Onikira is a 2D side scrolling beat ‘em up set in a fantasy feudal Japan where the player takes on the role of a samurai fighting to prevent the forces of the Japanese underworld from breaking through into the world of the living.
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Mixed (206 reviews) - 53% of the 206 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Aug 27, 2015

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“My impression of the new beat 'em up early access game Onikira: Demon Killer is that it's impressive.”

“A high-energy soundtrack pumps through the back as you venture onward, wall-jumping and overhead-smashing as you look for answers regarding the invasion.”
Hardcore Gamer

“There are times when I would play and die simply because I was taking in a new detail I hadn’t noticed before….”
7/10 – The Arcade

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About This Game

Developed by Irish-based indie, Digital Furnace Games, Onikira: Demon Killer is an awesome side-scrolling, 2D beat’em-up set in fantasy feudal Japan. As Yamazaki Jiro, a lone samurai, players battle to prevent the forces of the Japanese underworld, Yomi, from consuming the land of the living.

Onikira: Demon Killer blends together complex deep fighting mechanics usually found in traditional 3D beat-em’ups, like Ninja Gaiden or Bayonetta and merges them with classic 2D platform-game mechanics. Onikira’s expressive fighting system enables players to engage in whichever way suits them best. Some players will prefer to go toe-to toe with heavy weapons and mash buttons while others will opt for a ranged game style, avoiding heavy melee encounters. Try launching an enemy into the air, wall jumping to position yourself above them then Katana Slaming them into the ground. Switch weapons to the Naginata and use the Naginata Lift and air dash moves to stay in the air and off crumbling platforms, while pulling enemies up to you to be dispatched in mid-air. Whip out your grappling hook to grapple between platforms, across chasms or fiery pits, all the while fending off enemies.

Onikira: Demon Killer boasts seven challenging areas and players can express themselves with over forty uber-cool moves, using four devastating weapons. Each level is littered with foul demons that players must dispatch back to the underworld and players must also face two mini-bosses and two epic mega bosses. Every level is crammed full of environmental aids to help the player in combat encounters. Slice the support pillars off a building and watch it crush your enemies as it collapses, or use your moves to fling enemies into spikes, pits, or the path of moving deadly objects. Be careful though, as dropping a building on your own head is known to cause sadness!

Unique high-level combat – Onikira mixes 2D platform game elements into the combat system to make something special. Moving platforms, wall jumping, wall running and grappling all serve to make for dynamic and emergent combat encounters.

Seven Areas – the narrative unfolds over highly polished and gorgeous hand-painted levels featuring rain drenched villages, destroyed opulent cities, mountaintop locations and an erupting volcano.

Master unique weapons – Each weapon - sword, tetsubo, naginata or arm blades - has multiple unlockable moves which can result in massive combo chains when moves are strung together. Combo chains turn directly into score multipliers.

Responsive and Expressive Combat System – players are rewarded for strategic and skill-based fighting. Play flows naturally from move to move, allowing the player to create new combos that haven’t been designed explicitly by the developers.

Soul Shop – souls are the currency of Onikira. Use them to revive your health and trade them. At certain points inside each level, the player will find rifts into Yomi where benevolent spirits will trade moves for collected souls.

Challenge Arenas – players complete combat related challenges and improve their score and skill to gain achievements. The arenas are fully integrated into Steam’s online leaderboards.

Specific enemy types – with their own unique vulnerabilities, every enemy emphasises a particular fighting style, like a floating, possessed Mempo mask that encourages the use of air game or a monstrously twisted high-ranking samurai, where hit and run tactics are the best way to stay alive.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows Vista SP2/ Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8GHz or AMD Athlon X2 64 2GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 256 MB ATI HD3650, 256 MB nVidia 8800 GT, or Intel HD 3000 integrated graphics
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c-compatible sound card
    • OS: Windows Vista SP2/ Windows 7/ Windows 8
    • Processor: 1.8 GHz Quad Core
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: AMD HD5000 series or better, nVidia GT400 series or better, Intel IvyBridge integrated graphics or better
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 4 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c-compatible sound card
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65 of 82 people (79%) found this review helpful
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6.7 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: November 15, 2014
In the blood-steeped lands of feudal Japan exists a history rich with gruesome folklore of oni and yokai, creatures of our minds creation that lurk in the darkness and haunt mortals from beyond. Onikira - Demon Killer takes a bold step into the darker side of Japanese tradition and mythology, pitting you against the dark energies of hellish realms that threaten to creep into the world of the living and feast upon the souls of the unsuspecting.

