Bound across the world spreading color, creating life, tearing brains asunder and meeting interesting geometry. Slowly begin to doubt that you are playing correctly. Slowly begin to doubt that life is even able to be lived correctly. And come to a terrifying conclusion.
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Veröffentlichung: 14. Feb. 2014
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"I still do not know why I adore the aimlessness of Cube & Star (2014) as much as I do, but I do."
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“Cube and Star: An Arbitrary Love is one of those indie games that make us remember why indie games are so important.”
Hooked Gamers

“Cube & Star: An Arbitrary Love is a strange entity, but it makes a compelling case for games as high-art.”
Critical Indie Gamer

“Cube & Star: An Arbitrary love is a wonderful weird little game ... There's some magic here.”
Rami Ismail

Cube & Star: Warped Perspectives

"This is like the ultimate mind-f**k experience" - Robin E: The Gaming Ground.

Taking our cue from Robin E's vivid description, Cube & Star: An Arbitrary Love is now warped (hyperbolically) beyond reason and logic.

Select the lens through which you view this bizarre, colorful little world: Opt for the world-stretching Spindle view, the comforting and classic Perspective view, or the sociopath's delight: Data view.

Because truth isn't tied to reality, it is tied to the perspective through which we view it.

Über dieses Spiel

"Spread color. Spread joy. Thrill to the emergence of strange new creatures. And burn them all to ashes."

Cube & Star: An Arbitrary Love is a surreal open-world exploration game about the creation of life, joy and the pointlessness of existence.

Eat fruit, nudge trees, stain the ground and thrill to the emergence of strange and vapid creatures in your fool's errand to reunite the Ancient Cube and Star.

Day breaks, grass grows, night falls, stars fall from the sky, trees shed their fruit...

And across the world other cubes like yourself are bounding around, each with their own tiny opinions to impart to you... if you have the patience to listen.

As the grey world comes to life - secrets emerge from the ground: discover ancient relics, bizarre monetary tokens and personal journal entries left by cubes long gone.

Fill your void with knowledge, flood the world with color, burn the world to ashes - and watch as an ancient entity is reborn.

And relax....

  • DRM-free!
  • Explore an ever-changing, ever-bizarre world.
  • Night falls, day rises, grass grows, and the world becomes slick with rain.
  • Seek out the lost voices of the Tiny Things, unearth relics, pointlessly accumulate currency.
  • Decrypt the bizarre language of the Tiny Things.
  • Resurrect long-dead creatures.
  • Flood the world with color.... and drown the world in fire.
  • Raise strange new structures and bear witness as their occupants continue their grim calling


Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: 1GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • DirectX: Version 7.0
    • Hard Drive: 200 MB available space
    • OS: OSX 10.5
    • Processor: 1GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Hard Drive: 400 MB available space
    • OS: Linux Mint. Or equivalent. You know how it is with Linux.
    • Processor: 1GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Hard Drive: 400 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Oh man. I don't know. Linux covers a broad area.
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2 von 3 Personen (67%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
0.6 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 25. Juli
Ich habe keine Ahnung was ich mit Spiel anfangen soll.

Man rollt mit einem Würfel rum und färbt kleine Stellen auf einer Karte um. Nebenbei sammelt man diverse Kleinigkeiten, Sprüche und Errungenschaften ein.

Spannung, einen tieferen Sinn oder eine größere Motivation sucht man hier vergebens.

Kleinere Kinder könnten allerdings Spaß am Umfärben und die Ausdauer haben, um längere Zeit in dem Spiel zu verbringen.
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11 von 13 Personen (85%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
1 Person fand dieses Review lustig
25.8 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 24. März
Visuals and Graphics: 7/10
Gameplay Mechanics: 2/10
Overall score: 4/10; TLDR

I did not buy this in a bundle. I bought it solo on IndieGameStand for $1 because it looked great.
This interactive screensaver (**not game) is tolerable for $2-3. $5 is too much

This application is like an alpha concept demo. LIke wandering through a 1st person shooter with no bullets or melee, you get a good sense of feel of the presentation without any game mechanics implemented.

The gameplay is missing. Like a small developer who had a beautiful project envisioned which he never had time to finish. Rather than junk all the work, he/she releases the incomplete alpha app (avoiding the word 'game'). I get it. Developing a game is tough; life moves forward; the author must eat; other priorities overshadow this project. I think it is a beautiful project. Sell the Alpha for $1 maybe and perhaps finish it at a later date.

