Dungeon Defenders Eternity is the definitive version of the original tower defense action-RPG! Now featuring a rebalanced endgame, all new missions, secure online play, links to Dungeon Defenders II and more!
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发行日期: 2014年7月22日


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Dungeon Defenders Eternity is the definitive version of the hit tower defense action RPG! Slice, shoot and pulverize your enemies, or build defenses to do the dirty work for you. Grab three friends and build a team of heroes from twelve different classes, each with their own defenses and abilities. Then embark on an adventure to defend Etheria from the Old Ones’ army!

Eternity boasts all new missions, new features, a rebalanced endgame, secure online play (no more hacking!), along with a wide selection of content from the original game. Now is the perfect time to experience Dungeon Defenders and its expansions the way they were meant to be played!

Key Features

  • Defend with towers
  • Four-player online co-op
  • Ground-breaking story about a group of children who try to save the world
  • Level up 12 different hero classes
  • Argue about which hero is the best on our forums
  • Kill an Ogre with a chainsaw sword
  • Fight a gigantic dragon (Spoiler!)
  • Put some wings on your heroes and dye their clothes pink -- because you can
  • Look up the best map builds online; pass this knowledge off as your own

What's New

New Content:
  • 5 campaign missions including Embermount Volcano with an all new Boss Fight & cinematics and Omenak with an all new Boss Fight
  • 2 new bonus missions and a new challenge mission
  • A new community made mission (Moonbase)
  • Visible armor system with 70 new armor pieces
  • 10 combat consumables (throw grenades, summon lightning storms, instantly heal your defenses, and more)
  • Amulets that let you find and equip unique hero abilities

New Features:
  • Secure dedicated servers for anti-hacking protection
  • Dyes that allow you to customize costumes and visible armor
  • Crafting system to create and modify high tier items from blueprints
  • Pet hatching and growth system, with activatable abilities
  • Dashing and manteling systems for better mobility
  • Weapon swapping between two weapon sets
  • Community tavern, where you can talk and trade with up to 16 other players before starting a mission
  • Private tavern, where you can start missions with just yourself and your friends
  • Quickmatch feature where you can quickly join a mission with other players (optional)
  • Cross-Platform play with PC, Mac, Linux, and Mobile all playing on the same servers
  • One Dungeon Defenders account, with your progression accessible from any account. Playing on supported Android devices requires purchasing the game on Google Play.
  • Transmog System which allows you to change how your visible armor looks (or make it invisible!)
  • 34 new equipable emotes (not included with purchase of base game)

Rebalanced Gameplay:
  • Rebalanced missions for shorter match times, less farming, and more interesting enemy clusters
  • Rebalanced stat system, so increasing stat points in the end game has a larger effect
  • Rebalanced, instanced loot system that drops less loot at higher quality
  • A revised Survival Mode, with shorter play times.
  • A revised Hardcore Mode with better rewards
  • A revised User Interface

What's Returning

Our favorite Dungeon Defenders content:
  • All 12 Dungeon Defenders heroes
  • All 12 original Dungeon Defenders campaign missions and challenge missions
  • All 5 Quest for the Lost Eternity Shards campaign missions and 7 challenge missions
  • 5 bonus missions (Glitterhelm, Karathiki, Tavern Siege, City In The Cliffs, Tinkerer’s Lab)
  • 2 community made missions (Akatit Jungle, Palantir)
  • 22 original Dungeon Defenders hero costumes (found in your item box and equippable as a costume item)

Coming Soon: Begin Your Dungeon Defenders II Experience!

Check out the Tavern’s new Hall of Triumphs where you can unlock unique items, titles and pets for Dungeon Defenders II!

Important Notes:

  • Dungeon Defenders Eternity is rebuilt from the ground up for security, so you will not be able to continue your previous Dungeon Defenders saves.
  • Dungeon Defenders Eternity requires an internet connection to play online. There is a offline mode beta, where after updating the game you can play offline with separate heroes.
  • Dungeon Defenders Eternity requires you to create a playverse account.


Mac OS X
    • 操作系统: Windows XP
    • 处理器: 1 Ghz Dual-Core CPU
    • 内存: 1 GB RAM
    • 图形: Graphics Card with Shader Model 3 support, 256 MB video memory
    • DirectX 版本: 9.0c
    • 网络: 宽带互联网连接
    • 声卡: DirectSound-compatible sound device
    • 附注事项: Internet connection is required to play.
    • 操作系统: Windows 7
    • 处理器: 2Ghz Dual-Core CPU
    • 内存: 2 GB RAM
    • 图形: Graphics Card with Shader Model 3 support, 512 MB video memory
    • DirectX 版本: 9.0c
    • 网络: 宽带互联网连接
    • 声卡: DirectSound-compatible sound device
    • 附注事项: Internet connection is required to play.
    • 操作系统: OS X version Lion 10.7, or later.
    • 处理器: 1.3 GHz Intel CPU
    • 内存: 2 GB RAM
    • 图形: Open GL 2.1 / Shader Model 3 capable graphics card with 256 MB video RAM
    • 网络: 宽带互联网连接
    • 附注事项: Internet connection is required to play.
    • 网络: 宽带互联网连接
    • 附注事项: Internet connection is required to play.
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32.4 小时(记录在案的)
This should not be for sale anymore. They took the first game and added a lot of the DLC. That was nice. They also updated the textures. That was nice too. They they ruined the leveling, the multiplayer and just about everything else. Also made it so you have to create another account an top of all the accounts you already have. And now it's abandon. Also if you like to use a controller only vs ASWD you'll really need to use a mouse at times. Some people will say that you can just use the R stick. But it's to "laggy".
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12.2 小时(记录在案的)
Imagine a really good game, with a new re-release coming out, and it looks promising! Then once it came out, really sucked, and it wasn't fun. Thats what this game is. If you wanna get Dungeon Defenders, get the first one. Not this.
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23.0 小时(记录在案的)
This game is a version of Dungeon Defenders where everything has been nerfed, taking away a lot of the fun.
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329.1 小时(记录在案的)
Game is dead. No not buy.
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44.3 小时(记录在案的)
that game was great but studio destroy it ....
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