Hra Half-Life, která získala více než 50 ocenění Hra roku, nastavila při svém vydání v roce 1998 nový standard pro akční hry. Hra Half-Life: Source je digitálně restaurovanou verzí kritikou oceňované nejprodávanější počítačové hry, která je vylepšena technologií Source a nyní obsahuje simulaci fyziky,...
Uživatelské recenze: Velmi kladné (1,804 recenzí) - 84% z 1,804 uživatelů ohodnotilo tuto hru kladně.
Datum vydání: 1. čvn. 2004

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"Dont expect anything its Half life 1 with ragdolls and better water."
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Hra Half-Life, která získala více než 50 ocenění Hra roku, nastavila při svém vydání v roce 1998 nový standard pro akční hry. Hra Half-Life: Source je digitálně restaurovanou verzí kritikou oceňované nejprodávanější počítačové hry, která je vylepšena technologií Source a nyní obsahuje simulaci fyziky, vylepšené efekty a další vylepšení.

Systémové požadavky

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux

    Minimální: procesor 1,2 GHz, 256MB paměť RAM, grafická karta s podporou ovladačů DirectX 7, systém Windows XP, myš, klávesnice, připojení k Internetu

    Doporučené: procesor 2,4 GHz, 512MB paměť RAM, grafická karta s podporou ovladačů DirectX 9, systém Windows XP, myš, klávesnice, připojení k Internetu

    Minimum: OS:OS X version Leopard 10.5.8, Snow Leopard 10.6.3
    Memory: 1GB RAM
    Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8 or higher, ATI X1600 or higher, or Intel HD 3000 or higher
    Network: Internet Connection
    Other: Mouse, Keyboard
    Minimum: OS: Ubuntu 12.04
    Processor: Dual core from Intel or AMD at 2.8 GHz
    Memory: 4 GB RAM
    Graphics: nVidia GeForce 8600/9600GT, ATI/AMD Radeaon HD2600/3600 (Graphic Drivers: nVidia 310, AMD 12.11), OpenGL 2.1
    Network: Broadband Internet connection
    Hard Drive: 8 GB available space
    Sound Card: OpenAL Compatible Sound Card
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Nedotknuty prvy Half-Life s mierne vylepsenym vizualom pohanany Source enginom vyvinutym pre Half-Life 2, ktorym bol nahradeny povodny GoldSrc engine.
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Original review from 30 Jul, 2012 @ 12:58pm --- This is more of a comment; Half-Life Source is Half-Life upgraded onto the source engine and with some minimal graphic enchanments. There really is no difference between this and Half-Life other than chapter selecting, gmod compatibility, and source enging modding and editing etc.


With the current EA release of Black Mesa it made me think. A bunch of people on the BM forums are complaining about how it's a paid mod and all that junk, but really BM is a giant remastering, a complete overhaul built from the ground up in a whole new light, and yet Half-Life: Source still lingers around and has no real fresh thing about it other than it's simply on the source engine and there is no mod community for it at all.

People should be getting ♥♥♥♥♥♥ off at this than BM, because this has more reason for it. If BM was released by Valve, or just suddenly popped up without anything previously knowing about it, it would have no hate whatsoever.

Half-Life: Source should not be sold separately because it has nothing to it that's worth a full 10 dollar price tag on it's own. It should just be bundled and sold with the original Half-Life.
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Přidáno: 10. srpna
Half-Life: Source is the 2004 port of Valve's award winning game to the Source Engine. With just that knowledge, it would sound like Half-Life: Source was a gift from above, but it's anything BUT that. Half-Life: Source was critically panned, which makes you wonder HOW it has a "Very Positive" on Steam Reviews. Half-Life: Source is one of those games Valve chooses to forget, with the likes of the first Left 4 Dead and Ricochet. But, before we get into a review, lets go over the history of Half-Life: Source.

The History:
In 1999, Valve started development of Half-Life 2, the award winning squeal to Half-Life, originally running on the GoldSource engine. Around 2001/2002, the Source Engine was created, and it surpassed what the GoldSource engine could do, so, Valve planned to port Half-Life to the Source Engine to have it replace the GoldSource counter parts. In 2003, Axel Gambe got a hold of the full Half-Life 2 Source Code, raw map data, and a build of Half-Life 2, who later gave it to some friends, who leaked it. In those leak files, there was the Half-Life Source port, along with files to a Source port of TFC, DMC, and CS 1.6 (which was remotely playable, but at this time, this port was starting to become the game we know today as CS:S.) The port of Half-Life: Source was quite buggy and unfinished, which is to be expected for it being a leak of a beta. So, 2004 comes around, and then Half-Life 2 is coming around the corner, as a bundle with Half-Life 2, you could get Counter-Strike: Source (by this time is the game we all know and probably love) and Half-Life: Source. Half-Life: Source saw little change from the 2003 leak of Half-Life 2, minus some minor bug fixes and having the Half-Life 1 HUD. At this point, be expected Half-Life: Source to be just like Counter-Strike: Source, a re-imagining of the game, in HD (for 2004 standards), but what they got was a direct Half-Life port that didn't seam quite finished. This is why if you ask anyone why they don't like Half-Life: Source for the most part (especially pre-2013) you get told it's graphics were just the Half-Life graphics. But as stated before, Half-Life: Source was meant to replace Half-Life as a whole, but due to how poorly received it was, Half-Life Original saw another day. In 2006, Valve ported the Deathmatch counter part of Half-Life into the Source Engine, and if you thought Half-Life: Source was a bad port, you should of saw this game. All player ragdolls had broken physics, some weapons were broken (the Shotgun's double barrel sound is just the single barrel sound), and the gameplay was more like Half-Life 2 Deathmatch with minor HLDM gameplay stuff slapped in (the game even lacks the backpack pickups that were in Half-Life Deathmatch), the only reason I can see for this port, was just to give EP1 a pack-in game. Around 2007, Half-Life: Source and Deathmatch: Source were ported to Source Base 2007, but due to the amount of bugs now included with the game, Valve didn't release this patch to the public, it wasn't until 2012 that the public knew of this update's existence, since in 2012, the whole 2008/2007 source code to Source Base 2007 was leaked into the public, it also confirmed that the Team Fortress Classic port was in further development than what everyone thought. But due to the amount of hate towards Half-Life: Source and Deathmatch: Source would mean we would probably never seen of these ports.

