Data Hacker: Initiation sets the stage for the Datastream saga; an epic series of tales revolving around the possibility of virtual realms existing beyond our current reach. Once the bridge is crafted, everything will change.
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Release Date: Jul 21, 2014
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October 18

Data Hacker: Corruption has been Greenlit!

Thanks to all of you lovely voters, the second entry into the Data Hacker series has been Greenlit! Now, we're getting to work prepping the game for Steam release!

What can you do in the meantime?

[Vote for Reboot on Greenlight!]
Reboot is the third entry, featuring an overhauled battle system, improved gameplay aspects, an entire cast of playable characters and beautifully hand-painted environments! Let's not forget the Hacking!

If you wish to continue your Initiation save file over onto Corruption, be sure to complete the game and select the option to 'finish' your save file. This will ensure a stress-free transition when you come to import your file into Corruption!

Once again, thank you.

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October 13

Corruption Still on Greenlight!

And we're so close!

For those of you who don't know, Corruption is the second Data Hacker game in the series (we're well underway with developing the third!) allowing players to take completed Initiation save files along for the ride!

Corruption's main feature is the double-barrel story. Whether or not you take your old save file along with you, Jay will take one of two paths in Corruption, determining the plot that you'll be able to play through.

If you haven't done so already, head on over to Corruption's Greenlight: Corruption Greenlight

Oh, and while you're at it, Reboot, the third Data Hacker title takes the series to new heights with a side-view animated battles, character action voiceovers, more detailed maps and in-game character artwork. If we could get it Greenlit before release, that would be awesome: Reboot Greenlight

A massive thank you to all who have supported New Reality Games through its initial and transitional stages, allowing us to get to the point where we can really improve the presentation and gameplay of the games we make.

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“Definitely a very pleasant surprise ! rich, intelligent and terribly addictive! Do not hesitate, for sure a great game, thanks for this nice stuff :)”
10 – Desura - Danteros

“Has a great story concept and it's well written.”
9 – Desura - Jamier

“All in all, I really have had a blast playing this and I'm eagerly awaiting the followups”
9 – Desura - Sabin1981

About This Game

The beginning of the Datastream saga...

Set some years in the future, following a global economic and social crash, Data Hacker Initiation follows Jay; a retired hacker in search of vengeance. Jay is a prolific player of Online World: the escapist's dream game in a backwards-future, until an ironic case of mistaken identity, whereupon he is banished from the refuge that he so loved.

Enraged, Jay seeks to re-enter the game with a new agenda: wreak havoc for the administrators and key-holders of Online World. Little does he know; he is about to enter upon something great, and terrible- a twist that nobody saw coming.

Just what lies behind Online World?

What is its true purpose?

Initiation features-
An original, intricately crafted narrative,
Monster and player hacking!
Around 25 hours of core gameplay AND new game+
Trioarch, the addictive featured trading-card game!
Over 50 class archetypes, with over 180 unique skills,
Real choice. Will you fight for the players of Online World, or will you seek power only for yourself?
Load your progress in Corruption...

Data Hacker: Initiation sets the stage for the Datastream saga; an epic series of tales revolving around the possibility of virtual realms existing beyond our current reach. Once the bridge is crafted, everything will change.

Don't forget to vote for the sequel to Initiation on Greenlight!

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
    • Processor: Intel® Pentium® 4 2.0 GHz equivalent or faster
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Card capable of 1024 x 768 pixels or higher desktop resolution
    • Hard Drive: 320 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Basic Sound Card
Helpful customer reviews
20 of 28 people (71%) found this review helpful
0.3 hrs on record
=Full disclosure=

I'm an original backer of this way back during the first campaign and I've already put well over 20 hours into the backer version before it hit Steam, thus my low playtime count as I've only just activated this today.

That being said; this is one of the rare few RPG Maker titles that I genuinely wanted to drop money on. It's fun and engaging and harkens back to the PS2 legendary series Dot Hack. I've had a blast playing this in the past and I'm looking forward to a replay once Reboot Initiative is ready to go, the new art style and enhanced atmosphere and mapping look great, and I know Ross - the main developer - has been busting his ♥♥♥ on the trilogy so far :) I do have to question the two negative reviews below, however, as they seem highly unfair. Games have bugs and issues, that's just what happens in development, but when it comes to indie devs they actually LISTEN to your feedback; so if you have any troubles, such as rare showstoppers or even just an impassable tile in some random dungeon, please.. take to the forum and report it! Leaving negative feedback on the game, especially on LAUNCH DAY, is really harsh and does more harm than good.