The gritty, heavy visual style of the game and its usage of dark demonic imagery and lots of blood red hues gave me strong vibes of the PS2 era Shinobi and evokes that same kind of obscure attraction to the Japanese underworld felt from that series. The gameplay itself takes cues from only the greatest of action games with a grading system strongly resembling Devil May Cry's, insane almost endless aerial combos reminiscent of Bayonetta, and brightly colored red and blue orbs for replenishing your health or energy that fans of the Onimusha series will be familiar with. In the end, this is a developer who wears their influences on their sleeve, and some mighty fine influences these are.

The music is dark, heavy, and fitting. The percussions beat with the strength and power of a taiko drummer, the eerie and almost gothic sounding riffs of the interspersed guitar tearing in and out. When I hear the evil and ominous melodies in Onikira with their Eastern overtones I am instantly reminded of some of the best music from Mortal Kombat, particularly of the 3 and 4 era, and this is a very good thing when it comes to the subject matter dealt with in such a game.

Currently Onikira features two very lengthy, sufficiently challenging (though a hard mode would be nice for the old schoolers!), and detailed levels and one outstanding boss battle. If the boss fight we're shown here is any indication, Onikira has some huge ambitions when it comes to monster designs and the bosses will hopefully continue this giant titan-like structure that gives the current boss such an epic feel. Aside from hacking and slashing your way through the first story based levels available currently. There's a combat arena facing you against waves of increasingly difficult enemies, and is the perfect place to hone and perfect your skills while testing your ability against the rest of the world with the included Leaderboards.

Just like these great hacknslash titles of the past, Onikira - Demon Killer has some of the sharpest and most responsive action around. You can slice your enemies with a barrage of normal attacks, toss them in the air with a heavy attack and continue your onslaught with a follow-up air combo. Freakish oni heads float above shooting lazers at you while you use the dash ability to dodge the beam and keep the combo meter going. Boss battles are already beyond exhilirating and show huge ambition in size, and the weapons you're given to slay these grotesque creatures with are already a serious blast to experiment with.

In the end, this is an already satisfying action slash 'em up with some incredible influences and only a few non-gamebreaking rough spots, and if you're as excited as I am about its future there's no better time to get involved than now.
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36 of 41 people (88%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
14.8 hrs on record
Posted: December 2, 2015
*This review is for V 1.739”

Onikira looks like an awesome game by the video and pictures on the Steam Sales Page... However, for a game just out of Early Access it has a few too many basic day one glitches that should have been sorted out in general tests before even considering leaving EA. Also in its current state, it’s worse than what it was in Greenlight.

Firstly, I haven't finished the Campaign as I played 1hour, quit and came back only to find out I had to start the level again as checkpoints don't save and there is no save game. Along with no save-game I can’t even continue a level due to Crashes and Re-Validating Steam Files deleting my Save File for this game. With that said I can’t recommend you buy this and here is why in my Pro’s and Con’s so far.

