RollerCoaster Tycoon World™ is the newest installment in the legendary RCT franchise. This next-generation theme park simulation and building game includes fan-favorite features as well as incredible new advancements!
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Mostly Negative (1,710 reviews) - 33% of the 1,710 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Mar 30, 2016

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Early Access Game

Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“As some of you may have guessed, we’ve been silently running a large test group with some members of the community since the beginning of the year. We’ve made so much progress with this group - getting invaluable feedback, testing ideas, and more – that we realized how much of a boon letting the rest of the community in will be in shaping our game. We cannot thank this group enough for their passion for the franchise and their contribution to the game, and for inspiring us to let the rest of you into the world of RCTW.

This is why we have decided to release RCTW initially as Early Access.

In addition to providing feedback on the features we are delivering including UGC, the simulation and the Coaster builder, you’ll be helping to optimize the title by seeing what kind of performance the game can provide from system to system. Your feedback will be critical. To provide us with this feedback, we’ll be creating dedicated Early Access forums on our website and Steam, and we will be there daily, along with the Nvizzio team.

It is only with your feedback, your input, your passion and your creativity that we will bring the game to new heights.

Further information can be found in our Early Access announcement blog

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“RollerCoaster Tycoon World has everything you need to enjoy a full-featured gaming experience. As Early Access progresses, we will implement additional features based on your feedback. There is much more we want to do. When this is done, we will leave Early Access.

If you don’t want to participate in EA, we understand, and you are in no way obligated. We hope you will come back as the game progresses. If you pre-ordered via Steam, they will be able to facilitate refunds as per their policy.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“The Early Access release of RCTW contains the core features and content of the game. Your purchase includes these, along with our roadmap of future content updates and tweaks. All features, like the Coaster builder, the simulation and the overall user experience will be optimized, improved and refined as the game evolves - not only during Early Access, but throughout the life of the game. So make sure to update your game. Throughout Early Access and beyond we will be adding further content, including piece-by-piece custom-built structures, scenario editor, mini-rides and dark rides, additional scenarios, transport rides and more.”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“The game has all the features you need. When you open the game for the first time you will be greeted with 3 game modes – Campaign, Scenario, and Sandbox. You will get to play with 10 different types of coasters (all complete with ride cams), over 30 different flat rides, 4 different themes (sci-fi, adventure, generic, and adventure), a full (albeit not fully balanced) simulation, park operations, stalls/shops/bathrooms/info booths, a terrain editor, basic water, and of course an amazing User Generated Content System with FULL Steam Workshop Support.

We have spent a considerable amount of time testing the game, but at this point it is inevitable you’ll be running into some issues as you build your parks. Trust that with each quirk or glitch you find and report, it means that there will be one fewer as the game progresses. So yes, in this current build you will still find bugs, balance issues, missing features, frustration points, and maybe some crashes.”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“At this time we expect pricing will remain consistent. There might be times where we participate in promotional sales but this will not affect the price of the base game.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“We have created a dedicated forum section for Early Access to gather feedback from the community specifically on this phase of the game. As a team, including Nvizzio, we will be participating in the forum discussion and following impressions very closely. This feedback will be incredibly valuable to us as we fine-tune the gameplay experience and balance, and consider changes to features as well as entire new features.”
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October 6



Mwahaha! Hello Tycoons, and welcome…. to our SPOOKTACULAR Halloween update! While we’ve been hard at work fixing bugs and optimizing features, we somehow let this ghoulish collection of Halloween scenery objects sneak into the park! This update features a batch of new Halloween goodies including spiderwebs, tombstones, and jack-o’-lanterns, guaranteed to give your parks just the right touch of spooky ambience. In addition to our Halloween content, we’ve also made a number of improvements, additions and fixes to our PxP system, along with freeform scenery placement – place scenery on elevated paths! - and art optimizations throughout the game.

