The peaceful Realm of Dreams is about to be consumed by a terrible and maleficent nightmare. You must venture into the darkness and battle fearsome literary foes such as Hyde, the Headless Horseman and Dracula. Join Lily on a sugar-coated adventure about inner strength with a dark interior.
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Data di rilascio: 16 mag 2014
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14 novembre

Prequel "Whisper of a Rose" Now Released!

I'm excited to announce that the prequel "Whisper of a Rose" is NOW available on Steam! ːwoarroseː Owners of Sweet Lily Dreams get a 25% discount!

Get it here!

Melrose is trapped in a life of hardship. She can find no one who understands her. To cope with her sorrow, Melrose turns to her imagination. Sadly, dreams must end... But not today. Melrose is about to meet her godmother and discover that the land in her dreams is real and in trouble.

This game features:

  • Over 40 magical lands in an open world
  • 25+ hours of story-driven adventure
  • Summon dream creatures and craft items
  • 45 beautiful original music tracks
  • Numerous side-quests, secrets and puzzles
  • Loveable, unique characters
  • Customizable skills

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6 novembre

New Update & Prequel Release!

Hey there! Today we've launched the highly anticipated update for Sweet Lily Dreams that includes changes suggested by you -- the fans.

Prequel Release: Whisper of a Rose
We're also very excited to announce that in a mere week -- on November the 14th, we are releasing the game's prequel here on Steam: Whisper of a Rose! Everyone who already owns Sweet Lily Dreams is eligible for a discount with purchasing this new game. More details will be posted soon!

Here are all the changes implemented in Sweet Lily Dreams' update:

- Overall decrease of difficulty by 10% (excluding 'Hard' difficulty).
- Decreased enemy's overall agility & evasion by 20%.
- 'Blind' state wears off 80% after 2 turns, instead of the previous 50%.
- All allies have 20% more resistance to 'Blind' and 'Freeze'.
- Sequence breaking London Mansion fixed.
- Banshee's Mass Freeze moved from 4th to the 5th turn.
- Lily now has state protection based on her current dress (e.g. Blind resistance while wearing Thunder dress).
- Fixed a case where having more than the maximum allowed elemental furniture energy would cancel the bonus.
- Added 10 Fire, Water, Thunder and Cold Shards in chests to the Asurean Ruins to allow for early magic scroll crafting.
- "Cyberphobius" from the Hypercubex level now has a 50% chance to Defend instead of using Blind.
- Alt+Enter, Alt+Tab and Alt+F4 enabled.
- German document updated.

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“An absolutely wonderful game with graphics far better than recent RPGs.”
5/5 – Casual Game Guides

“A mesmerizing journey through a fairy tale-inspired world of horrors that you will not soon forget.”
81/100 – RPGFan

“Adding refreshing variety to the genre, this rose-tinted fairy tale is well worth playing.”
74/100 – Indie Game Magazine

Riguardo questo gioco

Prequel: Whisper of a Rose

The peaceful Realm of Dreams is about to be consumed by a dark and terrible nightmare. You must venture into the darkness and battle fearsome literary foes such as Hyde, the Headless Horseman and Dracula. Are you brave enough to face the most maleficent recesses of the human imagination? Join Lily on a sugar-coated adventure about inner strength and trust with a dark interior.

Sweet Lily Dreams is an epic RPG with a cute surface and dark, adult themes on the inside. Lily, along with her comrades Faith (a dog) and Curly Trick (a cat), journey into the Realm of Dreams and end up at the center of the battle between good and evil. All is not as it seems and sweet Lily is about to learn that books are safer than reality, that trust is not to be given lightly, and that good does not always triumph.

"What comes immediately to mind as a summation of the story's concept is the characters from preschool sing-along videos being thrown into Middle Earth and asked to defeat Lord Sauron by way of the horror shelf of your local DVD rental store."
- Indie Game Magazine

  • Explore a massive world of classic tales, folklore and dreams.
  • Numerous enemies to fight in fast-paced, turn-based battles.
  • Dozens of exciting Steam Achievements!
  • Craft magic, furniture and items of power.
  • Solve puzzles and play optional mini-games.
  • Build and furnish your own house!
  • Travel with a party of loveable and unforgettable characters.
  • Discover hidden caves of treasure.
  • Customizable mouse and keyboard controls.
  • Try to collect all coins and accessories in the game!
  • Get carried away by a beautiful soundtrack and atmosphere unique to each dream world.

