Rexaura is a modification for Valve's Portal containing a new 20-chamber campaign centered around high energy pellets and many new testing elements. It is recommended for players who are familiar with Portal but want an extra challenge.
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Very Positive (251 reviews) - 89% of the 251 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Dec 10, 2014

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Community-Made Mod

This community-made mod requires that you own Portal.

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“It’s utterly delightful, probably the best chunk of non-Valve Portal modding I’ve played. It’s consistent with the tone, nicely paced and rewarding to play.”
Rock, Paper, Shotgun

About This Game

Rexaura is a modification for Valve's Portal featuring a single-player campaign through an alternate world of Aperture Science. It contains 20 new chambers centered around high energy pellets. Players familiar with Portal and Portal 2 will once again be put to the test because Rexaura introduces a wide array of new testing elements that will force you to sharpen how you think with portals.

Rexaura is designed for those who have completed Portal. The puzzles are intended to be challenging to solve but easy to execute once you know the solution.

System Requirements

Mac OS X
    • OS: Windows® 7 (32/64-bit)/Vista/XP
    • Processor: 1.7 GHz Processor
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX® 8.1 level Graphics Card (Requires support for SSE)
    • DirectX: Version 8.1
    • Additional Notes: Mouse, Keyboard, Internet Connection
    • OS: Windows® 7 (32/64-bit)/Vista/XP
    • Processor: Pentium 4 processor (3.0GHz, or better)
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX® 9 level Graphics Card
    • Additional Notes: Mouse, Keyboard, Internet Connection
    • OS: OS X version Leopard 10.5.8
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8 or higher, ATI X1600 or higher, or Intel HD 3000 or higher
    • Additional Notes: Mouse, Keyboard, Internet Connection
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Most Helpful Reviews  In the past 30 days
1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
3.6 hrs on record
Posted: September 28
In One Sentence:

Solve Portal energy pellet puzzles in a free, fan-made homage.

My Opinion:
***** A top pick
**** I recommend it
*** I like it (with caveats)
** This wasn't for me
* I cannot recommend this to anyone


Continue using your Portal Gun to solve spacial puzzles, but be prepared to focus on energy pellets. Rexaura introduces a number of new mechanics for redirecting and polarizing energy pellets. This free, fan-made mod for Portal is primarily concerned with timing puzzles correctly. Primary game content took me about three and a half hours to complete.

What I Like About This Game:

+ more Portal
+ free

What I Don't Like About This Game:

- puzzle difficulty arose more from arbitrary solutions and exploiting edge-case game behaviors than from good puzzle design
- little use of the Portal Gun
- the nature of the energy pellets made the tests much more about timing and execution than about logic
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Most Helpful Reviews  Overall
42 of 44 people (95%) found this review helpful
3.3 hrs on record
Posted: December 10, 2014
If you like original Portal game, but you think the puzzles are too simple, you will love Rexaura. It's probably the best Portal mod in terms of puzzle design. The new testing elements are used up to their full potential (and each test chamber shows you a different consequence of their use).

The difficulty slowly increases and each time you figure out the solution, you get that satisfying aha-moment. The layout of the chambers is clear and the solutions are hard to figure out, but easy to perform.

The voice acting has been done with text-to-speech, but I don't mind that (it's a computer voice, so it makes sense). Another great thing about the dialogues is that they are funny. Seriously, they made me chuckle a few times (and I think that Portal 1 atmosphere is very serious). It's also a nice reward for completing a puzzle.

The soundtrack of Rexaura is pretty average, but it captures the mood of solving puzzles in isolation quite nicely. It certainly isn't disturbing, so you can solve puzzles without interruption.

In conclusion, Rexaura is a great mod, and because it's free, you can't really lose that much by trying it out. Beware though, some of the puzzles are real brain teasers!
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19 of 22 people (86%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
4.6 hrs on record
Posted: October 10, 2015
Pretty cool Portal Mod. First you start with a half functional Portal Gun. Lateron you'll get the normal one. 19 new testchambers + bonus (all in Portal like quality).
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15 of 16 people (94%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
2.1 hrs on record
Posted: February 14, 2015
This is a fantastic Portal 1 mod. It got a bunch of very challenging puzzles that are extremely satisfying to figure out!
All in a mod every Portal fan must have played!
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14 of 16 people (88%) found this review helpful
18.7 hrs on record
Posted: June 23, 2015
It does what it promises.
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12 of 13 people (92%) found this review helpful
9.6 hrs on record
Posted: December 12, 2014
Fantastic *freee* Portal mod by the Mevious we've all heard of from Portal Pro and Portal 2's EotM. Contains 19 entirely new and impossibly hard stages. If it took you 4 hours to finish Portal, it will take you 4 days to finish Rexaura :)

And you thought Portal was going to be easy. Ha. Ha ha. Portal and Portal 2 are cakewalks compared to some of the community made level packs and mods, this one being one of the hardest.

