - pistols, blaster rifles, thermal detonators, along with more exotic weapons such as the fusion cutter or the assault plasma cannon. Health is non-regenerating and must be restored from medkits, along with shields.

Sound direction is excellent. The music features remixes of well known Star Wars tunes along with new music. Each tune fits the level it is attached to. Weapon sounds are unique, giving every gun its own feel.

Overall, this is a geat game for retro lovers. Solid gameplay, a memorable story that has influenced many other games in the franchise, and characters with actual personality makes this a good choice.

On the technical side, this game comes bundled with its own auto-loading version of DOSBox, meaning that it will work on modern systems. Confirmed functional on all systems up to Windows 7 64-bit, with reports of it working properly on Windows 8 systems.

Publicado: 29 noviembre 2013
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A throwback to the early days of first person shooters. If you like Doom and you like Star Wars, this is for you.
Publicado: 12 noviembre 2013
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You may look at Dark Forces and say to yourself "This looks exactly like Doom, and I already finished that in 1994!" Well, I'm not going to sugar-coat it - Dark Forces is a Doom Clone. But, like a lot of Doom clones such as Rise of the Triad, System Shock and Blood sitting in the corner, Dark Forces has all the credibility to be considered a classic among its brothers.

The primary reason for this is Dark Forces 'Star Wars' environment, which appeals greatly to both Star Wars fans and those that are not. Though all locations in the game are original, they do bear striking resemblances to various scenes of the films. The various Imperial bases you will find yourself in are similar to the interior of the Death Star, while levels that take place onboard spaceships will remind you of the introduction of A New Hope as Stormtroopers blast their way through the Tantive IV. On the topic of Stormtroopers, there is a certain satisfaction that you get as you decimate entire rooms of the white-clad bucketheads that does not have a parallel in Doom.

Also, you know how your melee weapon in Doom was a chainsaw? In Dark Forces, all you get is your bare fists. You may think this is a bit lame in comparison, but your mind soon changes once you uppercut an Imperial Officer, his hat flying off while his limp body flies across the room. Apparently, Kyle Katarn is Superman.

As you blast your way through the first couple of levels, you may begin to think to yourself, "jeez, this is kind of easy." This only lasts until you face your first Dark Trooper. Games may get visually dated over time, but you can tell a classic FPS from something outdated when the game thrusts you into a seriously tense, blood-pumping situation, as what happens when you come face to face with these death-dealing metal monstrosities. When I was a child I had the demo version, where the last thing you encountered was a Phase 1 Dark Trooper. I looked on with horror as it deflected every blaster shot I took before slicing me apart, showing its gaunt, nightmarish body in full effect. I made sure that I would show it who was boss later on, but I didn't anticipate how difficult the Phase 2 Troopers were!

Unfortunately, the difficulty only does so much to prolong the duration of the game. I finished every level on Medium difficulty as well as rerunning a few early missions on Hard, and as evidenced by my hours on record, it wasn't that long. Doom is definitely a longer game.

The other major gripe I have is how the gmae handles looking up and down. Originally, forward and backward movement was controlled by the mouse, though the Steam release binds these to the W and S keys to conform to modernity. Unfortunately, that means that the mouse Y-Axis has no use, and there was no way I could find to bind the vertical look axis to the mouse. This meant that I had to use Page Up and Page Down to look up and down. There are few instances where you absolutely have to use it, but the inconvenience of it is quite jarring.

That being said, my memories of playing Dark Forces are dominated by positive ones. It's a true classic that has stood the test of time, and provides good old FPS excitement in generous quantities, which is more than can be said for a lot of the modern FPS releases. So, it's up to you now - Would you rather shell out another considerable piece of your wallet for another repackaging of Call of Duty, or get some old gold action that'll keep you gripped to your seat for less than it costs to use to us public transport?
Publicado: 29 noviembre 2013
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If you don't like old games, read no further.

The graphics are pretty good for the time.

The controls aren't bad.

The gameplay and level set up, AMAZING. Much better, more fun, and far greater than any newer games. If you can put aside graphics and the age of the game, it's really great. 14 difficult levels, very much so worth it's price. I play a lot of star wars games, and I have to say the Jedi Knights and dark forces games are da bomb.

Get this game.
Publicado: 23 marzo 2014
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