Game Character Hub is an art program that is focused on game asset creation, especially RPG Maker's. It provides a built-in generator for character and tileset creation.
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Дата на излизане: 23 май 2014
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16 септември

Midweek Madness and some updates to Game Character Hub!

The RPG Maker Midweek Madness sale is upon us!

In addition to great deals, we also have some exciting new changes to the Game Character Hub, including an all-new character generator tool! It is now possible to generate thousands of random characters in just a few seconds.

Find the full list of changes below and have fun creating your new characters!

-New character generator tool. It’s now possible to generate thousands of random characters in a few seconds.Character generators can be customized to give you more control over what kind of characters are generated. In other words, you can create generators that match your game engine.
-Layers now have a blending mode.
-The character grid can now be changed more easily.
-The gche and gchi item formats have been merged into a new format that should help simplify things.
-The item library installer has been revamped, and is now ready to accept DLC. --When you buy DLC, all you have to do is launch the software and it will be installed automatically.
-Accidentally selecting the current tool again no longer switches back to the previous tool.
-Other minor improvements and bug fixes!

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Относно този софтуер

Game Character Hub is the ultimate program for creating and editing 2D game assets. It provides a built-in generator for character and tileset creation. While the program was made to be compatible with RPG Maker XP, VX and VX Ace, the elements found in the program should work with other 2D game engines as well. RPG Maker assets are for RPG Maker use only.

Key Features

With Game Character Hub, you can easily create characters by choosing generator parts provided in the program. Simply select a template, add items and you're done! You can also create your own custom templates and parts. Note that almost the same logic applies to tilesets, so it doesn't necessarily need to be characters!

With Game Character Hub's flexible layering, you can easily customize parts according to your needs; such as changing the opacity, renaming, merging and deleting parts to name a few.

Game Character Hub's Preview window lets you see whats going on without having to stop what you're doing! You can pause the animation and change different settings such as the animation speed, background color and even zoom! You can also set custom animation previews with the Animation Management feature. Useful if you want to see if your Autotiles or Behaviour poses seamlessly transition to one another!

With Game Character Hub's palette editor, it's easier for you to create your own palettes and change values. What's more is that you can generate palette colors from all visible layers or specific ones. Great for finding the colors you need!

Tired of manually merging tile sheets on your own? Game Character Hub has a built in tileset merger to save you the work!

Game Character Hub allows you to easily convert your character assets for different RPG Maker engines.

Other Features Include...

  • Flexible GUI Layout - Change the layout of the program to your liking!
  • Expansive History Window - Easily undo and redo artwork at any point in time during development.

Системни изисквания

    • OS: Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7 (32 bit or 64 bit)
    • Processor: Intel® Pentium® 4 2.0 GHz equivalent or faster processor
    • Memory: 256 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 1024x768 or better video resolution in High Color mode
    • Hard Drive: 250 MB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectSound-compatible sound card
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21.9 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 17 ноември
I grabbed the amazing Humble Bundle deal just to get this and believe me, it was the best $12 I ever spent.

Good Points
-Sprites are dead easy to create, and the animated preview window is a godsend.
-I can make decent RPG Maker Ace faces with this programme, unlike the hilariously ugly ones in the default Ace generator.
-Tutorials are easy to follow, although it might take a while to get the hang of Move Pixels and Move Frames.
-Instant hair and clothing recolours in just a few clicks!
-Easy zoom in and out feature, which is essential when you're dealing with tiny sprites.
-Pixel editing feature that allow you to make changes to existing sprites.
-I don't use RPG Maker XP as much, but I've tested the tileset feature and it is serviceable.
-Ability to add your own generator parts and choose the frames needed, although sometimes it doesn't work.
-Developer is constantly upgrading the software and even adding new generator parts (I noticed at least one update since June 2014).
-Runs smooth on my eight-year-old Windows XP laptop.

Not So Good Points
-I wish there were more variety of clothing from different periods, such as modern, futuristic, wild west, noir etc.
-I was disappointed there wasn't a tileset creation feature for Ace.
-Every part of a sprite (hair, cloak, body) has its own layer, and it can be a pain to move each around until they have the correct priority. For instance, it took me ages to have a cloak display properly, with the body section between the cloak and the head section (so that the cloak does not overlap the chin). It can be done. Just takes two minutes of dragging and dropping.

Verdict: Get it! I can never be an artist but this tool allows me to create a decent sprite in five minutes. Valuable money and time saver.
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33.7 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 6 ноември
The software is great for people who want to be able to do more editing to what's already available on VX Ace and allows a lot more flexability.

