From the author of Spice and Wolf, Isuna Hasekura, comes WORLD END ECONOMiCA. This is the first episode out of three part sci-fi/economic thriller visual novel set on the moon.
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Acerca de este juego

From the author of Spice and Wolf, Isuna Hasekura, comes WORLD END ECONOMiCA. The opening video features music by Kishida Kyoudan & The Akeboshi Rockets, known for the opening songs for High School of the Dead and Strike the Blood.

A three part visual novel set in the far future on the moon, 16 years after humans have begun to colonize it. A young boy named Haru has been chasing his wildest dream. His dream is to stand where no man has stood before, and in order to do so he needs capital, a ludicrous amount of capital. What better place to get that amount of capital by using the stock market? There are two key rules that govern the stock market.

  • The first rule: Never take a loss.
  • The second rule: Never forget the first.

Only those who follow these rules are able to obtain enormous wealth...

Requisitos del sistema

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • SO: Windows XP
    • Procesador: 1.2 GHz Pentium 4
    • Memoria: 256 MB de RAM
    • Gráficos: 1280 x 720
    • DirectX: Versión 9.0
    • Almacenamiento: 800 MB de espacio disponible
    • SO: OS X 10.6
    • Procesador: Any 64 bit processor
    • Memoria: 512 MB de RAM
    • Gráficos: 1280 x 720
    • Almacenamiento: 800 MB de espacio disponible
    • Procesador: 1.2 GHz Pentium 4
    • Memoria: 512 MB de RAM
    • Gráficos: 1280 x 720
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Publicado el 23 de junio
"Learned how to love money."

As a VN, this title is lacking in CG, Voice and Music.
Yet, I recommend it for the story.
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Publicado el 21 de junio
One warning, this is not really a "game", rather it is a kinetic novel, which means it is all text (no choices) accompanied by character images, CGs, and music. If you like visual novels you may like this game if you are okay with not having any choices.

As for the actual game, it's worth noting that playing just this part alone will probably leave you disappointed. Part 2 of this series is already available on Steam and Part 3 is supposed to be coming....sometime. On its own, this is still a great story that is full of detail. The characters don't seem great at first, but they get more interesting as the story goes on.

The action in this novel all revolves around the trading of stocks. You will discover just how exciting this can be (but so risky that it didn't really encourage me to want to invest, haha). If you like Spice and Wolf, you will probably like this. If you don't like Spice and Wolf or have no idea what that even is, you will like this if you like character-driven stories where the action revolves around principles of economics or the stock market. Some of it can get pretty meaty, so if you are the intellectual type it will probably be pretty satisfying.

Some of the technical aspects of this novel are where it suffers. The music, while nice, often does not loop well. A track will be over and suddenly restart instead of having a seamless loop like most video game music. Also, when a character expression changes in the middle of a sentence, the text briefly disappears and then reappears, like it would when advancing to the next screen, but this is really annoying when it happens right in the middle of a sentence and is quite jarring. There were some typos and grammatical errors, but I would say the amount of these is pretty standard for most translated visual novels.
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Publicado el 19 de junio
Interesting concept, which wasn't for me. Not bad for a visual novel per se.
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Publicado el 15 de mayo
Plodding, joyless. The author puts enough effort into world building (though 'colony on the moon' has been done many times before), but has no idea how to construct a plot. Instead, we witness in excruciating detail every moment of the protagonist's life. (The narrative walks you through instructions on how to move a couch. And how to bake cookies. Seriously.) There's no reason to be invested in the childish, greedy chauvinist of a protagonist; much less follow his every underwhelming footstep. No, no, no.
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Publicado el 11 de mayo
For good
The story in its self is good.

For bad
The visual part is not that good. Its more novel then visual novel. As in 60% for the time i was looking at a black screen.
The caracters are one dimensional but they do have some interesting interaction form time to time.

It was a drag to read till the end when it all shined.
If you realy want to read this novel i sugest to take it when there is a sale.
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Publicado el 8 de mayo
World End Economica definitely met my expectations, although I'd still say I prefer Spice and Wolf if given the option between the two.

