Among the Sleep is a first person horror adventure, in which you play a two year old child. After being awoken abruptly by some strange force you explore the eerie house while looking for comfort.
User reviews: Very Positive (2,332 reviews)
Release Date: May 29, 2014

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"Among The Sleep is a poignant horror adventure more interested in the nature of trauma than scare tactics."
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February 10

The Norwegian Patch - we've got Æ - Ø - Å

Among the Sleep Patch v1.3.2 out!

This patch is mostly a bonus for our fellow countrymen, as it adds Norwegian voices for the entire game, and in addition Neo-Norwegian subtitles, our second official written language!

For full patch notes, see below:

  • Added Norwegian audio for the entire game
  • Added Neo-Norwegian text language
  • DLC subtitles now available in all languages
  • Added better fonts for Czech and Hungarian languages

  • Tweaked behaviour of level selection in main menu
  • Fixed mouse stuttering on Linux
  • Mom's hair shader now responds correctly to lights
  • Tweaked the reflection strength of some floor materials
  • Fixed missing normal maps on some materials in level03
  • Some optimization work in level04
  • Fixed issue where screen froze when skipping intro cinematic

  • Fixed bug where the toys in the DLC would sometimes not speak
  • Tweaked audio levels on some dialogue that was hard to hear

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“Among the Sleep deserves a great deal of credit for its story.”
8/10 – The Guardian

“You can never trust what's real and what's you being a scared little kid.”
8/10 – Joystiq

“Krillbite's horror game is an impressive feat in video game storytelling. It leaves more of an impact in a distilled 3 to 4 hours than some games with 60-hour campaigns.”
7.8/10 – Game Informer

About This Game

Among the Sleep is a first person horror adventure, in which you play a two year old child. After waking up in the middle of the night to mysterious sounds, you start exploring the dark looking for comfort.

The game explores horror through atmosphere and exploration, not with scores and combat systems. In Among the Sleep you’re vulnerable, scared, and trying to make sense of the world.

What people are saying

  • "With all the lumpen, gristly protagonists clogging up today's starring roles, it's heartening to see somebody trying something a little out of the ordinary."
    - Edge
  • "More, please!"
    - Kotaku
  • "Everything, from the sound of infantile breathing to the wobbliness of the camera and the unsteadiness of little hands, has been designed to accurately put ourselves behind the eyes of a toddler. Watching the trailer, the effect is simply astounding, while the Paranormal Activity-style scares that surround the child are pulled off with panache."
    - Gamefront
  • "Its depiction of a first-person horror told through the eyes and stumbling little legs of a two-year old is as intriguing as anything I've seen all year, and reminiscent of a time when games actively sought out new ways to play and new stories to tell."
    - Eurogamer

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: WindowsXP SP2 or higher
    • Processor: Dual core 2.4GHz
    • Memory: 2048 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Video card with 512MB of VRAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Yes
    • Additional Notes: Best enjoyed with a headset!
    • OS: Windows 7 or higher
    • Processor: Quadcore 2.5GHz
    • Memory: 4096 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Video card with 1024MB of VRAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Yes
    • Additional Notes: Best enjoyed with a great headset!
    • OS: MAC OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard or higher
    • OS: glibc 2.11 or newer
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Posted: April 26
NOTE: I was given the game for free for review purposes.


Developer: Krillbite Studio
Engine: Unity
Genre: Horror
Mode: Single-player
Release year: 2014

Among the Sleep is a first-person indie horror game. What really makes the game unique is the fact that instead of playing as a full-grown man / woman, you actually play as a toddler. Yep! The game starts when it's your second birthday and 'yo momma' has baked you a good ol' birthday cake. During the celebration, you will get a birthday present from a person you don't actually get to see. After enjoying a slice of your birthday cake, your mom will leave you to your playpen. As you're playing with your toys, you will find out that the birthday present is a teddy bear that can move and talk like a 'real living person' (magic *snort snort*). You will have fun time playing with him for a while, but soon he wants to show you something. Something you need to see in the dark, and then the game begins...

Because you're a toddler, you can't run from one room to another within seconds or do any 360 no-scope jumps, m8! Instead, you can walk, crawl and run for a very short time until you tumble down. Walking will let you interact with things that are a bit harder to reach while crawling will give you a possibility to fit into tight places. Controls work very well with KB+M, but I can imagine that playing with a controller will give you a much smoother experience.