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Requisiti di sistema

    • OS: Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7 (32 bit or 64 bit)
    • Processor: Intel® Pentium® 4 2.0 GHz equivalent or faster processor
    • Memory: 256 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 1024x768 or better video resolution in High Color mode
    • Hard Drive: 250 MB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectSound-compatible sound card
    • Additional Notes: 1024 x 768 pixels or higher desktop resolution
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Pubblicata: 7 novembre
Non fatevi trarre in inganno dal nome o dai personaggi che vedete negli screenshot, non è un gioco per bambini, questo è un signor RPG!
La trama è interessante (anche se si perde un po' su finale) con personaggi e riferimenti a diversi libri, film e videogames (alcuni nascosti come quelli a Portal o alla guida galattica per autostoppisti), le missioni non sono sempre identiche e spesso non prevedono solo una sequenza di scontri fino al boss di fine livello e il sistema di crafting è interessante. Unica pecca il sistema di combattimento che alla lunga diventa un po' noioso ma tutto il resto sopperisce a questa carenza...
Da provare.
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Pubblicata: 12 novembre
I had a good time playing this game.

+ Interesting concept seted mostly in a fantasy dream/nightmare world including refers to popular books,fairytails,films.
+ Good story.
+ Enjoyable gameplay.
+ Interesting and scary or cute graphics depending on which dream world u are every time.
+ You take a home which u customize as u wish and depending to ur furniture and home stuff u gain bonuses on gameplay.
+ Steam achievements for those who like farming achievements.
+ The game is not sort as other RPGmaker games.
+ Today: 12-11-14. Before about 2 days the game was updated in order to give us more balanced battles as many players asked the developer and she balanced it better. And i appreciate when developers interact with the community.

- Some RPGmaker stuff that connot completely be changed. Like the use of some keyboard buttons (don't imagine horrible things i'm just saying)
- Sometimes the game feels unbalanced but as i told before the game was recently updated and i killed the last boss. It's more balanced now u won't have any problem in normal difficulty.
- Well this game isn't for ur little daughter because the graphics are kind of cute. It shows the bad side of our world with half-hidden half-clear messages. (This is not really a con i just make it clear that this game isnt refering to kids).
- It costs 15 euro. The price isn't crazy cause the game isn't short but still u can buy it on discount, which i recommend.
- The game has not replay ability (about story) except if u want to farm all the achievements. Ur choise.
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Pubblicata: 4 novembre

colorfu RPG with depressing undertones (because we dont have enough of these) that throws most tropes out the window

A Devient Artist's Fursona
Tim Burton Cat
and Shrek

Through the land of dreams
and Cheap ♥♥♥ battles with far too much relience on rare drops for crafting

Explore worlds of so many undetones
And play Puzzles that were literally designed unbeatable

Decorate your house for bonuses and added stats
And get F***ed over at the begining if you chose the lightning weapon

Play on any of 3 modes:
Easy, which is actually a good base difficulty
Normal, which is far too challenging for normal
and Hard, for people who enjoyed getting their ♥♥♥ f***ed by darksouls

This review was totally not a rip-off of honest trailers.
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Pubblicata: 29 ottobre
(+) Pro: L'originalità del concept, l'ost.

(-) Contro: Non si capisce bene il target a cui è riferito; sembra un gioco per bambini ma non lo è. I limiti di RPG maker non permettono di apprezzarlo al meglio sia a livello grafico che per i controlli.