If the author were to finish the game, I envision a bear eating berries and having a transformative effect on the environment. Or a bee or collection of bees pollinating the neighborhood and effecting change on the makeup of the flora. (The dev is like a bee--he works very hard, and we gamers come expecting delicious honey for next to nothing $$ and do not care whether the worker starves for his hard work. I actually applaud what the author started here.)

However, again, there is NO real game mechanic. I read the reviews that say this app was meant to behave as a tranquil zen sandbox--No, that is a cop-out excuse for a demo released before it had a game built around the concept.

I have extra time on my hands, so I can drop my 12 hours into this game for even Zen foolishness. Most of you cannot--play 15-30 minutes of this, then Uninstall. The app is like painting your house with a trimming brush and full set of watercolors. It takes forever but you end up with a nice kaleidoscope result. That is all that happens.

The app even mocks you with fake/useless collectibles and makes parallel references to the futility of life. Why not take this beautiful app as the pollen/seed spreader and tack on a few simple game mechanics. (ex: Cultivate this red plant in the NE side of the garden. The Blue plants and ladybugs and animals flourish as you succeed.) Something weak and simple but producing/accomplishing a small goal. Rinse and repeat for a few dozen challenges. The sandbox all works mostly the same, but gives some reason to play or some bother to polinate/transfer/spread each plant color.

Instead, there are no instructions--nothing accomplished--All the plants, bushes and trees have their own inherent colors that do not change. Your only action is to paint a hue to the ground/grass beneath them by picking nearby color from a unchangeable plant. As you paint, there are 100 other bugs slowly painting the areas that you have brought to life--so you have no real control of color.

Instead, you paint the world with a tiny trim brush. Do a little--then do a lot until you see that it is not getting any better but the world is incomplete, so one might grind for the futility of a full color completion. The world needs to be 5 to 10 times smaller because it takes too damn long for no better finished result.

Pursuit of Achievements is a silly set of badges in many games. There are a plethora of nonsensical achievements. "Make a swollen and fertile world" 0/50 What?! How would any of this be accomplished? "Sprinkle a modest joy over the world" 0/20. It wants you to cover 20% of the world with Yellow. Over half of the areas are painted by bugs with a semi-permanent color which the player cannot change. So, how would I get 20% of the world yellow? Most of the achievements revolve around a find-a-needle-in-a-haystack subgame. After walking the whole world around and making small interactions--you will quickly accomplish quite a few nonsense achievement. (Bump into 1 beetle.)

The only controls are WASD (configurable + controller) Remember I have the luxury of doing nothing but wander for hours WASD, redipping the paintbrush every few feet, After revealing color to the world 6 hours later, I was about to uninstall the app. 4 of the needles-needles-in-the-haystack are colored runes that go into the useless stacks of Zen sayings, Zen history, Zen coins, Zen jewels, Zen artifacts. All useless.

SPOILER ALERT that should have been put in the nonexistant instructions/tutorial:
6 hours done, ready to uninstall, it turns out, that if you click the 4 Runes while standing still 6 times, your paintbrush will drop a few paintballs which will bounce around and change a small to medium area around you. It is random--so you have a new tool which just introduces more randomness into the world. Not a means to guide the color development. Now there is a population of little people that walk around with their paintbrushes too. So, instead of competing with the 300 bugs, you now also compete with 100s of "LittleThings" that also shift the colors of the environment. No control. Just beautiful paints wandering the canvas--with your tiny ability to shift the localized colors a bit. The rest of the world shifts as it wants.

Keep doing that for hours instead crafting the look of the gardens, or making honey, or scaring a competing hive out of the neighborhood, or stinging the brutish humans who trample the gardens. All of these mechanics are missing.

Beautiful interactive screensaver game though. 4/10.
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3 von 4 Personen (75%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
10.8 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 7. Juni
Fun little game about putting color back into the world.

There aren't really any instructions so it can be hard to figure out what to do at first.

Once you find out how to color the world, you pretty much spend the rest of the game coloring up a certain % of the map until you win.

Unfortunately the map is kind of worthless except to show a kind of general idea of where you've been, and where the Cube and Star are. The game has multiple kinds of collectibles, most of which only show up after you've colored in random tiles. Unfortunately, once you've started coloring in the map, all the activity going on makes it hard to find the rest of them, so I was never able to finish the Diary or the History collectables to read the full story,

I don't know if the game is worth $5, and I definitely wouldn't recommend trying to 100% this unless you REALLY want to meticulously color in the MASSIVE map to get each of the collectibles.