As we mentioned before, we’re now heading into the home stretch of our Early Access production cycle. We’re cooking up a ton of significant improvements – peeps, progression, UI/UX, and more – that you’ll have in your hands very soon. Be on the lookout for some sneak peeks at these big changes!

In the meantime, read on for details on the contents of this patch, along with our full bug list and patch notes.




Halloween Content:
Creeptastic Halloween Scenery is added to the scenery menu! Spider webs, Tombstones, Spider lanterns, Cemetery Fence, Weeping Angel, Jack-o’-Lanterns, and Spiders are now available as scenery items!

Freeform Scenery Placement:
You can now place any scenery object at any angle, with full control of elevation and 3 axes of rotation.

  • CONTROLS: Key bindings have been added for the “Park Expansion” and “Piece by Piece Buildings UI’s”. This can be found under the “Controls” section
  • GRAPHICS: Interval Update Optimization
  • GRAPHICS / PERFORMANCE: Optimized shaders, décor, path assets, scenery
  • GRAPHICS / PERFORMANCE: Texture sizes for all in-game items have been reduced to improve memory usage.
  • PXP: 5 Skeleton Stations are now unlocked for use.
  • PXP: Camera behaviors now behave correctly when triggered by specific gameplay events.
  • PXP: Duplicate now has a shortcut key – Ctrl+D
  • PXP: The grid system is set to auto-off when deleting the first piece.
  • PXP: The first PxP now contains a blue square array.
  • PXP: The Auto-Stacking toggle now does an Auto-Switch Off when increasing/decreasing the elevation into or above another piece.
  • SCENERY: Scenery Objects can now be placed on elevated paths.
  • SCENERY: Scenery Objects can now be placed via 4 axis placement for objects within the park.
  • SCENERY: Halloween objects are now available for use and placement in the park.
  • SOUND: Overall audio improvements and optimizations.
  • UI / UX The Buildings icon has been renamed to “Shops & Staff” to eliminate confusion with PxP Buildings.
  • UI / UX: The Duplicate button of the PxP info panel has been renamed to “Duplicate this Piece-by-Piece building”

