IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad is the continuation of the legendary IL-2 Sturmovik series that has set the standard for PC combat flight games for more than ten years. This new entry into the series will offer virtual pilots an even more accurate simulation of the most famous air battles of World War II.
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Release Date: Oct 22, 2014

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"IL:2 Battle of Stalingrad holds its own as a great addition to the IL:2 series, polished aircraft and detailed flight/damage models make it stand out. "

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May 22

Dev blog #97

by Zak

Hi Everybody!

After a three week break our developer blog is back, dear pilots! Fresh BOM content is regularly added to the project at this stage, which means that we'll have a lot of nice images to share with you in the up-coming weeks.

This time we've prepared a pack of fresh screenshots with I-16 type 24 that were made in the game. In 6-8 weeks the plane will be available to everyone who's already pre-ordered Battle of Moscow on our site.

Each and every day is getting us closer to the Early access program of BOM. The time has come to decide what camo patterns each plane gets (in total at least 100 skins will be released, 10 per aircraft). Last year's cooperation with players turned out to be fruitfull, so we'd like to invite you to join us in selecting those skins for planes in Battle of Moscow. Your knowledge can actually help us to choose better content for the game.
The forum section where all suggestions are gathered can be found here:

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May 20

Fresh summer Stalingrad screenshots

Summer and autumn seasonal maps are coming to IL2BOS in a few months as a free addition. Stay in touch for more of these fresh summertime screenies

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“While IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad is still approachable to folks who have yet to unbox their first flightstick, it should have plenty to offer for veterans of air combat”

“One thing’s for sure, any aircraft that does find its way into this sim is going to be rivet-perfect visually and bally persuasive in the flight modelling department”

“Although IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad is simple enough to play, it also features a lot of depth and technical detail. This is much more a deep simulation than the free-to-play flight games that are very popular right now”

Digital Deluxe Edition

Digital Deluxe Edition includes the game itself and both unique premium DLC planes:


About This Game

IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad is the continuation of the legendary IL-2 Sturmovik series that has set the standard for PC combat flight games for more than ten years. This new entry into the series will offer virtual pilots an even more accurate simulation of the most famous air battles of World War II. Better quality of content, bigger scale , new physics, more realistic aerodynamics and new game elements set this title apart from all which came before. We have only one goal - To give you a New Higher Level of Immersion!

Key Features:

  • Robust Single-Player Campaign that features a challenging and innovative AI system. Includes an extensive in-game achievement system that allows players to unlock historically based airplane modifications and upgrades as your campaign progresses.
  • Realistic graphics and unique visual effects: clouds, lightning, tracers, explosions and huge smoke plumes - all of them fully realized to recreate the aerial combat scenerey of war time Stalingrad.
  • Flexible Quick Mission mode that allows you to create your own custom combat scenario in just a couple of minutes.
  • Classic Multiplayer gameplay with dedicated player controlled servers with your favourite settings for team battles and dogfight duels.

  • Realistic sounds and physics, detailed aircraft systems modeling, advanced aerodynamics and state-of-the-art flight modeling gives you a real sensation of flight.
  • Become an ace fighter pilot or try your hand at flying attack planes and bombers where you can destroy tanks, trucks, AAA batteries, artillery units and even armoured trains.
  • Unique and detailed damage model shows how deadly the weapons can be and will challenge even the best pilots.
  • For those that won’t make it back to base, each plane comes equipped with a handy parachute!

  • Action takes place on a 358 х 230 km map - The largest and most detailed recreation of the Battle of Stalingrad theatre ever modeled in a flight simulation with unique structures, buildings and landscapes.
  • Single-Player Campaign scenario follows the real chronology of the battle starting with Operation Uranus on November 19th, 1942 and continues to the complete liberation of the city on February 2nd, 1943.
  • Ten Legendary aircraft of the era have been thoroughly re-created using original drawings and blueprints from the Central archive of the Russian Ministry of Defence.
  • Precise simulation of the flight model allows everyone to learn the special character and limits of each and every plane in the game. Use each of their special abilities and performance characteristics to complete your mission and survive the brutal fight.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows® XP (SP3) / Vista (SP1) / Windows® 7 (SP1) / Windows® 8
    • Processor: Intel® Core™ 2 Quad 2.6 GHz / Intel® Core™ i5/i7 2.6 GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce GTX 260/Radeon HD5850, with 1GB VRAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 8 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX®-compatible
    • Additional Notes: DirectX®-compatible flight stick required
    • OS: Windows® XP (SP3) / Vista (SP1) / Windows® 7 (SP1) / Windows® 8
    • Processor: Intel® Core™ i5/i7 2.8 GHz
    • Memory: 6 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce GTX 660/Radeon HD 7770, with 2GB VRAM, or better
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 10 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX®-compatible
    • Additional Notes: DirectX®-compatible flight stick required
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65.8 hrs on record
Posted: December 22, 2014
Written in December 2014, the game is in contant development and I expect it to be geting only better.

