An ancient power lies hidden, deep within Coldfire Keep, threatening the peaceful town of Newsettle. Now four friends must take it upon themselves to become heroes, and venture into the depths on a quest to secure their town's future.
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Data de lançamento: 9/mai/2014

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“There are some rough edges, but in most of the ways that matter, this is a game that gets it right.”
4/5 – GameZebo

“Every moment I've spent with Coldfire Keep has been a combination of tension, bewilderment, wall-punching fury, and unadulterated satisfaction.”
8/10 – Pocket Gamer UK

“...does a decent job of recreating the basics of the classic genre with a large world that kept me wanting to return, explore, and conquer.”
3/5 – TouchArcade

Sobre este jogo

An ancient power lies hidden, deep within Coldfire Keep, threatening the peaceful town of Newsettle.

Now four friends must take it upon themselves to become heroes, and venture into the depths on a quest to secure their town's future.

Coldfire Keep is a traditional, old-school dungeon crawler, lovingly hand-crafted for fans of the genre. Featuring grid-based movement, and active turn-based combat, Coldfire Keep draws inspiration from classic late 80's and early 90's dungeon crawling adventures.

  • Gorgeous 3D environments.
  • A massive dungeon to explore.
  • Monsters, loot, puzzles, and hidden secrets!
  • Multiple control methods.

Requisitos de sistema

Mac OS X
    • SO: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8 (all 32/64 bit versions)
    • Processador: Intel Core 2 Duo E7300 @ 2.6 GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+ @ 2.7 GHz
    • Memória: 2 GB de RAM
    • Placa de vídeo: nVidia GeForce 8800GT or AMD Radeon HD3870 (512MB VRAM with Shader Model 4.0 or higher)
    • DirectX: Versão 9.0c
    • Armazenamento: 500 MB de espaço disponível
    • Placa de som: DirectX 9.0c Compatible Sound Card with Latest Drivers
    • SO: Mac OS X Lion 10.7.3
    • Processador: Intel Core i3 @ 3.2 GHz
    • Memória: 2 GB de RAM
    • Placa de vídeo: Radeon HD5670
    • Armazenamento: 500 MB de espaço disponível
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Publicada: 10 de maio de 2014
TL:DR - See FINAL VERDICT at the bottom.

Ok, after playing for a bit. My impression is this is a "dungeon crawl (beyond incredibly) lite" for mobile.

It is not for a hardcore RPGer. It is definitely not for a PC gamer who is expecting the depth (whether story or mechanics) that comes from real PC RPGs.

IF I played games on my phone (and I dont- I'm VERY anti mobile game, esp those ported to PC - See thread "i hope this is as good as it sounds" for why), and IF I was looking for an RPG to while away some time on the train or whatever, It'd be ok for that.

Definitely not a "suck away an entire weekend in dungeon crawling bliss" game though.

Ok for starters, yeah. The textures are really uninspired basic texture packs as Gwion noticed and Angelo pointed out. You could probably find the exact same pack on the web for purchase with a few words on google.

The story is...Meh. Thats not really surprising. The dungeon crawl genre isnt known for its stories, but for its intricate dungeons full of monsters and traps.

Yes theres 2 NPCS Ive met so far, an "innkeeper and a "shop". The story of why theyre there is beyond weak. And as far as I can tell, you cant buy or sell anything but arrows, rations, and fishing gear at the shop. Why even have a shop? Why not an arrow and rations vending machine?

It would have been served better to just have very little story, as Dungeon Master and LoG did. Just a "a big evil dungeon and you have to defeat the big evil at the end of it". That worked for the old games.

But in this one, your characters actually talk to each other sometimes. And the writing is bland and not really worth being there. The screenshots are misleading, as they show the charcaters talking to an NPC and each other.

The NPCs are dispensers, the writing of the charcater's speech sounds like it was written by a junior high schooler. NOT needed.

The thing that gets me more than anything is beyond a few screens of basic instruction (that any RPGer pretty much knows automatically) there is NO ingame helpfiles. NO tutorial, no nothing. And the ones you do get are impossible to look at once they're gone.

So you get basic self explanatory introduction (Minus what the "gestures" are - I still cant figure out how to strafe and it was only through experimentation that I figured out how to work them at all), and NOTHING about unique aspects of the game that you need to know.

Like for instance in the character screen there is a yellow bar next to my health. Whats that? Experience? Fatigue? Food? No idea. Suppose Ive got to fiddle around with it till I figure it out.

I'm all for not hand holding, but this game doesnt even tell you basic stuff you need to know.