The Bugs below have all been fixed in this latest update. Note that this is only a selection of all the bug fixes from the full list.
  • COASTERS: Coaster pillars are not present in-game
  • COASTERS: The Coaster highlight remains when going into the Coaster Cam.
  • COASTERS: 'Accelerator Coaster' cam clips with the coaster station base.
  • COASTERS: One of the 'Flying Coaster' camera angles focuses incorrectly and clips with the ride seats.
  • COASTERS: Entry paths cannot be connected to some of the coaster stations.
  • COASTERS: A small piece of glass panel is missing in the ‘Sci-Fi Station’ of Accelerator coaster
  • COASTERS: ‘Sci-Fi Station’ of ‘Spinning Coaster’ has two glass panels clipping through each other.
  • CONTROLS: Rotate function is used while Elevate is highlighted, when canceling or placing a building after selecting Rotate.
  • CRASH: Cancelling to place a saved blueprint while building a PxP building will cause a NullRef and break UI functionality.
  • CRASH: NullReferenceException preventing from grouping blueprints with other assets
  • CRASH: Game crashes after receiving the StackOverflowException repeatedly when placing roofs and stacking them.
  • CRASH: Using the Delete keyboard shortcut to delete pieces placed down will give a NullReferenceException Callout when the last piece is deleted
  • CRASH: Logs are spammed with NullReferenceExceptions when canceling to move a piece that has been Twisted or Pitched.
  • CRASH: Game crashes when attempting to place a piece-by-piece wall outside of the boundary of the back 3 plots.
  • CRASH: Placing any piece-by-piece premade generates a nullref, not allowing the player to place any other piece-by-piece assets.
  • CRASH: Attempting to re-edit a PxP Building after removing a building from its group and deleting it will result in a NullRef and force user to quit.
  • FLATRIDES: The color of the water in the preview image for the “Plundering Pirate” now matches the in game asset after placing on to the park.
  • FLATRIDES: ‘Plundering Pirate’ flag texture is missing
  • FLATRIDES: Peeps animation in Twisted twizzler are holding the security bars before they are present
  • FLATRIDES: The ride music stops playing if user exit from the 'Ride Camera'.
  • FLATRIDES: Orbit spin envelope is visually stretched while the ride is running
  • FLATRIDES: Typhoon missing texture
  • FLATRIDES: Various Flatride Animation/RideCam fixes
  • FLATRIDES: Particles visual effects from a broken down Ring Of Fire are not aligned properly with the ride.
  • GRAPHICS: Entrance Building – Texture applied to Entrance doesn’t appear to be mapped correctly.
  • GRAPHICS: Unmatched reflections visible in the mirrors on the entrance building of Capering Canyon map.
  • GRAPHICS: Low resolution texture appears for the ground surface of the Capering Canyon and Dusty Dunes maps.
  • GRAPHICS: Light fixtures inside the entrance building have single sided texture.
  • GRAPHICS: Grouping any assets then moving them will create an offset rectangle animation smoke effect.
  • GRAPHICS: Water in Lilac Lake is completely pink.
  • GRAPHICS: Some dead trees do not appear highlighted from afar.
  • GRAPHICS: The Theater ride does not have a footprint.
  • GRAPHICS: Particle visual effects from a broken Ring of Fire are not aligned properly with the ride.
  • GRAPHICS: No collision on terrain outside the park which make the player able the see the map from underneath.
  • GRAPHICS: Boundary line placement corrected.
  • GRAPHICS: Added LOD’s to facilities, stands and restaurants.
  • GRAPHICS: All in-game trees will now grow over time.
  • GRAPHICS: Leaves and branches of the Palm Tree disappear on placing it when camera is zoomed in.
  • GRAPHICS: Z-Fighting appears below the track under the station for the 'Floorless Coaster'.
  • GRAPHICS: Coaster tracks clip through "Gold Mine" Center Piece.
  • GRAPHICS: Inconsistency on water between assets.
  • GRAPHICS: UV maps errors
  • GRAPHICS: Cars in the parking lot are floating in the air.
  • GRAPHICS: LOD problem with the Super Flyer ride
  • GRAPHICS: Alien entertainer has missing face texture
  • GRAPHICS: The lights on the “Twister” ride do not glow at night.
  • GRAPHICS: Luminous Isle – The trees on the hills out of the park boundary appear white in color when viewed from ‘Free Camera’
  • GRAPHICS: Exit sign of the ride ‘Haunted House’ is reversed.
  • GRAPHICS: The Banana and coconut trees have fewer leaves when close up than when zooming out.
  • GRAPHICS: Small dark textures can be seen on the tops of the entrance towers
  • GRAPHICS: Out-of-world graphics are visible, if player enters a lowered terrain in 'Free Camera' mode and rotates the camera.
  • GRAPHICS: Texture of the entrance gate appears pixilated.
  • GRAPHICS: Glassy texture is missing for 'Lettuce N Things'.
  • GRAPHICS: Water outside the park boundary appears in white if viewed from ground level.