♦ Decent Storyline so far (I can't comment fully as I haven't finished the game fully as of release due to crashes and Save File Deletions)
♦ Good Soundtrack
♦ Awesome tooltips for some of the controls (I say some as some are still fully not explained and are in Controller talk all the way through the game even if you are using a keyboard. Also, I'm not sure if these tooltips would change from Keyboard to Controller if I had a controller plugged in, but they worked for Keyboard)
♦ Perfect Controller/Keyboard Support (I say this in terms of working, figuring out what buttons do what may be a different story)
♦ Awesome Artwork
♦ Stunning Graphics
♦ Cool hidden level features such as the Photo frame Switch lock idea (Keeps the game interesting and unique)
♦ Awesome Re-mappable Controls for Keyboard
♦ Steam Trading Cards
♦ Awesome number of Achievements
♦ Nice variety of weapons, attacks and enemies (See cons Relating to Weapons)
♦ Great variety of scenery, obstacles and such between fights sort of adding a nice platformer aspect to the game
♦ Awesome Devs who seem to try to listen to feedback as best as possible (I’ve talked to multiple Devs before but it looks like they have let this die… I’ve just posted in the Discussion part of the game and will wait to hear from them)
♦ Eargasmic Sound effects (For when there isn't a really loud highpitched crackling sound)

♦ Porting to Fuse when the Game has never worked properly on Steam (Someone asked where the Devs had been and they responded “Busy Porting to Fuse”. I find this weird as there are many bug/glitch reports and crash reports for the Steam Version that haven’t been fixed. Plus Onikira, has never worked more than 50% in Greenlight and out of Greenlight for it to warrant being ported to another platform.
♦ No Difficulty Settings (This is annoying as there is no incentive to play the game over on a harder difficulty or for bragging rights etc)

♦ Checkpoints aren't actually Checkpoints (I say this in the sense that I played for a long time and got past the first boss and went to main menu and had to start the whole level again, not from checkpoint)
♦ No save points (This is really bad as you have to play a whole level before you can leave and come back and from the looks of the first level the levels are really long)
♦ 50% of the time the controls are in controller language and 50% in keyboard (This is bad as it confuses both markets and doesn't satisfy one. There should be a way to select your method of input which converts the whole game into the method of input chosen)
♦ Can only scroll backwards through Highscores until Light On Your Feet (This is annoying as you should be able to loop through the categories and not hit what I call is a "Brick Wall". Also if you try to scroll backwards past Light on your Feet and then Scroll Forward through the categories again, you have to keep clicking forward until it changes category depending how many times you clicked to try and go backwards past Light on your Feet)
♦ Continue isn't a Continue (It's more a Level Select as you aren't continuing off where you left but infact the start of the Level you have selected to continue you from. In my understanding continue would be to continue where you left off)
♦ Can pay $20 to get an extra copy of the Game but the game doesn’t have multiplayer (Why would I want an extra Game? I’d rather ingame content)
♦ No advanced graphics options
♦ No multiplayer whatsoever, not even co-op or verse mode
♦ You can pause on the Combat Arena Main Menu and still choose game modes whilst the Pause Menu is Open (This is bad as each Menu overlays each other and you can click on both menus at once)
♦ You can pause over the top of Tooltips and Dialogue in game (This shouldn’t be able to happen until the tooltip or dialogue box has gone)
♦ No voice over (Not needed but would really enhance the game)
♦ Inconsistency between game names On the Main Menu it's called Combat Arena... however it's called Challenge Arena when you enter it (This is an inconsistency that shouldn’t ever exist)
♦ No way to tell what keyboard control lines up to what xbox control (For example on an Xbox Controller it says "A" is "Jump" on an Keyboard it says "Jump" is "SpaceBar" but "SpaceBar" is not "A")
♦ Can buy Upgrades from the Soul Shop for Blades I don't seem to have yet (This is weird, as I shouldn't be able to purchase an upgrade to a blade if I don't actually own it)
♦ Beat the First Level and didn’t unlock a new Weapon (This I found weird as mentioned above I can buy upgrades for multiple Weapons when I don’t own them)
♦ Default controls for PC have conflicts (This is because "W" is set as up and "W" is set as special. Both these have default Alt buttons but this shouldn't be the case)
♦ Souls stack on death (You can get a checkpoint near a bunch of vases, enemies or whatever containing soul points for the soul shop, collect the souls and just keep dying and repeating to collect an unlimited amount)
♦ Leaderboards are broken (Blank names, scores and positions until you highlight over them to make them appear. Some people’s names are just ????. Also, no way to easily locate your Steam Friends or your own score)
♦ Have to press the "Main Menu" button twice to get to the Main Menu from within game
♦ Level Select is broken (I Started a new game, beat The Breach and says I got a different score and rank to what I got. Also says I have beaten Daimyo's End as it has a score and rank when I haven't played it in this playthrough yet. All other levels are still locked)
♦ When continuing levels they randomly Crash (I've witnessed crashes on the first two levels, as I can't progress any further due to the crashes, after the level loads and during fights.
♦ Re-Validating Files Deleted my Save-File (I re-validated to try and fix the crash problem and lost my current save which should never happen unless stated in an update as nothing should have been broken)
♦ Random Crashes when on menus (I went to select a level and got a random crash even before I got to the loading screen)
♦Load Screen animation is laggy and slow (This just makes the game look poor even before you have got into the game, which is bad in any case).
♦Combat Arena 100% Broken & Never Worked (Major Game Modes shouldn’t be broken)

