NeonXSZ is a remarkably agile first-person spaceship shooter and exploration game with RPG-like loot and leveling. Offering both openworld freeform gameplay and tightly structured combat arenas, it's a single-player sandbox where the only limit is your imagination.
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Çıkış Tarihi: 22 Ağu 2014
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Neden Erken Erişim?

“NeonXSZ has been in full-time development for over three years and already offers 100+ hours of stable polished gameplay. With overwhelmingly positive reviews from the players, Early Access was an obvious choice and has already boosted development funds enough to ensure the game will be completed.”

Bu oyun ne kadar süre için Erken Erişim'de olacak?

“We expect all content to be finished before the end of May. Then it will be time for final spit and polish with an expected 1.0 release in fall 2015.”

Erken Erişim versiyonunun tam versiyonundan ne kadar farklı olması planlanıyor?

“NeonXSZ is nearly finished. At the time of writing there are only two content patches left before the game will be content complete and one of those is only a few weeks away from release. The game features 80 tech levels of equipment, ships, gadgets and enemies and the first 50 of these are now content complete. The final 30 are already fully playable but still need some additional content added.

So, the main difference between Early Access and final release will be additional late game content.”

Erken Erişim sürümünün şu anki durumu nedir?

“Alpha testing began in April 2013. The game was fully playable, essentially bug free and solid across all three platforms when it was released as part of Desura's alpha funding initiative back in Sept 2013. A year later and the game is balanced, feature rich, and ready for Steam.”

Erken Erişim sırasında ve sonrasında oyunun fiyatı değişecek mi?

“Yes. The final price for the game is expected to be $25. NeonXSZ is already an enormous game and will only get bigger. The price of the game will increase slowly as major content updates are released. We believe that early adopters should be rewarded with a lower price.”

Topluluğu, geliştirme sürecine nasıl dahil etmeyi düşünüyorsunuz?

“The community has already been a huge part of NeonXSZ's development. The game wouldn't be where it is today without listening to and responding to the feedback from thousands of players. We will continue to take on board all feedback to help improve the game during Early Access.”
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"NeonXSZ is an excellent slice of space combat, that takes the Descent formula and adds so much more."
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13 Mart

Build 0.9 Patch Notes

The major March 2015 content patch is now live. Click to see full patch notes.

For a more detailed overview of the new patch (with screenshots and gifs) you can see the patch preview announcement HERE

New Content:
  • 3 New Hulls - 1 Corvette, 1 Frigate, 1 Missile Fighter
  • 4 Totally new arenas in station 6.
  • 2 New Gadget Types- Black Hole & Upgrade Anywhere
  • 2 New Upgrades Types - Retribution & Code Analyser

Main Features:
  • Leveling Speeds Reworked : Significantly increased loot drop sizes. Higher uranium drops in the early game.
  • Squadron Tech Overhaul : Ships form into larger more dangerous sqaudrons with improved team AI.
  • Target Direction Indicator : A new HUD element around your crosshairs to point towards your current target.
  • Improved Arena Labels : Arenas are now marked with recommended levels and the loot rewards that they offer.
  • New Audio Options : The audio menu now allows you to disable various types of voice messages from Betty.

Miscellaneous Updates and Changes
  • New Targetting HUD help menu topic
  • Fixed issue that cutoff bottom rows from Key Config panel.
  • Fixed inconsistency in the version numbering of some upgrades.
  • Flak Cannon damage reduced by 15% - Spread increased slightly to be less powerful at long range.
  • Rail Gun damage increased by 20%.
  • New progress bar add to Game Initialization panel.
  • New HUD element added. LETHAL, DANGEROUS, and FRIEND added to the targeting HUD while below level 2.
  • Overdrive now works when combined with all strafe keys.
  • Fixed incorrect cockpit label when disarmer missiles were installed.
  • The Energy Storage slot is now automatically selected when changing hulls rather than requesting the player to choose a slot.
  • Numerous AI improvements including increased use of defensive gadgets by AI ships.
  • 2xMSAA added to the 'Standard' default graphics preset. Can be disabled if desired.

This is the penultimate major content patch. The next content patch will be adding additional content to the final station in the game. Six out of the seven stations are now essentially content complete.

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6 Mart

March Update Preview

Patch 0.9 is just around the corner folks. Bringing with it a bevy of new ships, upgrades, gadgets and environments, the next content patch should be touching down within the next couple of weeks. Here's a preview of what's in store.

Each of the recent major patches has focused on adding new content for a single station and patch 0.9 is no exception. This time the bulk of the new content will be found in Station 6 (between levels 50 and 65) but you'll also find plenty of new stuff in the early game too.

3 New Hulls:
The FR2 Malefactor:

With improved missile and shield cabilities over the FR1, this beast of a frigate deals out some serious punishment. If you've got your sights set on piloting one of these then keep your eyes on the armories as you approach level 30.

