Hexcells Plus is a standalone expansion to Hexcells that contains 36 new and more challenging puzzles.
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Data lansării: 19 feb., 2014

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“The puzzles themselves, and clearly this is the most important point, are sublime. They are so well designed, so utterly brilliant in construction and delivery, that I wonder at Brown’s brain. There’s even a wit to them, moments that make me smile as I play, as I realise how carefully and deliberately a puzzle has been designed...”
Rock Paper Shotgun

Despre acest joc

Hexcells Plus is a standalone expansion to Hexcells that contains 36 new and more challenging puzzles.

Cerinţe de sistem

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • SO: Windows XP or later
    • Procesor: 2.0Ghz+
    • Memorie: 2 GB RAM
    • Grafică: Shader Model 2.0+
    • SO: OSX 10.5 or later
    • Procesor: 2.0Ghz+
    • Memorie: 2 GB RAM
    • Grafică: Shader Model 2.0+
    • SO: Ubuntu 10.04 or later
    • Procesor: 2.0Ghz+
    • Memorie: 2 GB RAM
    • Grafică: Shader Model 2.0+
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( 15.9 ore înregistrate )
Postat: 3 iunie
Super simple and Fun!
( 16.5 ore înregistrate )
Postat: 30 mai
Whoever wrote this game has an evil, devious mind.
Really challenging puzzles, great brain breakers.
( 11.4 ore înregistrate )
Postat: 26 mai
The much more challenging sequel to its predecessor, "Hexcells," Hexcells Plus provided me with the continued gradual escalation of difficulty and complexity in each puzzle. I found that, like the first this game is very enjoyable, and given it's inexpensive nature, would highly reccomend it if you enjoyed the first and are looking for something harder.

-No replayability


As a series thus far I'd give it an overall

The fact that the sequel actually kicked up the difficulty and complexity is impressive, as many puzzle games simply get longer at a certain point with the difficulty being capped off after a while. This series is a rabit hole of mental gymnastics that you should definitely jump into.

To see my review on the sequel: http://steamcommunity.com/id/LurkusMcgurkus/recommended/265890/
BluePaw 🐾
( 24.3 ore înregistrate )
Postat: 26 mai
It's pretty much minesweeper but instead with squares it's with hexagons along with other hurdles and mechanics into the mix.

Good puzzle game. I would get Infinite too as this version is Medium and Infinite is Hard and higher. The base version is good too but Easy I would get them in a bundle instead of individually. Worth it.
( 9.5 ore înregistrate )
Postat: 26 mai
Nice game, like it a lot. Casual.

(this is a copy of my review for the first itiration of the game)

This is not a logic puzzle, there is *definite* 50/50 moments (like minesweeper) that you just have to guess. This can get frustrating if you've gotta catch 'em all, but I advise adjusting your mindset, because this can be a peaceful release of a few minutes here and there.

Play it like a cross between a nonogram and minesweeper. You can unlock all of the later levels if you just screen shot your current one (before finishing) and go again, so don't stress about that error, and retry in a second to ensure you have enough blues to unlock the later levels. You don't have to high score it, just unlock the later levels, so do enough to do that and you're good :-).
( 13.9 ore înregistrate )
Postat: 22 mai
A little better in design than the original title. I am glad having bought the pack containing this together with other two titles of Hexcells.
( 8.0 ore înregistrate )
Postat: 22 mai
Challenging brainteaser, can recommend if you want a challenge
( 29.4 ore înregistrate )
Postat: 22 mai
A fun and challenging logical puzzle game similar to MineSweeper.
Using the numbers to work out which tiles to mark.

The big difference between Hexcells and Minesweeper is that you never need to guess at any point, there's always a way to work out where to click.
Also, numbers can be shown on the outside of the grid and show a different symbol with the number to tell you how the tiles you need to mark are laid out.

