Control the evolution with the touch of your finger. Climb your way through the evolutional ladder. Start as a little organism and transform into a magnificent aquatic being. Explore the abyss in search of nutritional elements. Attack other species whenever you run out of other food sources.
Data de lançamento: 20 Nov 2011
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New update.

14 fevereiro 2014

In the last update we added a partial controller support and promised to roll the full support in the near future. That future has come. Now you can enjoy Sparkle 2 Evo from your comfy couch on your TV and not bother with mouse or keyboard :)

- Full controller support added

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New update

27 janeiro 2014


This update brings some new cool features.

- There got multiple inquiries about controller support, we promised to add it and now we deliver. You can play Sparkle 2: Evo with controller. It's partial support for now (only works in-game), but we are working on adding full support.
- We added a free download of the soundtrack. You can find it in the game folder in OST subfolder. It's DRM free so you can listen it however and whenever you want.
- We added a set of Steam Trading cards with badges emoticons etc. There are six cards to collect. You can get them by playing the game or trading in the marketplace.

Have fun!

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“Sparkle 2 Evo is probably one of the more unique titles”
9 – 148apps

“Sparkle 2 is definitely a game that has atmosphere and generally good gameplay”
7 – lowdown

Oferta especial

Buy Sparkle 2: EVO on Steam and get the fantastic soundtrack from the game for free. A set of ambient tunes will accompany you wherever you want!

Sobre o jogo

Control the evolution with the touch of your finger. Climb your way through the evolutional ladder. Start as a little organism and transform into a magnificent aquatic being. Explore the abyss in search of nutritional elements. Attack other species whenever you run out of other food sources. Enjoy beautiful surreal visuals and relax with minimalistic ambient soundtrack.

Can you grow the biggest Sparkle in the world?

Subtle, captivating, addictive. These three words describe the world of Sparkle - world in which you make a tiny aquatic creature evolve into becoming a grown, magnificent being.

We give you control over your Sparkle's development and wellbeing, and you have one goal - to evolve. Whilst exploring the Sparkle Void, you find various nutritious elements to eat. Sometimes you will even have to fight for food with other species. You become what you eat - you get to choose whether your sparkle becomes a fast and aggressive carnivore, a sluggish but fast-eating herbivore, or an omnivore, whose features lie somewhere in between. Insight to your Sparkle's DNA strand will give you information about the progress and will help you plan which microelements you want to focus on eating next. You will also get to fight giant bosses from time to time.

But there’s no rush to keep the game in full swing at all times. You may as well just relax, play the game on a slow pace, explore the sparkle void, consume nutritional elements, enjoy simple and surreal surrounding and listen to the ambient music soundtrack. The choice is all yours.

- Three different ways to evolve. Become a fast and agressive carnivore, a sluggish but fast eating herbivore, or an omnivore whose features lie somewhere in between
- Play through 13 dreamlike looking levels.
- Use GenLab to check your Sparkles DNA strand, your progress, status of your special skills, and plan what to eat next accordingly.
- Relax with great chilled-out ambient soundtrack.
- Compete against other Sparkle in fast-paced competitive mode

Requisitos do sistema – PC

    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Dual core from Intel or AMD at 2.0 GHz
    • Memory: 2 MB RAM
    • Graphics: nVidia GeForce 6800, ATI/AMD Radeaon HD2600
    • Hard Drive: 180 MB available space

Requisitos do sistema – Mac

    • OS: OSX 10
    • Processor: Intel Dual Core
    • Memory: 2 MB RAM
    • Graphics: nVidia 320M or higher, or Radeon 7000 or higher, or Intel HD 3000 or higher
    • Hard Drive: 180 MB available space

Requisitos do sistema - Linux

    • OS: Ubuntu 12.4
    • Processor: 2 GHz
    • Memory: 180 MB RAM
    • Graphics: OpenGl 2.1 compatible
    • Hard Drive: 180 MB available space
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Sparkle 2 Evo é uma game indie de simulação, desenvolvido pela Forever Entertainment SA. Lançado em novembro de 2011 para PC.