My opinion on the game now it’s 100% out of Early Access (EA) is the Devs didn’t test the complete game with the public before removing it from (EA) and just went ahead and did it anyway. It seems as though they still rushed the game towards the end as from day 1 of the game I’ve been reporting the same errors and bugs and they have seemingly progressed from minor glitches to major game breaking crashes.

Overall, in its current state it's worse than it was in Greenlight and paying $15-20 for something that crashes randomly and upon level selection, deletes save files and has major game modes that never worked... then I'd say do not buy this.
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23 of 23 people (100%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
2.4 hrs on record
Posted: April 8
While the game is not bad, it has a MAJOR problem: crashes. After a first session without any problems, the second time I I tried to play the game it kept crashing on the first minute of gameplay, every time. Googling about it brings a lot of people having similar problems, and there are no solutions at the moment.

It wouldn't be such a major problem if the devs continued working on it but the game was abandoned soon after release. The game came out on August 2015, the next week a patch to fix performance issues and add achievements was released. Since then; nothing. It's been 7 months now and there are no news from the devs.

Other than the crashes, my only complaint would be how it doesn't allow you to disable vibration on the controller, and this is a game you don't want to play with a keyboard.

--- This review was written on April 2016, if there has been an update later fixing the crashes, consider the review not valid anymore. ---
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37 of 47 people (79%) found this review helpful
6.2 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: November 16, 2014
7/10 EarlyAccess Rating!
"Very promising 2D combo slasher (for an Alpha)."
Onikira: Demon Killer is a 2D side-scroll combo hack'em'up. with a classical combo counter. It's Alpha build looks very promising & besides the *sometimes unsmooth feeling* - it's a quite progressed Alpha. Grab your samurai swords & slice'em...
Current Features: Campaign & Challenge Arena (leader boards)

+ very good gameplay (response)
+ very good & own art style
+ good atmosphere
+ good graphics
+ good controls
+ good amount of moves/combos
+ nice sound&music
+ okay story
+ classical beat'em'up combo feeling
+ 4weapons, 50+ moves
+ full X360 controller support
=> Buy if U want to play & don't mind to be a tester.

- auto save feature only for current session
- no difficulty option, yet
- no controls mapping, yet
- BUGS (suddenly no music, etc.)
- feels sometimes un-smooth (devs know that!)
=> Don't buy if U want gold-status!

Like to see:
# online&offline COOP

# more visual glory & atmosphere
# change/improve the stop(fight)&go principle

Don't confuse Mark of the Ninja with this title! It's much more like SF/MK & DmC with levels instead of stages.
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1.2 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: November 14, 2014
Onikira - Demon Killer is a normal 2D side scroller where you hack and slash your enemies like any other, but what sets this one apart, from what I've played, is the smooth floaty simple animations, for your main character and enemies, and the art style is dark and bloody, you get a sense of evil and cruelty from it which is really nice, and let's not forget about the soundtrack which has a nice heavy scare and energetic sound to it.

What's also good about the game is the combat, that's really cool to see in action, especially when you time some of them where you see a unique attack depending on the weapon you're holding, and there's a variety of different types of weapons you get throughout your journey, and all of those weapons have their own unique attacks and most (didn't play with all of them) of the them change the way you jump and move too.

