Among the Sleep is a first person horror adventure, in which you play a two year old child. After waking up in the middle of the night to mysterious sounds, you start exploring the dark looking for comfort.
User reviews: Very Positive (1,179 reviews)
Release Date: May 29, 2014

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"Among The Sleep is a poignant horror adventure more interested in the nature of trauma than scare tactics."
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August 5

Among the Sleep Minor Linux Patch v.1.2.1

Hi dear Linux gamers,

We've just updated the game with a minor patch only for you Linux users. This patch doesn't contain anything new, but has been given a lot of love to address the bugs you have been experiencing. We're sorry for the inconvenience and hope this fixes any problems you might have. If not, feel free to let us know below in the comment field. :-)

PS (Make sure it says v.1.2.1 in the bottom right corner of the main menu for the latest version.)

- The Krillbite team

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July 23

Among the Sleep Update & Patch v.1.2.0!

Hi everyone!

Touching base
Hope all of you is having a great summer!
We just wanted to touch base after almost 2 months of Among the Sleep out in the stores. It’s been a very rewarding and exciting experience for everybody here at Krillbite!

Some of you have been asking about Patch 1.2.0 and when it would be possible to get your hands on it. We've been hard at work, and it's finally ready. People should expect an auto-update pretty soon. Among other things, you can find a lot of bug fixes, with the addition of 5.1 audio support and depth of field for better visual fidelity. Keep sending us bug reports with dxdiag and log files.

Also, after coming from the intense launch-sprint the team has had a much needed break for the last 2-3 weeks. When everyone is back we'll get working full speed on the upcoming DLC for Among the Sleep, which should be expected this fall!

Some other news!
  • Among the Sleep would never have existed if it wasn't for our lovely Kickstarter backers. Kickstarter have recently launched a Play Now area, where you can find released games funded by Kickstarter!
  • We recently attended the Develop conference in Brighton, UK. Bjørnar & Martin were there to showcase the game after being shortlisted for the Indie Dev showcase!
  • Among the Sleep has currently sold more than 30.000 copies across all channels, which means we'll be able to keep deliver new and exciting projects for you to play in the future! This is incredible and we want to thank all of you!

Version 1.2.0 Patch Notes (Juli 23 2014)

  • 5.1 audio! You can now toggle between the different audio setups in the settings menu

  • Added Depth of Field, which can be toggled in the video settings menu
  • Fixed black lines across screen caused by dynamic light shafts not working on some OpenGL hardware. Added toggle button for turning them on/off in the video settings
  • Fixed artifacts with the memory field shader for some OpenGL hardware
  • Fixed occlusion bugs in the home level
  • Improved on the Teddy-light effect so the effect is more prominent
  • Improved/fixed multiple minor graphical glitches

  • Fixed camera being offset after you pick up Teddy at the end of the game in VR mode

  • Teddy will no longer block the player in a corner
  • Tweaked duration of several hints
  • Tweaked duration of several events
  • Fixed some events not starting correctly
  • Fixed a monster that would get stuck in various locations
  • Fixed several bugs in the save/load system
  • Star key will no longer get stuck at an unreachable location
  • Removed debug commands to skip cinematic events in the first level
  • The long drawer will no longer fail to retract when it should
  • A drawer in the forest level will no longer get stuck in its socket
  • Possible fix for the headless baby bug, where the camera is misplaced and stuck outside the childs body after you wake up in chapter 1
  • Added Turkish translation (Thanks to Fatih Altinci)
  • Fixed weird performance bug with menu-sliders on Linux
  • Updated credits with new names based on surveys from the Kickstarter
  • Video and language settings now only show an “Apply” button if there are changes to apply

- Hugs and love from the Krillbite team!