I would prefer some more clothing variety so that I didn't have to do as much editing and the lack of action options limits the depth of the character. As it is now, they can be standing or walking. As far as general use goes: the program does what's needed but doesn't give the user a great variety of options.
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37.5 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 17 ноември
This program is really great, once yout sit down and do the tutorial.
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0.7 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 17 ноември
good nice clean fine i guess 11/11
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Публикувани: 2 юни
Making a games? Need a dudes? Makes dudes. Is very good at dudemaking. Used 20mins, made a dude. Ezpz.
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25.1 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 21 август
A very Nice tool for creating characters and animated objects and tilests
yeah its not limited to creating characters.
there are pencils and erases in the program so you can draw about anything
Tilest merging exists tho i never tried it.

"16 September new Update!!!
They added a new tool, Character Generator! its pretty cool and can be edited and customized to fit your needs, You can edit the generator's Parameters, Which items it should use, How to set layers and many others ... pretty neat and very useful, Great update "

You can create RPG XP characters and Convert them to work in VX ACE and Vice-versa
The assesst packs are for RPG maker use only.
but you can draw stuff and make characters in other engines.

As long as you're good with the pencil tool you can create limitless types of characters and animations and objects to use in your game.

But sadly the program is limited in-terms of assest packages.
And never got updates or any addings ... sad .. i think the devs gave up on it because not one response so far in the forum.

My advice is to buy it if you REALLY want to make different characters for your RPGMAKER game.
Otherwise wait for sales or another bundle
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5.5 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 27 юни
Good piece of software but very limited. Only has 4 ways with no options of falling down, sleeping, casting etc. I may recommend it if you don't have game maker VX ace but if you do, you can do almost exactly the same on that software which also includes things to make an actual game!
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Публикувани: 11 август
Very limited.

They created this software, and provided content, but very little, and only for the basic RPG Maker XP & VX / Ace. The users themselvs have to stand for the content being added to it, and it basically puts you back to square one if you can't do sprite work, except, you generally lack the 15 euro you once had.

A lot of people have bought this, and they were hoping and gambling on it supporting the DLC character layouts for characters, but it doesn't, and you have to work around for a while to add the different selections of dlc content, such as the Rural Farm characters.

I personally feel that this is of no help to people who use these DLCs, nor for people that can't do sprite work, because this software if meant to take away that element for you, but it doesn't, and they never update to add new content. All it does is grab 15 euro, and leave you in square one, and gives false hope...

I am dissapointed in this software, and i can generally just say that this is trash in my opinion because they never update and add more content, making it seem like a small project only made for more income.

Generally, unless you will just use this for basic XP / VX / Ace characters, stay away, and if you are prepeared for a limited resource field, or can do sprite work, then i would recommend it, but most isn't, so how can you then recommend it to others?

It is up to you, give it a shot, but you might get shot...

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8 от 12 човека (67%) сметнаха тази рецензия за полезна
0.3 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 31 май
Basically a hella rad and easy way to make characters for RPG Maker. Also kemonomimi.
10/10 will use again
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2.8 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 12 септември
Very helpful if you have RPG Maker VX Ace :D
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2.4 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 25 август
Wait for a sale, or a bundle. I got this in a bundle for just pennies, so I can't be too critical, but before buying it you should also look at Character Creator for comparison, released on steam in late august 2014 so a lot newer and supported.
Game Character Hub itself is an easy to use tool, its old, but works, and there more to it than just making and editing pixel characters. Dig beneath the surface and you will pind plenty of other uses for it.
It's not limited to RPG maker use, but for RPG Maker users It does have very handy RPG Maker VX/Ace/XP converters already built in, and you can use it to work on any pixel characters/images. There is not a lot of content (resources) included, but plenty available for free on the web.
There seems to be very little, if any, developer support, probably because of the age of the title and some people have had problems getting the programme to start at all, but there are some fixes if you search steam.

TL/DR: If you have photoshop, gimp, or any other image editor you probably dont need this this
there is a really good guide here by Archia:
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7.7 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 3 октомври
When creating an RPG, one of the most important things are the characters. While RPG making tools often come with their own standard characters, it can really set a game apart if the game uses custom designed characters. But, for those of us like me who lack the ability to create custom character portraits and character sprites, Game Character Hub is a godsend.

Basically, when you start the tool you create a type of character. Then you pick pieces from the proper character type, select them, and shift their order around, until the character looks right. The character (or face portrait) is shown in the lower left-hand corner, so you can quickly see what your result looks like.

Once you have a character, you can export it to use in the game or save the particular character, so you can re-load and edit it later. This is a huge help, in case the character doesn't look exactly right, or if you want to make a similar character later.

And, what if you want a slew of similar characters? Say you want a lot of minor NPCs that look just a bit different? Game Character Hub has you covered there. With one special Export command, you can create dozens or hundreds of characters (or faces) which vary in color (such as hair color, eye color, clothing color), all from a single template. This is a great way to fill in the roster of minor NPCs, very quickly.

