La Raza Humana había avanzado hasta el punto en que podíamos viajar por las estrellas y habíamos desarrollado gigantescas máquinas automatizadas que nos ayudaron a colonizar otro mundos, pero un fallo en su programación las hizo volverse en nuestra contra y atacarnos.
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Fecha de lanzamiento: 1 jul. 1999

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28 de septiembre

Steam Cloud Sync Enabled

We are pleased to announce that Steam Cloud support is now enabled for all games in the X series, to bring the older games in line with X Rebirth.

Your savegames will now be synchronised across different PCs using the same Steam account by default.

If you do not wish to use Steam Cloud to synchronise your games, then right-click on the game in question in the Steam library, choose Properties, go to the Updates tab and uncheck the "Enable Steam Cloud synchronization" checkbox setting.

You can, of course, re-enable it at any time if you change your mind.



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Acerca de este juego

La Raza Humana había avanzado hasta el punto en que podíamos viajar por las estrellas y habíamos desarrollado gigantescas máquinas automatizadas que nos ayudaron a colonizar otro mundos, pero un fallo en su programación las hizo volverse en nuestra contra y atacarnos. Y nos forzaron a tenderles una trampa para proteger a la Tierra que exilió a los humanos, obligándonos a permanecer en la Tierra una vez más.
500 años después, Kyle Brennan comienza su viaje pilotando una nave experimental equipada con una nueva tecnología que le permite cruzar enormes distancias por sí misma. Sin embargo hubo un fallo que lo dejó atrapado en un grupo de sectores habitados por Aliens, donde fue perseguido sin posibilidad de regresar a casa. Esta es su historia de supervivencia... Más Allá de la Frontera...

X: Beyond The Frontier es la primera parte de la saga del Universo X creada por Egosoft.

Cuenta la historia de la ascensión y caída de la humanidad en el universo y el intento de Kyle Brennan por ayudar a repoblar las estrellas utilizando una nueva nave denominada la Lanzadera Experimental, de cómo quedó atrapado en un grupo de sectores enlazados por una serie de portales, debiendo créditos a un alien por ayudarle a salvarse y siendo cazado por diversas personas. Sin que él lo supiera, un grupo de gente del servicio secreto lo estaba acechando, un grupo que ha intentado ocultar el secreto de su raza que desciende directamente de los humanos que salvaron a la Tierra de la flota de los Terraformer creados para ayudarnos a colonizar el universo.
Ahora que la Verdad se destapa, X: Beyond the Frontier permite al jugador asumir el papel de Kyle Brennan en su intento por regresar a casa, a la vez que ayuda a un grupo de gente a descubrir la verdad sobre sus ancestros y continúa ayudando a salvar a la Tierra de los Terraformers ahora conocidos como los Xenon.


  • Comercia - Comercia en más de 50 sectores, con más de 50 tipos de mercancía, mejora tus naves con docenas de piezas disponibles que comprar a 5 razas diferentes.
  • Lucha - Encuentra la zona donde se ocultan los hostiles piratas y sobrevive a los ataques de los Xenon.
  • Construye - Construye estaciones para forjar tu propio imperio de producción.
  • Piensa - Adapta tu imperio comercial según las necesidades de la economía local de cada sector.

Requisitos del sistema

    • SO: Windows 95 o superior
    • Procesador: Pentium II a 200 MHz
    • Memoria: 32 MB de RAM
    • Gráficos: Gráfica de 4 MB compatible con DirectX
    • DirectX®: DirectX 7.0 o superior
    • Disco Duro: 360 MB de espacio libre
    • Sonido: Compatible con DirectX
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Publicado el 30 de septiembre de 2014
So my review will probably end up somewhere and no one will ever read it but here I go nevertheless.

I played this game when it came or some time after it was in a gaming magazine as an extra. It's not that easy as a kid but if you actually know what you are doing it's not that hard. The story isn't the best but it's not that bad either.

There are 6 races, with 5 of them you can trade and build space stations in their systems. The beginning can be a bit slow but as soon as you have yor own station, which you can get after about an hour if you sell the shield you get, it gets quite easy. There are some stations which are just flat out better than others but you can either figure that out yourself or just google it. If you want to explore a bit you can, just fly wherever you want, leave some money in you stations and some transporters and when you come back you will have more money then you left.

Some tips you should listen to:
get the S.E.T.A upgrade it makes the game much more enjoyable.
and get the docking computer from the paranids.

if you have questions just leave them here i'll respond to them.