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“Among the Sleep deserves a great deal of credit for its story.”
8/10 – The Guardian

“You can never trust what's real and what's you being a scared little kid.”
8/10 – Joystiq

“Krillbite's horror game is an impressive feat in video game storytelling. It leaves more of an impact in a distilled 3 to 4 hours than some games with 60-hour campaigns.”
7.8/10 – Game Informer

About This Game

Among the Sleep is a first person horror adventure, in which you play a two year old child. After waking up in the middle of the night to mysterious sounds, you start exploring the dark looking for comfort.

The game explores horror through atmosphere and exploration, not with scores and combat systems. In Among the Sleep you’re vulnerable, scared, and trying to make sense of the world.

What people are saying

  • "With all the lumpen, gristly protagonists clogging up today's starring roles, it's heartening to see somebody trying something a little out of the ordinary."
    - Edge
  • "More, please!"
    - Kotaku
  • "Everything, from the sound of infantile breathing to the wobbliness of the camera and the unsteadiness of little hands, has been designed to accurately put ourselves behind the eyes of a toddler. Watching the trailer, the effect is simply astounding, while the Paranormal Activity-style scares that surround the child are pulled off with panache."
    - Gamefront
  • "Its depiction of a first-person horror told through the eyes and stumbling little legs of a two-year old is as intriguing as anything I've seen all year, and reminiscent of a time when games actively sought out new ways to play and new stories to tell."
    - Eurogamer

System Requirements

    • OS: WindowsXP SP2 or higher
    • Processor: Dual core 2.4GHz
    • Memory: 2048 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Video card with 512MB of VRAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Yes
    • Additional Notes: Best enjoyed with a headset!
    • OS: Windows 7 or higher
    • Processor: Quadcore 2.5GHz
    • Memory: 4096 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Video card with 1024MB of VRAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Yes
    • Additional Notes: Best enjoyed with a great headset!
    • OS: MAC OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard or higher
    • OS: glibc 2.11 or newer
Helpful customer reviews
3 of 3 people (100%) found this review helpful
2.3 hrs on record
To start this reveiw of this game which was highly anticipated game of 2013 this along side outlast are true gem of the indie horror genre.Our story takes place in a warm suburban home where a young boy\girl is having their 2nd birthday party and good old mom has made you a yummy cake to celebrate this special day and getting a new toy to play with whiich will be the best thing to happen to you in the game as you giving a teddy.Teddy disappears during the middle of the night and as you sleep youre cot its turned over by supernatural forces.You begin youre quest to find teddy once you find youre beloved companionhe infors you to look out for youre mother which has also strangely disapeared.Walking around in a nightmare version of youre former home with teddy at youre side and guiding you in dark areas he kind of youre cuddley torch of sorts.It becomes aparent that you need to find mom and quick to do so you need go through 4 hell inspired areas to collect cherrished memories (toys) to find the clues about what happend to youre mother.In the third level you encounter the first enimy in the game a hellish ghost creature hell bent on catching you.Graphics is fantastic for a indie game the level design is wel thought out from.Gameplay.Is bascially amnesia just this time you are a toddler so fighting was out of the question and makes the game far more interesting and beliveable than a babby with a shot gun yeah right.Its also very interattive form picking up toys to startIng youre train set playing a piono and moving chairs to help open doors that are out youre reach.To conclued this is a amzing horror game i highly recomend this.For fans of Outlast, Amnesia, Slenderman the arrival.Rating 9/10

