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Smugglers 5 is the fifth installment in the turn-based single-player space trading game series. Will you be a greedy trader, an ambitious fleet pilot or a ruthless pirate? Board enemy ships, manage factories, conquer star systems and forge your own galactic empire - ultimately, your actions will have an impact on a galactic scale.
Releasedatum: 11 apr 2014
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Smugglers 5 - Update V. 1.4c

30 augustus

Smugglers 5 - Update V. 1.4c

Smugglers 5: Secession and Smugglers 5: Invasion have both received an update today to version 1.4c.

In a nutshell the new update features an improved game balance and bug fixes.

You can find more details and a complete list of changes here:

Watch the official trailer here:
Our optional stand-alone expansion needs more votes!

Please don´t forget to vote for Smugglers 5: Invasion on Greenlight. Smugglers 5: Invasion plays in a different timeline and will be continued in the future as a separate scenario alongside the Smugglers 5: Secession storyline. Ideally, you should play both scenarios.

Vote for it here:
Missed the DLC?

Just recently we´ve released a new DLC for Smugglers 5. Check it out below!


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Smugglers 5 - New DLC and update to V. 1.4‏

19 juli

Smugglers 5: Secession and Smugglers 5: Invasion have both received an update to version 1.4. We have also released a new DLC called "Smugglers Guild".

This DLC is a compilation of background stories for the indie game "Smugglers 5: Secession" and is named after the first of the three stories. Upon installation, the player can choose to play one of three short but dynamic and multiple-pathed background stories, which will lead the player through the game.

You can buy the DLC here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/314400/

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“Smugglers 5 is an impressive and exceedingly addictive game.[...]”
80 – DarkZero

“Smugglers 5: Turn-Based Elitism: It’s knee-deep in content, simple to pick up and play for short or long sessions, and is a ton of fun to boot.”
"Great", “One more turn” feeling – Space Game Junkie

Speciale editie

Specifically for release on Steam, Smugglers 5 now features a higher native screen resolution for the main game screens and an updated combat system to make battles more varied. After the official release on Steam, the developers will continue working on and improving the game.

Info over het spel

Smugglers 5 is the fifth installment in the turn-based single-player space trading game series. Will you be a greedy trader, an ambitious fleet pilot or a ruthless pirate? Board enemy ships, manage factories, conquer star systems and forge your own galactic empire - ultimately, your actions will have an impact on a galactic scale.

'It’s basically Elite… but turn-based. [...]' - Rockpapershotgun.com blog (Smugglers 4)

'Smugglers 5 is an impressive and exceedingly addictive game.[...]' - darkzero.co.uk

'I’ve been playing Smugglers' games since I was a kid[...]' - Christian T. (a happy customer)

The galaxy is at war - the Federation, the Coalition, the Outer Rim systems and the criminal Syndicate battle for control. It's a dangerous life for a pilot on the front lines, but it can also be a lucrative one - are you an honest trader, or does smuggling illegal goods sound more profitable? Will you join the war effort for your faction, set up your own empire or simply explore the galaxy?

The fifth instalment in the long-running Smugglers series features a completely revised turn-based combat system and a range of new ships to fly, as well as a host of exciting features:

  • Explore the galaxy through a fast turn-based travel and combat system
  • 4 factions; 6 professions with new, unique skill trees; 100+ different skills and a revised skill system
  • 30+ spaceships and encounters ranging from fighters up to battleships, cruise missiles and star bases
  • Non-linear war and campaign system. You can influence the war!
  • Manage a crew, board enemy ships, become Admiral and command whole fleets
  • Plunder planets and pirate outposts, conquer space systems and even rule your own empire!
  • Supply and demand based trading with the storyline and campaign influencing prices
  • More than 80,000 words of interactive non-linear storylines (that´s about the size of two novels)
  • Advanced text generation technology and new planet exploration short stories make every game different.
  • Marry a beautiful wife and have children
  • Optional compatibility mode to allow blind players to enjoy the game
  • and much more ...

The six most important new features compared to Smugglers 4:
  • You can now start and rule your own empire
  • Manage your own factories or pirate outposts
  • Raid and plunder planets or pirate outposts
  • 80,000 words of new and dynamic short stories (the equivalent of a full length novel).
  • Completely revised skill and combat system
  • Play as an independent adventurer - or join the military

'TOP 1 bestselling RPG game' - GOG.com from 16th to 24th March 2014
'TOP 6 bestselling INDIE game' - GOG.com from 16th to 24th March 2014
'TOP 3 bestselling PC game' - Impulsedriven.com in May 2011 (Prequel Smugglers 4)
'TOP 1 bestselling indie game' - Direct2Drive.com in June 2011 (Prequel Smugglers 4)

There's a ship in the hangar and the stars are calling to you. Don't keep them waiting.


    • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or newer.
    • Processor: No special requirements
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: No special requirements
    • Hard Drive: 100 MB available space
    • Sound Card: No special requirements
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6.6 uur in totaal
It's a decent little game to pass the time, considering the price. While I wouldn't exactly call it an outstanding game by any stretch of the imagination, I would firmly place it in the category of: 'If you have 10 bucks to spare, some time to kill, and like strategy games with a sprinkling of story and RPG thrown in, why not?'.

It comes with a quick little tutorial to help you get started, which is nice. However I would still strongly recommend either reading or glancing through the simple manual as well, because there may be things that are of interest to you that you'd want to do and have no real idea about otherwise. Such as starting your own faction. That however is something that will take several hours and much dedication.

There are 4 factions that you can join and level up with, however if you don't join any you can go about doing what you want (minus missions) and still level up as a civilian. If you eventually join your ranking will carry over to your new faction, so at least you don't lose anything.