The C2 Assiduous:
The corvette class has always been the jack of all trades and this new model offers even more versatility with additional upgrade slots and larger missile storage and regeneration speeds. You should be able to get your hands on one as you level into the high 20's.

The M3 Stalker:
The final missile class hull makes it's debut in patch 0.9. The Stalker and it's variant The Bird of Prey are the definitive missile capable warships. You'll run into the Stalker in the fourth station but you'll need to push much deeper to grab a Bird of Prey which you'll be unlikely to loot or buy before level 50.

Four new arenas:
For those that prefer being pushed to their limit, Station 6 now has four brand new combat arenas. After the mayhem found in Station 5, the sixth set of arenas will start to push your flexibility.

Starting out with a swarm arena, things soon turn towards one vs. one combat against much more powerful ships where you'll need to think carefully about your upgrade loadout if you want to survive.

Two new gadgets
Black Hole:
This has to be one of our favorite gadgets so far. You'll get to unleash the power of gravity to devastating effect. If you have the skills to take down the first arena in station 6 you should be dragging your enemies to their doom soon after breaking level 50.

You can see a 720p, extended gfycat of the above clip here:HERE

Upgrade Anywhere:
Tired of having to dock at a garage to install that spangly new upgrade you looted? Worry no more. Upgrade Anywhere will allow you to change your upgrades, gadgets and even your hull whenever you please.

It will take up a miscellaneous upgrade slot but with the versatility to swap your loadout at a moments notice you'll find this gadget difficult to ignore. You'll also find it almost essential for completing some of the end game arenas. Don't expect to find this until the high level 50's.

Two new Miscellaneous Upgrades:
Once installed, the Retribution upgrade will significantly increase your damage for nine seconds after picking up uranium loot. It's both stackable and overclockable, and unlocks new combat strategies for those that specialize in it's destructive power. You should find the first version of this upgrade around level 35 but you'll probably want to wait for the more powerful higher level versions before it really starts to shine.

Code Analyser:
This one does what it says on the tin. It refines your ships ability to squeeze every last bit of code out of your loot pickups for faster upgrade completion and leveling speed. Like the Retribution upgrade you'll get the most bang for your buck with this in the late game but you'll likely see it first in the early level 40's.

The ships in NeonXSZ have always had the ability to form squadrons but in this update we've reworked and improved this system to have a much bigger impact on gameplay.

Squadrons are now much more likely to form, especially at the lower levels, and squadron sizes can now grow much bigger. Be careful when you see them as they now work much better as a team and won't take kindly to you trying to pick off their members. They're also much more likely to invade enemy space so keep your eyes peeled for enemy raiding parties.

New Target Direction Indicator:
To help speed up tracking of your target we've added a new indicator around your crosshair that will point you in the direction of your current target.

Reworked leveling speed
In patch 0.9 you'll find that early game leveling speed has been increased significantly. Enemy kills will result in larger loot drops througout the game allowing you to collect new upgrade code much faster.

Uranium drop sizes and task rewards have also been increased for the first half of the game. In the late game you'll be getting more code from your loot than you would previously but uranium will start to become more scarse. The overall effects of these changes mean that the loot grind has shifted into the late game rather than being more evenly spread throughout all level ranges.

Our goal with this change was to allow you to see more of the game, and unlock more of the cool ships, gadgets and upgrades much sooner, without altering the overall length of the game.

New Arena Labels:
In patch 0.9 all arena entrances are marked with both the heighest Tech Level of enemies inside and the loot you'll be rewarded with if you complete them. This gives players increased confidence when first visiting arenas and a bigger incentive to complete them as soon as possible to get your hands on high level gadgets and loot early.

New Audio Options:
A new panel has been added to the audio menu to allow you to disable various message types said by your ship's computer. She was always meant to be monotone but never monotonous so you can now customize which types of feedback you want to hear.

..and more...
That about covers the major new additions coming in patch 0.9. There's been plenty of other tweaks and changes that we'll list in the patch notes upon release.

When will this patch will be released?
If everything goes smoothly, it's possible that it could be available next week but that would be a bit of a squeeze. We'll have to see how things pan out but it's really close.

For daily updates you can check in with the game's Dev Diary HERE.

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“NeonXSZ’s gameplay is nearly flawless in execution. It can’t be overstated just how well Intravenous Software nailed gameplay, and I can’t think of a single thing I would change....This is absolutely exhilarating when fighting several enemies at once, and the fact that I often needed to take a breath after a long encounter is a testament to how exciting combat can be.”

“Neon XSZ was great fun when we played it last fall, and its ongoing development has only improved the game flow, structure, and balance.”
Hardcore Gamer

“The customisation and upgrade system in NeonXSZ is particularly impressive, with dozens of ships to choose from and over 700 Upgrades available through loot drops and trading, you’ll be able to make your ship truly unique.”