The story is kinetic VN about a boy who has decided to go to the stock market to make money and his journey. The author clearly knows what he is talking about when he wrote this VN. However, if one is not very financially literate, the VN will be a bit of a challenge to understand. Considering that I am a finance major and know about stocks and how the market works, I understood everything that was happening in this VN. In fact, I can say that the VN made the stock market look way TOO simple compared to the way it is actually. Futhermore, there was some nice references that some people would have caught. For example, Daniel Trap who bought a tower in Manhattan who had gone bankrupt 3 times... HMMMMM Also Carlyle Group is an actual company although in the VN it was Carlyle Investments. One other thing was that the stock market in the VN followed the Japanese market time from 9-5 instead of the US one from 9:30-4. Finally, the ending of the VN really laid the cold truth out there and I really enjoyed that realistically because before that, it just seemed like the stock market was a place where people can profit easily. But those detail aside, the VN presented a nice thought stimulating experience, especially for someone like me who is interested in the field.

Aside from the good parts of this VN, I thought the character development was a bit shallow to say the least. Some of the parts seemed a bit forced and the connection was surface level from one to another. Although you can see the growth in the character relations, I still felt like it came too sudden and sometimes too unexplained. That is one of the main reasons why I'd choose Spice and Wolf over World End Economica, because in Spice and Wolf, the character development was amazing.

Overall, definitely worth playing/reading this VN because it is really good. I look forward to better character development in episode 2 and 3 and for an amazing conclusion!

Rating: 8.4/10
Recommend: $5 or under
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Publicado el 6 de mayo
Let it warm up; you won't be disappointed
EDIT: I just found out that I was not actually exposed to any of Hasekura's previous work (i.e. he did not write Maoyu as I thought he did). In the end, I took a gamble on this thing based on faulty information...but I'm still happy I took the plunge.

Unlike most of the people talking about this game, I didn't come across this thanks to Spice and Wolf, but rather Maoyu, which I (mistakenly; see above) thought was from the same author. I've heard Maoyu's more contested quality-wise than Spice and Wolf, and it does have its issues, but if it's so much worse, Spice and Wolf is some kind of masterpiece, because Maoyu was able to render me full-on bawling for fifteen minutes straight thanks to the climactic speech in the ninth episode of the anime. It's pretty difficult for me to cry at stuff these days, and this thing had me going harder than the first five minutes of Up!

So, with the kind of anticipation that could inspire, I tried World End Economica out, though I wasn't sure how it was going to be.

Lemme just say, it started cold. Hal/Haru is a terrible trash pile of a person loaded with Social Darwinist machismo and casual misogyny. His internal monologues left me wanting to throw his laptop into a bonfire. Credit where credit is due, though, he's far from unusual when it comes to teenagers, so I let the story unfold, hoping that Haru's worldview wasn't being supported by the narrative.

I'm glad I stuck it out.

The characters developed slowly, but that's fine. When I wasn't yelling for Haru to take the hint from Lisa and stop being an ♥♥♥-ouroburos, I was enjoying the other characters (Lisa especially - she's got the patience of a saint) and the world-building. It's rare to really get legit hard sci-fi as opposed to sci-fantasy works, and this one delivers on that. Back to the characters, though; when Haru finally starts to take the hint (thanks to a plot spoiler that had me teary-eyed), things became more enjoyable, and other characters began to open up through his eyes. Hagana in particular became a favorite. Her trauma and mental issues spoke to me, and much of my initial dislike for Haru was because of his failure to truly understand what she (or anyone else, for that matter) was going through.

Still, by the end, while remaining a flawed person, Haru had me rooting for him in some of the most tense moments I can remember in a story like this, which is a real feat since the combat, so to speak, is largely cerebral. The stock trading scenes, especialy the ending, had me glued to my screen, hoping as Haru did for a happy outcome.

It takes a lot of patience, but I would call this a worthy experience, espcially for fans of hard sci-fi and/or economics. More than an exercise in world-building, this ends as a powerful story about hope, compassion, and what to value in life. There are some problems, mostly the rough translation and the lack of variety in artwork, but they didn't interfere too much with my experience. With interesting (eventually) characters, a strong if slow plot, and a focus on a more cerebral form of conflict, World End Economica stands as a worthy addition to Hasekura's library.
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v48e12 (Fit Via Vi)
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Publicado el 4 de mayo
a nother boring click story
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Publicado el 3 de mayo
What in the ever loving ♥♥♥♥ was that ending.

What the ♥♥♥♥.

WHAT THE ♥♥♥♥.