The only issue I have with this is that it's really short and there's no replay value in it.
If you wish to save a bit of money then I suggest only buying HexCells Infinite which contains the same as this but also has a random level generator for.. infinite.. replayability.
( 11.3 ore înregistrate )
Postat: 21 mai
A++ Better than the first! Highly recommend for any fan of logic puzzles!
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12.0 ore înregistrate
Postat: 6 iulie, 2015
I have died and gone to Minesweeper Heaven. This makes the original Windows game look like a joke. The number of strategies you need to use to solve the puzzles is incredible and gives the game far more depth than Minesweeper. The only reason I wouldn't recommend this game is if you could not beat the original Hexcells. The puzzles here are brutally difficult, much harder than the original, and some may take you hours to figure out. If you're up for a challenge, you'll find that this game truly hexcells.
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39 din 43 oameni (91%) au considerat această recenzie utilă
1.9 ore înregistrate
Postat: 19 februarie, 2014
[I know this shows 0 hours played, but my achievements should prove that I'd previously bought and beaten this game. In fact, I played it three or four times over!]

Hexcells Plus is everything I am always looking for in a puzzle game, distilled to a deceptively simple interface. Though comparisons to Minesweeper are not unwarranted, these comparisons miss a crucial difference: in Minesweeper, the final moves often (and annoyingly) come down to chance, debasing all the carefully planned moves you'd made before should you--at the end of a long game--happen to click a mine.

In Hexcells (and Hexcells Plus), however, the game gives you JUST enough information to never, ever have to guess. But you will often spend many, many minutes searching for and debating your next move. While the game provides various clues as to where you can find Hexes and numbers, it does not (at least past the first few levels) make this obvious (as it is in a game like Picross, for example, where every column's number of squares is provided). It only provides clues for a limited number of columns, rows, sections, etc.; based on this, and based on tricks you'll pick up and teach yourself as you go along, you'll have to very carefully make your next move.

And this is the crucial difference: any mistake you make in Hexcells is your own fault--thus Hexcells corrects an unfortunate norm in the puzzle genre. So, between chess-like demands on your every move, between the security of knowing the game will not force you to guess, between the pleasing visuals and soothing ambient soundtrack, Hexcells Plus is one of, if not THE, best puzzle games I have ever played, and I play many.

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23 din 25 oameni (92%) au considerat această recenzie utilă
O persoană a considerat această recenzie amuzantă
8.2 ore înregistrate
Postat: 19 februarie, 2014
Regular Hexcells is like super happy fun puzzle time. Hexcells Plus is the diabolical demon from hell version of the game. It's a whole lot harder than the regular version. There were points where I couldn't find the next logical solution in the puzzle and had to guess. That doesn't mean there wasn't a logical move, just that I couldn't find it! The boards are much bigger and there are added game mechanics that result in more complicated play. It's way more like sudoku, with times when you have make complicated deductions based on the overlap of number clues.

If you want a nice, relaxing puzzle game, buy regular Hexcells. If you want a challenge, grab Hexcells Plus. Better yet, both. I think I slightly prefer regular Hexcells just because I like the more relaxing puzzles, but there is a certain sense of accomplishment to be found in Hexcells Plus that regular Hexcells lacks.
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23 din 25 oameni (92%) au considerat această recenzie utilă
5.2 ore înregistrate
Postat: 30 august, 2014
Hexcells Plus is a solid zenlike puzzler that has the player use minesweeper-esque logic to determine whether adjacent hex cells are part of a pattern or not. Addictive, challenging, but also relaxing and satisfying.

This definitely ups the difficulty from the first Hexcells.
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24 din 28 oameni (86%) au considerat această recenzie utilă
30.1 ore înregistrate
Postat: 19 februarie, 2014
Like its predecessor, this is the best puzzle game I have ever played. This is more of an expansion than an actual separate game, but the price is so cheap that it doesn't matter. Both games are worth far more than the asking price, in my opinion.

The music and sound effects are spot-on fantastic, the puzzles are lovingly and painstakingly crafted, and the difficulty progression is just perfect from one puzzle to the next. Hexcells Plus adds a few things over its predecessor: additional types of puzzles, a couple of new types of clues, and a bit more difficult end puzzles.

I simply cannot recommend both games enough.

The mechanics are similar to Minesweeper and if you find yourself clicking the wrong mouse button (like me), you can change the button configuration from the Input tab of the configuration menu when you first start the game. Also, keep in mind that there is never a time that you must guess.