Bu Oyun Hakkında

NeonXSZ is a first-person spaceship combat and exploration game with RPG-like loot and leveling. Offering both openworld freeform gameplay and tightly structured combat arenas, it's a single-player sandbox where the only limit is your imagination.

You are the anomaly, injected into cyberspace to stake your place in a war of virus versus machine. During your journey you will fly dozens of ships and loot hundreds of upgrades allowing you to create totally unique spacecraft with which to wage war. Will you protect the operating system or join the infection to bring it down?

George Weidman - SuperBunnyHop said:
"Fast-paced, freeform modular combat and exploration rewards players with an incredible amount of customization. You make your own adventure-- It's Sid Meier's Pirates! in cyberspace."

What is it like to play?

At it's heart Neon is a mouse-look twitch shooter. Don't be dusting off your old joystick or Xbox controller for this one.

We took the feel, speed and responsiveness of classic shooters like Quake or Unreal Tournament and squeezed them into spaceships trapped inside internal environments. We then added the replayability, loot explosions, procedurally generated worlds, shops and RPG elements found in game's like Diablo. To finish it off we put the whole thing into a sandbox environment so you could create your own unique tales of victory or defeat.

Neon's core gameplay focuses on the adrenaline fueled speed and thrill of spaceship dogfighting. Ships are small and lightning fast with the ability to strafe in all directions and turn instantly in zero gravity. You can create anything from blisteringly fast fighters to slow, heavy, tank like destroyers and tweak them with a nearly endless supply of upgrades to suit your play style.

We may have taken inspiration from many classic games but the combined result creates a game unlike anything you have played before.

If that sounds like your bag of chips then get ready for one hell of a ride. We're on the final stages of development now. If you are still on the fence, check out the recent announcements and player reviews.

Welcome to cyberspace.

Current Features:

  • ~1000 persistent enemies per game from 4 warring factions.
  • Every enemy has unique AI
  • Dozens of ships to loot and fly
  • Fully interactive cockpit.
  • 900+ Upgrades to loot and install.
  • New gameplay changing gadgets unlock constantly.
  • Procedurally generated content. No two game sessions are the same
  • 80 Levels of upgrades used by both the player and enemies
  • Challenge arenas - Scripted multi-stage event arenas with high level loot rewards.
  • Multiple, huge, totally open game worlds (7.5km x 7.5km)
  • Change the look of the entire world and your ship, at any time, to suit your tastes.
  • AI ships have access to the exact same ships, weapons, upgrades and gadgets as the player.
  • No two AI ships are ever the same.
  • AI ships drop the equipment they have installed, not random loot. If you can kill it, you can loot it.
  • Buy and sell Upgrades, Weapons, and Ship Hulls at hundreds of docking bays throughout the world.
  • Every object is physics-enabled. For example:
    • Weapons and explosions cause knock back.
    • Ships can push each other around.
    • Loot can go into orbit around the player creating defensive walls.
    • Ships can drop energy walls anywhere, blocking incoming fire and the movement of other ships.
    • Physics based shields that swing around ships based on their movement direction.
  • If you see it, you can loot it, fly it, and use it.

Development Roadmap

The world of NeonXSZ is huge and split up into seven cyber-spacestations. The first six are now complete. New upgrades, gadgets, ships, and challenge arenas appear in each space station as the player levels up.

The final spacestation is already fully playable but needs some additional content before we will consider it finished. This is what we are working on now.

Once this end-game content is wrapped up we'll be working on final polish and tuning before a 1.0 release later in the year.

Sistem Gereksinimleri

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows XP \ Vista \ 32 or 64bit
    • Processor: 1.8 Ghz single core
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 256 MB Direct X 9.0c compliant video card
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 300 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Mouse and Keyboard (Xbox 360 Controllers supported but not recommended)
    • OS: Windows Vista, Win 7, Win 8 - 32 or 64bit
    • Processor: 2.6Ghz dual core
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Geforce 9800GTX+ / GTS 240, Radeon HD 4830 / HD 6800M, Intel HD4000
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 300 MB available space
    • OS: OS X 10.7 or later
    • Processor: 2Ghz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 256 MB NVidia or ATI graphics card
    • Hard Drive: 300 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Mouse and Keyboard
    • OS: Ubuntu 10.10 or later (see below)
    • Processor: 1.8Ghz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Geforce 210, 9600GT or better. Radeon HD 3670 or better.
    • Hard Drive: 300 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Mouse and Keyboard (Ubuntu is recommended but so far there has been no issues reported with other Distros)
    • OS: Ubuntu 10.10 or later (see below)
    • Processor: 3Ghz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Geforce 9800GTX+ / GTS 240, Radeon HD 4830 / HD 6800M, Intel HD4000
    • Hard Drive: 300 MB available space
Yararlı müşteri incelemeleri
1 kişiden 1 tanesi (100%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
kayıtlarda 4.6 saat
Yayınlanma: 11 Mart
Erken Erişim İncelemesi
I don't normally play games by Rockstar, but I do know that they are about quality control. As this is being made by a former Rockstar employee, I am not surprised that when a new version is released, it will be rock solid stable.