Damn now I need to read the sequel... please tell me it gets better for the protagonist...
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Pupupupupu! :D
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Publicado el 3 de mayo
The story is a 10/10 for me.
I really enjoyed the development of the story and the characters are well written. I never felt that one person was doing something only to progress in the story but it was what fits their pattern.
Also the setting on the moon and the economic view points were well set and explained.

But the overall rating for this VN would be 6.5/10 since the VN lacks on illustration and sometimes the sound was just cut off or there was no music at all.
Due to the limitation in pictures they often got reused even though it didn't really fit the situation.
I think that could have been easily improved and I hope this will be better in EP 2 and 3.

I can recommend this novel to anyone who might enjoy an economical setting in a future world with a great set of characters and a well thought plotline. But if you like your novels to have different endings and were you can chose your path, you should step back since this has a straight plotline with no choices.

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Publicado el 26 de diciembre de 2014
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Publicado el 12 de junio de 2015
Esta novela visual es bastante especial y diferente. Primero de todo, si vienes como yo, emocionado porque es del creador de Spice & Wolf, olvidate, puede decepcionarte si esperas algo similar. Por otra parte es una novela bastante densa en cuanto al desarrollo ya que es bastante lenta pero te va enganchando poco a poco. Hay que aclarar que es bastante dura aunque no lo parezca, focalizando en el tema del dinero, la sociedad, estilos de vida y las relaciones entre las personas. En esto destacan mucho los personajes muy bien desarrllados y una narración cuidada y trabajada. La trama parece algo no muy llamativo y no hay nada de acción, ni nada espectacular, es todo algo que podría ser real. Como dije, es una trama bastante dura a pesar de sus momentos de humor y lo desenfadado del comienzo. Pero cuando vas profundizando con los personajes y sus relaciones la cosa va cambiando.

El guión está muy bien pero advierto que el tema gira en torno completamente al dinero y los negocios en bolsa, inversiones y estas cosas. Si no te gusta el tema demasiado (como a mi xD) puede hacerse muy pesadas ciertas explicaciones que se alargan mucho y zonas de la novela son cansinas. Si te gusta los disfrutaras mucho. Pero aunque no te guste como es mi caso, puedes disfrutarla gracias a la situación y los personajes y la curiosidad de que va a pasar. La novela es larga, bastante y eso que solo es la primera parte... y no quiero spoilear pero se queda la cosa en una parte.... en fin , que quiero la seguna parte yaaaaaaaa!

Por último, como negativo, esta novela visual abusa mucho de las pantallas en negro y la repetición de escenarios y imagenes de personaje. Se centra mucho en el texto y se hecha en falta más imagenes, más expresiones para los personajes, más movimiento. No puede ser que estes media novela con el fondo en negro...
La novela carece de decisiones, es una lectura de seguido, a mi me gusta más cuando hay alguna interacción, pero no es algo negativo.

Para acabar, está tanto en japones como en ingles, una pena que no esté en español para variar, así que si no sabeis japones o ingles nada... y para practicar japones no vale, es bastante compleja xD.

La recomiendo por los personajes y la historia, pero no es de mis favoritas, se hace pesada por el tema de la bolsa que a mi no me va y esperaba otra cosa sabiendo de quien venía. Buena novela visual, pero no imprescindible para mi.
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Publicado el 30 de diciembre de 2015
nice game
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Publicado el 29 de abril
From who writted Spice and Wolf... nothing more to say. <3
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Publicado el 23 de octubre de 2014
My god. My heart after playing this game. This is coming from a man who has watched & played multiple Urobochi works.

The story is about a kid who is attempting to enact his dream - to explore Mars - through rapid accumulation of wealth utilizing the stock market. At age 16 he ran away from home, earned 1,000 mools (appears to have 1/1 exchange rate with USD) working, then multiplied it to 72,000 mools through margin trading.

While starting off slow - perhaps even painfully so, the story moves towards a powerful, deeply moving (and terrible) conclusion. I don't want to spoil more, so I'll end by saying World's End Economica (in Volume 1, at least) is the definition of the Linear VN archtype, unlike Fate/Stay Night you don't even get to make choices.

For those who want some action in their VN, Sunrider (a free game, and on Steam) plays very much like Fire Emblem with a dash of Mass Effect style morality choices.

Although I am recommending World's End Economica, it is emotionally traumatizing. Definitely not for everyone.
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Publicado el 7 de mayo de 2014
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Publicado el 5 de mayo de 2014
NOTE: This review will only cover episode 01 and therefore contains no spoiler of later episodes. Spoiler of episode 01 is not guaranteed. This review is written from my experience playing the first English version of the game and after a quick technical test of the Steam version.