  • GRAPHICS: The observation tower is misaligned
  • PEEPS: Billboards have been created for new and existing peeps.
  • PEEPS: Adjustments to the threshold for when peeps buy food should they be hungry.
  • PEEPS: Camera positions have been fixed for all coasters.
  • PEEPS: Logic for the Ride Operator and Ticket Booth has been fixed so that it works for all locations.
  • PEEPS: Elder peeps bounce after being dropped over the paths.
  • PEEPS: The animation for when a peep is drowning has been fixed. It was previously repeating.
  • PXP: When saving a group blueprint, the default name for the group in the save panel should be the selected building’s name
  • PXP: Rotating the camera while saving a blueprint through any building info panel will move the panel but not the save panel.
  • PXP: Specific Extras and Walls PxP stacks to a limited amount.
  • PXP: When placing the first piece at 2 feet, the horizontal lines of the vertical grid will not correspond to the snapped positions
  • PXP: For roofs and tiles the yaw gizmo is displayed inside the piece
  • PXP: Scenery assets will visually be removed when installing multiple blueprints containing scenery
  • PXP: Default Bulldoze and Move tools can be accessed when enabled while holding a Premade within the PxP Builder.
  • PXP: There is a small flickering issue located inside the ‘Saloon’ premade building in-game.
  • PXP: The elevation of the first piece is at 0m instead of being the ground elevation
  • PXP: When elevating pieces, the 4x4 projected Grid is displayed far into the distance instead of being at the base of the vertical grid.
  • PXP: Unable to group PxP buildings with anything.
  • PXP: Audio – Music asset fails to play even after checking the ‘Play Music’ button for the first time a player accesses it from the info window.
  • PXP: Player is able to place only one ‘Metal Semi Wall’ adjacent to any other ‘Metal Semi Wall’
  • PXP: Clicking on the “Add More Packs” button doesn’t work every other time.
  • PXP: You cannot delete grouped assets
  • PXP: When left clicking on 2 shops while the Persistent Panel is displayed, the 2nd click will change the Persistent Panel to the Grouping Panel.
  • PXP: When Shift+left clicking on 2 shops while the Persistent Panel is displayed and the Grouping Panel appears, the group should be only the 2 selected.
  • PXP: New pieces added while editing a PxP building are not charged when duplicating it before finishing the project.
  • PXP: Clicking on a grouped shop, under the PxP Builder mode, will ungroup the entity.
  • PXP: Grouped PxP Buildings are not highlighted blue or red when mousing over them with the Move or Delete tools
  • PXP: Adding a Premade building whilst building a PxP building will automatically finish the project and start a new PxP building.
  • PXP: Deco & Lights cannot be rotated.
  • PXP: Walls facing the entrance are off centered on grid.
  • PXP: Track nodes will remain as green circles on Custom Coasters that are placed from PxP Blueprints
  • PXP: Keyword filtering then switching to another tab shouldn’t automatically add the keyword again.
  • PXP: Elevating a PxP and right click to cancel it will leave elevation displayed in game.
  • PXP: Gizmo will appear as 2 different pieces when stacking pieces.
  • PXP: Coasters in a Group Entity Blueprint will show the original Construction Date of the coaster that was initially saved within the blueprint.
  • PXP: When increasing/decreasing the elevation of the current piece, there is a 1 frame delay between the camera and the piece.
  • PXP: Placing a blueprint containing PxP packs that are enabled will have missing pieces
  • PXP: Gizmo appears at 2 different PxPs
  • PXP: The grid stays in 4x4 after putting down a PxP blueprint
  • PXP: Deco & Lights should also raycast against the collider of other buildings and rides
  • PXP: Deleting an entity blueprint containing 80+ rides while they are loading installation in the park will make UI unresponsive
  • PXP: 4x4 wall piece will flicker if stacked on top of 2 half-way pieces stacked together
  • PXP: Tinting pieces in the Colors tab and clicking on “Finish” makes the pieces change color or lose color
  • PXP: The angle snap does not turn into elevation snap if selecting a piece, turning off the grid, selecting Twist (3) or Pitch (4) then turning the grid back on
  • PXP: Z-fighting between stacked walls and the vertical grid
  • PXP: The Wild West Semi Wall is placed in the middle of the grid line.
  • PXP: When picking up an elevated piece with the Move Tool the camera jumps and has in incorrect offset with the mouse cursor
  • PXP: PxP placed after a grouped blueprint will automatically be grouped
  • PXP: When raising an auto-stacked piece, the piece will jump back down at the 8th increment
  • PXP: Z-fighting is present in the Western premades
  • PXP: Text in secondary UI for Adventure pieces is missing the words "Piece-by-Piece" next to it.