That being said, this is a bloody good game. Think "Descent meets Tron meets Borderlands", and that would sum up the experience I have with this game. Flying around ala Descent in a computer world ala Tron. Enemy ships will drop parts of its code for weapons, gadgets and other stuff for loot as well as much needed uranium (money and ship power) and carbon tubes (overclocking) like you het from the Borderlands franchise. Not to mention the vendors where you can buy and sell items. The challenge sphere is a nice addition and tests your mettle.

The one man Intravenous Software has done a very good job here. I will likely be doing a preview of the game on my YouTube channel in short order (am currently learning OBS intracacies as I will likely start streaming on as well). A very good game and highly recommended.
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5 kişiden 5 tanesi (100%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
kayıtlarda 12.4 saat
Yayınlanma: 23 Aralık, 2014
Erken Erişim İncelemesi
Awsome game and Developer. I found the controls and gameplay to be intuitive. I realy like how much you can customize the game, all the controles, and color of your ship. The dev is realy active on the forums at the time of posting this.
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7 kişiden 6 tanesi (86%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
kayıtlarda 9.2 saat
Yayınlanma: 14 Ocak
Erken Erişim İncelemesi
I haven't played much of Descent or its ilk, I find Sid Meier's Pirates kinda dull and repetitive, and loot-grindy shooters like Borderlands have never held much appeal for me. Yet I STILL love this game, which is a testament to just how extremely well-executed it is. A one-of-a-kind RPG-FPS mash-up that's refreshingly free of fluff and boring bits, due to an easily traversable game world and consistently exciting combat. The developer is really on to something here, and I hope to see similar games released in the future-- but for now, there's nothing else like it in existence. Absolutely check this gem out, you're getting a stupid amount of value for your money.
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5 kişiden 4 tanesi (80%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
kayıtlarda 8.9 saat
Yayınlanma: 27 Eylül, 2014
Erken Erişim İncelemesi
I've been playing this game since it came out on Alpha testing, and every new addition to the game since then has been for the better. New gadgets, New ships, and new ways to blast some other ships to hell and back.

NeonXSZ is simplistic in it's design and ideology. If it's on their ship, you can get a piece of it. If some of it is still illusive, you can buy the rest if you find the right vendor. If not the right price, you better "go **** some more **** up"!

I've put in so many hours of play before it was available on steam, and it's time well spent. But i'm still not finished yet... There's still much to do.
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10 kişiden 6 tanesi (60%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
kayıtlarda 2.6 saat
Yayınlanma: 26 Kasım, 2014
Erken Erişim İncelemesi
One word amazing.
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10 kişiden 6 tanesi (60%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
kayıtlarda 246.9 saat
Yayınlanma: 27 Kasım, 2014
Erken Erişim İncelemesi
This is the best game i have got this year on steam 242 hours played. No bugs and no trouble seting game up to play. This is a 10/10 game.
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1 kişiden 1 tanesi (100%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
kayıtlarda 16.7 saat
Yayınlanma: 18 Ocak
Erken Erişim İncelemesi
This game is an excellent, though fairly simple shooter. At least at first glance. Based on the omni-directional shooting mechanics of Descent, this game has you placed in a wheel-like, radial cyberspace map filled with allies and enemies. The story is also very uncomplicated, to the degree where I'm not too aware of what it is. It seems that you are battling malware entities in a cyberspace environment, but I could be very wrong.
The keystone for this game is the combat, which is very good. There are a wide variety of weapons, ships, and special modules for said ships, making customization nicely nuanced for your speedy little fighter whizzing across the map. There is a strightforward progression system, where your engines, shields, and fuel expand continually through mods you gain from killing enemies. It's very old-school Diablo in its loot-based gameplay: Kill enemeis, get upgrades, kill bigger enemies.
The combat ranges from flying through cyber-tunnels while blasting enemies with a lightning gun to engaging with intense dogfights with four or more foes in enclosed, contsantly shifting arenas. It feels excellent, and the game tracks your stats with every inevitable death, allowing you to track your skill as well. The ships UI is also really cool, letting you customize it to a very fine degree. Also, you can chnage your ships, and the environment's colours any time you want. That had to be mentioned.
The flaws are few, and given this game's early-access status, still potentially resolvable. First, the lone map, though generates the locations of bases and "cities" with every load, can get repetitive rather quickly. More maps, or a larger map, would go a long way to making this game last much, much longer. Secondly, having more missions, goals, tasks and objectives in between the awsome combat could help elongate the experience too. Misisons do exist, yes, but they are few and far between, and I had trouble finding them.