The chambers themselves focus on high-energy pellets. If you didn't like pellets in Portal 1, you might still like how they are used in Rex, because the puzzles focus on new elements as well, such as flux fields, pellet vaporizers, and the ever-important cube deflector. A new and pretty exciting mechanic is that weighted boxes dissolve and respawn when hit with a pellet, opening the door to hundreds of new chamber concepts and puzzles.

This Steam re-release contains small bug fixes, graphics improvements, three Steam achievements, and overall polish. And it's totally free, so you have literally no excuse to not try it. If you've already played the ModDB version, don't skip Rex here on Steam, because the two 100% new bonus levels by camerson1313 of Portal 2 fame will challenge and excite.

Speaking of Portal 2, if you like Rexaura's testing elements, try installing the Bee2 mod. You can add the same elements you know and love from Rex into your Portal 2 Puzzlemaker levels with (relative) ease. They are still a bit buggy, but workable :)
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11 of 13 people (85%) found this review helpful
9.9 hrs on record
Posted: December 10, 2014
Easily one of the best Portal mods out there. If you're a fan of the Portal series, there is no reason not to try this out.
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11 of 14 people (79%) found this review helpful
0.3 hrs on record
Posted: December 4, 2015
Not to easy, not to hard - perfect.

1. Good puzzles
2. Refreashed Portal Style
3. New testing elements.
4. New game mechanics.

1. Weird voice lines.

Final rating:
This is one of best Portal Mods ever made.
You should play it 10/10

Thanks for reading.
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7 of 7 people (100%) found this review helpful
3 people found this review funny
1.5 hrs on record
Posted: December 29, 2014
A free portal addon. Why not? it's fun!
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7 of 7 people (100%) found this review helpful
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3.8 hrs on record
Posted: April 11, 2015
(Note: Rexaura is a free mod for Portal).

  • New puzzles as good as the ones in the original game. Varied and challenging but not too complex or tedious.
  • New mechanics and puzzle elements.
  • New dialogues (monologues) from a new character and from Glados, with good voice acting.
  • Hidden cake and achievements.
  • It's a free mod.

  • Not Portal 3. Valve pls.
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Recently Posted
3.0 hrs
Posted: September 16
I really enjoyed this mod. It felt very much like a portal expansion. A lot of the puzzles really had me thinking and guessing on how to solve them. If you want more portal, I highly recommend it.
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8.4 hrs
Posted: September 2
10 out of 10 would play again. This mod adds more of everything portal had and that's exactly what portal needs, more of what it had. I recommend this mod even if it costs money in the future. The puzzles have some new features and scale the difficulty perfectly and manage a fantastic job at voice acting. Valve should buy the rights to this and add it as a DLC.
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4.8 hrs
Posted: August 23
If you like Portal's puzzles but felt they were too easy, this challenge is for you.
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3.6 hrs
Posted: August 19
Great mod, really challenging at times. Some puzzles can be harder than the original game's puzzles.
Definitely worth your time if you liked Portal.
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9.2 hrs
Posted: August 15
it was grate benter maet
Helpful? Yes No Funny
1.2 hrs
Posted: August 11
No story and little boring as well. Same looks and feeling as Portal 1 but it is more like a general puzzle and less of the cool portals. I played it for little more than an hour and got bored. I did not like it.
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1.6 hrs
Posted: August 11
This mod is fun at first but once you get past level 5 or 6 it gets hard as freaking h*ll. theres no story line at all and the end of the game (which i HAD to cheat to get to) was completly ubrupt and unsatisfying.
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6.6 hrs
Posted: August 7
Have you ever thought, "Gee, I sure do miss the Aperture Science High Energy Pellet." Then this mod is for you, because it is 100% energy pellet.
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DUNHA #SurvivorMen #ReviewsMitos
0.7 hrs
Posted: July 31
Hard and cool
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