Posted: October 9
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2 of 2 people (100%) found this review helpful
2.4 hrs on record
Among the Sleep is a horror game that has a really unique aproach to horror. But will you want to play this through ? In Among the Sleep you dont play as an adult but instead as a two year old child. The game begins and its our birthday and we get a teddy bear as a present. But one night you wake up to find out that the teddy bear and your mom is missing so its up to you to find them. So how is Among the sleep ? Im kinda mixed on this game honestly. The gameplay is smooth and its a blast to play but there are problems that weigh down the experience. First of all the game is just like amnesia. The main charecter is defensless and theres nothing you can do about it so you have to hide to get away from monsters. The game also throws in puzzles you need to solve to get to the end. So now for the pros and cons. Pros: The game looks amazing. Its just amazing to see a nightmare world through a childs eyes. The story has a great set up and the ending is also really good. Atmosphere is outstandng and its one of the best i have ever seen in a horror game. But now for the cons. The game is incredibly short only an hour to beat. Easy puzzles that dont feel like they should be there. Sometimes frustrating stealth segments. Confusing map layouts and sometimes wonky controls. Overall Among the Sleep is an excellent horror game but it has its fare share of problems. I highly suggest you get this game on a sale and not full priced and dont go in expecting a masterpiece and you should be all good. I give Among the Sleep a 7/10
Posted: October 19
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1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
2.8 hrs on record
Posted: September 26
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1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
3.4 hrs on record
I honestly love this game. The fact that you are only 2 years old and you are getting put through all this. With great atmosphere and Heart-Pounding moments, you always are wanting to look behind you to see if you are being chased. I think this is possibly more scary than Amnesia. While you are struggling for survival from 3 monsters, you and your compainion, Teddy, are forced to escape. When i played this, I was scared to death. I think this game is best horror game of 2014!
Posted: October 10
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1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
4.2 hrs on record
I really dislike horror games. They tend to have a very weak or pointless story (if they even bother to have a story at all) and the settings in which they take place are pretty over done (stone castle/old mansion or science lab/hospital). Then there are monsters like "unknown killer monster x" which have very little reason to exist in the game's world other than to walk around and make you hide. Then there are stupid level design choices and puzzles that don't really work or are far to complicated when your character can just use that freaking axe its carrying and break a damn window to get out. But enough about annoying horror tropes, lets talk about Among The Sleep.

This is one of the best horror games I've played. Its not something I say ever find easy to say since I dislike horror games in general but Among The Sleep is just that good. The art and level design of the game really stands out overall. Twisted but familiar the levels of the game never feel like they are repeating and the developers took great care in crafting each and every part of them. It was fun just exploring the levels (like a child) just to see what little bits they had hidden around.
The puzzles aren't hard at all and or pretty much "Find item X to open door" but the search for the key never feels tedious or repetitive since there is always new places to explore. I often ended up finding a key to a door before finding the door due to me having fun wandering around.

The monsters feels very much like part of the world. It is familiar but also very twisted. Throughout the game you start to discover what the creatures are but that doesn't make it less scary and only enroots it to the world the developers have made.

The game is about 3 hours long, shorter if you just run around as fast as you can without taking the time to look around but its a great 3 hours. This game does not need to be 12 or 20 hours long since there is barely any back tracking or filler content trying to push that gameplay timer just a bit further. During those 3 hours though you get a strong sense that they kept everything that worked well and weren't afraid to remove what wasn't working. This is a quality game that deserves to be in everyone's library even for people like me who are not fans of horror.
Posted: October 11
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1 of 3 people (33%) found this review helpful
3.3 hrs on record
Star: **

Summary: It's very short (3:30 hours) for the cost (~£15). First 30 minutes were promising then the game changes location and goes downhill.

Gameplay: It's a good idea exploring the normal world as a toddler: scary and atmospheric. But, once you enter the fantasy world, all that is lost.

Tech: Did not work on my desktop Linux manchine. Very poor performance on my Linux laptop. Also, about 30% of the game had a bug where a bloom filter would whiteout the screen.
Posted: October 5
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0 of 1 people (0%) found this review helpful
6.0 hrs on record
Posted: October 19
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0 of 1 people (0%) found this review helpful
2.7 hrs on record
Pretty damn freaky game, very enjoyable!
Was always waiting for a pop up but there never is any except the derranged creatures lurking around.
Reminded me of ManHunt or Outlast for the survival aspect where you can't fight back.
Not too long either, no complaints.
Posted: September 27
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1 of 4 people (25%) found this review helpful
0.6 hrs on record
Outlast is better ♥♥♥♥♥. ♥♥♥♥ IGN!
Posted: October 5
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0 of 2 people (0%) found this review helpful
3.2 hrs on record
This game was something I was looking forward to being a horror fan. I waited patiently and happily. I played the game and it was a let down. Biggest thing was that it was way to short. 2 hour game? Not worth the money. It had way more potential. 4/10
Posted: October 10
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0 of 2 people (0%) found this review helpful
2.0 hrs on record
Although I've finished the game, it felt boring and meaningless. ♥♥♥♥♥♥ the player's ears while trying to scare - isn't the best approach. The story is really dry and it's "deep" moral side was completely unnecessary. Gameplay just isn't there for the whole 30 minutes the game takes to finish, and for the price the game is setting - I don't consider it a money well spent.
Posted: September 28
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2.6 hrs on record
This game took me by surprise by just how much ambience it builds. I was expecting a neat, probably cutesy, linear-story thriller; but what I got was so much more.