Recensione Trama: Il gioco inizia quando una ragazzina/bambina di nome Lily si addormenta e comincia a sognare. La trama si svolgerà interamente nel mondo dei sogni, dove Lily incontrerà gli "illuminati", delle creature che risiedono a Rosaria (la capitale del mondo dei sogni) e che hanno il compito di sconfiggere il "phobius", che sarebbero delle creature malvage che infestano i sogni delle persone. I veri protagonisti della storia sono gli illuminati che accompagnano lily nel mondo dei sogni: sono Faith, Curly e Muggles, rispettivamente una cagna, una gatta ed un pupazzo a forma di albero. Durante il gioco scopriremo di più su chi è lily e sul perchè è rimasta nel dreamworld, sul passato degli illuminati (e di come sono stati creati) e soprattutto su chi e come controlla il phobius. Nonostante un paio di momenti "morti" la trama si rivela parecchio avvincente.

Recensione Gameplay: Quello classicissimo dell'epoca 16-32 bit, i combattimenti sono a turni e i nemici, che appaiono sulla mappa, sono evitabili ma se passate nelle loro vicinanze vi inseguiranno. I combattimenti sono abbastanza impegnativi ma niente di impossibile (ho avuto bisogno di grindare 2 livelli solo per l'ultimo boss). I diversi dungeon sono relativamente brevi ma presentano dei puzzle impegnativi (o almeno impegnativi per me che odio i puzzle) che vi potranno far sudare più del previsto. E' presente inoltre un sistema di crafting che vi permetterà di creare magie (scrolls) e arredare la vostra casa a Rosaria per ottenere bonus elementali. Il battle system gioca molto sugli elementi e conoscere in anticipo le debolezze del nemico vi darà un grosso vantaggio in battaglia.

Recensione Audiovideo: La grafica è bidimensionale come quella degli jrpg dell'epoca ps1 e quasi non si nota che è stato programmato utilizzando rpgmaker, anche perchè utilizza sprites originali. Gli arwork sono molto carini, eccezion fatta per quello di Lily che è osceno e sembra disegnato da un bambino (forse è disegnato veramente da un bambino?). L'OST è sorprendentemente bella, già dal main theme si capisce l'elevata qualità delle composizioni.

Recensione Longevità: Molto buona, ci vogliono una 20ina di ore per completare la main quest poi aggiungetene un altro paio per le missioni secondarie. C'è anche un NG+ ma se siete come me lo rigiocherete molto difficilmente.

Voto e commento finale: 7,5. Una piacevole sorpresa, l'ho giocato solo perchè si trovava nell'humble bundle e non mi aspettavo di trovare un jrpg originale, abbastanza avvincente e artisticamente curato. Sarebbe davvero bello vedere un concept di questo tipo associato ad una produzione di alto livello... ma purtroppo spesso chi ha il pane non ha i denti e viceversa.
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Pubblicata: 23 novembre
Un gioco graficamente attraente ma che si perde totalmente nelle meccaniche ripetitive e frustranti dei combattimenti. Ci sono cose interessanti ma sembrano non troppo approfondite nel gameplay come per esempio il crafting.
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Pubblicata: 2 giugno
At first glance, Sweet Lily Dreams appears to be cute and sweet so one would think that the story would be pretty tame. However, as you delve further into the game, you find out that first appearances are not what they appear. Sweet Lily Dreams (SLD) tells the story of a girl named Lily who somehow ends up away from her dream and enters the dream world city known as Rosaria. She meets up with Faith and Curly-the former of whom is actually the main protagonist-and later with Muggles. Together, the four of them set off to enter the various dream worlds to eradicate phobius-the evil dream creatures-and basically to cleanse the dream worlds of evil. The dream worlds are based on popular stories so Lily, having come from the real world, will be quite knowledgeable about them. Basically, the story itself is about finding The Writer, who's causing all of these dream worlds to be thrown off balance but once he's found, the question pops up on whether he's really evil or if there's something else motivating his actions. And what is Faith's relationship to The Writer? That's the basic gist of the story.