Graphically the game is good looking and also sound design is immersive. The game mixes these two well and that way manages to create an excellent atmosphere. Just like pretty much in any other horror game, there are some monster encounters. You can't fight as you might imagine, so hiding and escaping are your options. However, I think in this game the "spooky level" is subjective, meaning that for one person the game might be very scary while not so much for another. I personally didn't find the game to be one of the scariest games out there, even though I must admit that the game made me to jump off my chair a few times and that's always a good when it comes to horror related stuff.

Throughout the game, there are some physic based puzzles, but they didn't offer really any challenge. Now, I'm not necessarily sure whether this is a bad thing or not. I mean, you're playing as a toddler after all. The puzzles aren't very hard, but they were fun to do in my opinion and I guess that's what really matters, right?

I always appreciate great horror games with great stories, and I'm glad this is one of them. The story in my opinion is simple and easy to understand. It's touching and even teaching. The ending was amazing and it really made me think about this all, what really happened and what will possibly happen in the future. Without spoiling anything, I just loved it. Absolutely fantastic and unforgettable.

To me, the game has one and only one flaw: it's extremely short. I completed the game in 2,5 hours. I didn't speedrun the game or anything like that, I was just playing the game how it was meant to be played, yet I still finished it so quickly. According to many people, the length for the game is approximately 2-4 hours, and I got no choice but to agree with that one.

In the end, I loved the game. It's a short, but sweet horror experience, although I must admit that the asking price of 20 dollars might be a bit steep for some people and it's understandable. I guess it's up to you to decide whether 2-4 hour long experience is enough to justify the asking price. If you're a horror fan, I highly recommend buying this one. Just bear in your mind that the game won't keep you entertained for weeks. It can be finished in a day or two. Otherwise you should probably wait for a Steam Sale. I'm sure Gabe will do one sooner or later!

The Good
☺Simple, well written story
☺Has a unique experience to offer
☺Excellent spooky atmosphere

The Bad
☹Overall a very short game

The Verdict: "Worth playing"
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Posted: February 10
Among the Sleep is a very short game. But it is the type of game that does not need to be any longer. In the short 3 hours it took me to complete this game I built a relationship with all of the characters (especially Teddy). The story to this game is a tad confusing at times but all makes sense towards then end.

All-in-all I definetly recommend this game. I bought it on sale for $6 and I advise you to purchase it if you have the chance.

At the beginning of the story I was convinced Teddy was evil and that he would end up betraying me before the game ended. I kept waiting for the moment where he would turn on me, but when the credits began to roll and he was still my pal I was very conflicted. He definetly gave off very creepy, ominous vibes in the bedroom "tutorial".
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Posted: February 16
Among the Sleep is horror type adventure game where you are a 2 year old boy who has got a brand new talking bear for his birthday. You work your way through progressively harder and longer puzzles to find your mother who has gone missing.

I really enjoyed the atmosphere set by the lighting and sound in Among the Sleep. It is on par with Amnesia in that sense. Although it's not as scary as Amnesia, there are still times where it had me pausing the game for me to catch my breath because I was wetting myself.

For some reason I couldn't get my controller to work with this game, which is a shame since it is the perfect game to use with a controller, but there isn't anything wrong with mouse and keyboard controls, ever.

I'd say wait for this game to go on sale before you pick it up, it's quite short and the £14,99 is a bit much for a game which is only about three hours long.
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Posted: February 7
I really enjoy this game. The sounds are really creepy.
However, I am also very scary but me and my wet hands are in agreement:
it was worth it.
I played with my gamepad and after I remapped the keys it was very comfortable.

So after being totally clamped after this horror story the end is really sad.
I do not want to give too much away, but it's worth the price.
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Posted: April 30
Holly ♥♥♥♥!!! This game is...CRAZY! Look, first of all buy this game, second just play it and dont watc videos on Youtube because you will know where gonna be the scary parts of this games... I have 3 tips for you guys:

- Play this f****** game at night (On a bedroom, living room, just play it somewhere dark without any light on);
- Play this with headfones (Remember: Put the sound on 150%!!!!)

Be happy and please be scared!!! It's worth it!
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