Overall, it's an invaluable tool for character creation and I highly recommend it.
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48.9 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 8 юни
So, as part of a Humble Bundle, I got my hands on Game Character Hub. I really wanted to try it out, because as an off-and-on sprite artist I really hate using programs without layers.
I tried out the demo and wasn’t too sure about it. This was mostly because in the demo didn’t have the features for drawing from scratch. Since I use GameMaker: Studio and Ren’Py, those features are what I am really after. Then I tried out the full version and was very impressed by all of the features. so I figured I would write about it here.

This is my first experience in making a character from scratch with GMH. Previously I have used GameMaker: Studio for most of my sprite work. After messing around with the features in Character Hub, I finally managed to make a sprite of Aiko, from my project AIdol.
Overall I am really happy with the program. I can’t wait to experiment with it more.
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1.4 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 17 септември
Short list of Informations you may want to have:
Its a very nice and easy way to create Charakters for the RPG maker
especially if you want something that is not given normaly.
For Exampel you can move and recolor the difrent parts of a Character fast and easy in order to create something
with a personal touch.
You will have more funn with this if you do the Tutorial in the programm, its not to long but explains the biggest features.
Everyone abel to draw iteams per hand has a big advantage cause he can increase the number of difrent Iteams to use .
Oh and by the Way: You can create more than just character and the programm supports that, so you can make tileset and
other stuff if you want so.
Maybe buy it on sale because the normal price only pays of if you use it fore sure.
If you are not sure just ask anyone who has it or maybe look in the community they will help you.(i hope)
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2.8 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 2 юни
A great piece of software and with the newest update. I am happy to report this has help to develop my games.
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6 от 11 човека (55%) сметнаха тази рецензия за полезна
2.0 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 12 октомври
While the software itself and its assets are great, there is a huge problem with the license of its contents.

I purchased this software because it said we could use its results for our 2D games. Unfortunately, and to my knowledge it is still unclear to non-users willing to purchase, the software as of now only authorizes usage of its contents for "RPG Maker".

What does that mean?
It means that you won't be able to use Character Hub production for your 2D Games, not in any way.

At least if you are not a pixel art designer. And if you are a pixel art designer, I wonder what use could be Character Hub to you as you would combine your tiles and sprites on Photoshop for about the same results.

The game descriptiom says that "the elements found in the program should work with other 2D game engines as well." As of now it adds that "RPG Maker assets are for RPG Maker use only". But even some months after, the software only contains assets from RPG Maker! This means that you cannot use it in any game of yours, unless you make a RPG-Maker-RPG. I've googled for other 2D resources for Character Hub to no avail. If you know any legal resource library that we may use for our own games (and not something restrictive like RPG Maker), please tell!

The software should be renamed as "Character Hub for RPG Maker" ; as of now, although a very nicely made software, it ends almost as a scam for programmers willing to use it for their own games. It's very unfortunate as I am sure Character Hub programmer, an indie, has worked on this software, but it needs clarification and efforts to get some license-free resources.

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6.4 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 1 юни
Has very specific use. Lacks a lot of generator resources (clown masks, blood, scar, elven clothes...). Pretty much it uses the same stuff you have in the RPG Maker VX Ace built-in generator.
The other functions like tileset merging or converting sprites across RPG Maker versions are neat, but (just like sprite editing) they can be done in any free drawing tool...this is just more conveninent.

Overall, this is app doesn't really provide much value for the 15€ price tag. If the program sees a sprite-resource update adding more materials to mix-and-match with, then yeah I'd recommend getting it, but as it is, unless you already own RPG Maker and all the DLCs for it you want AND you still have spare cash, I'd say skip this one.
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34.9 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 19 август
would give 10/10 because it makes me create character freely and simple. but it lack of resource (in fact, i don't even know if theres another resource beside the basic one you got from installing this software)

ok, 8/10 it is because it's still lack of item resource.
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57.5 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 23 юни
While following various tutorials to learn how to use this, I found that I had problems with actually saving variants of the characters I'd create (something that the program says is simple to do) and also I had problems with the textures one imported to RPGM. The issue I have is when importing the characters to VX Ace, the selection box is only a tiny sliver of what I actually imported (example: I import a character created in Character Hub over to VX Ace. While in VX Ace I can only highlight an elbow or knee cap of a character, not the full character. I followed every instruction exactly).

I think the program is on the right track, but it has some flaws that need to be worked out before I can rely on it.
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0.2 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 19 юни
Though I'm sure it would have been easy to figure out without a tutorial, the instructions given upon opening GCH were actually really helpful and easy to follow. The UI is also pretty nice; it's clean and simple, but not lacking in tools either. I wouldn't recommend acquiring it without purpose, though, since it's really a niche utility more than anything. So unless you're planning on making games with lots of varied characters, I'm not sure why you would want this.

That said, it's great for keeping your sprites organized. Definitely a must-have for anyone dealing with more than a handful of characters.
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