Do not go into this game thinking it'll take you wseveral days. You will beat it in one sitting. However, there is more story in 20 minutes of gameplay of Among the Sleep than there is in 7 hours of many other bigger title horror games. It's fantastic, I absolutely reccomend.
Posted: September 28
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4.2 hrs on record
YEAP! It will trip you out and scare the ♥♥♥♥ out of you , at least you're a baby and you have a diaper.
Posted: October 8
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3.0 hrs on record
One of the most scary games I have, but a fantastic story
Posted: October 10
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3.8 hrs on record
This game has a very bleak atmosphere to it, and does an excellent job at building and relieving tension as the game progresses. The story was interesting and kept me going right up to the ending; the events of which suprised me. This game is right next to Amnesia a Dark Descent when it comes to my favorite atmospheric horror games and i very much recommend it.
Posted: September 25
Was this review helpful? Yes No
2.4 hrs on record
Starts off strong, with great atmosphere and potential, but seems to run out of ideas quickly, falling into standard tropes and game mechanics. The beginning was somewhat tense and could have developed into something truely frightening, but in the end became quite pedestrain.

The over naraitive was interesting with subtle hints along the way to reveal the climax, and whilst it was strong it didn't really add to the experience.

Most damning is its very short length, even if you take the time to explore and lack of replay value.

Overall a decent game, but falls short of expecations and its potential.
Posted: September 25
Was this review helpful? Yes No
1.8 hrs on record
Really fantastic little horror game. Clocks in at around 2 hours. Definitely packs a punch, not only in scares, but emotionally with a twist ending you won't see coming.
Posted: September 28
Was this review helpful? Yes No
4.3 hrs on record
I've heard a lot of complaints about how this game isn't scary, or that it's too short for the price you're paying, but I have to say I loved this game. The price is understandable since it is the first full game krillbite has put out and if it really bothers you that much pick it up on a sale it goes for half the cost. The atsmosphere is really a lot more important than the horror itself I feel like and it does nail that down pretty solidly. One of my favorite things about this game is how accurately it captures playing as a two year old. The movements, the perspective on reality, the fact that your teddy bear can walk and talk and you don't even consider questioning it, all that together just made for a really solid immersive experience. I really enjoyed this game quite a bit and I'm looking forward to seeing what krillbite will come out with in the future.
Posted: September 29
Was this review helpful? Yes No
1.8 hrs on record
Hit me right in the feels towards the end bit of an unreal twist 9.7/10
Posted: September 29
Was this review helpful? Yes No
2.2 hrs on record
If nothing else then this is a pretty interesting game. The last time I can remember playing as an infant was in the beginning of Fallout 3. The game seems to be about the atmosphere, environment, and getting through a spooky situation as a scared infant carrying a teddy bear (which functions as a flashlight when hugged). I didn't find the entertainment being so much in the actual gameplay as trying to interpret what this child is seeing into what the real situation was supposed to be. The downside of this game is that puzzle solving and entertaining gameplay is at a minimum and the game itself should take at most three hours to finish and if you push it then you could probably finish in one or two hours. I would advise if you have any interest in this game put it on your wishlist and pick it up when it goes on a holiday sale.
Posted: September 29
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