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Gumboy est un jeu amusant et novateur planté dans un décor riche et imaginaire. Grâce à des contrôles simples, Gumboy permet au joueur de rebondir, rouler, flotter et voler à travers le monde.En plus, Gumboy peut changer de taille, forme et matériau.
Date de parution: 19 déc 2006
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GameTunnel - 8/10 and 2006 Game of the Year

"One of the quirkiest and best put together games I've played in quite awhile. This game has a bounty of inventive innovation from its visually impressive and original theme to its 'keep you on your toes' and constantly changing gameplay... Gumboy is quite possibly the best indie game I've played this year." Read the full review here.

GamersMark - 8/10

"... The first thing you'll notice when you play Gumboy is that it's absolutely gorgeous."

À propos du jeu

Gumboy est un jeu amusant et novateur planté dans un décor riche et imaginaire. Grâce à des contrôles simples, Gumboy permet au joueur de rebondir, rouler, flotter et voler à travers le monde.En plus, Gumboy peut changer de taille, forme et matériau.Découvrez ce monde en expérimentant différentes propriétés physiques et techniques de jeu : sphères, cubes ou étoiles remplis de caoutchouc, d'air ou d'eau... Combinez ces éléments aux objectifs centrés sur des effets de particules et le contrôle. Gumboy est un jeu rafraîchissant, complexe et original qui saura amuser tous les types de joueurs.

  • Jeu innovant basé sur la dynamique des balles dans différents environnements
  • Plus de 50 niveaux dans une atmosphère de conte de fées
  • Décors interactifs : eau, vent, pluie, téléportations, relances, surfaces collantes et glissantes
  • Représentations artistiques originales de 6 univers différents (forêt, champ, grotte, monde magique...)
  • Éclairage fantastique et effets dynamiques
  • Graphismes détaillés avec effets d'accélération et de particules fascinants
  • Différentes formes de balle : sphère, cube, étoile
  • Différents remplissages de la balle qui influencent ses caractéristiques : caoutchouc, air, eau
  • Enregistre les parties en cours et les résultats accomplis par plusieurs joueurs
  • Prise en charge de l'affichage grand écran (16:9)

Configuration requise

    Minimale : Windows 2000/XP SP2, processeur 1 GHz, 256 Mo de RAM, carte graphique 32 Mo OpenGL 3D, 50 Mo d'espace disque disponible, DirectX 8.0 ou supérieur

    Recommandée : processeur 1,6 GHz, carte graphique GeForce 5200 / Radeon 9600 ou mieux

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I must say I am quite surprised by so many negative reviews. To me this little game is pure genius. There's something about it you just can't put your finger on... something strange, hard to define. The premise is utterly simple - roll left or right - but the game keeps adding new possibilities every level. And it doesn't make a fuzz about it. "Here's something completely new, it's there, who cares". The mechanics and physics are spot on and the game explores them brilliantly. Visually it's beautiful and the characters you interact with are strange and fascinating. A feeling of novelty and discovery permeates the game from start to finish.

Here's my suggestion: watch some videos of the gameplay and see if it bothers you. If not, go for it, for you've barely seen the tip of the iceberg.
Posté le : 18 juin
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This game is really beautifull, with an art touch in the design of the levels, but controls are a bit uncomfortable and the last level is just stupidly hard with such controls. I still recommand this game in promo for the other levels (1€ for 4 games, it's worth it).
Posté le : 17 avril
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Baby sitting tool !
Posté le : 7 août
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Controls just like real gum
You know. You just walk to a store...And...You buy gum
Posté le : 12 août
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This game has me rolling with the laughter of a MILLION elephants riding unicycles with the three blind mice who just got off an acid trip this game is sponsored in part by boxes and PATRIC FREAKING STAR buy this game if you want to live the high life of comedy and moments where you question your own existance in the universe
Posté le : 15 juin
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Gumboy - Crazy Adventures earns my first negative review.

Let's get started, the protagonist known as Gumboy is a ball (most likely made of gum) that can transform into different shapes by collecting different in game items. There are different story sections of the game: Tutorial, Magic Forest, Bean World, Summer Meadow, Underground, and Caves. Each section is about equal in length except Underground which only has three levels. The tutorials offer a system which allows you to learn the basics of the game before they infuriate you in the actual campaign. Each mission you have an Astral Guardian who will help you to achieve an objective. Once you have completed the requirements a pollinator (somewhere on the map) will release pollen, you must then using an item offered by the Astral Guardian push the pollen back to the Astral Guardian. Upon completing this a portal opens which you can roll, roll, or roll into. This ends the level and allows you to move up to the next challenge. You can start in the first level of Magic Forest, Bean World, or Summer Meadows meaning there is no real beginning to the game. In fact there is no real story, just simply roll and collect the dust then roll on your merry way.

If you didn’t notice I used the word roll a lot, this is because roll is your only native control. In order to jump you must collect a hiccup seed and it only lasts for a set amount of time. This is fantastic the character can essentially only roll left to right prior to collecting an item, this means before starting a level half the time you have to roll and find this item so you can actually start the level. Not only do you need to find the ability to jump before starting a level, you must then go find the shape transformation items on the levels (this is not optional). You play a character who is made of gum and cannot mold itself or jump by itself. The game continues by making it so the terrain has random bumps in it that block you from effectively moving (half the time throwing me in the wrong way – over and over again). The jump ability only works half of the time and the heights obtained by the jump seem completely random so going from one platform to the other is essentially just luck of the draw. If you could get past the incredibly poor controls, the required transformation changes, the ridiculous requiring an item to jump concept, and the awfully designed terrain you'd still probably not like this game. Gumboy - Crazy Adventures still pushes the boundary with an awful menu interface, rather than being able to simply move the mouse and select to exit a menu you need to roll your character through each menu option where it requires you to stop and wait till the sub menu interface opens. Even the in-game menu works similarly; to exit you have to roll round a huge ball just so you can quit the game. Gumboy – Crazy Adventures is a game that offers very little in the sense of entertainment. Then this game strives for being least interesting game by offering poor controls, terrible terrain navigation, and illogical gameplay.

Overall I would not recommend this game, although seeing as it came with the Indie Puzzle Back I guess you'll just have to have it stuck in your library. Some people would say you could get past all these deficits because the ambience is nice, the environment is pleasing, and the music is soothing. If you want a puzzle game where you are a ball, that offers interesting music, beautiful scenery, and a serene ambiance play influx. It’s the same price, it was made in 2013, and you will not want to kill yourself every time you try and move the character.

+Whimsical music.
+I personally like how the dialogue is gibberish.

-Poor Controls
-Poor terrain set up
-No default jump command "must find a Hiccup Seed"
-Poor menu interface/navigation
-Requirement to change shapes in order to beat levels (rather than allowing the gamer to decide when to change shape)
-Jump ability only works half of the time once you get the hiccup seed
-Jump ability heights are almost completely random and do not couple with speed boost
-Ball will bounce randomly around terrain rather than move effectively in one direction or another
Posté le : 5 mars
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