  • PXP: The default keyword search is not always displayed when starting a new PxP building
  • PXP: Saved game created after grouping few assets does not load.
  • PXP: Adventure premade grouping is not consistent
  • PXP: The PxP grid does not turn off when the first piece placed is undone
  • PXP: Smoke effect appears at top of the 'Golden Gate Bridge' while placing it in the park.
  • PXP: Only the 1st piece of a PxP building will produce smoke when the building is moved.
  • PXP: Paths of the 'Staff' & 'Park Services' skeleton buildings are shorter than the skeleton buildings of 'Food & Drinks' and 'Souvenir Shops'.
  • PXP: First PxP installed is centered which can cause certain pieces to be misaligned with grid.
  • PXP: A PxP wall will appear randomly on the terrain and cannot be selected or deleted in-game.
  • PXP: Coaster tracks cannot be created to go through PxP.
  • PXP: The “A to Z” sorting of premades in the Premade tab is incorrect
  • PXP: ArgumentException is called and user is unable to completely delete the Large Mayan Temple.
  • PXP: Completing a Coaster test cycle while adding to a PxP building will cause overlapping UI.
  • PXP: The "Save" button should be grayed out when no piece is placed is PxP editing mode
  • PXP: PxP Builder UI is automatically opened when selecting [Piece-by-Piece Buildings] when loading a save that was created with the Persistent Panel still opened.
  • PXP: Grid will not be aligned when using the Move Tool on the PxP building in a specific condition
  • PXP: The sorting in the Premade tab is not grouping premade together like in the level 3 UI
  • PXP: Using a blueprint that includes a non-pxp object (ie food stand) in a new pxp project will cause that non-pxp object to be ungrouped.
  • PXP: When using the Move Tool or Duplicate out of the PxP Builder without clicking on finish, the Persistent Panel will overlay the HUD
  • PXP: Manipulation keys 1 and 2 should be swapped when placing premade/blueprints in the Premade tab
  • PXP: PxP building that is being edited can be duplicated for free when not clicking on [Finish]
  • PXP: Only selected object moves, if player tries to move a group of open objects using 'Move Tool'.
  • PXP: Creating queues/paths from the Skeleton Station raises the terrain.
  • PXP: After saving a blueprint from the info panel, the button stays in the enabled state
  • PXP: Price refund when highlighting a group of objects to be deleted will show individual asset prices instead of the whole group.
  • SCENERY: ‘Mesquite Tree’ disappears when the user zooms out of the park.
  • SCENERY: The lamps of the ‘Friendly Neighbor’ façade do not glow during the night.
  • SCENERY: Improvements to viewing trees and at distance.
  • SCENERY: Incorrect water texture (Sand Texture) for the scenery asset 'Adventure Ruins'.
  • SCENERY: Street Lights go off when zooming in closely.
  • SCENERY: All of the spotlights have lighting during the day time.
  • SCENERY: Light present on half the plaza assets don't produce lighting.
  • SCENERY: All the lamps under 'Path Posts' category glows during day time.
  • SCENERY: Text capitalization inconsistency and typo in the Ride Sign “The ‘adventurious’ Arch Way.
  • SCENERY: Texture of the grass is missing on the 'Rock Arch'.
  • SCENERY: Texture of a plant is missing in 'Old Cowboy Plaza'.
  • SCENERY: User is unable to place scenery items near the dodecagon shaped 'Adventure Ruins' center piece.
  • SCENERY: The trees near the entrance fence does not glow if user places the spotlight close to the fences.
  • SCENERY: Most Flowers & Plants Scenery disappear when viewed from a distance.
  • SCENERY: The Large Fern from the [Flowers & Plants] Scenery appears very brightly textured.
  • SCENERY: Flowerbed scenery is flickering when raising camera at maximum height
  • SCENERY: Adventure ruins flickers at maximum height camera
  • SCENERY: Azalea scenery plants disappear when viewed from a distance.
  • SCENERY: LOD issues on Desert Bush, Half Buried Treasure
  • SCENERY: The flowering bushes have no shaders and do not look very realistic.
  • SOUND: SFX for the water falling from the top of the scenery asset 'Adventure Ruins' is inaudible.
  • SOUND: 'SFX' of placing and removing the assets is audible throughout the game, even after setting the 'Effects Volume' to 'Zero'.
  • SOUND: No sound can be heard from a ride placed after deleting a ride that’s functioning.
  • STAFF: Staff members slide after dropping them over paths
  • STAFF: Toolbox from mechanics floats when zooming in/out while fixing a ride.
  • UGC: Several UGC pieces and UGC windows appear completely pink.
  • UI /UX: UI Volume for the audio slider bars is audible, if user tries to pull it below 0% or Above 100%.
  • UI / UX: Renamed entity is not reflected in the group info panel.
  • UI / UX: When selecting a new piece, the camera is not following the piece anymore.