To recap:
The game has an exccelent visual style, excellent combat and progressions, decent sound design and insane levels of customization.
However, the lone map and few objectives make the game feel a tad empty, though both could be fixed over time with little problems.
Overall, This game is awsome, and deserves way more attention than it's getting.

EDIT: The map scenario isn't too bad when you consider the arena challenges, after playing some more.
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66 kişiden 56 tanesi (85%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
kayıtlarda 48.0 saat
Yayınlanma: 8 Ağustos, 2014
Erken Erişim İncelemesi
There have been quite a few attempts at recreating the 6DoF formula as of late, and none of them really do it for me with their attempts to over-complicate the core elements and make things "modern". NeonXSZ is the first game of its kind in a long time to really hook me in with its potpourri of elements that we know are fun and addictive, and have withstood the test of time. It combines the freedom of movement and perspective of Descent and the edge-of-your-seat twitch action of Quake or Unreal Tournament with the addictive leveling and persistent loot of increasing rarity of an ARPG like Diablo, all combining for what is absolutely the most addictive and replayable shooter of any kind in years.

The game places you into a vast and complex computer mainframe with a very open and free-form approach to exploration. There's a great in-depth tutorial to read at your own pace getting you into the motions, but you are more-or-less thrown into this world blind with no hand-holding involved and a great deal of content to discover on your own accord. While there is no hand-holding the game does not ever feel tedious or hard to get into even for the newest of players, as you are always being guided the right way thanks to the Appropriate Hostile function which will highlight on your map the best spot to hit next for your newest dose of weapons and upgrades. This makes exploration of the almost overwhelmingly large Station quick and accessible, as you are still lost but pointed in the right direction.

The objective of NeonXSZ is discovery and total domination, as you vie for control and power over the various hubs spread throughout the world in all-out territorial war. Despite the open-ended form of gameplay, NeonXSZ is ridiculously easy to get into for players of any skill level thanks to an approachable and flexible learning curve. This is gained through giving the player full control over which enemies and hubs they tackle on, giving the ability to scan hostiles for their level before deciding to engage or flee. As you fight higher leveled enemies you start to feel more confident, you'll return to bases with your hard-earned loot and become even stronger leading to newer and more challenging areas. The amount of content you have to explore is massive and already offers a minimum of 30 hours of feature complete gameplay with more to come.

I had already drifted around the computerized world for a few good hours exploring, taking on low leveled hostiles, and playing around with early equipment before I discovered the challenge arenas at the center of the Station in a massive sphere. This is where ♥♥♥♥ gets serious. Instead of analyzing and picking off single similarly leveled foes like in the main world, I was suddenly thrust into a large and complex series of challenging areas being bombarded by difficult but manageable enemies. Each lovingly detailed room was blocked off by a shield and every one of these persistent opposing ships had to be exterminated diligently in an intense and explosive battle in order to advance. The loot you get is of game-changing quality (depending on the level of the arena) and in high quantities, and defeating an arena allows you to claim territory on that Station for an allied side of your choosing.

Leveling up your tech level isn't as simple as gaining experience points or grinding mobs of same-y enemies like in other games, in NeonXSZ leveling up is determined by the quality of parts you're discovering and equipping. In order to grow strong enough to take on tougher foes, you'll need to outfit your ship with a select choice of higher leveled upgrades all dependent on the players' own playstyle. The range of different parts and the effect they have on how the game feels and plays is insane, and allows you to be anything from a slow, hulking tank with tons of shields and firepower to an agile and lightning-quick smaller ship that avoids all damage with ninja-like reflexes in the hands of the sharp-witted.

Weapons are another integral part of NeonXSZ and just like upgrades add a huge layer of player customization and personal technique to how combat is approached. You start with the standard pea-shooter in classic shootemup fashion, but are quickly presented with plenty of choices in how you take on your combatants. For the nimble and stealthy pilots who like to sneak up and get in close there's the Lightning Gun which packs a serious punch but drains your energy like crazy, and a Flak Cannon which spreads out for a wide shot but shreds anything in its direct path. For the sniper-minded you have the Railgun which requires the the most accuracy but disintegrates enemy ships almost instantaneously. There's Inferno Guns for taking your foes down in a firey blaze and Laser Cannons that deliver a shocking blast of energy from afar, all weapons I've discovered only in my first 25 hours of gametime and with more to be found. The arsenal in NeonXSZ is remarkable, and will keep the most seasoned action veteran captivated for hours.