But if you just want a chill coloring game to relax to, and have some spare time, you will enjoy this.

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12 von 14 Personen (86%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
7.3 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 17. Januar
Das Spiel ist schwer zu beschreiben. Es gibt auf alle Fälle kein "klares Ziel". Es ist am ehesten eine Art Rollenspiel (denke ich) aus der Sicht eines Würfels. Der Spieler bekommt den Auftrag vom "Oberwürfel" die Welt zu erkunden und bunter zu machen. Auf dem Weg dorthin begegnet man anderen geometrischen Figuren, die meist einen philosophischen Spruch auf Lager haben. Weiterhin kann man die Farbe des Würfels (und damit der Fähigkeit des Einfärbens) ändern, in dem man von Pflanzen/Bäumen die "Farbblätter" sammelt. Auch kann man verschiedene Gegenstände suchen und finden, die dann meistens nur Achievements ergeben und weiterhin glaube ich keinen größeren Nutzen haben; bis auf die "vier Waffen" die dem Spieler-Würfel zur Verfügung stehen. Dies sind nämlich gewisse Töne, die in einer Reihenfolge eine kleine Melodie ergeben (auch die Musik spielt eine gewisse Rolle in dem Spiel, da alle Figuren andere Töne erzeugen) und dann mit einer größeren Wirkung die Spielwelt "einfärben". Eine der "Waffen" "verbrennt" auch die Erde (ist zwar die mächtigste, aber hinterlässt keine Farben). In dem man die Spielewelt mittels der Fähigkeiten einfärbt, verändert sich auch die Landschaft und aus Bäumen und Pflanzen werden Türme und Hochhäuser. Aus diesen "Bauwerken" kommen dann kleine geometrische Figuren, die dann die Welt auch mit einfärben.

Was ist dann das Ziel des Spiels? Ein Ende habe ich noch nicht erreicht. Aber folgende Dinge konnte ich bewältigen: zu 80 % alle Gegenstände (Taler, Diamanten, Artefakte, Schriftstücke und Glyphen) finden. Fast 400 Sterne sammeln (die fallen vom Himmel oder von Bäumen, wenn man diese schüttelt) und die Karte zu 90 % einfärben. Ein wichtiges Ziel war es Stern (der "Oberstern" sozusagen) und Würfel (der anfängliche Auftraggeber) zusammenzubringen - dies sind auch die Namensgeber des Spiels. Ich werde aber nicht verraten, wie ich dies geschafft habe, sonst nehme ich zu viel vorweg.

Warum kann man das Spiel Stundenlang spielen? Schwere Frage, für mich war es sehr entspannend mal ohne Druck (und "echte Ziele") und der Gefahr zu "sterben" ein Spiel zu spielen. Einfach die Welt einfärben, die Sprache einiger Figuren zu entschlüsseln (mehr mit Hilfe von Steam Guides ;) ), sich mit der Philosophie des Spiels zu beschäftigen, nachzudenken, verschiedene Melodien und deren Effekt zu erforschen, Achievements zu sammeln etc. etc. , war einfach eine tolle Spiel-Erfahrung.

Es macht echt Spaß. Und ich kann das Spiel nur empfehlen.

8.5 / 10 Punkten
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33 von 38 Personen (87%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
1 Person fand dieses Review lustig
4.6 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 21. Juni 2014
Cube & Star is a game I very much wanted to enjoy, but unfortunately, the game doesn't give you enough back to warrant continued play.

You're a cube in a mostly-colorless land. You begin your quest mostly without direction. You interact with other cubes and surface-dwellers. You start to color in the environments. You meet a tiny thing and discover there may be more to them to meet the eye. It all seems like something very clever is beneath the surface, but as the hours went by, I couldn't find it. Like the other reviews say, achievements are broken. Even after you decode the language of the tiny things, not much is revealed other than cryptic laments.

As you collect currency and stars and such relics, you eventually feel the grind and pointlessness of your quest. You can spend hours coloring in the world...but when you figure out how to open the map and figure out how the big world release you could easily spend another large quantity of hours filling in all the empty spaces. And for what? The tediousness of my journey weighs heavily on my cube-like shoulders, and it is with much regret that I finally ceased to roll across the plains.

Cube and Star feels like it aspires to something great but then maddeningly keeps it forever out of reach of the player.
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