That and theres no options screen. So I hope the resolution, graphics, keymap and sounds are to your liking. Cuz you CANT CHANGE THEM.

That might be OK for mobile, but on a PC it is an absolute necessity. Not everyone has the same configuration. Not everyone has hands that can use a keyboard to steer. (I have partial paralysis.)

The "gestures" are a good thing. I really like that as an alternate movement. But theres no tutorial of what to do to work them! It took an "aha" moment and 10 minutes of experimentation to figure out why my mouseclicks were spinning the PCs around.

So, in summary. This is a PC port of a mobile dungeon crawler. For mobile games that Ive seem, its pretty good. By the standards of the PC, no.

Go play Legend of Grimrock or even the old Dungeon Master. If you like dungeon crawls and have an iWhatever, get this game on there. Then you can while away time in the waiting room or on the bus.

But I'd recommend actually playing real dungeon crawlers on the PC.


Uninspired, run of the mill mobile dungeon crawler with non unique textures. Will not in any way shape or form impress a PC RPGer, but its worth poking at a bit if its on sale for $2 and youre really really hard up for a dungeon crawler. Way overpriced here though.

The lack of any sort of re-readable helpfiles, and not giving basic information about the game's mechanics really sucks. That and THERE IS NO OPTION MENU. That might fly on mobile. Not here.

If you have an iThing and want a dungeon crawl to waste time while waiting for the bus or whatever, get it on there. Its ok by the standards of mobile. Not by the standards of the PC.
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Publicada: 9 de maio de 2014
So little is explained here. If you think that you want a low rent version of don't. Just go play Grimrock.
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Publicada: 10 de maio de 2014
Introduction story is poor and its gets worse from then on. The game mechanics are sluggish and not intuative. I'm old enough to remember this style of game in its heyday and it doesn't do them justice at all.
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Publicada: 29 de setembro de 2014
I for my part enjoy this game. It's like some sort of a casual "Dungeon Master".

Ok there really isn't much depth to it but then again, I don't always want the depth of an epic game like "Dungeon Master" or "Eye of the Beholder". Sometimes this depth is just overhelming. This one here is easy to pick up and easy to lay away to play on later. It's fun. Really. Just don't expect it to be epic.

Apparently I find the graphics quite enjoyable and the sound is athmospheric enough for such a kind of a game. It all suits my taste really well. I like the spoken intro too. The voice over is professionally done, sounding good and clearly understandable. The game even has some nice touches (like eastereggs) to it, for e.g. the disk scratching sound when you're saving your game just like in good old Amiga days when playing from floppies. That's cool!

Gameplay wise it's a classic Dungeon Crawler through and through and there is everything in it you would expect from such a game: keys, doors, switches, levers, monsters, mazes, riddles, loot ...

I must say it can't compete with the classics in any regards except the updated dungeon graphics but I think that wasn't the intention when creating this game either so rating it in it's own regards I can easily recommend it.

There are only one or two little letdowns for me in this game:

1. The fighting is too slow. I guess this comes from being a mobile port. In this game here it's not possible to walk in a backward circle around strong enemies hitting them from the side while evading their attacks. (I think classic Dungeon Crawler players know what I mean ... ;). In fact it is somewhat possible but too unreliable and waaay to slow, it gets boring to do it but it's not necessary either because your magic characters have literally unlimited mp so you just stand still in front of the enemy and heal your party all the time. Not nice but it works. Only I liked the more action oriented version from classic games more.

2. Speaking of fighting: Daggers can't be thrown, either can't arrows - you need a bow to be able to shoot the arrows. Again the fact that the party as a whole is using arrows from the same pool makes the game even more casual. No micromanagement here. And I think you can't sell items, and probalby there will ever be three items to buy in the shop the whole game through ... You could see this all as a positive though as it makes the game more casual ...

As I said before this game can't compete with the classics (my personal favourite still being the underrated and mostly forgotten "Black Crypt" for Amiga) but that's okay for me ...

Maybe it should be priced a little lower, like 4,99 €, but when it's on discount and you're looking for a nice snack of oldschool dungeon crawling you can get quite a lot of fun out of it. If you did like games like this in the old days chances are high this game here sends you right down memory lane. And it does it in a nice and easy package.

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Publicada: 10 de maio de 2014
as others have said before me, not worth the price tag :-(

having grown up on clasics like, dungeon master series and eye of the beholder i was really hoping this would have improved on the clasics and have gamers once again trawling through dungoens.

sadly after playing this i think it would take a miricle to revive any sort of intrest in this type of game that Grimrock rekindled.

to also find out its a port from mobiles!! i think it should have stayed there!
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