The heavy mechanical beats and ambient dronings of the background music do an excellent job of keeping you engaged in the atmosphere of the cybernetic and neon-tinted highways around you. In general the sound design to me is very engrossing with its muffled sound effects and outside explosions giving you the feeling of truly being inside the cockpit. Some people might not be huge fans of the ships speaking A.I. system dubbed 'Betty', but personally I feel it adds to the retrofuture aesthetics of the setting and the authenticity of the interactive and immersive cockpit you become all too familiar with. Perhaps with just a bit more variation in speech, Betty would be welcomed by more players.

If you're looking for lightning-quick combat, huge series of interconnected arenas, and ludicrous amounts of customization then look no further, NeonXSZ is your next addiction. It's an already feature complete game with many hours of solid content, loads of replayability, and an amazing amount of polish. The games' state in Early Access is merely a sign of the tremendous amount of additional potential for an already mind-blowing shooter experience.
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25 kişiden 22 tanesi (88%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
kayıtlarda 7.4 saat
Yayınlanma: 18 Ağustos, 2014
Erken Erişim İncelemesi
Below you'll find both a written and video impression on the game.
NeonXSZ takes flight gameplay into an open cyber punk world, with tons of upgrades and customization. The game can be challenging, with a robust amount of upgrades for the player to experiment with for a long long time. With excellent flight controls, exciting dog fights, and lots to explore, NeonXSZ is a game with a ton of "meat" and depth. There is a small learning curve to get over, but once you get the hang of it, the game opens up. NeonXSZ is also incredibly impressive with buttons on your ship's hud actually functional, to the overall visual and sound effects. I felt as though I was in the ship piloting my enemies destruction.

The Aesthetics and sound is well suited to the overall theme of the game. Though the textures are rather basic, the lighting, design, and style makes up for it. The sound of course is full of beeps and boops, and robot voices, as you would expect from a cyber punk game. It's done well, and works with the game's theme.

To sum how the game plays out in a nut shell, you go around, exploring your environment, hunting down enemy ships, blow them up, and collect their valuable. Then you take those valuable and make new upgrades for your ship. Rinse, find new space stations, and repeat. The game is quite grindy, and I would even argue that it's designed around the grind. People like myself who don't mind the grind as long as it's well designed will welcome this, but those who are more sensitive to grindy games, it's worth your time to do a little more research before committing to a purchase.

Overall NeonXSZ is an enjoyable exploratory flight RPG, with lots of customization. Even though it is pretty grindy in nature, the game is deep and versatile enough to hold my attention. I recommend NeonXSZ

- Deep and varied amounts of customization
- Challenging gameplay
- Easy to understand flight controls
- Very immersive
- Has that "addictive" quality
- Cyber punk your brains out

- Lack of graphical options
- Lack of side features
- People sensitive to grinds may be put off
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Yayınlanma: 28 Temmuz, 2014
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There are plenty of shooters out there in the market right now, but there is a certain kind of shooter that has really been absent for a while now. A kind of shooter that lets you move in 360 degrees of freedom, or what about outfitting your fighter ship with many kinds of weapons, upgrades, or even switch out to other ships at your garage? This is where NEONXSZ comes in. This is literally Descent meets Tron, as said from a youtuber.

You are immediately injected into a computer network, where a war between the Operating system and Antivirus factions against Malware and Virus, provided that you had picked your starter ship at the start of the game of course. Then from that point on, the game unleashes you into the cyberspace world, free to do what you want, because after all, it is open world! You can either join the good guys and save the day as a hero, or turn corrupt and overwhelm the entire network. the choice is yours, really.

Initially, you start off with a tech level of 1, but as you begin to destroy enemy ships, they will drop a lot of the most important items in the game: LOOT! you can then use them to complete the vast number of upgrades that you can install on your ship, granting more firepower, shields, energy to use weapons and boosters, engines to move quicker, and much, much more. And with the average level of all the different parts you add on to your ship, your tech level increases so you may take on even the toughest ships out there. You can even turn your ship into a flying fortress if you wanted! You are encouraged to make your ship standout from the crowd! A lot of the weapons have some Quake and Unreal influences behind them, such as the railgun, which deals massive damage to your targets, given that you do not miss your shot. Who misses the Flak cannon? come on. You know you want to seriously tear someone up with that shotgun.

The atmosphere, and environment for the game can really let you know that you are inside of a computer very quickly, with various computer parts everywhere in the faction bases, to even wondering through the highways. Sure the sound effects may seem "muffled" but it still reminds that you are still in cyberspace. Although there are neon colors almost outlined everywhere yet it is still easy to see where you are going, hence the name of the game. There are color effect packs in the options that lets you change the layout of the environment to your liking, or even change the color of your ship entirely. I'll post what mine looks like in the game sometime in the community hub.