Quick story summary: In the far future, the Moon has been conquered and turned into a self-sustained colony. It quickly gathered wealth and became a capitalist haven. Haru/Hal wants to get rich quick in this Luna colony, so he does so by gaming the system through stock market trading, Episode 01 of this game follows his teenage years, accumulating his first successes at stock trading.

My view: The premise may make you think this story is gonna be like a boring Wall Street Journal article, but it really is not. This is really a drama. The game spends a lot more time with the relationships between Hal and the people around him, how they live their poor lives outside the center of wealth of the world, how capitalism affect their lives, how the pressure of a materialistic society pushes them into dark corners, and how the dream to get rich made Hal cynical of his circumstance. This is less Capitalism: A Love Story and more Wall Street (the Oliver Stone movie).

I like the character development a lot, although the game takes its time to play this out. I like the relationship between Hal and Hagana, they started out with a misunderstanding (to the point of physical violence) and remained hostile toward each other in the first part of the game. But as it goes along, both of them slowly softens up to each other, and it's pleasant to see this gradual shift in their relationship. I like how beneath the surface, our protagonist is not really greedy as the capitalist bosses that he resents so much. He actually has a noble purpose by getting rich which is revealed in the last part of episode 01. To many, money is their goal, to Hal, money is a tool to serve his higher purpose. I like Lisa and how she acted like a mother/older sister figure to the protagonist. I even like the money lender Toyama in this game, the game portrayed him as less of an one-dimensional loan shark, and more as just another victim of capitalism.

Another thing this game really succeeded at is how it engages you into stock market trading, which should have been dry and boring. Even if you don't understand any financial terms, the game explained all of them in a layman's language, from the basic terms to advanced trading and analyzing technique. And it goes really deep, explaining how the market is influenced, how the stock numbers form a pattern and how the common mentality is taken advantage of (the mentality to always bid at 10-rounded price marks, for instance). This game made me really get it, that thrill of trading stocks and taking risks that might give a big payoff. This is why people are obsessed with stock trading, I really get it now.

Yet despite indulging in the stock market theme, this game does not glamorize it. This is ultimately a cynical social commentary about capitalism. We have all seen this before in real life. The stock market ruins as much lives as the lives it paid off big. In this game, it ruins not only lives, but relationships as well. Without spoiling the specifics, episode 01 ends on a bitter note, prompting the next phase in Hal's life in his adult years in episode 02.

Graphics: The game runs in glorious 720p resolution by default, but you can resize the the window of the game on smaller screens. As a result, art assets in the game are made in native 1280x720 resolution. The backgrounds benefit from this the most. They look gorgeous, especially the views of Newton City, it's as much of a sight to behold as the narrative described it to be. There is not much variety in the scenes so you will end up getting the same backgrounds a lot of time, but considering this is an independent game, it's still quite impressive. The character sprites look okay if a bit lacking in poses, but they have some weird pencil sketch lines on their neck shadows. If you're bothered by this, do be noted that episode 02 onward no longer have these weird pencil sketches.

Audio: There is no voice acting. The soundtrack have some scifi bleeps mixed in here and there. For the rest of the time, they are mostly calming and not very memorable.

Technical report: I'll be commenting on technical aspects of this particular version in this segment. This is the 2nd English version of the game. And here are the differences:
- Config menu and pop-up messages in the first English version was in Japanese. The whole interface is now in English.
- The game now allows you to pick a much wider range of text font. The default font (Times New Roman) looks quite unpleasant. I recommend the font Flamenco for this game, it looks really nice.
- The original version had some game crashing bugs that occur when you open the About window or try to play a track in the music mode. Also, the gallery and the music mode are bugged in the original version (no images and tracks unlocked when you finished the game). All of these bugs have been fixed in this version.
- A slightly new translation. I can't comment on the translation quality, but I can only hope it would be better then the first English script. My experience of the game was from before it received a translation patch and an edit pass by sekaiproject.
Also do note that the game is bilingual. The original Japanese script is included, a great resource for language students.

Early Access status: Steam integration is incomplete. Steam overlay is not working in windowed mode right now and features like Screenshot is not working either.
Release version status: Not much different from the Early Access version. The same issues are still here and the game still uses the same engine. A bit disappointing, but at least the meat of the game is still intact.

