Control the evolution with the touch of your finger. Climb your way through the evolutional ladder. Start as a little organism and transform into a magnificent aquatic being. Explore the abyss in search of nutritional elements. Attack other species whenever you run out of other food sources.
사용자 평가: 대체로 긍정적 (평가 1,160 개)
출시 날짜: 2011년 11월 20일

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"If you can grab this on sale, its a fun hour or so in a colourful environment, eat particles to evolve your creature. Plays smooth on low-end machines."

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2015년 4월 24일

Sparkle 3: Genesis is out!

While still full of soothing ambient music and art-like graphics, Sparkle 3 brings lots of new features and possibilities. You will gain much greater control over your evolution and skills you obtain. You no longer only control what you eat, you actively and directly control your DNA and how it expands. We've added quests that greatly diversify the gameplay. You can now choose between simply exploring the Void to relax, and trying on some challenges. New elements of your surroundings. Currents, vortexes, poisonous thicket, will shape the way you play.

There is much more waiting, simply visit the store page:

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“Sparkle 2 Evo is probably one of the more unique titles”
9 – 148apps

“Sparkle 2 is definitely a game that has atmosphere and generally good gameplay”
7 – lowdown

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Buy Sparkle 2: EVO on Steam and get the fantastic soundtrack from the game for free. A set of ambient tunes will accompany you wherever you want!

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Control the evolution with the touch of your finger. Climb your way through the evolutional ladder. Start as a little organism and transform into a magnificent aquatic being. Explore the abyss in search of nutritional elements. Attack other species whenever you run out of other food sources. Enjoy beautiful surreal visuals and relax with minimalistic ambient soundtrack.

Can you grow the biggest Sparkle in the world?

Subtle, captivating, addictive. These three words describe the world of Sparkle - world in which you make a tiny aquatic creature evolve into becoming a grown, magnificent being.

We give you control over your Sparkle's development and wellbeing, and you have one goal - to evolve. Whilst exploring the Sparkle Void, you find various nutritious elements to eat. Sometimes you will even have to fight for food with other species. You become what you eat - you get to choose whether your sparkle becomes a fast and aggressive carnivore, a sluggish but fast-eating herbivore, or an omnivore, whose features lie somewhere in between. Insight to your Sparkle's DNA strand will give you information about the progress and will help you plan which microelements you want to focus on eating next. You will also get to fight giant bosses from time to time.

But there’s no rush to keep the game in full swing at all times. You may as well just relax, play the game on a slow pace, explore the sparkle void, consume nutritional elements, enjoy simple and surreal surrounding and listen to the ambient music soundtrack. The choice is all yours.

- Three different ways to evolve. Become a fast and agressive carnivore, a sluggish but fast eating herbivore, or an omnivore whose features lie somewhere in between
- Play through 13 dreamlike looking levels.
- Use GenLab to check your Sparkles DNA strand, your progress, status of your special skills, and plan what to eat next accordingly.
- Relax with great chilled-out ambient soundtrack.
- Compete against other Sparkle in fast-paced competitive mode

시스템 요구 사항

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Dual core from Intel or AMD at 2.0 GHz
    • Memory: 2 MB RAM
    • Graphics: nVidia GeForce 6800, ATI/AMD Radeaon HD2600
    • Hard Drive: 180 MB available space
    • OS: OSX 10
    • Processor: Intel Dual Core
    • Memory: 2 MB RAM
    • Graphics: nVidia 320M or higher, or Radeon 7000 or higher, or Intel HD 3000 or higher
    • Hard Drive: 180 MB available space
    • OS: Ubuntu 12.4
    • Processor: 2 GHz
    • Memory: 180 MB RAM
    • Graphics: OpenGl 2.1 compatible
    • Hard Drive: 180 MB available space
유용한 고객 평가
2명 중 2명(100%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
1.2 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2015년 4월 24일
카드 땜시 어쩔수 없이 좀 했습니다만 그닥 다시 하고 싶지는 않군요. 일주일 만에 벼락치기로 게임 만드는 대회가 있다던데.. 그기서 나온 게임인듯..
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1명 중 1명(100%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
0.9 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 11월 18일
정말 심심할때 할만한 게임..
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1명 중 1명(100%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
1명이 이 평가가 재미있다고 함
18.8 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2015년 1월 15일
나름 할만함... 과제용인가 생각이 들때도 있지만
미생물 키우는 재미로 합니다. 할꺼 없을때 하면 딱인듯....
생물이 진화하는 맛도있고 세일때 구매하셔서 하셔서 하는거 나름 괜찮은듯요
이 평가가 유용한가요? 아니요 재미있음
7명 중 6명(86%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
3.1 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 12월 18일
Sparkle 2 Evo's interesting art style at first drew my attention. Upon inspecting the achievements I could not turn down an easy to complete game as an achievement hunter. In the same night that I bought the game, I completed the game 100% in around 3 hours.