The onboard computer will even notify you of hostiles around the area so you can be ready for anything....ANYTHING. The A.I. can be totally random, and they also have access to any weapon, ship and gear that you may carry on you, so no fight can be the same the next time you encounter hostiles. Some enemies might even chase you down like a fish if you are not fast enough, so watch out! The new arena modes can push you to your limits as waves of enemies spawn to try to stop you in your tracks, but it is wise to mop up the situation ASAP before they surround and kill you off, but the loot is rare in those parts. You could get a certain ship that looks like the Pyro GX from the classic Descent series, which was a nice easter egg.

Overall, the game experience is Just....AWESOME! It's fast, fun, deep gameplay---definitly brutal at times if you're not careful, and most of all in my opinion, it can become immersive, which a lot of first person shooters do not take take full advantage of nowadays, which I cannot stress enough if you look at lot of my other reviews. If you're a fan of fps or flight simulator games, I'd highly recommend this title.


On a side note, I really miss playing shooters like this! I could go on and on about how modern first person shooters had abandoned all creativity nowadays and all, but no need to.
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Yayınlanma: 28 Temmuz, 2014
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I've been playing and testing this game for over a year, since April 2013. I was the first pre-alpha tester and I've submitted the most bug reports. I know the game. When I started it was great, and it has just been improved a lot in every area since then. I have played for hundreds of hours if you qount all the non-steam dev builds and while I have tried a lot of different ship loadouts there are still many ships and loadouts that I want to try but haven't because new things to try is added all the time :) And this is true even after I've played past the levels where new qontent is unlocked for every progression!

Many gadgets and abilities can have a playstyle centered on their use or their combination with other abilities. You can be a missile ship that shoots long range missiles around your energy wall. You can use a fast glass cannon build that does most of it's damage by bumping into your enemies and survives by dodging enemy fire and short invulnerability that lasts just long enough for you to get the kill because you have spent all your resources on damage instead of defense. You can make a turret ship that just flies through the enemy base while placing a bunch of turrets and survives with a gyro shield that protects your back. When you turrets are placed you hide in tunnels and behind debris and kill everything without even shooting them yourself. You can build something that takes advantage of several abilities without relying on a single one of them or spend all your upgrades on boosting your speed, attack and defense and takes down any type of enemy with perfect aim at long or short range with circle strafing in 3 dimensions.

All this and much more is possible for you and your enemies to use! Then there are all the weapons and ship hulls that also each require it's own tricks, loadouts and playstyles. You don't need to qommit to one style throughout the game, instead you can switch at any time! You carry all your weapons at once and can switch out your whole loadout as often as you want even while on a hunt for loot deep in enemy territory, just dock in a garage!

If you don't feel like hunting down enemies in the open world and setting your own goals then you can now fly to the world hub/fighting center sphere (figurativly and literally) where there are prescripted challenge arenas with moving parts and level design handcrafted for the enemy waves and the loadout you meet in there. Each level is a very unique experience and might require you to learn new tactics. The reward for completing the arenas is good enough that you can progress through the game mostly by these linear levels if you want to, or you can just ignore them whenever you feel like flying through the open world.

Though the challange arenas are a part of the open world and you can fly from them to any other place without any loading screens at all. Whenever you want to do something you fly to the appropriate place and just do it, you never have to select what to do from a level select screen.

NeonXSZ feels great, looks great, is fun and addictive. Every enemy you enqounter is using the same upgrades, hulls and gadgets that you can unlock and you can unlock it by qollecting the pieces of their wreck. Battles in NeonXSZ are never a repetitive grind, instead the AI is made to fight lika a human player which fits great in a first person shooter! They aim, move, utilize tactics and gadgets based on their personality and they design different loadouts. Since they are playing by the same rules as you it's possible to even learn from them and pick up tactics that they use.

If you like 6DOF FPS games that requires some skill (though there's at least 4 ways to adjust the difficulty to suit anyone) and want to avoid boring grind then this is The Game! Fun from the start!

If you want to hear about what the dev is doing with the game today you can follow his devlog (on the game forums at that is updated daily.

So yes, I do recommend this game :]
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Yayınlanma: 28 Temmuz, 2014
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If Quake and Decent had a baby, this would be it. I've been playing this game since about mid-2013 and put hundreds of hours put in and can say it's quite the fun game. The art style is simple, yet it doesn't leave you feeling like there needs to be more. It's set up so you can just pick it up and start doing your own thing; you learn how to play by just playing and messing around with things.

As you gradually level up your ship you start getting better too; your accuracy improves, your streaks get higher, opponents get tougher and so on. There's different ships that you can swap parts in and out of to get them just how you play. Like going in fast and taking them head on? There's a build for that. More of a heavy hitter who can rail small ships in a single shot? There's a build for that too!