SLD uses an old school RPG turn-based battle system so the player has to strategically determine how to attack the various phobius that are encountered. This is the main gameplay of SLD. Three of the four playable characters do learn spells upon levelling up in the early levels of the game although to learn the majority of spells, the player has to make use of the crafting feature. I like this feature quite a lot. The player can find the items for crafting in chests, on the ground, or as rewards from battling phobius as well as buy the required items. The types of spells that the player can craft are elemental, healing, and defensive. The battles themselves require quite a bit of strategy. Of course, it's important to have restorative items and such but in terms of spells, the kind of spell the player uses on a phobius can greatly affect how challenging the battle will be. For instance, a phobius that uses fire-based spells is weak against a party member that uses ice-based spells so having this knowledge can make all the difference in how the player can approach battles.

In addition to the above, there are a couple of features that made SLD unique from other RPGs. First, Lily is a customizable character in that she can be equipped with an elemental power and a defensive dress from the start. More elemental powers and dresses can be bought later in the Points Extravaganza shop in Rosaria. The items that can be purchased in this shop can turn out to be advantageous when they are placed in Lily's house. (Yes, Lily does get her own house in Rosaria!) Depending on the majority of items that are bought (most of the items represent an elemental power), they can give the party a boost such as raising defense, increasing attack power during battles, etc.

In regards to the art, it's quite beautiful and it wouldn't be obvious at first glance that SLD was made with RPG Maker. A lot of games made with such an engine tend to look aesthetically boring since the same sprites, map tiles, etc., tend to be used over and over. However, this isn't the case here. There was a lot of customization done on SLD, which clearly reflects how much hard work was put into making it a great game.

I could go on about the other aspects that I loved but I think I covered the most important points. Overall, I really liked SLD and the features and quests (both main and side) kept me engaged for hours. I almost forgot to mention this but once you finish the game, there is incentive to going back and playing it again. Once you've completed the game once, it will start on a New Dream+ mode which allows you to have access to special items and such that weren't available during your first playthrough.

So if you're a fan of RPGs, I highly recommend trying out SLD. Or even if you're new to RPGs, SLD is a good introduction to what they're like and how much fun they can be. ^^
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Pubblicata: 23 luglio
Not actually a yuri game. 0/10

Seriously, though, this game has a few things going for it, like being a lot prettier than is typical for an RPG Maker game, with very well-designed maps, neat character spites, interesting (if a fairly limited variety of) monsters, and also fairly good background music, even if one of the themes really sounds way too much like a Final Fantasy song.

Unfortunately, that's where the good parts of the game ended for me, so this will be a thumbs-down. A lot of the systems (like the skill crafting) aren't very well thought-out and either incentivize grinding for fairly uncommon drops just to have basic attack spells, or feeling like you barely even have the basics for most of the game. Meanwhile, you'll barely have enough money to heal yourself in town or craft (a mere 10-12 MO each) potions at the start of the game, but shortly after that you'll never have anything to spend money on again.

There's also an interesting variety of minigame sidequests, but they're dragged down by the alchemy minigame, which is the worst thing ever and something you have to complete 23 times in order to complete the sidequest for it. Also, unfortunately, the designer didn't code sanity checks into either the alchemy minigame or the sliding block puzzle minigame, and both of them can randomly be in unwinnable configurations - not a good thing, especially for the sliding block puzzle, which can take a lot of effort to determine that it's unwinnable.

The difficulty I'm kind of mixed on. Easy is fairly steamroll-everything easy (though people on the forums seem to think it's not that easy), while Hard is pretty extreme. Unfortunately, while I was having fun with Hard early on, my fun was dragged down by my difficulties with the skill system and the game not really having many different approaches I can take to any given challenge, eventually leading me to reduce it to Easy at the end of the Russian Forest because I was forced into only using 1 and 2 characters without much warning.

The story is ... also kind of a minus. While the setting is fairly interesting, it felt like nonsense (and/or BUY MY OTHER GAMES) early on, and never really cohered into something I fully cared about, but instead just an excerpt from a larger story with dubious relevance. Then the last dungeon took an abrupt turn into darker and edgier with the villain's backstory, and then the ending was... more or less a diabolus ex machina that left absolutely everything unresolved. Blah.