During the course of the game I was not sure if I was expecting more or if I was expecting too much. The mechanics of the game were fairly basic and never evolved a whole lot. There were some interesting levels and others felt like they took too long to complete. The use of layers in the game suits it very well and they used that quite effectively at some points while at other times it felt like there should be layers when there weren't any at all.

The mechanic of eating is simple and the evolution based off of that feels somewhat lacking. I did not feel like I was ultimately challenged in different ways because of these changes. As such, the level of difficulty was not remotely close to challenging in my experience. At times, I was not even sure exactly on what I supposed to do in some of the boss levels. Even when I did figure it out, it felt like it took unnessesarily long to wait for the boss to be interactable.

So was this game worth it for the amount of fun? I don't feel like I wasted my time due to the achievements I decided to get, but I personally feel like something is missing. I'm not sure what that is exactly.
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8명 중 6명(75%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
3.5 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 12월 28일
This a great little game, you could say it's one of those hidden gems.
Although the playtime isn't that long, the visuals and music is incredible for a game that (most of the time) only costs 1$

You play as a small microorganism climbing the evolutionary ladder by eating one of three microelements:
-Red which makes your Sparkle (as your species is called) faster and more manouvrable, however at the cost of eating speed.
-Blue which makes your sparkle more balanced in the way of movement and eating speed but sadly looking quite uninteresting.
-Green which makes your sparkle incredible at eating with the highest eating speed and a skill that makes your mouth about 5x bigger, however it isn't very fast and his turning speed also ins't too great. However the green sparkle is in my opinion the best looking sparkle.

As you grow more and more instead of eating stationary microelements you start encountering species, most of which have ways of stopping you eating them often in the form of a slow trap. others take a long time to be fully eaten and until they are they will keep pushing you a level upwards if you touch their head, and others are relatively peaceful but require you to find a way into their body to eat their guts and finally decapitate them.

Each stage of evolution your sparkle evolves visually, at first growing longer and developing a type of sac to show you its road to the next level by the size of it, after that it will grow jaws or in the case of the omnivore it will grow even longer, after that evolution truly branches and every sparkle will go it's own way, i will not spoil this because they look too beautiful to explain.

Though the levels are few (there are only 14) there are 2 optional boss battles, The Squid-Worm and the Octury.

The Squid-Worm is a large worm that requires you to eat all of his segments before eating his head, not too hard but it looks great and it's a fun way to show yourself how far you've come in your mad dash to become the top species in the sea.

The Octury is a humongous octopus that will make you eat all the glowing orbs on it's tentacles before entering it's head and devouring it from the inside out, though -once more not very challenging it's a huge monster that is great to look at in comparison to your little sparkle.

This is a great game and if you like Flow or need something relaxing in your library i definitely reccomend you to pick it up, it's very cheap and there are even trading cards to be gained.
이 평가가 유용한가요? 아니요 재미있음
8명 중 6명(75%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
2명이 이 평가가 재미있다고 함
4.0 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2015년 3월 30일
This amazing and relaxing indie game, is about a bacteria that you have to help it to evolve.

Through many levels with relaxing music and nice visual graphics, you going to discover the evolution line, evolve since a little bacteria up to a tiny organism.

10 / 10
이 평가가 유용한가요? 아니요 재미있음
7명 중 5명(71%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
4.5 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2015년 2월 19일
Sparkle 2 Evo is a good game, you will be surprised with the amount of variety of different species and the evolution of your creature depending on what food you eat, it is after all true to the phrase "you are what you eat"!
이 평가가 유용한가요? 아니요 재미있음
2명 중 2명(100%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
3.8 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2015년 4월 4일

Sparkle 2 Evo is a casual artistic evolution simulator. Start as a microscopic larva and build your way up the food chain as you evolve based on what you eat.

Pros: Graphics are absolutely gorgeous. The game captures the transparancy of actual microscope observation, while bathing it in a rainbow of colors. Your stats and appearance changes depending on whether you eat carnivore, herbivore or omnivore matter. You get to confront other microbes in a speed and twirl competition, trying to eat out its weak spots while avoiding its head until it's the only thing left. Music is calm and soothing.

Cons: There is no behavior difference between your pray: the exact same creatures simply exists with different colors, making you wonder why a herbivore would eat fish, squids or other animals. You can't die, the extent of risk you face is getting pushed back up one level of depth, or getting a light red glow in the screen if you cannot be pushed up any further. Little replay value: there's a set number of levels with no randomization. There is little complexity over your evolution, and you might accidently eat matter you wanted to avoid.