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Publicado el 21 de enero de 2014
This game is a bit difficult to start out as the tutorial was... well useless and the manual wasn't really as helpful as it could be. Once you get into the game though it becomes more interesting as you can set up your own production plants and start getting into the finer aspects of trading. If you like trading games this is a good one to get as there is a lot of product to play around with. The combat system is a bit lacking as it's hard to destroy enemies with lasers in the beginning and the enemy AI gets really suicidal taking you with them as they crash into you. Still aside from the occasional nonsense the game itself is unique and can be very fun if your willing to learn how to play the game.
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Publicado el 8 de agosto de 2012
This game is exactly like the Elite game: Frontier - Elite II. But more better and simplier. The only thing is if you got games like X2 and X3 then you may not adapt to the controls and how to manage those open-ended games. Start with this game and try it! If you get stuck or think you need more cash in-game, look into the Egosoft site. And use the HEX editor tool in your x-btf saves. Read more info in Egosoft or the Cheat sites.

The only thing that this game got, compared to the newer X-Series games is the afterburner turbo boost and the SETA Boost Extension that isn't featured in the newer series. I have to warn you if you play X2 The Threat onwards you maybe lost on how to interact, trade and fight -- as it is a steep learning curve. So start with X - Beyond the Frontier and maybe have a glance on my guides and video tutorials if you are interested.
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Publicado el 13 de febrero de 2014
It's a great game, but it unfortunately suffers from a couple of problems, some major and some minor.

The tutorial isn't really all that helpful, it gives you an idea of what you're doing--it lets you get comfortable with the X-Shuttle itself, but what you're supposed to do is not really elaborated on.

The trading system is good, but I feel like it would be better if you were able to walk around these production centers and stuff (Although, you can do some EVA in X Tension). The music is good at setting an atmosphere, it gives you a feeling that you really are flying through space--not some high-intensity, strings-heavy Hans Zimmer ♥♥♥♥, of course, the music is well-situated when you get into a fight, but even the fighting has its own problems.

The enemy AI is awful, it's just awful. I would find more challenge if the game had them fire back or at least tail you closely, but instead they turn into giant Kamikaze-units and try to ram into you, leading to cheap deaths. You usually have to try to take them out in one pass or just make sure you're ALWAYS behind them, or approaching them in a way where they can't turn and fly into you.

The graphics are really a mixed bag. The use of low lighting and lens flare make it feel like a science-fiction title, with stars' blaring light casting through your ship. Planets are also well-drawn. But the ships and centers look very...well...I would say "1990's" if this game wasn't developed in 1999. The graphics are bland, a lot of grays, greens and reds when more life could be put in.

Ship control is great! The ship handles pretty well. There isn't too much to be said since it flies wrather swell.

As an overall verdict, the game is...decent. The ship control is good, and background graphics are good, I love the trading system and it's fun to become anything from a supply merchant, to a drug supplier, to a bounty hunter and, when you amass enough credits, entrepeneur. The game is hampered by poor enemy AI and bland graphics with ships and stations in space. But, overall, I'd recommend it.
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Publicado el 15 de enero de 2013
X Beyond The Frontier is the first of the X series and it's funny how little has changed since this incarnation and all the way to Albion Prelude. Some things are sorely missing, such as the ability to change ships but the core of the game back then was much the same.

While the technology has gone leaps and bounds since this game was released, the quality of the graphics has exploded and features that were unthinkable back in those days have been added the core of the game, the essence of what an X game is, remains much the same to this day.

You are a pilot on a experimental spaceship in a universe, as the game starts events unfold that leave you stranded in alien space with no way home. And that's about all the direction you will get from this game. There is a plot hiding somewhere and occasionally you will come across bits and pieces of it but following it is entirely optional and most players will probably choose to ignore it for the majority of the game.

The core of the game is, quite simply, trading, fighting and exploring. You travel around the universe finding new systems, new enemies and new trade hubs. As you increase in notoriety and your financial means increase you gain access to new weapons and equipment for your ship and new avenues open up for you.

The learning curve is steep enough to make even the most doped up Tour de France rider think twice before attempting the climb. The game explains only the very basics to you, everything else you have to figure out for yourself. This is something that makes Beyond The Frontier, and in fact all X games, something of a challenge to get into. The game is extremely unforgiving to newcomers and unless you have the patience to restart a few times this probably isn't the game for you.

Despite it's age Beyond The Frontier is still a good game with some good solid core gameplay. It is also a game with it's share of faults the most prominent being the lack alternate starting points and the inability to change ships in game something which makes starting a new game rather cumbersome, even for an experienced player. The similarities between this and later incarnations is of course also a detriment to buying it nowadays because you will get much the same game if your purchase the latest installment in the series, only it will be an improved game.
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