It's no surprise that virtually everything in the game revolves around money. The only things that don't are your own individual skills depending on which profession you choose - however note that it can take quite a while to level up and get new skills, so for some people the game might get a bit tedious, or even monotonous. You need to 'level up' 3 times before you get new skills - and some pretty big skills are on opposite ends of entire skill trees that require you to have prerequisites. So expect a lot of grinding.

If you're someone who likes games based upon their graphics - my suggestion is to move along. There won't be anything new or fancy here, and if you have a really high resolution you're going to be doing a fair amount of squinting. Otherwise you can make it full screen and squint again as everything gets stretched out. If you see something once in the game, you'll see it a thousand times.

Same for the sounds. The music will tend to cut out at various random intervals, but strangely enough I really only noticed it when it suddenly stopped. Otherwise it was fairly forgettable. Much the same for the sound effects.

There are a few instances of flavor text missing, usually in the 'quotes' area stating that this is an early access version even though it isn't. Also, if you're the one who tends to shudder every time you come across misspelled words or bad grammar in a game, then prepare to shudder a few times. Thankfully most of it is fine, but you'll notice a few spots here and there - and plenty of walls of text. Though considering the resolution I'm not really surprised.

All-in-all it's a fun little game to pass the time, or if you have that space rpg urge. It's 'just one more turn!' addicting for the first hour or two until you get the routine down. You might get to switch it up when you learn a new skill or get a new ship, or get a battle with a random event - but otherwise nothing major happens for the first large chunk of the game.

With enough dedication you can eventually reach the higher ranks and unlock more activities, but you'll have to be able to slog through a fair bit of early grinding, -especially- if you choose the civilian route.

My final score for this is a fairly decent but not great 6.5/10. It will keep you entertained for a while and will be worth it to those who are willing to put the time into it - assuming you can put up with old-fashioned graphics and sounds for quite a few hours.

For the rest of you who can't do that, I'd recommend waiting to see if it goes on sale later. At 10 USD it's still an iffy buy, but if it ever goes to 7 or less, I'd say grab it.

- Paradox Jast
Geplaatst: 11 april
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1.8 uur in totaal
Smuggler's 5 is a broken, unpolished mess. About a third of the tooltips are missing quotes and instead say "early release version." This game adds very little from the previous iterations. The combat is singularly unthrilling, the clunky UI could have been done better by a freshman taking a class in flash. Smugglers 5is not ENTIERLY without charm; The RPG elements and the reward system is cool. I like the idea of earning medals and awards that show up on the character's lapel. The diversity of available ships and the choose your own adventure elements are a fun diversion from the rest of the wreckage that was slapped together to build this rubbish. Im a sucker for ANY 4xer which is why I bought it, but at the end of the day I would have had an exponentially better time playing Mater of Orion, which makes no sense seeing that MOO is over 20 years than this game.
Geplaatst: 12 april
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8.6 uur in totaal
Initially I liked this game quite a bit. I'm a sucker for space exploration games and I really like building up my ship as I progressed through the game. The interface is a bit of a mess however. Some buttons launch in game popups like you'd expect while others launch sperarate executables which overlay your game. It looks like they set out making a browser game, but at some point decided to do something different.

I had quite a bit of fun early on in the game, but it didn't take long until I ran into a staggering lack of content. The big ships they talk about in the menus are actually not in the game. Carriers and other large ships which the game says you need to have your own fleet can't be bought as far as I can tell. So you get to a point where you can't really progress any further.

The starmap is very limited. I don't see why there couldn't be many, many more star systems and different types of planets. The amount of weapons and ship upgrades are also very limited and are mostly the same across all ships. There is virtually no point in trading past the first hour or so of the game. The combat system is ok, but gets extremely repetitive. There doesn't seem to be an endgame of any kind. There are even menu items not in use and place holder text which calls this an early access game. I could go on, but the point should be clear.

What makes it even worse is that as you try to close the game the developer advertises an expansion for the game which can only be bought through their website. Which apparantly is a standalone game with a lot of the missing features this game looks like it was supposed to have. They even have additional DLC on top of that thing. I looked at their website and if you try to buy the game they add on all the previous games in the series without asking, try to push DLC and have some sort of "download premium" service which lets you download the game whenever you want for extra cash. These are practices I thought we had put behind us years ago.

To sum it up: Stay away from this one. It is an unfinished buggy mess and not the latest version of this game. The developer are using some rather dishonest tactics to push this game on you despite it being an inferor version of a probably equally buggy mess.
Geplaatst: 13 april
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8.8 uur in totaal
Somewhere between Freelancer and FTL.
However, this is most definitely not for the graphic-orientated, as its almost closer to a text-based game than, say, X3.

As for how the game actually plays its got the standard roles you can fulfill (smuggler, trader, bounty hunter, pirate, naval officer etc). You essentially go from sector to sector either trading or doing various missions or just hunting down prey. Then you use that money to upgrade your ship/buy a bigger a ship until you're big enough to help with your faction's war effort...
Or potentially even set up your own faction. I'm looking forward to becoming a pirate king in my game...

Definitely worth the price tag, if anything because it will give you hours of low stress, no-reactions-required gaming - ideal if you like to watch TV as you game!
Geplaatst: 13 april
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0.3 uur in totaal
The base game leaves a lot to be desired. This kind of game might have been exceptional in the 90s (ala drug wars)... but it would have also been a free game in the 90s. In the modern world there is no room for a game as rough around the edges as this. If you have multiple windows open in your browser you can easily lose a menu that you open in the game... because it opens a full other application every single time you do anything. By no means is this game worth $10.

The developer has also released DLC and expansions for the game. Instead of fattening this one game up by giving you the expansion which... they promise will fix all your problems if you Greenlight it... they've decided to release this weak game as is. Shame on you developers.
Geplaatst: 12 april
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