Challenging and fast-paced with a modern twist on old school RPG battle systems, QuestRun is unlike anything you have played before.
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QuestRun trading cards !

2014년 7월 8일

QuestRun fans!

Just when you thought our artwork couldn't get any come our trading cards..containing :
- 15 cards
- 5 backgrounds
- 5 emotes

To celebrate - we are running a 50% discount for the week. Happy trading!

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Small patch

2014년 4월 26일

Thanks to your feedback, I made a small patch for QuestRun. It fixes the issue with 2 achievements.

For those who missed it, I also uploaded a small update earlier this week to fix the issue with the HellGate dungeon where you started right at the boss wave.

For Mac user, for some reasons it might take some time to get this patch, and I'm sorry. I'll try to upload it next week.

Thanks to everyone who showed support on the forum, it's very appreciated here !

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“QuestRun appears surprisingly solid and feature-complete”

“A fast paced frantic tactics game which puts you on the edge of your seat for hours”

게임 정보

Challenging and fast-paced with a modern twist on old school RPG battle systems, QuestRun is unlike anything you have played before. A J-RPG inspired tactical game with rogue-like elements and deep engaging gameplay. You love RPGs but can go without in depth dialogues and scenario based text? QuestRun is for you - taking you to battle in various themed dungeons. Progress as far as you can with your chosen heroes, die in agony and try again! Apply new strategies, try new heroes, choose new perils and die anyway! Untimely, premature deaths await!

시스템 요구 사항 (PC)

    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: 1 GHz
    • Memory: 2048 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 512 MB
    • Hard Drive: 120 MB available space

시스템 요구 사항 (MAC)

    • OS: OS X 10.5
    • Processor: 1 GHz
    • Memory: 2048 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 512 MB
    • Hard Drive: 120 MB available space
유용한 고객 평가
5명 중 4명(80%)이 이 평가를 유용하다고 평가했습니다.
1.4 시간 기록
제목만 보면 RPG + 런닝 게임같은 느낌이 들지만
실제로는 어떤 타이밍에 스킬을 쓰고
어떤 아이템을 누구한테 장비해주고
레벨 업 시 어떤 능력치를 올려줄지를 정해서
미션을 하나하나 클리어해 가는 일종의 전략 퍼즐(?)같은 게임

다만 전략적이라고 하기에는 유저가 개입할 수 있는 요소가 한정적이고
진행에 있어 어떤 아이템을 획득하는지 운적인 요소가 강해서
깊게 파고 들기에는 상당히 미묘한 부분을 가지고 있습니다.

게임은 하다보면 제법 할만한 편이지만
좋은 의미로든 나쁜 의미로든 딱 플래시 게임스러운 퀄리티
게시 일시: 2014년 4월 20일
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2명 중 2명(100%)이 이 평가를 유용하다고 평가했습니다.
24.8 시간 기록
모바일 게임이나 플래시 게임에서 흔히 볼 수 있는 형태의 게임입니다.

게임 자체가 옵션 조차도 없을 정도로 간단하게 되어 있고

게임 내용 자체도 크게 별거 없는 형태입니다.

전투에 있어서 나름 전략이란 걸 세우긴 해야 클리어가 가능하긴 하지만,

전체적으로 전략보단 운이 더 중요한 게임입니다.

번들에 포함되어 있어서 해본 건데 번들이 아닌 돈 주고 사긴 아까운 게임이네요.
게시 일시: 2014년 9월 16일
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174명 중 133명(76%)이 이 평가를 유용하다고 평가했습니다.
8.9 시간 기록
Let's make a list of Pros and Cons, shall we?

-Semi-challenging gameplay that feels rewarding
-A varied roster of characters with some unique abilities
-Fast paced combat that is definitely different from games I've played (Could be a con if you don't like fast games)
-Some replay value in the Lost Treasure randomized mode
-Random events that can help or hurt your dungeon runs

-As of right now there is NO options menu.
-Game was clearly made for 720p and when the window is increased to 1080p there is a drop in quality.
-Feels and plays kind of like a mini-game/flash game. Not that there's too much wrong with that, I just thought I'd throw it out there

Overall, this game is worth your time if the idea of it interests you. It's face paced, semi-randomized, and quite a bit of fun. I would recommend that you look up some gameplay on it to see if you are really interested in this sort of game. Right now it's on sale until April 25th, so I highly recommend buying it sooner rather than later.

First Impressions Video:
게시 일시: 2014년 4월 18일
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188명 중 132명(70%)이 이 평가를 유용하다고 평가했습니다.
0.5 시간 기록
"I've never been so disappointed with a purchase, I'd rather play FIFA, and I HATE football/soccer"

Oh boy this is going to be a long one...

There is quite a lot wrong with this game, that simply makes it boring to play.

My largest issue with this game is how it plays. Combat plays automatically while you do the strats (position your party, equip items, use items and skills), and thats the extent of your control aside for a few more minor things. At first that doesn't sound so bad, you might need to do certain things a certain way due to abilities your enemies might have. But this game has dumbed down everything that could potentially be challenging outside of direct combat:

- Each character has a single skill. one. ONE!!!!!!! (I found that each actually has a team buff/debuff, but all of them weren't thought out very well, 2 classes even had the exact same one as well, which is a little bit silly).

- Your characters are selected for you. WHY? Whats worse you need to pay in-game currency for the ability to select your characters? I don't understand what purpose it serves. You could say that it is to ease the player into the game, but that is BS since the game throws a full party of 3 people and those people are randomly selected out of the ones you can use, that doesn't sound like easing in.

- Items stats are boring as f**k. Its a very simple add to damage, and any class can equip any weapon and shield and have it deal more damage than a weapon they would typically hold (I had a mage holding a sword that added 5 to damage. better than his staff).

- A inventory system that I wish never exsisted. When your party picks up an item (which isn't notified very well to the player) it is added to the rather small inventory space, items are queued from the top and once you fill your inventory and find another item, the oldest item in your inventory is removed. What if I wanted to keep a potion? How can I stratergise if you don't give me the means to do so? You can't even remove an item from your inventory to bump a potion back to the top in order to keep. Why can't I do that? Seriously? It just seems a little bit stupid that I have to get rid of a useful potion for a god-awful weapon.

Due to the lack of control the player has and the lack of information about how some of the game's simple game mechanics work during the tutorial, all combined with the simplicity of class and equipment stats and abilities... *sigh*

I can't really say much about this game in its favour other than the visuals are pretty solid and the music isn't too bad, but the game keeps looping the same tracks over and over, so theres that.

This game is bad, really bad. It's a bore to play and recommend none of you pick this up.
게시 일시: 2014년 4월 19일
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139명 중 87명(63%)이 이 평가를 유용하다고 평가했습니다.
0.2 시간 기록
Watch my short experience with the game:

I actually liked the concept alot, i love JRPGs with a really deep battle system where a boss fight can last half hour or more.

This game is not that, despite the marketing. The battle system is shallow, automated and dull, offering little strategy and none of the satisfaction of issuing direct orders to characters each turn. You feel extremely detached from the "action" and i was bored with this game in an astonishingly short amount of time, in fact i will admit that i have not given the game a fair playtime i was that annoyed with what i did play.

there is no story.

I also could not find an options menu anywhere in the game, meaning u have no control at all over visual settings or audio levels. Unacceptable, this is Steam, not the AppStore.

I will say that the games presentation is well done although the character and monster designs are a little uninspired.
게시 일시: 2014년 4월 19일
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