So yeah, thumbs down. But whoever did the art and map design should definitely do it for a better-designed game. Or the designer should get better at designing systems for his next game! One of the two.
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Pubblicata: 29 agosto
Sweet Lily Dreams is a JRPG that is highly influenced by popular stories, and wears those in its sleeves. Quite literally.
The game's focus is clearly its universe and story, but it tries to tie the RPG mechanics into it without really understanding them... and so the "game" part ends up dragging for way too long, and had me lose interest in the story completely, about 15 hours in.
I still finished it, but while the very last mission was better than the others, it still wasn't great, and definitely not worth it.

The game has a few cool ideas, but it's far too ambitious for what it ends up doing, and feels like a mess the whole way through.
RPGMaker games get a bad reputation, and it's totally understandable! I'm pretty sick of playing these games on a small resolution because the engine can't handle any better. And yet, this is sold for 15€. No.
I could overlook the technical issues, if the game had good mechanics, but this is one just has a unique artstyle, with a fairly uninspired story (in my opinion).

There's A LOT wrong with this, and I can't write about everything, but I'll sum it up the best I can.

So, presentation.
RPGMaker problems aside, it's not bad.
While the UI is a bit generic, the actual game's resources are mostly unique, and certainly gives Sweet Lily Dreams a headstart when compared to its competitors.
It has a very twisted fairy-tale feel to it, and it works well!
The combat animations and particle effects were very simple and limited, but it didn't really matter to me.
It's good, but nothing spectacular.

The music felt a bit incoherent, to me. While it wasn't bad, it sounded very generic, and I don't feel it complemented the artstyle in any way. Take it or leave it. Personally, I didn't care for it, and I'm one to appreciate video game music, most of the time.

Before going into the mechanics, I'll talk about how the story plays out.
Essentially, you play as Lily, and you're trapped in a dream world. In this world, there are forces fighting that behave almost like secret corporations/cults... it feels out of place, and there's very little insight into them. While the game throws a bit of moral gray into this conflict, it never develops it.
There are hints between who's right and wrong, but it's pointless. You never explore either sides very much, character progression was very shallow, and the player had no hand on it. I saw a few opportunities for moral choices, but no. It's as linear as it gets. And it's not that well written.

So, other than that, you'll go from mission to mission, with a few party members, to prove your worth, and later fight the main antagonist. Each mission is from someone's dream. Or story. These stories are drawn from literature, comic books, etc.
I'm not sure how I feel about this. In a way, I like when games/series do this. But it felt very arbitrary in this game. The missions had absolutely no connection to each other, and ended up feeling like an excuse for not writing original stories.
(You know, some futuristic animes discuss some classic sci-fi concepts and problems, and reference books/movies for their origins, or other perspectives. This game, however, references them for the sake of it. Personally, I have no interest to look into those stories because of the game.)
Besides, it can alienate some people, if they've never heard of those stories. The game gives very little context to them, expecting you to have the same past as the developers to enjoy it...

Honestly, I don't think it's very good. Many people seem to disagree with me, so I may be in the wrong.
But personally, the game felt like it wanted to have some idealism behind it, but didn't go the whole forward.

So... so far, nothing very good. And with the combat and puzzles, things only get worse.

First, the combat. In the first half hour of the game, you have only one character, with one basic attack. This means that you'll spend half an hour spamming the basic attack, while learning absolutely nothing abou the mechanics.
Then, you gain a skill! But... it's just a physical attack, slightly stronger than the basic one. It's adds nothing to the game.

You get the drill... It's pretty tedious. The game doesn't really give you a wide array of tools to experiment with. It's all so primitive...
There are 4 elements that counter each other. However, there's no visual indication of which type your enemies are, which means that you'll have to use every elements until you figure out what the best tactic is. Simple trial and error. That's the first problem.
Then, every elements behaves exactly the same, with the exception of the ailments. Each element has one, which could provide some more strategy. There damage over time (Poison-Water), Blind(Miss chance - Thunder), Burn (Silence-Fire) and Freeze(Cold). These could be cool... but turns out that all the bosses are immune to these. And the normals enemies die fast enough that you don't need to use them. So, the only defining trait of each elements is utterly useless. Big problem for me.

