Data Hacker: Initiation sets the stage for the Datastream saga; an epic series of tales revolving around the possibility of virtual realms existing beyond our current reach. Once the bridge is crafted, everything will change.
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Release Date: Jul 21, 2014
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April 20

Data Hacker: Reboot has Transitioned to Retail!

Wow! Confetti! Amazement!

I just wanted to write to you today to let you know that Data Hacker: Reboot, the third title in the DH series featuring new characters, settings, overhauled graphics and battle system... is now live in the Steam Store!

Feedback from players has been very, very positive. I look forward to adding yet more (free) content to the game in the coming weeks.

If you've been waiting for this day, as I have, it's here!

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“Definitely a very pleasant surprise ! rich, intelligent and terribly addictive! Do not hesitate, for sure a great game, thanks for this nice stuff :)”
10 – Desura - Danteros

“Has a great story concept and it's well written.”
9 – Desura - Jamier

“All in all, I really have had a blast playing this and I'm eagerly awaiting the followups”
9 – Desura - Sabin1981

Free DLC Included!

Purchase Data Hacker: Initiation and you'll also receive the 'Grindhouse' DLC absolutely free, included in your game package!

About This Game

The beginning of the Datastream saga...

Set some years in the future, following a global economic and social crash, Data Hacker Initiation follows Jay; a retired hacker in search of vengeance. Jay is a prolific player of Online World: the escapist's dream game in a backwards-future, until an ironic case of mistaken identity, whereupon he is banished from the refuge that he so loved.

Enraged, Jay seeks to re-enter the game with a new agenda: wreak havoc for the administrators and key-holders of Online World. Little does he know; he is about to enter upon something great, and terrible- a twist that nobody saw coming.

Just what lies behind Online World?

What is its true purpose?

Initiation features-
An original, intricately crafted narrative,
Monster and player hacking!
Around 25 hours of core gameplay AND new game+
Trioarch, the addictive featured trading-card game!
Over 50 class archetypes, with over 180 unique skills,
Real choice. Will you fight for the players of Online World, or will you seek power only for yourself?
Load your progress in Corruption...

Data Hacker: Initiation sets the stage for the Datastream saga; an epic series of tales revolving around the possibility of virtual realms existing beyond our current reach. Once the bridge is crafted, everything will change.

After the Initiation, Corruption spreads.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
    • Processor: Intel® Pentium® 4 2.0 GHz equivalent or faster
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Card capable of 1024 x 768 pixels or higher desktop resolution
    • Hard Drive: 320 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Basic Sound Card
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Posted: March 29
Data Hacker: Initiation is the first volume of three already released games in the same universe (last one's in Early Access). I must say since the moment I saw this game on Steam it intrigued me and I ended up buying it. And how I enjoyed it, the story is solid, with a few "loop holes" here and there, a Matrix-like tale of a world that is destroyed beyond hope with Humanity escaping to this Online World, an escape from the apocalypse. It's a typical RPG made in RPG Maker and one con I share with Data Hacker: Initiation is the use of some default tyles from the program, but nevertheless, the soundtrack is quite good and fits into the various scenarios you'll encounter throughout the 14-15 hours of gameplay. I must say, if you are looking for a RPG to play, this is the one to go with, being low priced and all. I have initiated my progress, onwards to being corrupted.
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Posted: August 3

Hrrrm. I've recently been experimenting by trying paid for RPGmaker games. I played a couple back in the day whilst free on the internet and although never finished them I did enjoy them and appreciate the gameplay and style. A good RPGmaker game if well written and having good gameplay can be a lot of fun.

This game however is not fun. I was intrigued by the virtual online world aspect and played a couple of the .hack// games back on the PS2 which I did enjoy a lot. Starting this game is about as unwelcoming as a game can get. Plot is poorly explained, battle system convoluted and it has a impregnable card trading game similar to FFIX (I appreciate the card game but modelling on the enjoyable and understandable FFVIII triple triad would be way better).