The story isn't anything specially, but is presented nicely with it's interesting setting, art direction, and good voice acting.


Obviously the game's is in alpha i.e in development, so there's bugs and unfinished content and UI (like missing KB/M icons) and no options menu, which will be hopefully added as it's nearing completion in it's development, but from when I've played so far is great and i want to play more of it and hopefully providing feedback. (i hope the jumping animation and timming get a bit better and longer)

Price is at 10 [but 5 bucks now!? heck go get it in my openion] and argubally i'd say it's worth it, get it now if you can deal with the bugs and have patience, or get it later down the line with beta release or near official release.

Shamless link to original post.
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13 of 13 people (100%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
5.4 hrs on record
Posted: February 10
unless you enjoy endless crashing i would steer clear of this one. its a great game, tons of fun, but when i go to launch the game and load my saved game, it crashes within a minute. ive sent a support email to the devs with no response. their suggestion (in the discussions) for fixing it is deleting your save data and starting over. that would be fine except that doesnt work either. disappointing to see a developer neglect such a blatant and game breaking issue. you would think they would want to take care of the people supporting them and their game. if a patch is magically released i will pick this back up. but for now, stay away.
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4.5 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: November 14, 2014
Wow! A very promising game. The story-line is quite interesting and the gameplay is really smooth. Played quite awhile and never did i felt bored. It's hard to stop once you get into it. Everything in this game, artwork, text font, loading screen, everything has a feudal-Japan feel and not a lot of games has that feature. The game is still in Early Access but it's current state is already worth my while. It's a steal for 50% off or even at full price. I suggest you get your copy NOW!
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4.6 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: November 14, 2014
Someone did early access right for a change. Would you look at that.


The main mechanics of the game are here, and the beatem up still specifically with the variety of weapons is fun. It feels like a 2D form of devil may cry (with the combo letter meter thrown in), but the combat can get really engaging and make s a good core game. Is the game perfect, heck no. There's a bunch of bugs, but that's the thing, it's still fun while playing it.

The mixup of the early level introducing mechanics while playing is good, like running from fire or using them to your advantage is cool.

And the price decrease for early access is appreciated, because it shows good faith on the developers as they seem that they want your feedback.

I'm willing to support it, as the core game is fun.
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11 of 12 people (92%) found this review helpful
2.1 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: July 5, 2015
This game is fun and will probably be great once completed, but.... there are some issues in alpha 479.

Options: Difficulty setting N/A, Graphics didn't actually full screen on my system and selectable resolutions were lacking.

Controls: (controller) was good enjoyed the layout and the way they did the weapon. the layout worked well, BUTTTT it looks like the 'focus/slowmo' isn't ready yet as the button does nothing.

Upgrade system: Will probably be pretty good when completed. Only 1 or 2 weapons have anything to upgrade on right now. The upgrade "station" seems in hap hazard location, i prefer the upgrade anytime instead of wondering when the next shine is.

Pickups: (50% working, maybe) Orbs from enemies do not actually fill your health back up, not sure if this is just GUI issue or if it is not impleneted as i randomly got health back. Also, the coins/dragons blood locations were well thought out and not too bad to get to, but they were just after... a check point so you had to pick up each time. interesting GLITCH / oversight if you died and went back to the checkpoint you could pick up the item again and you will notice that you STILL have the number after you picked it up the first time and it just keeps adding.