As a backer of the Kickstarter, I've been privileged to watch the game grow through the development process and it's been really enjoyable. You can really feel that a lot of love and attention to detail went into this project and while there's a fair amount of RTP present, it has been put to great use. The scenario of "Online World" is great, with an engrossing plot and an enormous amount of areas to explore and do battle in. Character customisation is extensive and the ability of Jay, the main pro(an)tagonist, to hack his own avatar and generate his own customised class is unique and enjoyable. What sets this game apart from others is the inclusion of the Hack ability, which allows you overwrite the code of enemies, granting you bonuses against them - or debuffs against your party if the hack fails, and even new and unique items as rewards.

Being able to hack enemies and gain Cores for use as currency, or even combinations to access new areas, is extremely satisfying - especially against tough foes. You can even use the Hack ability to hack other play characters, which you can do to acquire new members for your party, or even just massive amounts of experience points/cash for bolstering your existing one.

Audio and Visual wise, it's mostly standard RPG Maker, but NRG have put great attention to detail and the use of both custom and standard visuals in order to create the Online World. I have to say though, not once did I feel like the visuals were a detriment to the game, RTP or not, and the atmosphere itself was brilliant. Far better than a lot of other cut'n'paste - expensive - commercial RM titles, that's for sure. The custom soundtrack is especially enjoyable though.

All in all, I really have had a blast playing this and I'm eagerly awaiting the followups now. Good luck New Reality Games!

The showstopping bug has since been fixed (same day as release! Like I said; indie devs listen!) so having negative reviews up just harms public opinion of what is a truly great RM title. It's indepth, has an enormous world - worlds, for those familiar with Dot Hack - to explore and with the overhaul coming it's only going to get better. Good luck to everyone playing and I'll see you in Online World \o/
Posted: July 22
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5 of 8 people (63%) found this review helpful
28.7 hrs on record
Simulating an Online world, but playing with "other Players" is almost nonexistent. (Even if you find someone - they dont really matter. And they won't even care if you hack the whole game while they are in your party)
And that's only one of the minor points which could be better.
While the game is pretty good, there is much potential wasted in simulating the "Online world"

The story itself is uniqe, and not in a bad way.
The characters are likeable, well maybe the dept of the characters are sometimes a bit shallow.

The battles are repetive. Usually a map has 2 different enemies. Welcome to the slaugther.
The hacking is kept simple. I think the whole "hacking" idea is much improveable in the game. Hacking other People doesn't really give you anything. (some exp, some gold, horray. If you go hunting monsters you'll get the same or more exp in the same time). Hacking Monsters it is then (and Town Guards -I like those guys)

The bosses are good and hard. This is not one of the games which you can breeze through easily.

Good and plenty of sidequests, which tell own stories in the online world. Liked them.

the card game in the game suxx - a big no go for me. Maybe because i don't really know how to play and always lose...
But then there never was any explanation how to play this silly little gimmick.

Sometimes i miss explanations in the game, like the card game or the grow ribbon and how it works.
Also you get a quest journal so you can read up on active quests. I didn't know until i found it in my inventory... :p

Would i recommend the game ? Yes. This is despite some flaws a pretty good RPG. For 5 Euros a definitive buy.
Posted: August 17
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0.3 hrs on record
Please bear in mind, I am writing this review after only a short time in the game.

Now: I remember, on the PS2, there was a series of games called dotHack that had a similar premise. I tried it and could never get into them because I felt the interface was poorly implemented (in the first one, at least).

This series seems to have a similar idea, but the interface stuck with the old-fashioned, turn-based combat standard to RPGMaker, so it works better. So far, so good!

Edit: After discussing with the dev and other gamers, it turns out that F1 -> reduce screen flickering will resolve the screen tearing issues I encountered.
Posted: July 22
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1.6 hrs on record
First let me state that I have put many hours into Data Hacker - Initiation pre Steam release

I know many will simply say "Oh look...another crappy RPG Maker game" In my opinion that is not he case. New Reality Games has done a great job with RPGM and and did a great job with Creating an imersive and compelling world. If you have ever been a fan of JRPG's "DO" give this game a try.
Posted: July 22
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7.2 hrs on record
I absolutely love the old school RPG style games. That being said, Data Hacker: Initiation really goes the extra mile to get you deeply immersed in the story line too. It's not all "click.. click.. click". There's humor, there's intrigue and there's fun! It's really a well rounded game. Just be careful when you start playing... make sure you have several hours to spare, because you lose all track of time very easily! =)
Posted: August 1
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