Em Sparkle 2 Evo você assume o controle de um pequeno organismo, com o único objetivo de se alimentar e evoluir. Com uma semelhança inegável com a primeira fase do game Spore, o game se destaca por apresentar ambientes extremamente belos e interessantes, com uma trilha sonora composta por músicas ambientais que combinam de forma perfeita com a proposta do game.

A jogabilidade se resume a movimentar o mouse pelo cenário subaquático a procura de alimentos e só, nenhuma interação a mais pode ser feita, além de se movimentar entre os diversos níveis do ambiente.

Apesar de extremamente simples e casual, o game cativa pelos belos designes tanto das criaturas, que são bem variadas, quanto dos cenários. A cada novo nível alcançado sua criatura evolui e assume uma nova forma, mais rápida e bizarra, mas bela, do que a forma anterior. Com essa dinâmica simples, não é difícil ficar algumas horas buscando evoluir a sua criatura apenas para descobrir novas formas de vida e desbloquear novas fases.

Sparkle 2 Evo é um bom game, que impressiona pelo seu design e vicia pela sua simplicidade. Um game casual e fácil, indicado principalmente para aqueles que querem experimentar algo novo, ou que querem dar uma pequena pausa nos gêneros mais populares.

Informações adicionais:

Tempo de jogo: Dedicado um pouco mais de 4 horas ao jogo, mas o game pode render facilmente o dobro disso se for desbloquear todas as fases disponíveis.
Conquistas desbloqueadas: 22 de 22.
Dificuldade: O game não apresenta dificuldades variadas, de maneira geral o game é extremamente simples.
Modo de jogo: Singleplayer.

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Publicada: 5 fevereiro 2014
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Sparkle 2 Evo sinceramente me deixou voar, a cada minuto de jogo o game impressiona, a ambientação é otima as cores o conjunto, até o menu do game eu achei marcante, acho que não poderiam fazer melhor além do preço baixo o game é definitivamente otimo, curto, mas otimo!
Nota: 8,5
Publicada: 31 janeiro 2014
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O jogo é tipo o estagio celula do Spore, mas é muito bom, recomendo!!
Publicada: 2 fevereiro 2014
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Several others have reviewed this game and said it's based on Spore. I presume they are referring to the very first stage of a Spore game which is just a mini-game. To be accurate, Spore (2008) actually copied flow (2006). Flow was originally a free flash game and was part of the creator's masters thesis.

Yes, this game is VERY much like the game Flow on the PS3. But it is not the same game nor created by the same people. The mechanics are largely the same but this game goes for a more complex evolution where there's three different kinds of food (instead of 2) and you have to eat a LOT more to increase your creature's size.You get to look at the creature's stats as it grows and guide them by eating different types of food.

If you enjoyed Flow you'll very likely enjoy this game. It's graphicsa are very vivid and colorful. It's slow paced with no set time limits or precise goals, so it's good for just chilling out. There's a few flaws like having to hold down the left mouse button constantly but you can use the keyboard to control it. But really it's quite enjoyable, especially if you are into playign zone/chill games

Publicada: 2 dezembro 2013
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This game is gorgeous. Let's get that out of the way first- it is absolutely stunning. And with about three hours put into the game and 100% of the achievements obtained, it's a good game for achievement hunters as well. If you're looking for a pretty game to sink a few hours into, then you could do worse than Sparkle 2 Evo, especially when it's on sale.

The sound track ranges from the advertised 'relaxing' to 'wasps in eardrum' noises that made me check my speakers, but that may just be a matter of taste.

It's in gameplay itself, and execution, where the game could've been great, but turns out to be just mediocre. In the beginning you're presented with the idea that eating certain types of food within the game will change the way your Spark evolves. This could have been very interesting, with different tactics for different branches, but the only difference in the 'food stuffs' is color. So yes, you can eat a non-meat fish. Maybe it's swimming algae. Even with the vivid color scheme, it can be difficult to tell which of the more advanced creatures correspond to which color without some trial and error.

Finally there's the 'boss battles'. The bosses do not fight back, and one of them barely moves- victory consists of slowly nipping suicidally-depressed mega-fauna to death.

But hey. It's pretty.
Publicada: 1 fevereiro 2014
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