I wanted to start by saying it's unpolished gem, but it's not. It's a highly polished gem, fitted into cheap mass produced jevelry and wrapped in gift bag bough on discount last January. If you want realistic flying experience, don't miss it. If you want to treat yourself seriously as a simmer, you may find out-of-cockpit parts of game not dignified enough.

The good: The sim part (simulating planes and their enviroment) is very good - the game is great stick and rudder experience, the planes have mass and inertia, when flying them on the edge of flight envelope you feel them sliding from course, rather than being pushed to the side along set vector with randomized shaking added. The AI planes use the same physics as player, so they don't take breaks from reality and pretend they are jets when pressed to hard. Par the course, some people find flight models unrealistic or simply not what they expected. There are no clickable cockpits like in CloD or DCS, but after automated engine start you get to control most of plane systems (IMHO the biggest missing part is no manual fuel tank selection). To me it has the best feeling of "being there" of all WW2 planes, but I'm stick and rudder fetishist, not clickable cockpit fetishist. There are no stability problems, unfinished plane systems of weird flight behaviour.

The bad: There are ten flyable plane types in the game. More are in the works, but because of sim part being detailed like I said above, making new planes is slow process. Do not expect to see tens of flyables soon, or variants of the same model (like all Bf-109F variants) made by small modifications of existing plane. There are *no* AI-only planes (one is on the way) because, as they use realistic flight physics, they are not easy to make, either. You won't see tens upon tens of computer-controled planes in misisons, either, they are to CPU-hungry for that. The number of players in MP missions is limited (either to 32 or 48, not sure) , devs still work on optimising support of more players in mission as I write. The single player part, or campaign, is something in between proper career from IL-2:1946 and mission generator - you pick stage of the battle, airfield you take off from, plane, mission type (intercept, escort, ground attack, bombing, close air support) and off you go. Missions are generated randomly with variety of weathers and targets, but they aren't as immersive as real career missions - maybe because you get no background on what your target is and why it's important beyond "go and bomb that bridge". There are difficulty settings in game, but in campaign you can use only two presets, normal (icons and automated engine management) and expert (realistic). Instead of adjusting realism settings before mission, you disable unrealistic aids in flight by key command (say, I bound a key that turns all engine helpers off and hit it at start of each mission, to fly with manual engine management but icons on). The mission editor hasn't been released to public yet and is quite complicated so there isn't much of user-made content and multiplayer servers - but what community made so far was of very good quality.

The ugly: The most hated part, which caused many people to give up the game as arcade: the plane modifications (bombs for fighters, bigger cannons, armoured windscreens etc) are unlockable - you get them by flying the plane in question in single player campaign. Most of these mods are non-standard, experimantal, or one-off modifications, but few are standard-issue systems that you can't accss from the start. Also, the campaign includes game elements like experience and player "level" (the higher it is, the more dangerous becomes opposition and flak fire in campaign. I suppose it is meant to make game easy for new sim players and progress as they succeed and learn). Then, you can start the mission in the air, half way towards the target, and abort it on reaxching "exit" waypoint - takeoff and landing are optional - and on lower player levels thare is little action outside target area. So the first impression is that missions consist of going to action point, doing your job, going back. It's not the case, but you have to bother playing through simpler missions to make things more interesting. These are pointless additions to otherwise purebreed sim, and many people can't get past it - some play multiplayer only and don't want to play campaign at all, some call it pointless grinding, some are so experienced they want difficult missions from the start and give campign up as to easy before they rise their pilot level and get to difficult stuff. Make no mistake, once you sit in the cockpit you get a proper sim experience, and once you get your unlocks and rise level to get interesting missions you just have a good mission generator to play with forever, no limits - but the awards that are supposed to motivate players to play are something out of console game.