Checkpoints: These are pretty well set, but thought i was going to be stuck in a few places just the way you have to try the options and fight the controls sometimes on (grappling hook / air glide) or chased by vines that you have to do 'dodge' dash all the way across the screen since running isn't fast enough.
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2.7 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: April 12, 2015
It's pretty hard to review this game, as it's Early Access (I will update this review when the final release comes). The Feudal Japan setting and art style are really appealing, the gameplay is pretty good (think Metroid meets Devil May Cry), and the combat's pretty easy to get into. What may put some off, however, is how sluggish the game runs. There are bouts of slowdown, and the game even crashed at one point. Still, I'm willing to look past these flaws (and I'm confident that the developers will polish this game before the final release) to enjoy this game. Again, it's Early Access, so don't expect the game to be perfect.
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Recently Posted
0.3 hrs
Pre-Release Review
Posted: August 17
Wait, this is a finished game?..
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0.4 hrs
Posted: August 5
Clunky controls, floaty protagonist and monsters, awkward combat, weird hitboxes, boring music--in short, a mediocre game in most respects. I can't recommend the purchase of this game.
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Pirate Jeff
0.7 hrs
Posted: August 2
Don't buy this game! It crashes everytime you try to load a save. You basicaly have to do the game in one sitting... or do the first level every time you want to play...
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3.6 hrs
Posted: July 23
Onikira - Demon Killer is a game that I can't recommend because:
- the price is too much for it's quality
- it is boring
- it has a lot of issues
- the game is crashing every time you try to load your save
- the game is totally unplayable
- the only good reason to install this game is for the trading cards
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4.3 hrs
Posted: July 23
Product received for free
Do NOT waste your money.

Copied from my board post as it looked like a review.

I got this from a friend yesterday. Been looking at it for a while now.

Nice game.. And yes that WAS sarcasm. I use a Logitech F310 since HATE the M$ 360 gamepad. Works well enough except for the fact that I can't switch weapons same as everyone else. But on that I digress.

I like the concept and what little gameplay I have been able to have. Yes, I said little. This is due tot he fact that it will NOT save a continue past the first stage and now, a day later, it won't even LOAD that first stage anymore. Crashed when loading it a dozen times now. I did a file veriication already and it said 50 files couldn't be verified and had to be reallocated. Still crashes at the same point.

In short, the game is completly unplayable. And I see that now they have completly abbandined the game.

I was hoping for something good from this dev. I was sadly mistaken.
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1.1 hrs
Posted: July 19
Fun game... When it works. The problem is it's only worked on the first time I tried to play it. Since then it crashes whenever I attempt to load the saved game. A common problem as evidenced by the number of reviews and comments in the forums. As I have no desire to start over completely, and got the game in a mystery bundle for less than a buck it's not worth any further effort to fix.
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0.7 hrs
Posted: July 18
The art style of the game is interesting... and that's the only positive thing I can say about this game.

Don't spend your money in this game... not even on discount.

The reason? Simple, the game crashes every time you try to load your save. So it's impossible to play the damn thing.

If they fix this, I might change my review of this... in the meantime I'm gonna keep this game in my new steam category "Broken"

Score: 1/10
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1.8 hrs
Posted: July 15
I like this game. The story and gameplay are good. Is good if yuu are bored
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1.0 hrs
Posted: July 15
How this got out of EA, I will never know. If this game doesn't just up and crash on you before you've even beaten the first level, you're sure to have yourself a stroke while waiting for it to load in the enemies which leap out of portals. (Which, might I add... Seems to be the only way the friggin' things appear.) And if you ARE intending to beat a level, you'd better be dedicated. One sitting is all you get, if you're lucky. If you crash? Start from the very beginning of the game. YEP. New game. Because rest assured, Onikira will crash on you if you even try to bring up your previously saved game, turning a blind eye and cold shoulder to it like an embarrassing, drunken one night stand.

If I could credit it for anything at all, it'd be the artwork. But with that being said... Glitter on a turd will not stop it from offending your nostrils.
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0.5 hrs
Posted: July 13
I have two issues with this game. I had it installed since the 6th of June and since then I already needed to start a new game twice, because the saved-game would crash over and over again. Besides that it should have stated in the store that the minimum requirements are a controller. Because you can't actually play it that well with Keyboard. And adjusting things in the menu is a pain in the you-know-what. Besides that it's hard to get passed the first level. A tutorial level would be nice. Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z is far better ! (And in semi-3D).

The style/idear is good tough.

P.S.: 2nd refund from my Summer Sale 2016 buying. (The first one being This War of Mine).
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