We are still working on a number of bugs, tweaks, and other fixes. With each update we address a number of bugs and make improvements, but sometimes this may cause other features to break in the process. Our focus during Early Access is on releasing updates faster to you so we can get feedback earlier in the process. If you see a bug please report it in our Bug Tracker. Feedback on what you see implemented should go in our Improvement Tracker.

Note that we have been seeing a number of users reporting issues with computers that are below the game’s minimum specs, so please check the main steam page before playing to ensure you meet the requirements. Additionally, we have seen a number of problems are solved when users update their graphics drivers.

Lastly, downloads via Steam may sometimes get corrupted or updates don’t fully install leading to odd behaviors in game and starting the game. Try these steps to verify the game cache:

Right click RollerCoaster Tycoon World in Steam

Click Properties

Then Open the Local Files tab

Click Verify integrity of game cache

NOTE: In general – it is a good idea to verify the Integrity of the Game Cache after any update just to be sure.

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September 20

DEV BLOG #16: Patch News and Halloween Content!

Hello Tycoons!

We’re popping in for a quick RCTW production update. As you may have noticed, our patch release schedule has changed a bit. Our next planned update is for early October – the target is October 4th – and will feature some spooktacular Halloween content, along with a number of bug fixes and tweaks. We’re moving to this new schedule to offer more impactful updates at a more measured pace. This ensures that our devs have the time needed to offer more substantive fixes and cool new content, all with an eye to our Early Access exit date. We’ll have more information soon about our launch plans, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, enjoy this creepy Jack-O'-Lantern concept art, available as a scenery item in our next update!


77 comments Read more
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About This Game

RollerCoaster Tycoon World™ is the newest installment in the legendary RCT franchise. This next-generation theme park simulation and building game includes fan-favorite features and incredible new advancements such as stunning 3D environments full of roller coaster thrills, exciting flat rides, eager guests, user-generated content, robust social features, and more – all in one massively fun game!


Powerful Building Tools:

  • Freeform Object Placement: Control and place every single in-game object anywhere on the map at any angle. For our more casual users we are also providing ‘snap-to’ and ‘brush’ placement functionality to make this enhancement easy to use.
  • Curved Paths: Select your unique type of path from a variety of widths, styles, and shapes. You can make them straight or, for the first time in the franchise, curve them at almost any angle!
  • Innovative 3D Track Editor: Create the coolest and wildest coasters imaginable with our best track editor ever! For the first time, using our spline based editor, tracks can be fully manipulated in 3D allowing you to create any shape you can dream up.
  • Fully Deformable Terrain with Water: Build amazing rides and change your park’s landscape in full 3D with completely deformable terrain and water.
  • Expansive Selection of In-Game Objects: Entertain your park guests with many different types of coasters and rides, all in eye-popping next generation resolution. Choose from premade rides and coasters to scenery and shops.

Expansive Customization Support:

  • UGC Tools: For the first time, you will be able to create items like your own scenery and peeps, in any 3D editing program that works with Unity, and import it into the game for everyone to use!
  • Multiple Maps and Themes: Choose from different environments and theme options to make each map unique.