Verdict: The game might look and sound exquisite, but there is little more to it. A few hours is all it will take to go through the entire game, do every level and max out your evolution. As it stands, Sparkle 2 Evo doesn't offer enough for me to recommand it.
이 평가가 유용한가요? 아니요 재미있음
4명 중 3명(75%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
2.7 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 11월 23일
This game is purely awesome! I like how you can evolve from a tiny thingy to a monstrous, fly-like, creature!
이 평가가 유용한가요? 아니요 재미있음
4명 중 3명(75%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
3.5 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2015년 1월 31일
Graphics and music are amazing. The technique and style is brilliant. Gameplay is ok, not too much interesting. It lacks some kind of challenge. You can not die, there is no timer and no enemies or puzzles or anything that would require a little brainpower.

Game: 5.5/10
Graphic: 7.5/10

100% Achievement : Easy | Medium | Hard | Very Hard
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6명 중 4명(67%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
2.8 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 12월 4일
Sparkle 2 Evo is a gorgeous and mesmerizing game with lots of achievements! :D

It has a good amount of content and difficulty and the gameplay and controls are fluid (with a console controller). Visually, it is absolutely beautiful and the sound effects and music really made me feel immersed in the environments. Unfortunately, not much can be said for the replayability, but for only 5 bucks, it's no doubt worth it. (Coupons for 50% off also seem extremely abundant for this particular game and for $2.50, it's a steal!)

I definitely recommend checking this game out!
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8명 중 5명(63%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
2.8 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 11월 5일
English:This game is super chill with relaxing music and beautiful art design of organisms and environment. The reason why I recommend this game is that this game cost me 0.49$ during the discount and I found myself pretty enjoying this game for its relaxing gameplay. The game isn't hard and it takes me less than 3 hours to beat it with all achievements.
I would rate 10/10 because this game perfectly presents its goal of extrodinary relaxing gameplay experience.
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1명 중 1명(100%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
0.8 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2015년 4월 9일
What a great game, was so freakin high, only saw colours and a shiny sea bug. Really awesome, had no idea what to do
이 평가가 유용한가요? 아니요 재미있음
1명 중 1명(100%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
3.4 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2015년 4월 21일
Do you remember Flow, the old game that was intended as part to demonstrate an idea by the authors about how humans can enter workflows where productivity is effortless, and how work environments should be designed to avoid interrupting that Flow? It was a simple, enjoyable pac-man sandbox that was meant more to make a point than to really be a full fledged game. They did not charge for it.

Well, Sparkle 2 Evo is a more fleshed out version that game, for money. The problem is that they completely missed the point. This game has objectives that can act as sources of frustration, and like discrete levels that interrupt gameplay. That isn't neccessarily bad, you don't have to take too much after your inspiration, although I'd argue in this case it was.

Is it a good game? No, not really. It's definitely fun enough but the fact that they somewhat missed the point of what they copied does make for a somewhat worse experience than what you'd get if you just googled "flow in games". However, it's not a bad game either.

The music is quite decent, but the main thing the game has to recommend it is how it looks. Sparkle 2 Evo is a decently pretty game and being pleasant to look at seems to be a large part of the point of this game.

If you're looking for any kind of challenge, don't get this game. This game exists because of a few goals added on to a design for a sandbox with difficult that was totally determined by what the player chose to pursue in real time.

In the end, I'm recommending this game because there's no "meh" option, and because they took the effort to port it to Linux. Along with the price, that sways the balance toward "recommend".
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3명 중 2명(67%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
1명이 이 평가가 재미있다고 함
5.5 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 11월 23일
Un très joli petit jeu plein de couleur dans une ambiance très aquatique. Rien de bien folichon dans le fait de manger des balles de couleur, mais les évolution sont marrantes et la musique est sympa. La difficulté est à mon sens faible ce qui en fait un jeu à la fois relaxant et fascinant.

Un bon petit moment à expérimenter s'il sort à petit prix.
이 평가가 유용한가요? 아니요 재미있음
3명 중 2명(67%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
2.2 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2015년 4월 4일
Nom nom nom

Relaxing game, I guess? Kinda get you in a trance.

Just eat and grow. If only life were this easy...
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2명 중 1명(50%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
6.7 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 12월 4일
Pretty easy going game, I enjoyed 90% of it, the only issue I take is the Giant Octuary stage,
It seems to bug out making it impossible to collect tha varous spheres. the charcater acts like it's trapped between layers of the squid.
This seems like a minor gripe, but it is frustrating, and does not seem intentional.
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2명 중 1명(50%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
5.9 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 12월 11일
Not for everyone, but I enjoyed it. It's a pretty zen game...which many will find boring. Sometimes it's on sale for about a dollar. My toddlers enjoyed watching me play it because it's very colorful with nice sound.

It's also a good game to play drunk (after the toddlers are in bed, that is).

It's unusual in that you can get 100% achievements without actually finishing the game...I was about 75% through the levels when the last achievement popped.
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2명 중 1명(50%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
1.3 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 12월 22일
A game about evolution, definitely unique. Offers you a quiet gameplay. 10/10 would recommend it
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2명 중 1명(50%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
1.1 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 12월 26일
이 평가가 유용한가요? 아니요 재미있음