There are smaller bad decisions, like locking most of graphics options to four preset settings - you don't get to set manually drawing distance for objects or super sampling, you choose high, low, medium, ultra setting and that's it. You have manual control of resolution and antialiasing, though. It made some sense in development, but is pointless now.

All these are pointless design decisions that nobody i know likes, but the developers stay by them. This stubborness earned them lot of enemity and made many people abandon the game, but I have to say dev team is very cooperative with community in most other respects, adding elements requested by players and listening to suggestions of flight model changes. There was some rush to release the game on deadline, so maybe they will replace it with something better once team catches they breath. Or not.
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Posted: May 2
IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad is a World War Two era flight simulator. In IL-2 Sturmovik: BoS you take control of WWII planes from both the Russian side and the German side of the fighting that took place during the Battle of Stalingrad. You pilot these aircraft on missions ranging from intercepting enemy bombers to taking out artillery or even war trains.

IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad excels at being a great simulation, sadly it fails at being an enjoyable game for the most part so I would suggest only getting this if you're serious about flight sims. Before I get started I'd just like to point out I played this entirely with a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro flightstick, the controls are pretty complex and planes are difficult to handle even with a flightstick so if you're a KB&M only player you might want to think about getting a flightstick to play this.

IL-2 Sturmovik: BoS is certainly a game which has mixed reviews on the store page but, despite it's issues, I enjoyed playing it and at the end of the day that's what matters.

+Gorgeous graphics, even on medium settings everything looks great
+Excellent aircraft models
+Fantastic, realistic physics and fully customisable realism settings though even on relatively low realism settings the physics still feel real
+Great and importantly accurate plane damage models
+Has a campaign mode, pre-made missions, quick missions/free flight and multiplayer
+All of the aircraft feel very responsive
+A good mix of fighter aircraft and heavy bombers, not that that's difficult with so few aircraft but more on that later
+Simple UI
+Very large maps
+Great sound effects
+The devs are currently working on Summer and Autumn maps which is exciting as the game currently only has Winter maps

-Only eight aircraft (excluding the two DLC planes) which really isn't good enough for a flight sim
-Unlocking anything requires grinding in the campaign mode. Having to grind to unlock skins and weapons in a simulation game is bad enough but the fact that you can only unlock things through the campaign is rather disappointing for those who have no interest in playing the campaign, let alone grind the campaign missions, such as myself
-They've already released DLC which I think is unacceptable for an Early Access game and such an expensive one at that (just for the record I own the Deluxe edition which comes with the DLC)
-I experienced quite a few issues with freezing and crashing during loading screens
-Not many graphics options including no way to disable motion blur


A solid WWII flight simulator with gorgeous graphics and great realism that is let down by its lack of planes and all of the grinding to unlock things. If you can look past the lack of aircraft and all of the grinding or you're simply looking for a WWII flight sim then I recommend picking this up.

***This review was written using a Deluxe Edition key provided by the Publisher for review purposes***

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El K.
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155.3 hrs on record
Posted: December 22, 2014
Is it worth it ?
Yes, certainly

Why is it getting such bad reviews ?
Well, to be frank, the devs didn't really listen to the community back in the Early Access state, and introduced a ''UNLOCK'' system, wich is very very VERY bad for a SIMULATION game...

It's a great game otherwise, nice graphics, the plane models are great, nice details...
MP is nice as well, and it's gonna be even better with the release of the SKIN VIEWER and the ADVANCED MISSION BUILDER.
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5.9 hrs on record
Posted: February 1
It's a shame. This time, the flight sim seems really fine - but *everything* else is missing or unfinished. The UI is a joke, campains/missions/unlocks are just meh. Just setting up your basic controls is beyond my frustration-theshold.