Fully Realized Next-Generation Simulation:

  • Detailed Park Management Tools: Run a successful theme park with the beautifully crafted User Interface that provides easy access to all of your park management tools. From park finances to the thoughts of your guests, everything is at your fingertips including new features, like heat maps and tips!
  • Multiple Game Modes: Play the way you want in Sandbox mode, or complete varying challenges and quests in Scenario and Campaign modes.
  • Responsive Environments + Guests: Create themed zones in your park! Placing different themed rides and objects will affect not only ratings but increase its attractiveness to certain peeps, changing the game play dynamically.
  • Advanced Physics Calculations: The coasters in RCTW use a more complex physics simulation than any previous game in the franchise. This simulation allows for amazing designs and a lifelike riding experience. Build a coaster that stays perfectly on its tracks or teeters on the brink of disaster; just be careful or your coaster may jump the rails!
  • Ride Every Coaster: Hop into the front seat of a coaster and ride what you made yourself!
  • Innovative Services: Manage your park’s medical, janitorial, entertainment and mechanical needs with the re-designed, simple-yet-powerful services system.

Native Sharing and Social Features:

  • Social Media Integration: Share all your cool creations and designs with your friends straight from within the game!
  • Freeform Cameras: Take a video at any angle; edit your park above, below, or next to a ride. Prefer an isometric view? We have that too!
  • Friend’s Lists and Stat Comparisons: See what your Steam and Social friends are up to in their games from within yours! It’s easy to see someone’s latest coaster or when they last edited their park.
  • Visit a Friend: Check out a friend’s park with a simple click! Chat with them and give them suggestions on what to do next while you’re there.
  • Native Steam Workshop Support: Native Steam Workshop support is built right in the game! The interface has been simplified and centralized to make it easy for anyone from casual to hardcore to use. Custom scenery, blueprinted coasters, parks and more can be easily and seamlessly shared from within the game. UGC has been designed to be accessible and easy to use for everyone.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7 (64-bit)
    • Processor: Intel 2.3 Ghz Core i5 or AMD equivalent
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce GTX 460 or AMD equivalent
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 10 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Subject to Change
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Not Recommended
55.3 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: September 30
Just another voice to add to the chorus of negative comments about this game.

I own all versions of Roller Coaster Tycoon. I also own No Limits 2 and Planet Coaster (alpha) so I have a pretty good vantage point for comparisons. I have no ties or loyalties to any of the dev shops making roller coaster builders.

I tried over and over to make RCTW work for me. Yes, it does technically run but it is just a plain bad overall experience. Even after waiting to allow more dev time before playing again, I was sorely disappointed. This is an absolute waste of money.

I know it's been said many times already but Planet Coaster is where you should set your sites. I have no affiliation with Frontier whatsoever but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see they have their s**t together.

Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny
7 of 7 people (100%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
2.2 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: October 1
This game is beyond awful. This game crushed my hopes and dreams for a theme park game with 'tycoon' in the name. Planet coaster is where i will be spending my future money. Tycoon World lied about the gameplay. Its not at all as intuitive as the trailers or gameplay had shown. I was roped into buying the deluxe edition which came with all prior tycoon games. I played the world beta. It was awful. Then played it again a few months later after it was delayed. I thought they would have fixed the issues such as pathing, placement and coasters always flying off the track (touchy little buggers). Nope! I attempted to get my money back but was denied since i played the old tycoon games more than 4 hours. What a rip off.