So yeah. The combat gets very repetitive. It's just trying to figure out each enemy's weakness, and then use the most powerful attack you've got.
There's also very little sinergy between the party members, it's limited to physical/magic defense for the party, and a very, very weak healing ability.

The loot is limited to crafting materials for both spells and furniture. (more on furniture later)
Equipment is just one acessory per character, and will boost one stat. That's all. You main character can have a Weapon (elemental attack) and a Dress(elemental defense). Even these two were badly implemented!
You choose your weapon and dress at the beginning of the game. It's the first thing you do. With absolutely NO CONTEXT for what these you, you're given a choice... It makes no sense. You can buy the other elements later from a story, but there's no point anyway, and you won't be able to in the start of the game.

On a segway, do not choose Thunder. The first 2 missions contain enemies and bosses that are immune to this elements, which means that one of your characters will be useless for the first couple of hours. Really smart way of doing things.


I'm sorry for being overly negative, but it seems that I've stumbled across a major design flaw in every single step of the way.
I'm not purposely trying to make the game look bad, but I can't see almost no redeeming values!

There's also an optional puzzle elements to the game, needed only for sidequests. But guess what... Yeah, it's not very good.
Each level has a different type of puzzles to solve (it can be a pipe-puzzle, and slide-puzzle, etc. etc.) These could have been cool, but they're just... there. And they usually stretch out for way too long, and go from being a change of pace to a shore.
Also, since this is not a puzzle game, it doesn't slowly teach you, gradually increasing difficulty. Either you're familiar with these puzzle and solve them easily, or you're not. It's feels out of place.

I don't think there much else to say. The game also feels completely unbalanced. I was playing on Hard Mode fairly okay. Then, due to the limited elemental spells (which you'll take a long time until you learn), I reach a point where it was impossible for me to win. The enemies could Blind and Freeze me, and half of my characters were powerless. It was literally impossible, until I lowered to Normal.
Another balance issue, is regarding money. At the start of the game, you'll barely have money for potions. By the end, you'll have a lot of money, but the potions don't heal you enough to be useful in battle.
It's just... I don't know.
I don't know who balanced the game, honestly. It's just not good. At all.

No more words for furniture (sorry for the rant). But just know that it was a bad replacement for equipment. Sorry, I didn't enjoy this game at all, and definitely not recommend it.
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Pubblicata: 1 giugno
Another real cute Old School RPG ! If you like games like Skyborn and a few others made with RPG Maker then you will love this game! Its very nice! It has very whimsical art style of that of a children's book and a very good sound track and a good story and puzzles .The controls are a bit off but just use the app that comes with your controller and config it,real easy fix! I say give this one a go if you like old school RPGs!!
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Pubblicata: 3 luglio
This is going to be a mixed review. I got this game off of a recent Humble Bundle. To tell you the truth, it didn't look that interesting. I finally got tired of it sitting in my library so I decided to pick it up.

The main character of the story is named Lily. She is tucked to bed my ber mother and she asks, "When will daddy be home?" The mother replies, "He will be working late tonight, but you can see him tomorrow." Lily says, "Then I don't want to go to sleep." The mother thinks for a moment and replies, "Then you can see your father in your dreams." The main game takes place within Lily's dreams, and the three main characters are Lily, a talking dog, and a talking cat.

Exploration mechanics could be tweaked a bit to make it more sturdy, but they are fine.

Battle mechanics are pretty basic for a RPG game. Simple attack, skills, items, defend, and run options are available in battle.

Overall, this game was clearly intended for 10 year old children. I would recommend getting this for you daughter, but not for yourself.
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Pubblicata: 7 giugno
I do feel like this game is a well made game, especially for an RPG Maker game. It does take a classy route whilst' still keeping it fresh and fun to play. The puzzles are a bit complex and annoying sometimes but most of the time you come into realization and beat them in less then five minutes.