There nothing quite like it out there and I wish I could like this game - but I just can't. The current state is barely beta.
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53.9 hrs on record
Posted: December 20, 2014
I have been a fan of IL-2 Sturmovik for a really long time. I started with pacific fighters, and then bought 1946, and I loved it. In 2013 I bought cliffs of dover, even after seeing all it's problems. I actually enjoyed it, and it ran fine for me. Now I bought battle of stalingrad, and I have to say I am really impressed. It looks absolutely gorgeous, and it is very realistic too. I love the damage models and the physics too, it is amazing. The way the wings and tail bend and break looks fantastic, and the cross winds when landing the plane is also great. I love the fire effects and the smoke trails it leaves behind, it looks great. The planes handle very realistic too, and the bail-outs looks and feels very great and smooth. There are 2 difficulty levels to choose from. Normal and Expert. Normal is for the more casual players, while expert is for hard core simulator fans. You can set a custom difficulty for quick missions, but not for the campaign. The campaign is great too, but it is actually made of randomly generated missions. You can choose what kind of mission you want to do, and what airfield you want to start from, and then pick a plane and weapons and then you choose a difficulty, and click on start, then the game will generate a mission for you. Each mission is unique, because each mission is randomly generated. The enemies spawn at different places every time, and the battlefields feel alive, because there's battles all around the place. When flying to your destination, you may notice ground battles happening below you, or other planes fighting each other in the distance, and all sorts of stuff like that. All those battles happening around you are also randomly generated, and you can even join in and help the friendlies out if you want to. You can play as either the Germans or the Russians, and they each have 4 planes to choose from, making it a total of 8 flyable planes. If you get the more expensive version of the game, you get 2 extra dlc planes. I bought the regular $60 version though, so I can't review those 2 dlc planes at the moment. The game has a decent amount of content. There is a quick mission option where you can quickly make a small mission for you to play if you want some instant action, there is a campaign mode if you want to play through 5 chapters of the battle of stalingrad, there is a mission mode where there is a list of missions to choose from if you just want to play a mission without picking options and stuff, and then there's the multiplayer mode where you can battle other players online, which is also fun. The cockpit is not clickable like cliffs of dover, but instead you need to map keys in the controls menu to use the switches and buttons and stuff. Also, I recommend you play this game with either a controller or a flight stick, because it is way too hard to fly with the keyboard. I use an xbox controller, and I am having a great time. If you enjoy flight simulators, or if you like war thunder, you should play this. It is much more realistic than war thunder though, but it is very accessible, and it has a tutorial, so most people should be fine. If you are new to flight sims, play in Normal mode, but if you are a hard core flight sim fan, play in expert mode. I totally recommend this game, even at full price it is worth it. 10/10
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278.4 hrs on record
Posted: November 28, 2014
I have just recently gotten in to the flight sim games, and i really enjoy them. This is the first real flight sim I have actually played properly. So i am biased so you might not want to trust my opionon but well I am going to give it anyway. I think this game is apsoulutly amazing in every way ( not every way, exageration). One of my favorite things about the game is the flight model's are amazing the planes feel almost real. I love it. It is actually enjoyable to just fly the aircraft. The damage of your weapons feels like you are actually shooting real cannons and guns they feel so powerfull i love it. Also the collisions are nice sould use improvement i thing thought. the game run smoothlly and looks great. the game sounds pretty good too i like the engine sounds when inside of the cockpit or leaning out the window.One big thing about the game for me is the multiplayer. It's my favorite part. I love it, but there is quite a big problem with it. There is never enought players so my advice to you is buy the game we need more players .
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7.2 hrs on record
Posted: November 29, 2014
Bought Rise Of Fliht for about a year ago. Same developer as IL-2. After a short while i bought the Logitech 3d Pro (good and not to expensive flystick) and i had some fun hours with it.. I really like rof but wanted a ww2 game more.. Some days ago i found this game and right from the beginning i loved it. Sure you have to unluck things but that dosnt matter. Only makes it more fun, cause you have something to look forward to. I really like the rank you gain. Graphis is very nice. The skyes looks awesome. The ground is not the best but they just used more resurces for the planes ,sky etc.. So if you want a action packed game yet a game where you can still chill and fly around the same time, this is it! It takes some time to get good at shooting, but if you stick to it and practise, you will be rewarded! See you in the sky..
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40.7 hrs on record
Posted: February 5
Edit: There was a discout I got both premium planes and the unlocks but you still have to grind the skins in solo.

The lack of content, the repetitive campaign missions that you have to do over and over and over in order to get your upgrades (like gun pods skins and bombs) are really a big minus.

Two of the rare planes that were made for this game got turned into premium just to double the income made on this game (18 Euros for one plane ouch).