I have no faith in Tycoon World or the developers. I feel cheated and lied to. Just awful.... so sad.
Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny
17 of 26 people (65%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
Not Recommended
7.6 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: October 2
This game is s**t...was able to load the game up a few patches ago, not anymore! I give up. Bought early access into Planet Coaster and I have no regrets so far!!! DO NOT BUY RCTW or you will have a bad time!
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Early Access Review
Posted: September 27
Honestly, this game is everything I wasd hoping it WOULDN'T be. Consider Parkitect or Planet Coaster (Frontier Games, the original RCT developers) instead.
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Early Access Review
Posted: October 14
Bugs everywhere,Game crashes frequently. I think that 6 months are enough to make this game better.
However, I'm wrong :D ,DISAPPOINTED
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Early Access Review
Posted: October 1
Pre-ordered this game thinking it would be great. I play it, make a park, all is well. I play again after a day and I can't load the park at all. I have to make a new park. I do the same thing with the new park and it does the same loading ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t. The worst part is I can't ♥♥♥♥ing refund it because I pre-ordered it, thinking it would be good, but lead to a big dissapointment. GG
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Early Access Review
Posted: October 18
bad game all the time laggs low fps dont buy
i5 6600
16 ram
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Early Access Review
Posted: October 2
This game has potential but is basically unplayable at this juncture. Once you have 2 squares of the park filled, it lags a ton and sometimes the game crashes; only then you loose all your progress. I Have the GTX 950 graphics card which is definitely good enough to handle these sorts of games, 8 gigs of ram and a 64 bit processor; wtf Atari. This game my god, I cant believe its in beta; it should definitely still be in alpha. Don't waste your money on this game just yet, it is a mess and like I said “unplayable.” FIX THIS GAME ATARI, U STILL GOT A SHOT!!!!! Hopefully they pull their act together and fix everything. Character ai, character skins/ movements, path systems, ability to run on most pcs, etc. Atari you need some major help. This game has been out for a while now i've seen little to no progress, don't worry so much on the graphics, JUST FIX THE GAME.
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Early Access Review
Posted: September 29
The game is nothing like it has been made out to be, The game it's self is so large that it lags when operating on windows 10
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Early Access Review
Posted: October 1
So I made the mistake of buying this game, after seeing al the reviews and troubles with the performance. I still went ahead with the purchase.

The game crashed my PC after 5 minutes of game play.

Very upset, Please fix this problem.
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Early Access Review
Posted: October 19
This is the worst game i have ever purchased. I feel so ripped off like never before and the devs are laughing about us.
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Jack Mosby
11.3 hrs
Early Access Review
Posted: October 18
After 5 hours of game, i can say it's working great on my computer, even though i have an old gaming computer (i5-750, GTX 650 and 10Go of RAM). I'm having fun on the first mission, even though some things bother me. But overall, i would recommand it for any fan of the first two opus of the RCT IP.

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2.8 hrs
Early Access Review
Posted: October 17
Breaks constantly, AI doesnt know how to walk around the whole park and focus on stores, Half the time cant load a save file. Waste of money, dont buy.
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JJGaming (Youtube)
27.3 hrs
Early Access Review
Posted: October 16
Awful. This is the only word I can use. The game in whole is terrible, I even struggle to find one thing which might give it some shimmer of hope! Sadly, I can not find anything! I have tryed playing recent to the hope of finding something different but still nothing. The is a let down, anyone who bought it, regrets it (Or thats the case for 99% of people I know). I will never install it again, it will never be played and will now collect dust at the bottom of my steam library! Its a shame really, a real shame.
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7.3 hrs
Early Access Review
Posted: October 16
Ok, this game truly has problems. It won't load, graphics are spiking, frame rate, things won't place, coaster won't function etc. At this point in time I would say wait a bit.

But other than that this game is genuinely good. The graphics are great building coasters is better than ever. New features are added all the time. I can't wait to see how it's improved.
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44.1 hrs
Early Access Review
Posted: October 16
Product received for free
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0.9 hrs
Early Access Review
Posted: October 15
Couldnt load the game so can't comment, waste of money don't bother
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9.9 hrs
Early Access Review
Posted: October 15
Needs alot of work and alot of bugs working out . Need to look a lot better too really not happy with it lost the rollercoaster fun factor like 1 and 2 . wished i wait for planet Coaster . plaese make this game fun again
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