So, that runs down a good chunk of the history of Half-Life: Source besides one of the more major things, the 2013 update. Valve in an effort to ditch the GCF system and upgrade everything to VPK and have a better downloading system and a better game asset pack to engine communication, they created Steampipe, but since Valve decided it would be best to port all games to Source Base 2013, they decided to do that, and try to provide updates to all Valve games. In the same year, Valve canned the project, leaving a ton of games in a broken state, Half-Life: Source being one of them.

So, this leads us into the review.

The Review
Half-Life: Source was a mediocre port to the Source Engine, where it would be mixed who liked the game and disliked the game, since Half-Life: Source had that audience. Half-Life: Source is now a BAD port to the Source Engine, since those 2013 updates broke more than what it fixed. Not only did Valve cancel the updates to these games, they released the beta depots into the release depot to remove traces of GCFs. So, those games that had a good release depot, now have a beta released into them, and a lot of these betas were far from done. We now have broken Save/Restore errors in various NPCs, 2 out of the 3 tentacles in Blast Pit can harm the player or AI, one of the maps in Residue Processing will blind the player if your flashlight is turned on, skill configurations are broken (so now the AI is harder), Gonarch spit is now black squares, one of the maps in Surface Tension has a broken skybox, you can jump over a lot of things making it so you can skip half of "We got Hostiles" and skip various other parts in other chapters, all of the Chrome shaders are complete ♥♥♥ (they were never good, but this is just worse), and even more. It's sad when a 2003 leak is better and more playable than a 2013 update. Plus, if you load the HD Pack you get a GameBanana skin pack, since Valve was too lazy to port the assets their selves of even double check to be everything matched in the first place. But the icing on the cake is that, well, at first install, you can't even PLAY Half-Life: Source since Valve provided corrupted or outdated DLLs to Steam VR, so every time you reinstall Half-Life: Source you have to verify the cache of Half-Life 2 or Steam VR. Not only that, the person who was working on these updates, Alfred, shrugged off a few errors as design points.

Half-Life: Source had potential to be a great port, to even be on par with the Original Half-Life (definitely should NEVER replace the Original), but its potential was lost with a company who couldn't care enough about the game, which is why it was left for about 6 years without an update.

I recommend to play Half-Life: Source and Deathmatch: Source so you can see what happens when a company just flat out doesn't give a ♥♥♥♥ing ♥♥♥♥.

Even though I didn't review the pre-2013 build, I'm still going to give it a rating

The Half-Life: Source that existed before 2013, I give that a 6 out of 10

I give the current Half-Life: Source a 4 out of 10, avoid at all costs.

Actually, I recommend you report both Half-Life: Source and Deathmatch: Source, as it very unplayable and is using stolen assets. You shouldn't let Valve sell this to people, especially when people think this is the better version of Half-Life
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Přidáno: 30. června
It's just the original Half-Life running on the Source Engine instead of the original GoldSrc Engine.

So the what's the point in getting this?
+Well, all the maps and models are indeed usable in Garry's Mod
+Runs off Source
+Has slightly better graphics
+Singleplayer and Multiplayer Deathmatch modes are seperate so it lets you download what you want.
+Isn't capped to just 100 FPS

Why should you avoid it?
-Graphics aren't that noticeably better (Black Mesa did a much better job at that)
-Not many mods are made for it
-Deathmatch mode is DEAD
-Has more bugs than the original (LOL WTF Valve?)

Overall if you got this with the Half-Life Complete bundle, go ahead and give this a try! If you want a TRUE remastered HL1 experience, go buy Black Mesa.

Overall rating 6/10 - It does what it said it does. Play Half-Life on the Source Engine
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10 z 11 osob (91%) ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako užitečnou
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Přidáno: 12. května
For my review of Half-Life, check out my review of the original game. This is just a short insight on my thoughts of the Source version.

Half-Life: Source is simply the original Half-Life ported to Valve's newer (at the time) Source engine, it doesn't bring anything new to the table aside from a few new menu options such as selecting a chapter, but it does improve a handful of aspects, mostly minor and technical. The most noteable changes are to the water, the ragdoll physics and the map lighting (in some cases).

There are plenty of other minor things that you will notice after playing through once, it's like a new layer of polish, but nothing that would make me recommend buying this version over the original game as unfortunately the Source port has also caused a large number of bugs and errors to arise that were never in the original version. While some of the new features and mechanics in the Source engine are nice, the game hasn't really been updated to take those aspects into account, and thus, more problems popped up.

So I have mixed feelings about Half-Life: Source, but I'd say that this version is worth playing through at least once if you are a Half-Life fan, it has a slightly different feel to it but ultimately I'd say to just stick to the original version of the game instead. It may be dated but that's what gives it it's charm.
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