Then there's the challenge arenas, they're just that: a challenge. At first they're pretty difficult, but you want to beat it because there's no way you're going to let them do whatever it is that they do! So you go out and build your ship to your specifications and start earning uranium and nanotubes and you march right back in there and kick the living crap out of them! Your/their plans for system domination have been succeeded/foiled! Now what? Well, there seems to be a couple more arenas and they're all above your level. So you go back out, kick more ♥♥♥, take more upgrades and push you and your ship right to the edge. That's pretty much how it all starts, so go kick some ♥♥♥ and build your story :)
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Yayınlanma: 24 Ağustos, 2014
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Pure Joy! This is not a space shooter with hard target lock, there are no asteroids to mine, this is one of the rare breed of 6DOF twitch shooters done up in glorious fashion, a treat for modern gamers and old fans of Descent and Forsaken alike. The RPG and customization elements are crazy addictive, and the alien atmosphere and soundtrack are perfect. Amazingly polished for an Early Access title. All of the settings and HUD elements can seem overwhelming at first, so can the controls (fully remappable), but part of the joy of the game is discovering and experimenting with them. EVERYTHING can be tweaked to play exactly how you like, right down to the colors of the environment and even speed of the game. Pick this one up, you won't regret it.
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Yayınlanma: 7 Ağustos, 2014
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Probably the most unique game I've played in a good while, where this game does take shoot em up elements of an FPS, it makes the 3d game engine live up to its potential, flying around in all directions at great speeds and being able to rotate at any angle makes not only navigating the game more challenging but ever so much more immersive.
Figuring how to play this game isn't as difficult as it seems after figuring out the controls and learning more about the game never ceases.

I for one would not be surprised if this game takes off massively on the Steam market, and with that I hope that it does with my full support. This is such a fun game for so many different types of people like for casual players to hop in and out for a short amount of shooting or even with the hardcore gamers being able to play this for long periods with things to do.
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Yayınlanma: 25 Eylül, 2014
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NeonXSZ is a really well made game. Even though it's still in development I just can recommend it to anyone who likes space-simulations and/or Rogue-like games.
I first had to get a grip on the controls. Normally I don't play space-sims. I only played Free Space 2 back in the day.
The concept that your equipment defines your level is not a whole new concept, but I really like it, so it just adds to the game itself, that this functions very well.
The difficulty is pretty much adjustable to your liking. I actually play on the second easiest difficulty level cause I still have to learn and the learning curve is first pretty high. You have to learn, which enemies you can beat with what level. In addition you should know your weapons. Most time i play with the plasma cannon since i got it. Still have a long way to get the railgun I actually desire.
Even if I only played 6 hourse when I wrote this, the still was awesome. Problem is, that I don't have much time for most of my games so I only play the most once a month or so. Still I got a really good impression from NeonXSZ.
I just can recommend it to anyone who likes rogue-like and wants something like that in space.
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Yayınlanma: 27 Ağustos, 2014
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This is a fun little game executed really well. There is something about this game that grabs you and makes you want to master it. I really like the developers choice to make the game as easy or as hard as suites your mood at the time. The balance between difficulty and boring is really well done. Finally, the ability to reskin and change the look of the whole game is pretty cool and helpful in different lighting conditions.

The developer says it's "early access", but it feels more like a complete game to me. No real show-stoppers bugs, nothing that doesn't feel "complete". In short, it's not the sort of "early-access" where you are a beta tester and have to go to the googles to figure out work arounds or where your save games will be deleted on a regular basis.

I feel like this game is very appropriately priced and worth the money.

I suppose the only critique I have for this game is that, as of now, it doesn't have much integration with steam. No achievements, cards or workshop support. Perhaps this is what the developer means by early access?
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Yayınlanma: 4 Eylül, 2014
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Would i reomcend this?

you bet your afterburner i would.

play it, simple as that.

since i have palyed all the Descents and the first free space i can say this one is a very nice game in and of itself.

of you like to fly around witohut gravity and shoot things, get this,

Play it for yourself!
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kayıtlarda 8.5 saat
Yayınlanma: 12 Ağustos, 2014
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Warning: This game is very addictive....

It has a very steep learning curve and for the 1st 30 mins you will be overwhelmed with its scale and tooltips. However.... as soon as you grasp the controls and concept you will be pulled in like a tornado.

This is an incredible, and did I say 'Addictive' game that keeps you coming back for more!
.....more loot, more kills and better ships.

As a massive Descent fan this felt like a cross between Tron, Descent and for those who remember, a cool little game called Forsaken on PlayStation and N64.

Overall - Highly recommended!
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Yayınlanma: 22 Ağustos, 2014
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Interesting game with some fairly in depth upgrades and control scheme. A reminder that Descent and Forsaken now have a little brother.

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kayıtlarda 22.8 saat
Yayınlanma: 23 Ağustos, 2014
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Highly recomeneded! Very complete experience, very polished, very deep. It's a procedurally generated Decent-like loot crawl. Buy it!
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