I'm not an MMO player but I have tried several in the past. This game replicates all the worst aspects of MMO's from unfriendly playerbase (NPCs here), lack of central storyline and requiring trade with other players to buy stuff (what does what is again poorly explained). The fact that the game is hacked to hell and you are playing as an (expletive) hacker makes you wonder how this online world is attractive. Any game with obvious cheaters is instant avoid game in my books, but only one hour in they are everywhere as NPCs, the virtual admin are useless as I'd have take the servers offline. On the subject of NPCs they are modelled on avatars in an online game so the only party member I had lacked all backstory or characteristics important in a solo JRPG, which at the end of the day is what this game is.

I admit I am only an hour in to it but I can't see myself persevering much longer. The fact that I'm writing a negative review so early into it shows how frustrating this game is.


I've now spent 4 hours with the game and it is improving. My initial review was uploaded after spending the first hour in utter frustration. I calmed down and then ploughed my way through the opening and after learning some of the quirks of the game and it does become more enjoyable later on. I will not be altering the initial review above as I think it accurately sums up the start to the game which is possibly the worst opening hour or so in any game I've ever played. In addition I will not be changing the reccommendation although the gameplay is improving the lack of interesting party members really does kill the game for me.
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Posted: August 21
I had a terrible experience in this game.
the story looked nice but it can´t make the ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ of performance issues and balancing issues away.
The idea behind this is good as the Story, but this feels like never tested in balancing when it was created!
I also feel sad that this is a dump down Review..i normaly only Review with dumps up and ignore dump down reviews..

If you like grinding all day for 1 lv, 1 skill you will love it you can spend tons of hours until finished when you only get trash from your hacks like useless chars, weapons, items, etc.

I feel sad that i have considered playing it over the 2.0 hour mark and cant get the money back.

I only hope the other 2 games of this series isnt like this one as i bought the whole series since i love RPG MAKER games!

| A small list how i would give points for the game in each categorie: |

Gameplay: 3/10 (worse balancing)

Graphics: 7/10 (the usual stuff some is enhanced)

Support: 0/10 (no responce from dev, only from other disscussion players)

Price: 2/10 (not worth that much even a -80% is to much for this balancing..)

Story: 8/10 (seems to be interesting if you like hacker stuff, SAO, .HACK and such games, series etc)

Sound: 8/10 (wasnt bad but not outstanding either)

Performance: 4/10 (now really that game needs to be reworked 28 FPS max 40 FPS in hometown? WTF! LOCK IT @ 30 FPs it it wont run 60, it hurts eyes of players like mine with drop- downs/ups and lags!!)

FAZIT: 4.5/10 (need to be reworked on its weakness, after that it would actually be a nice game!)
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Posted: January 29

Since the developer and his fanboy didn't like my review, I spent a little more time with this game to satisfy them.
After spending 80 minutes with this game (damn, what a waste of time that was), I decided to change some stuff in my review. To make it easy to understand for everyone, I decided to make a pro/con list.

Positive aspects of this game:

- The music (I really liked it, even if it was the only thing about this game!)

Negative aspects of this game:

- NPCs run through walls (they really the first town, the second NPC you see....starts run to north...if you follow him, you will see, that he runs through the wall next to the door)

- Enemies on battle screen are not the same as on world screen.

- Really boring story (at the beginning, no real intro, no innovation...just plain: Hey, let's tell a online-game story in an RPG...most ideas are stolen from other games and/or animes)

- Tutorials are hidden in form of mails on the ground.

- Boring graphics (Houses just look like crap, characters are looking nearly the same except skin colour, I have played SNES games, that looked thousand times better than this one.)

- Fighting menu (many chooseable types of attacks with no content, if it is not available, then cut it out, until it is available - really annoying)

- Tons of grammar and spelling mistakes .... (The intro picture says, that the title is Data Hacker: Initation <--- that word doesn't exist - commas are missing totally and this from people, who actually come from UK)

- I am sure there was more stuff, that was crappy about this game, but wasting more time with this review is not really necessary, I think!

