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Damned: A Randomized Online Horror Game - What is Damned? Damned is a randomized online horror game for up to 5 players (4 survivors and 1 monster). You’ll be able to play as one of four people trapped in different haunted places (hotels, hospitals, etc).
发行日期: 2013年9月26日
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“We want you helping us design and develop Damned! You'll have lots of fun time scaring your friends or being scared by them. You'll be helping us find bugs and glitches (including the bizarre/funny ones) and you'll be able to feel the game and contribute with your thoughts and suggestions. Join the Damned community!”

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Update Beta Version 1.10b (Hotfix and wood fix)


- Fixed Mary unable to pass over the planks.

- Changed physics system to use only one instance of CollisionTester.

- Fixed bug causing people to get stuck in the chat box.
- Fixed bug causing chat box to remain visible when returning to title screen.

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Update Beta Version 1.10a (Stage and crash fixes)


- Fixed Mary unable to pass catwalk in the Factory.
- Fixed unpickable key at Bright Hotel.

- Left click now will not be disabled by the insanity system.

- Fixed bug causing crash when running the game with some peripherals plugged in.
- Fixed bug unabling voice pitch to work when playing a monster.
- Fixed bug causing crash when entering/leaving a lobby.
- Fixed bug causing crash related to arms insanity effect.
- Fixed bug related to overlaying pause layout over the “start game” layout.
- Fixed bug causing unexpected behavior when the host starts the game while a client was in the pause screen.
- Fixed bug causing chatbox to appear using ENTER instead of using the key set in the controls options.
- Fixed bug causing chatbox to open when pressing ENTER to start a match.
- Fixed bug allowing the player to pick a battery and grab an object at the same time (rare).

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在讨论版中为这款游戏汇报 BUG,并留下反馈


“...in Damned if things are happening then it’s because whomever is in control of the monster is right there in the room...That’s a really smart idea...”

“What sounds really cool...is the stuff you can do while playing the monster.”

“...Damned has a unique premise...”


Damned: A Randomized Online Horror Game

- What is Damned?

Damned is a randomized online horror game for up to 5 players (4 survivors and 1 monster).
You’ll be able to play as one of four people trapped in different haunted places (hotels, hospitals, etc).
As a survivor your main objective will be finding your way out, as well as helping your friends get out too. You’ll often find yourself on the edge, hearing and seeing ghostly things, trying to find keys and items to help in your escape. And sometimes you’ll find yourself running desperately from a monster, who’s there only to find and kill you and your friends.
You’ll also be able to play as the monster. The game will feature different monsters, each one unique in its gameplay and hunting style.

- What kind of horror game is Damned?

Damned explores the sense of being defenseless against a powerful supernatural force. The survivors can’t directly affect the monster in any way. When it’s there to get you, your only chance is to run and hide.
This perception of being defenseless is very strong, primal and terrifying, it builds up anxiety and makes you really scared, fearing any unexplained noise or movement.
This is how Damned creates horror in a multiplayer game session, and we believe it to be super effective! (tested and approved!)

- Why is Damned a randomized game?

Every stage in Damned is randomized:
  • Almost all the objects in a stage may or may not appear;
  • The item system is fully random too, randomizing which item will appear in the game, and where it'll be;
  • The way to win a match as a survivor is also randomized;
  • Even the stage may trigger random events to scare the survivors inside.

- Why is Damned a competitive and cooperative game?

Because in a full game, with 4 survivors and 1 monster, there’ll be a survivor “team” cooperating to try and escape together, and at the same time they’ll be competing against a monster, trying to flee from him and deny each one of its attempt to hunt and kill a survivor.

- How to play as a survivor?

As a survivor you’ll be cooperating with your friends (up to 4 survivors in a single game session):
You and your friends will be searching the level for keys and items to help in your escape;
Each survivor will have a flashlight that can be turned on and off, helping you see your surroundings, but at the same time letting the monster know where you are;
The survivors will be able to manipulate objects throughout the hotel, like drawers, doors, safes, cabinets, wardrobes;
Challenge yourself to find the exit and get out alive.

- How to play as the monster?

As the monster, your game will be all about competing alone against the survivors team.
The game will feature different monsters, each one unique in its play style. It's up to you to play a few rounds with each monster and decide which one works best for you.
How are you going to hunt and kill the survivors?

- Why is Damned worth buying?

Because it’s fun!
It’s really scary, you’ll find yourself on the edge a lot of times, trying to evade the monster or trying to pay closer attention because you don’t know if the sound you just heard is some random noise or if it is the monster haunting you.
It’s a real horror game, it explores deeply the feeling of being completely defenseless against a powerful force that can finish you easily. Your only choice is to run and hide!
And also because it’s really fun to play as the monster as well. You’ll keep haunting and building up anxiety in people, making them terribly scared of you. We really put you in the skin of a terrifying monster.

- Links and contact:

Got any questions and/or suggestions? We want to hear your opinion, please contact us: contact@9heads.com

Damned: www.damned-game.com
9heads Game Studios: www.9heads.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/9heads
Twitter: www.twitter.com/9headsGames


    • OS: Windows Vista
    • Processor: 2.0+ GHz (quad core recommended);
    • Memory: 3 GB RAM
    • Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 2000+, nVidia GeForce FX 6 series
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: 3.0+ GHz (quad core)
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Radeon HD 4850, GeForce GT 645M
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
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did u play [stop it slender]on garry's mod? They look like in some cases,but Damned maybe more difficult than Slender,u need find keys to open doors, need teamwork together then make success.
If you have many friends play together ,it must be very funny :) Dont worry about high ping, ,my ping already over 500, this does not affect the game,i think a successful horror game need suitable music to show the scary environment, which leaves the players in a more horrible mood~but if i played for long time, i feel a bit dizzy, this is only one bad thing :(


這遊戲非常像GMOD裏面【stop it slender】模式,只不過slender裏面只需要收集紙條就ok,這個遊戲增加了一些難度,比如找鑰匙開門 或者找電池之類的,需要隊友的配合完成,看到那些给差评的玩家,我並沒有遇到像你們玩兒的時候遊戲崩潰秒退或者因為延遲過高而無法move的情況,我隨便join了一個公開服,進去以後延遲500左右,但是很流暢,完全沒有遇到卡或者掉線的情況,只不過最後剩下一個人的時候那個人卡bug在角落不動 ,ghost老抓不到他讓我有點兒煩躁,不過我還不知道這遊戲有沒有其他圖,如果單一只有一張圖的話那確實有點兒無聊,whatever,週末和我老公 小曾兩口子我們四個一起玩兒應該還是比較歡樂~比較期待馬路口被嚇尿,233333
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游戏内容方面,其实也很简单,就是几个基友逃跑,主要内容是解密,那些鬼吓人吗?- - 反正我没被吓到,但是前提是在周围有人的情况下,一个人的话,特别遇到手电要没电了,还是有点慌的...别的不谈了,没怎么深入玩,因为啊,他喵的进个游戏都得重启一次steam,运气背点,还要遇到闪退!

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