Over all it's a fantastic RPG that I will deffinately continue to play and it may be something I don't just toss back, I feel the need to play some of the older games in my Steam Library because I have so many and I don't play a lot of them.
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Pubblicata: 29 giugno
Charming and a lot of fun to play. The variety of the mini-games and puzzles keep things from getting boring, challenging you to stay on your toes. Can't wait to see how it all ends! Would love to see more from this developer!
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Pubblicata: 12 giugno
You know, at first this looked dumb to me. But a friend gifted it to me in a humble bundle, so I felt obligated to play it. Thank God I did. The game's intro reminds me a little too much of Kingdom Hearts, but the graphics are well done, the music is well done, and a lot of thought clearly went into everything. I was very glad to see that they didn't stick with the generic RPG maker battle system. I'm really tired of encountering those, and this was a breath of fresh air.
I don't want to spoil anything for anyone, but I'll try and point out a few of the flaws in the game. The battle system is nice, but I think it'd look nicer if it didn't use characters overworld sprites. A lot of NPCs have super flat characters. I know they're NPCs and all, but I really don't care about them. They may as well have been anybody.
Overall, the game's pretty good, although I would go so far as to say VERY good for an RPG maker game. If you're playing To the Moon but want a little more combat, I would recommend you try this.
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Pubblicata: 17 luglio
This has got to be one of the worst games I've ever played. The storyline is probably fine, but one would never know, because the combat system is absolute garbage. The game starts off with you having one character, lvl 1, and the rate of evade way to high on monsters. My third fight consisted of the enemy evading me 19 times ina row, before I could hit and kill it.

To make matters worse, when you do get a party, it only makes you more frustrated. The main character DOES NOTHING. First real fights, and she hits for 0, has no skills, and is just there to be punched int he face. Even lvling her up does nothing. add to that fighting monsters that add blind automatically twice each turn, and you get an entire party that can't hit ANYTHING.

Literally fighting 2 monsters, that do nothing but blind, no damage, and I can't hit them. After AN HOUR AND A HALF IN ONE BATTLE, UNABLE TO DO ANYTHING, I had to force the game to close, and realize I had been ripped off.

Paying money for such a bad, bad game makes me feel bad, and the creators should feel bad for ripping people off of money. No one should ever get this game. You've been warned.
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Pubblicata: 28 luglio
I have not enjoyed this game so far. It lacks in a lot of areas including graphics, strategy, and story.

This game would be a good choice for young kids without much rpg experience, but the interface is a bit clumsy.
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Pubblicata: 25 settembre
do not pay $15 for this game

combat itself sucks unless you plan to grind for basic skills that only make it marginally more bearable, spent two hours and two bosses just mashing attack and healing because there's nothing else to do unless you grind like i said but grinding is dumb and the end result isnt even that good. difficulty comes in the form of bosses face♥♥♥♥ing you when they please with an overpowered all hit move. imagine SMT difficulty only way worse and for the wrong reasons


puzzles sucks, either they're easy enough for a baby or too difficult to the point WHERE THEY ACTUALLY LET YOU SKIP THE HARD ONES IF YOU PAY UP

there is also extremely blatant plagiarism which I do not think the responsible authorities have been noted of yet and it's that the trickmaster from kingdom hearts 1 was placed into this game with only the shoulder pads not having the black trim and the room its in is literally called the trickmaster's room. if plagiarising it was not disrespectful enough, it was also used only for baby memory puzzle game that only people with ADHD or literal babies could fail

if you need a god damn $15 RPG then this is not the one, go buy preowned strange journey or something
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Pubblicata: 3 giugno
Its an interesting game. Kind of slow at the star but fun.
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This game has great soundtracks, i liked the fun puzzles, game play settings and the interesting plot, but most of all, I loved the adorable look to the characters.

Only thing I dislike is how extremely difficulty some puzzles and mini-games will become and by that point will apparently prevent game progression.
Overall i found this game very addicting and only wished I could've found more tips on solving maps and puzzles which are difficult sometimes...
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Pubblicata: 1 luglio
I feel like this hits a niche audience. I am not apart of that audience.
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Pubblicata: 13 luglio
Blehhh. It's an RPGmaker that really doesn't have anything going for it - music, story, writing, graphics and gameplay are all very sub-par. Skip it.
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