Particulars is a game with a unique combination of arcade-action and puzzle gameplay, set in the mysterious world of subatomic particles.
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Veröffentlichung: 19. Nov. 2014
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"An intriguing simplistic puzzle game, that is very story driven. The Story begins vague enough so curiosity is raised but enough is given to get an idea"


“I haven't cried playing a video game before; it's not like it's a habit. But there's something about the loneliness of being a down quark all alone in a subatomic space that really underlined the joy in finding an anti-down quark to combine with.”
The Guardian

“The game feels fantastic. It’s a joy to whiz around the simple environment. This game illustrates the idea that a game doesn’t have to be visually packed to look good; indeed, its artistic style is reminiscent of flOw.”
Kotaku AU

“It’s a story-led, arcade puzzle game that seems to have a lot of intelligent thought about it.”
Rock, Paper, Shotgun

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Über dieses Spiel

Particulars is a game with a unique combination of arcade-action and puzzle gameplay, set in the mysterious world of subatomic particles.

Taking control of a single quark, you must negotiate the fundamental forces of the universe. Other particles will push and pull at you - you'll always be on the brink of losing control and being dragged towards annihilation!

Woven through the game is the story of Alison, a young physicist struggling to outrun her troubled past. Her journey through the subatomic world is drenched in memories (both good and bad), and will ultimately lead her to some powerful revelations.


  • Based on actual particle physics: Enter the world of sub-atomic particles and take part in the interactions between them.
  • A puzzling narrative: Particulars is a game which blends arcade and puzzle gameplay with an engaging story about a troubled young scientist.
  • Over 100 intriguing levels: Explore the four fundamental forces of the universe over ten chapters of increasingly complex play.
  • Dig deeper: The Particlepedia provides information on each particle in the game, the differences between the game world and the real world, and links to other information sources.


Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: 2.0 GHz Dual Core CPU
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 512MB Graphics Card
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 300 MB available space
    • OS: OSX 10.6
    • Processor: 2.00GHz Dual Core CPU
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 512MB Graphics Card
    • Hard Drive: 300 MB available space
    • OS: Ubuntu
    • Processor: 2.00GHz Dual Core CPU
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 512MB Graphics Card
    • Hard Drive: 300 MB available space
Hilfreiche Kundenreviews
4 von 4 Personen (100%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
7.3 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 7. Juni
After beating this game, I have to say the effort of beating it, totally not worth that ending. The story itself is given in snippets after each level, and after a set you get a short cutscene. At first I thought this was a brilliant way of cluing people in on the story without being heavy-fisted about it, but some of the cutscenes repeat with tiny little details changed, and it gets a little confusing as to whether or not your game is broken at that point.

As for gameplay, you start out only having to deal with positive and negative fields. This is a simple mechanic, and it continues for a few sets before you learn something new about the game. By the end you'll have come across several different mechanics over time, which are interesting in their own right but some of the level layouts or rather...bad. You have to either clear out particles by making them smash into each other, or move a certain type of particle to a location. The problem comes when you start doubling up on forces you have to deal with. When massive particles are flying towards you constantly, and you have to precisely hit them to send them flying off to an exact place without yourself getting pulled in...the cluster of different forces makes it nigh impossible to effectively move, and by the end of the game it feels like random chance.

You shouldn't have to fight against the controls of a game to beat it. In the last few levels it took probably thirty-fourtyfive minutes each. Fine, some games that's normal. But this game puts you in a little arena against set entities to interact with. It probably takes five-ten minutes to figure out the puzzle, and after that it's just a frustrating journey of fighting against the game's forces to try and accomplish the goal you KNOW how to do but can't because of apparent randomness of the particles.

That said, this game isn't randomized. Like, at all. It's just the gravity-like attractions mean that if you're two pixels over from how you were last time, the ENTIRE board can suddenly shift around and end up moving in a completely different way than how it did before. So you have to be picture-perfect to get some of the levels completed, and even then it still feels like you just have to plain get lucky.