I hope my review helps you making a decision whether to purchase this game.
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Publicado el 16 de mayo de 2014
World End Economica. Is a visual novel. And by that, the type of linear, no-choice novel. It is by all practical means a book. A digital book with music and linear storyline.
If you thought you'd get to play your hands on the stock exchange, or remembering the words:
"The first rule: Never take a loss.
The second rule: Never forget the first."
Then you'll be disappointed, there are no "Choices" for you to make.

So why do I recommend this?

Story - In keeping with Hasekura's arguably more famous work of Spice and Wolf which is a series of books and manga I wholeheartedly would recommend to you, the reader. It's as it says on the tin, about economy.
But in all the numbers and logics, there's a story. And what a story! It's in this sense, not a game. It is a story, a well-built story with its natural plot twists and moments where you'd want to cheer, and moments you'd be stuck in a well of sympathy or spite depending on your own evaluation.

Music - It's got music, and to me i do feel it quite surely fits to the whole setting. Sound really makes a scene deeper, if the music is quite right. This one Is just that. Quite right.

Graphics and visuals - As to be expected, there's CGI's which themselves are quite well made. The general playing scenes might be described as if ever so slightly bland. Stemming from the fact that the characters themselves seem a bit bereft of emotions for reasons i'll let you discover yourselves.
It is a book, and a quite fine book.
But as a game, no it's not so much a game, there's no interaction you do as the "player" You are the reader, so in this sense, advertising as a game might be misleading. But nontheless. I do recommend this game to you all, for those rainy days when you'd get a headache playing RTS or FPS games, don't feel like going outside, and just want to sit back and, read something. Good.
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Publicado el 27 de enero de 2015
This is easily one of the best visual novels I’ve played on Steam so far. Make no mistake though, it’s aimed at a tiny audience. The protagonist is a stock investor, and the writer went out of his way to make it authentic. It’s to the point where I imagine sections of the story will be impenetrable for those who haven’t read a course or two of economics. Terms like “short selling” are used without more than the briefest explanation.

It does a good job of portraying not just the appeal of the stock market, but also the absurdity, and the risks involved with it. Folks with modest aspirations have their dreams smashed by people in ivory towers, who view the economy as a game. The story conveys how stock trade happens, without dumbing it down in any way. Here’s where I think it’ll lose much of the audience. At the same time the story attempts to create a human connection to the people on the street. Those who just live their lives, making a meager wage, who have to go into debt just to pay for education and healthcare. It walked a precarious balance here. The two parts worked for me, but I’ve seen reviews that don’t agree at all. It revels in trading with such detail, that I can see all attachment being lost with many in the audience.

When I saw this was “Episode 1” I expected it to be 3-4 hours long or something. But instead it was around 8 hours long. It’s a complete story arc which stands on its own legs. I played it all in a single sitting without feeling the need to stop, which I can only take as a good sign. All the various story threads have good pay-offs in the end, and I felt the tug of wanting to see what happens next. My only problems with it were in the production values. The backgrounds were outstanding, and the music was good. But the engine was behaving strangely. The UI is way too big, and it often looped music incorrectly, and many image transitions were messed up. Apparently this was ported from one engine to another to allow cross platform support. Wouldn’t surprise me if this is the culprit, and that nobody has the will to patch it, as I’d guess it’s at least a hundred little polish problems littered across the game. These polishing issues didn’t ruin it for me or anything.

I’m impressed at the effort the author put into this. This was not aimed at a general audience. It’s definitely one of those stories that was written with no regard to mass market appeal at all. And that’s what makes it work! I’m kind of amazed it was made at all.
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Publicado el 23 de noviembre de 2014
Interesting VN marred by some formatting issues, occasional typos and a lack of extra CG's to put some situations in context. In true Spice and Wolf fashion, it's a bit heavy on the technical jargon; prepare to be confused if you don't know much about the stock market and investing, though this is not by a lack of effort on the novel's part to teach you, at it does touch at least on the basics.

Clocks in at around 13 hours depending on how fast you read, it definitely doesn't overstay its welcome. Solid sci-fi human-colonies-on-the-moon setting, with interesting characters that unfortunately don't have enough time to be developed fully. The music score is solid for the most part, with special notion to the catchy main menu tune, Under the Net.

Fantastic ending, fitting for the end of the first episode of a trilogy. A great purchase if it goes on sale, though it is absolutely worth your 10 dollars.
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