Indeed the experience when flying is great but that's normal, we have teams from 2 of the best simulator games ever that worked on this project or at least employees from these companies and this is the least we can expect from this game its more than just IL-2 it's the mix of IL-2 and rise of flight experience also you will find that the game seem to work just like Rof (sadly the controls are the same I miss the ones from CLOD with all the cool features when using the mouse in game) and the interface is just the same.

There are two settings for the campaign "normal" and "expert" (understand arcade and realistic).

There are video settings presets that you cannot customize yourself.

There is only one single (but huge) winter map of stalingrad so summer skins will be useless!

The game is a lot of fun and that compensates a bit but i understand anyone who hesitates, myself i hesitated for many months until now.

I will recommend this game if actual playable content is added for free with a summer map /autumn map and if the video presets get changed to include a custom one with all the options.

Also my stuka does not have auto recovery system...lame.

The game is still being improved +1
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54.0 hrs on record
Posted: March 8
Can I just congratulate the team on a simply superb simulator. Battle of Stalingrad embodies the beauty of it's predecessor, Cliffs of Dover, but with a makeover of it's UI and campaign modelling. With massively enhanced camera views and motion blurring, the feeling both in and out of cockpit is incredibly immersive and very convincing to a real pilot. Well done and I look forward to any future iterations of this series!
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28.9 hrs on record
Posted: December 21, 2014
The best air combat simulator ever
With impressive graphics and exciting game experience
Though the contents are not very much (Maybe not enough) but it is still worth trying
Hope there will be more contents in the following updates (Instead of removing a tree though it is on the runway LOL), for example spring map(Winter is so depressed) and more aircrafts or mission

As a lover of flight simulation 9/10
As a common player 6/10

If you love IL-2, buy now before 25% discount is over
If you want to have a try on flying aircrafts, you can play Warthunder first and wait for 50%-off of this game

But fw-190 is soooooo damned expansive!!!!
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111.2 hrs on record
Posted: December 23, 2014
Coming along at a very acceptable pace, good frequent updates building upon a very sound base.

Game is found wanting in terms of single player/campaign content; until future developments are made in this regard, I'd wait for the release of the mission editor for good offline content.

However, the game offers an unbelievable sim and has a good multiplayer community.
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9.3 hrs on record
Posted: December 20, 2014
Just brought IL2 BOS in the Holiday Sale for £29.99 and here are my first impressions. Played the first airfiled mission, after some confusion customising key mappings and joystick configerations, which could have a better user interface I started the mission. WOW awesome took me right back to the first IL2 Sturmovick with much more immersion, AI and fantastic gameplay with graphics to match. This game has huge potential, alright its work in development and as long as we gamers support 1C Game Studios & 777 Studios this could well end up being a classic, right lets get back in to try more missions and some MP. Forgot to mention you need to register the game after creating your Steam game account, if you get the Error #4; wrong email or password when trying to sign from Steam IL2 BOS go here for info
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67.6 hrs on record
Posted: March 1
I can see the point of all the negative reviews out there. There have been some fairly dodgy descisions made (unlocks being probably the main one). But this game is, in my opinion, the best combat flight sim out there at the moment by quite some stretch. The flight models are awesome - more so than even the modded Cliffs of Dover, the graphics are supurb, damage modelling is up there with the best of them and the map, although mostly white, is really quite beautiful. At sunrise and sunset I find it easy just to look out of the cockpit in astonishment at the scenery. It really is a winter wonderland. I've been pounced on by quite a few Germans from doing just this. Speaking of which, the AI is pretty good and follows the same physics as the player, which makes it far better than anything else out there at present.

As far as pay to win goes, it's really not. I have both of the addon aircraft and although I like them, I'd never use them online as they simply aren't as good as the Yak or the 109. All the aircraft take skill, but these two probably take more than most.

With this game you may not get a persistent campaign (although I expect a few modders will change that with the new editors) but you do get a very atmospheric, immersive playground with some fairly historically accurate missions. Though they seem cut and paste, they are actually quite variable. You can tell a lot of work has gone into the game and is still going into the game. I expect it to continue to improve but I already play this over DCS and CloD.