The story is fairly simple, but delivered in a delightful way. But the difficulty of some of the later levels in each set is pretty damn stupid, it feels like you're trying to break through a wall with a wooden spoon, while you're on fire. The beginning of the game? Very simple, a child could probably do the first set of levels or two and get a fair grasp at the science behind it. It's actually really relaxing towards the beginning, and mashing particles together in a sandbox is actually really fun. But when you have a specific goal to do, and that goal requires super precise timing in a game where you have to fight just to keep from moving, it's super frustrating.

It's a beautifully crafted game. The visuals are sleek, the science behind it is rock solid, and the transitions are really beautiful. In fact, if it wasn't for the difficulty being absolute trash at some points I would highly recommend this game. As is, the repeating cutscenes and frustrating gameplay are so bad I simply can't recommend it. Unless you just REALLY want a hardcore physics-based particle game, you probably shouldn't get this.
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4 von 5 Personen (80%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
7.4 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 4. Mai
Now that Particulars is out of the early access that left a tainted first impression, I've managed to give it another spare moment of my time. The game provides some unique sub-atomic gameplay. You don't necessarily need to understand the underlying particle physics and I don't know how much of the interactions are real physics and how much are just there to make it a playable game, but it does result in a fair amount of trial-an-error gameplay that can be both educational and fun.

The last level that introduces black holes creates a difficulty imbalance from the rest of the game and if you don't have a good grasp of the process of making the right particles from the earlier levels, these later levels will be nearly impossible to pass without skipping.

While the story dialog feels extremely erratic, jumping forward and backward in time, the gameplay is original and for that it is definitely worth a try.
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1 von 1 Personen (100%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
0.7 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 20. Juni
Gameplay was alright, really annoying controls however. Think ice slathered with crisco. Story had almost nothing to do with the plot, aside from thefact thatshe became a scientist because her twin sister was into it or something. Most of the story seemed to be a "Pity Me" fest, leaving me uncaring for the character. Storyline jumps around more than Beyond Two Souls, leaving me dazed and confused.
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4 von 8 Personen (50%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
1 Person fand dieses Review lustig
3.1 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 23. März
You know how an Italian chef kisses his fingers and says something in Italian that translates to "A masterpiece" after tasting their own dish? That's how I feel about this game.
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1 von 6 Personen (17%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
0.3 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 12. Juli 2014
Early Access-Review
Ihr sucht etwas für Zwischendurch?! Etwas das euch fordert und nicht nach 5 Minuten zu ende ist?! Dann ist dieses Spiel garantiert etwas für euch. (ganz nebenbei ist es wissenschaftlich angehaucht, was aber allein an der "Story" liegt).
Bei Particulars handelt es sich um einen Indie-Titel der sich noch in der Early-Access-Phase befindet.
Dabei lässt sich die Story, wenn man sie denn so nennen darf, ganz leicht erzählen. Ihr seit ein Wissenschaftler, und steuert ein "Partikel" über den Bildschirm. Die Story wird euch dabei erzählt, zusätzlich bekommt ihr sie aber auch als Text angezeigt. Hier ist leider auch schon ein kleiner Kritikpunkt angebracht, das Spiel ist nur in Englisch verfügbar.Die Steuerung des Partikels ist ganz leicht, allein WASD wird benötigt um den "Partikel" über den Bildschirm tanzen zu lassen.
Solltet ihr das Spiel zum ersten Mal spielen, so bekommt ihr eine ausführliche Anleitung, in der ihr alles lernt was ihr für den Spielspaß benötigt.
Das Spiel führt euch durch viele Level (die sich auch im Menü alle einzeln anwählen lassen), welche von Level zu Level immer anspruchsvoller werden.

Fazit: Das Spiel gehört sicherlich nicht zu den Besten Early-Access Games die Steam zu bieten hat. Es kann leider nicht überzeugen (zumindest mich nicht). Die Knapp 9 Euro sind besser aufgehoben als in diesem Spiel.
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