BTW. @NewRealityGames: Talking about expensive pixel artists, after earning over 1000% more money, then planned through kickstarter, is just an ugly move! And criticising me for giving your game a bad review is just embarrassing. Even after spending 70 more minutes with your game, I still think, that it is still not worth the money. It's boring, not really creative and contains not enough self made content to be worth a buck! You don't like that review? I don't care, because it is not for you. Instead it is for the people, who think about spending their hard earned money for this altogether pasted piece of software!

Old review:

Thought about playing this game, while watching a nice movie on the desktop.
But I couldn't! Why, you ask?
Because this game forces to center on the desktop, while in windowed mode.
That's annoying!

Another thing, I didn't liked, are the animations. You see clearly a chicken running at you, but instead of a chicken you get another bird as an enemy. Weren't there enough sprites in your RPG Maker or have you just been too lazy to make your own?

I can't and won't support this game in any way. There are dozens of really good free games made in RPG Maker. This is not one of them. No, the maker even wants 5 € for this game.

And the worst part about that is, that the people in europe got to pay even 12% more for this game.
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Posted: July 22, 2014
=Full disclosure=

I'm an original backer of this way back during the first campaign and I've already put well over 20 hours into the backer version before it hit Steam, thus my low playtime count as I've only just activated this today.

That being said; this is one of the rare few RPG Maker titles that I genuinely wanted to drop money on. It's fun and engaging and harkens back to the PS2 legendary series Dot Hack. I've had a blast playing this in the past and I'm looking forward to a replay once Reboot Initiative is ready to go, the new art style and enhanced atmosphere and mapping look great, and I know Ross - the main developer - has been busting his ♥♥♥ on the trilogy so far :) I do have to question the two negative reviews below, however, as they seem highly unfair. Games have bugs and issues, that's just what happens in development, but when it comes to indie devs they actually LISTEN to your feedback; so if you have any troubles, such as rare showstoppers or even just an impassable tile in some random dungeon, please.. take to the forum and report it! Leaving negative feedback on the game, especially on LAUNCH DAY, is really harsh and does more harm than good.

As a backer of the Kickstarter, I've been privileged to watch the game grow through the development process and it's been really enjoyable. You can really feel that a lot of love and attention to detail went into this project and while there's a fair amount of RTP present, it has been put to great use. The scenario of "Online World" is great, with an engrossing plot and an enormous amount of areas to explore and do battle in. Character customisation is extensive and the ability of Jay, the main pro(an)tagonist, to hack his own avatar and generate his own customised class is unique and enjoyable. What sets this game apart from others is the inclusion of the Hack ability, which allows you overwrite the code of enemies, granting you bonuses against them - or debuffs against your party if the hack fails, and even new and unique items as rewards.

Being able to hack enemies and gain Cores for use as currency, or even combinations to access new areas, is extremely satisfying - especially against tough foes. You can even use the Hack ability to hack other play characters, which you can do to acquire new members for your party, or even just massive amounts of experience points/cash for bolstering your existing one.

Audio and Visual wise, it's mostly standard RPG Maker, but NRG have put great attention to detail and the use of both custom and standard visuals in order to create the Online World. I have to say though, not once did I feel like the visuals were a detriment to the game, RTP or not, and the atmosphere itself was brilliant. Far better than a lot of other cut'n'paste - expensive - commercial RM titles, that's for sure. The custom soundtrack is especially enjoyable though.

All in all, I really have had a blast playing this and I'm eagerly awaiting the followups now. Good luck New Reality Games!

The showstopping bug has since been fixed (same day as release! Like I said; indie devs listen!) so having negative reviews up just harms public opinion of what is a truly great RM title. It's indepth, has an enormous world - worlds, for those familiar with Dot Hack - to explore and with the overhaul coming it's only going to get better. Good luck to everyone playing and I'll see you in Online World \o/
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