This game makes me feel smart.
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22 din 25 oameni (88%) au considerat această recenzie utilă
12.5 ore înregistrate
Postat: 4 noiembrie, 2014
After Hexcells Plus, previous Hexcells looks like mere demo. Or easy mode. Or rather tutorial for the _real_ game. Hexcells Plus looks visually the same as previous game, including the same achievements and same amount of puzzles. But Plus version adds new mechanics, and is much, much more challenging. I enjoyed it. Too bad that all puzzles are handmade, so no more games possible after finishing existing set. Otherwise I could use this game as substitute for Minesweeper on the regular basis. Recommended!
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16 din 17 oameni (94%) au considerat această recenzie utilă
33.1 ore înregistrate
Postat: 22 noiembrie, 2014
The first Hexcells game is basically the tutorial to Hexcells Plus. If you thought the first game was too easy (and let's face it, that surely includes everyone) then this is the real game right here. The first Hexcells only gets interesting in the last few levels; well, Hexcells Plus starts off from that point, so it's logically a much better game. The concept is simple: find which cells are occupied and which are empty using surrounding clues that tell you how many occupied cells are in a row, how many occupied cells are adjacent to each occupied cell, and how many occupied cells are found within a certain radius of an occupied cell. It looks like Minesweeper at first glance, but it's far more interesting than that. Some of the later levels here get pretty tough, and there are times when you find it difficult to believe that it's possible without guessing, but then suddenly you'll spot a line of reasoning that you've missed and a few more pieces of the puzzle fall into place. It's highly addictive, and not to be played at 2am when you're half-asleep. Great puzzle game, recommended, but if you're new to the series then start with the first one.
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13 din 13 oameni (100%) au considerat această recenzie utilă
2.8 ore înregistrate
Postat: 16 decembrie, 2015
Game Series

Hexcells Plus is the second game of its' series. Previous game: Hexcells.

Game Visual/Audio

There isn't much can be said about the game's visuals asides from that they're minimalistic. Pretty much the same thing can be said about the game's audio.


There is no difficulty mode option that's assigned. But each of the puzzles has their own difficult.

Hexcells Plus basically has same formula as its' predecessor Hexcells. So the objective remains the same. Which is to figure out which cells to make blue and which cells to make black.

There are total of three slots with six worlds that has thirty-six puzzles to solve. The first world for each of the three slots are automatically unlocked. Completing one world will unlocked the next one. All of these puzzles can be replayed after the first go around. Please do note that the puzzles in the other two slots are the same as the ones in the first slot.

There's no time limit in this game. Allowing the individual take as much time that they want to solve each of the puzzles.

There six achievements for this game. Each of these achievements has certain requirements before they can be unlocked.


Final thoughts, it's an neat game to play and enjoy. As for the game's replay value it's low. I would recommend this game but not at the full price.
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13 din 14 oameni (93%) au considerat această recenzie utilă
4 oameni au considerat această recenzie amuzantă
118.4 ore înregistrate
Postat: 5 iulie, 2015
What is it?
Hexcells is a challenging puzzle game set to an ambient score for relaxing brain-exercise! The style of gameplay is somewhat similar to "Minesweeper" in that you must reveal all the highlighted hexagons based on surrounding clues, but that's where the similarities end...

  • Offers clues horizontally, vertically and diagonally
  • Always has a logically constructed solution (random guessing is not required if solved properly).
  • The variety of clues offer more interesting challenges than Minesweeper
  • In addition, Hexcells Plus offers further clues beyond the immediate perimeter cells

Is it worth it?
If you play the game PROPERLY (ie: no cheating with 'random guesses') and solve each puzzle based on logical deduction, you will find the game deeply engrossing and will find many hours of play. If however you play it like Minesweeper and click on an unknown cell with a wing and a prayer(!), the game will likely feel unremarkable and no different to Minesweeper (especially as it will permit you unlimited mistakes without penalty). Since not allowing myself to guess and setting myself the goal of ZERO mistakes, the puzzles have been a huge challenge and really enjoyable.
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10 din 10 oameni (100%) au considerat această recenzie utilă
5.8 ore înregistrate
Postat: 20 iunie, 2014
Decent puzzle. Like mine sweeper but add a bunch of twists and make it non-random. Each puzzle has a single solution that can be completely deduced without resorting to trial and error. With only 1 solution, I see Hexcells as more of a puzzle (like Sudoku) as opposed to a "game", but it was a fun expenditure of about 5 hours. 7/10
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