The Human Race had advanced to the point where we could travel among the stars, we developed giant automated machines to help us colonise other worlds, but there was a fault in their programming and they turned and attacked. Forcing us to lay a trap to protect Earth and exiling the Human race to stay on Earth once again.
Data de lançamento: 8 Out 2010
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Inclui 6 itens: X2: The Threat, X3: Reunion, X3: Terran Conflict, X: Tension, X: Beyond the Frontier , X3: Albion Prelude

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The Human Race had advanced to the point where we could travel among the stars, we developed giant automated machines to help us colonise other worlds, but there was a fault in their programming and they turned and attacked. Forcing us to lay a trap to protect Earth and exiling the Human race to stay on Earth once again.

500 Years later Kyle Brennan starts his journey by piloting an experimental ship equipped with a new piece of technology allowing it to cross vast distances on its own. However it malfunctions and traps him in a group of sectors inhabited by Aliens, hunted and with no way home, this is his story of survival... Beyond the Frontier...

X: Beyond The Frontier is the first part in the X-Universe series of games developed by Egosoft.
It tells the story of mankind's rise and fall in the universe, and the attempt by Kyle Brennan to help repopulate the stars using a new ship called the Experimental Shuttle, and how he became trapped in a closed group of sectors linked by a series of jumpgates, owing credits to an alien for helping to save him, and hunted by several people. Unknowingly, a group of secret service people are after him, a group who have tried to hide their races secret, that they are the descendants of a group of Humans who saved earth from the Terraformer fleet they created to help colonise the universe.

Now with the Truth coming out, X: Beyond the Frontier allows the player to play as Kyle Brennan on his hunt to find a way home, whilst helping a group of people find the truth about their ancestry, and continue to help save earth from the Terraformers who are now known as the Xenon.


  • Trade - Trade in over 50 sectors, with over 50 different goods, upgrade you ships with dozens of upgrades available to you by 5 different races.
  • Fight - Find the location of the hostile pirates and survive against attacks by the Xenon.
  • Build - Construct stations to build your own production empire.
  • Think - Adapt your trading empire to suit the needs of each sectors local economy.

Requisitos de sistema

    • OS: Windows 95 or higher
    • Processor: Pentium II 200 MHz
    • Memory: 32 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 4 MB DirectX-compliant video card
    • DirectX®: DirectX 7.0 or higher
    • Hard Drive: 275 MB hard-disk space
    • Sound: DirectX-compliant sound card
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O jogo é bem antigo, mas tem uma mecânica interessante.Você ficará muuuito tempo apenas por conta do comércio até poder entrar na parte da história com ação de verdade. E a í o jogo acaba, simplesmente. Se você gosta de simuladores e acabou comprando esse, prepare-se para "voar" muito mesmo. No começo é muito chato, mas no final, os últimos setores são até um tanto difíceis de vencer.
Publicada: 30 abril 2014
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It's a great game, but it unfortunately suffers from a couple of problems, some major and some minor.

The tutorial isn't really all that helpful, it gives you an idea of what you're doing--it lets you get comfortable with the X-Shuttle itself, but what you're supposed to do is not really elaborated on.

The trading system is good, but I feel like it would be better if you were able to walk around these production centers and stuff (Although, you can do some EVA in X Tension). The music is good at setting an atmosphere, it gives you a feeling that you really are flying through space--not some high-intensity, strings-heavy Hans Zimmer ♥♥♥♥, of course, the music is well-situated when you get into a fight, but even the fighting has its own problems.

The enemy AI is awful, it's just awful. I would find more challenge if the game had them fire back or at least tail you closely, but instead they turn into giant Kamikaze-units and try to ram into you, leading to cheap deaths. You usually have to try to take them out in one pass or just make sure you're ALWAYS behind them, or approaching them in a way where they can't turn and fly into you.

The graphics are really a mixed bag. The use of low lighting and lens flare make it feel like a science-fiction title, with stars' blaring light casting through your ship. Planets are also well-drawn. But the ships and centers look very...well...I would say "1990's" if this game wasn't developed in 1999. The graphics are bland, a lot of grays, greens and reds when more life could be put in.

Ship control is great! The ship handles pretty well. There isn't too much to be said since it flies wrather swell.

As an overall verdict, the game is...decent. The ship control is good, and background graphics are good, I love the trading system and it's fun to become anything from a supply merchant, to a drug supplier, to a bounty hunter and, when you amass enough credits, entrepeneur. The game is hampered by poor enemy AI and bland graphics with ships and stations in space. But, overall, I'd recommend it.
Publicada: 13 fevereiro 2014
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A program of complexity, this game is daunting at first sight, its graphics and mechanics are not of familiarity, and learning anything is severely limited. But with a little patience, this game grows in your favour, as you learn each ship, race, station, and mechanic of this diverse X Universe. Beyond what you think it is, it's a game of occasional trial and error, however with the internet to help, you can be in command. It is the start of a new way to think of this series, to propose a new way you see retro highlights, and to really see Beyond the Frontier.
Publicada: 3 março 2014
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Simpler than the later games in the series. A great entry point.
Publicada: 25 junho 2014
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Very challenging at the start. Will take a lot of time to get going. Would recommend it, but will require a great deal of patience.
Publicada: 31 março 2014
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Eu literalmente não consegui jogar este jogo. Primeiro que ele apresenta grandes incompatibilidades com o meu sistema, algumas que não atrapalham, como por exemplo não poder rodar no modo janela em sistemas acima de 16bits (...), mas outras que matam de raiva. Só para ilustrar a situação, existe conflito entre os controles (o jogo fica trocando entre controle e teclado), e alguns comandos precisam ser usados pelo teclado (girar a nave por exemplo) e outros no controle (acelerar, por exemplo) e absurdamente não é possivel trocar, já que se o fizer, o jogo reinicia e volta aos comandos antigos!!!

A primeira missão não consegui passar - mesmo após cumprir o que o narrador manda, nada acontece - então pulei, pois se tratava de um tutorial. Ocorre que logo na segunda é possível se perceber erros nos diálogos, já que a mesma fala é repetida mais de uma vez, e isso acontece com várias falas... Os objetivos durante as missões são ditos em inglês e sem legendas, o que complicaria mais ainda se eu não entendesse inglês, e se há algum lugar em que eles podem ser vistos eu não achei... Talvez por causa da bagunça causada pela mistura entre o controle e o teclado.

Os gráficos e audio ruins são aceitáveis considerando a idade do jogo, mas o que não se pode engolir são os vários poblemas acima citados, e mesmo se não fosse a bagunça das teclas, a jogabilidade é porca e o enredo também. Enfim este é o contrário daquilo que se espera de um jogo, precisa melhorar para ser ruim, e supera barreiras de negatividade que não achei que existiam. HORRÍVEL (2/10)
Publicada: 11 dezembro 2013
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