In all, get this game, enjoy the flying and the dogfighting, don't get sucked into the points thing too much, and try not to look at the scenery too much either or you will be leaving smoking holes in the ground like I do.
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242.9 hrs on record
Posted: February 7
I would only recommend this game to people who use TrackIR, throttle, pedals, and joystick. If you are new to flight sims then I would spend some time in Warthunder or something similar. While the game isn't historically accurate, it is still a fun game to play if you can max out the settings and have patience. This game does appeal to the senses if played in a realism/hardcore style of play. While playing online there are a number of things that make this simulator very fun online, having to distinguish friend from foe is no easy task, coordinating formation flights to targets in sometimes more than 10-15 planes at a time, aerial gunnery is actually realistic and challenging. Overall, I would give this game good review and worthy of picking up if you truly want to play this game on a realism setting. If you are looking for something arcady and keyboard/mouse capable then your money may be better spend elsewhre.

-Great Graphics
-Strong Multiplayer
-Excellent Cockpit detail
-Sounds are magnificent

-Lame unlock system
-Repetitive Singleplayer campaign
-Physics are great except for the DLC planes that are clearly given some sort of buff.
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48.1 hrs on record
Posted: February 23
Excellent flightsim, recommended for novices and hardcore alike
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24.3 hrs on record
Posted: April 3
This is a game for people who love to fly. It has everything you need for that and if you like WW2 props it's a must have title. BoS is probably best WW2 avia sim available on the market.

To everyone ♥♥♥♥♥ing about CloD, I want to remind that game was barely playable at the time of release. It is still questionable experience if we do not take Team Fusion mod and custom built campaigns into account.

The price is understandable as well, Making a sim is a pricey project and the possible audience is not even a million players. And the devs focused on the most important part of a sim game - the simulation of aircrafts. I like it that way better than rpg without role play (Dragon Age: Inquisition), or shooter without everything but graphics (Evolve). Last one is a total and widely recognized disaster but hey, it's a shooter with graphics, which is equivalent of 800k sold copies.

Most of the negativity comes from the price of this game and actually most of ranting people are ♥♥♥♥♥♥ of because their whining is cut down from forums. Actually devs are really nice and honest guys to whom you can speak freely on forums.

- Price. Still nothing horrible in my opinion. It's on par with many top level games with DLC.

- Campaign is based on dynamic missions. Okayish, but could be better. Since story is not a vital part of the simulator I can forgive devs for that,
- Unlocks. If you have a premium version you could do an instant unlock, but I have decided to unlock everything myself so that I have a sense of progression. Questionable but understandable decision and it is not a simulation braking feature at any level and I will laugh at anyone saying that the abscence of 37mm on Lagg-3 forces him to "grind".
- Oculus Rift. I don't care personally because of its crappy resolution. TrackIR works perfectly for me.
- Limited amount of planes but it's quality over quantity. You will spend a lot of time mastering each of them.

- Planes, physics, damage model... the level simulation is one of the top in the genre.
- Really fast and stable game engine.
- The feel of flight is just right.
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8.1 hrs on record
Posted: April 16
This is a simulator (not a game) and its a ♥♥♥♥♥♥ great simulator! Awsome graphics, very well developed, I recomend to all Flight Sim lovers!
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3.9 hrs on record
Posted: February 8
I have been playing for a bit and it is a great game but for someone who hasn’t played flight simulator type games it is a bit off a challenge. I had to buy a joystick which was not that expensive, but even with the stick the game is still challenging. The flight controls and all the other functions is a bit overwhelming but at least it makes it a challenge although at first it’s frustrating but it is getting better every time and more enjoyable.
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27.8 hrs on record
Posted: February 24
The Battle of Staingrad did not take place only during winter. There was green grass in Russia.
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18.1 hrs on record
Posted: February 8
This is yet another amazing game in an amazing series. Sure it has quite a price at $60, but it's worth every penny. As a huge fan of both history, and games, I found this game to be perfect for me. Fast paced, yet realistic combat, and a massive, beautifully detailed map are just a fraction of it's accomplishments. Not to mention a beautiful soundtrack, amazing graphics, spot-on simulation of just about everything even related to the subject, and at times it can be extremely relaxing. Setting the plane to autopilot and just watching is actually something I find myself doing quite often. I would certainly reccomend this game to anybody who is passionate abut history, or realism in games. It's not a game for everybody though. So please, look up gameplay or something before you buy it, and give it a bad review for absolutely no reason.
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