Blockland is a non-linear sandbox game with no set goals, giving players the freedom to design and construct elaborate structures. Styled as a tiny minifigure, players build inside of the virtual world using bricks reminiscent of toy blocks.
Data de lançamento: 28 Fev 2007
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Blockland r1925

4 janeiro 2014


  • Tweaks to "Blockheads Ruin Xmas" gamemode:
    • Can now throw presents by clicking
    • Fixed bug where you could destroy presents in the street
    • Player score reset when second player joins game
  • Added error handling on various tcp objects, improves reliability when traffic is filtered through threat management system.
  • You will no longer be kicked out of the game if the auth server connection times out. Only positive rejections will kick players.
  • Fixed crash from disconnecting from game while mission editor is open
  • Can now get the speedykart achievement by yourself

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Blockland r1922

22 dezembro 2013


  • Blockheads Ruin Xmas game mode added. Gather presents and jump into the fire pit to destroy them. Build by Sumz & Hamburger, code by Zor. (Note: I tweaked and reformatted the code, so problems may not necessarily be his fault)
  • Removed $Pref::Steam::DisableSteam, replaced with -nosteam command line option
  • Improved error messages for authentication dns/connection failures
  • Vehicle steering options moved from "advanced" to "controls"

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Acerca do Jogo

Blockland is a non-linear sandbox game with no set goals, giving players the freedom to design and construct elaborate structures. Styled as a tiny minifigure, players build inside of the virtual world using bricks reminiscent of toy blocks. These structures can be built in either a single-player or multiplayer (either online or through a local area network) setting.

Requisitos de Sistema (PC)

    • OS: Windows XP or higher
    • Processor: 1 GHz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: OpenGL compatible graphics chip
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space

Requisitos de Sistema (Mac)

    • OS: OSX 10.5 or higher
    • Processor: 1 Ghz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
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Um bom jogo,estilo Minecraft,da Mojang,só que com mais gráficos,e um realismo realmente interessante,só precisa de mais alguns monstros e modos,para se tornar um bom jogo de blocos na Steam.
Publicada: 21 dezembro 2013
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This game might sound cheesy for some people at first glance. "I mean gee, a game where you play with legos online? What is this, people never heard of how bad Roblox turned out to be?!" (Personally I like games where you build stuff very fun, that's why I bought Blockland years ago in the first place...)

Oh trust me, it's a lot more than that. This game is like a fusion between Garry's Mod and Legos, but FAR easier to play. You can do pretty much anything in a stylized block world - houses, cities, deathmatches, survival games, racing tracks - and a lot more with its intuitive building and eventing system. Eventing is a sort of very very easy "scripting" within Blockland that you can use to make certain blocks to do certain things from within pre-set lists of actions that you can do to the block for it to do something you want and a lot more. It might seem very overwhelming at first, but when you start playing with it you'll get used to the idea quickly.

Building, in my opinion, is a little bit trickier, as you have to move "ghost blocks" around with the numpad (or some other buttons if you're on a numpad-less laptop) and then press enter to deploy a block, and they cannot be floating, nor penetrating the ground or other blocks, unless they are to be built within a Zone Brick which allows you to make actually floating blocks inside of it, so you don't have to make invisible supports for every floating island you might want to do. Buiilding is also very well optimized as you can do a number of moves with the ghost bricks to get them where you want and how you want quickly and efficiently; there exists a macro system where you can "save" the moves you do to a block so you can replicate patterns like stairs and stuff like that without much of a hassle. However, building can be clunky as you have to take blocks from a list to put them in your block selection list - you can only carry up to 10 blocks at a time, I believe.

However don't let this limit your creativity, as you can do pretty superb buildings in this game as evidenced by the game's great community - there is lots of support for this game, the developers and its players won't hesitate to help you with any problems you might have with the product, and there are just a LOT of addons in this game that do not allow it to ever be boring, especially with the Return to Blockland addon which is basically a community hub for the game, complete with a chat room, news, and a ton of other addons that are mounted into RTB for easy access, deactivation and (un)installation. RTB can also be downloaded for your server so you can get new Administration features, get the addons of your server listed in the server browser, so the players don't have to download it directly from your server (given they're hosted in RTB), and a few more features.

Making addons for this game is, from what I understand, not tremendously difficult, and as long as you have the talent and willpower to make that one brick you can't find but need, or to make that weapon of your dreams, have a Ferrari in your garage or just a simple addition like a new face for your Blockhead, or maybe a song you want your Music Brick to play, all in all there is no (?) limit to the addons you can make for the game. I wish I could write from experience, but unfortunately, apart from a song or two I didn't make any addons for this game.

What I WAS ABLE TO do however was host servers and oh boy, coming from a person who can't ever host servers because of his connection not ever letting people connect, this was a HUGE plus for me. Even the player with the most blocked-off router can host games for their friends and never be hindered by issues like tremendous lag or timeouts, in my experience I found the netcode of Blockland to be very good. At least... I think this is the netcode's doing.

The gameplay is very appealing and so are the graphics, as they are very beautiful and, unsurprisingly, very colourful, stylized to look like a cartoon, similar to the likes of TF2, except on legos. Yeah. Graphics for me are very hard to describe. The "maps" (or just... plains) are roughly customizable so they have bodies of water or different types of surfaces, which can spice up the game a bit - I've always liked to build in maps with lots of water.

Overall, the game is very enjoyable and on the right servers it can be a ludicrous amount of fun. It is really amazing how such a simple and cheap game like this can provide so many hours of entertainment, from messing around with a few people to doing giant, elaborate buildings, from having mindless fast-paced deathmatch to having class-based capture the flag matches on carefully structured builds and just so much more. Blockland is truly a game for the ages, despite a few flaws like clunky building and some instances of lag when there are too many bricks within a server or when they're being duplicated.

I have this game since V12 and now it's on what, Vtwenty-something or so, and from there and now I still recommend it to everybody, kids to adults. The only thing I DIDN'T like is how they got rid of maps in an update months back. Back then you had maps like Bedroom and Kitchen, that were... well, semi-realistic bedrooms and kitchens. I REALLY liked those! But hey, they needed to take a radical action to let the game evolute and that was the end result I suppose...

TL;DR: This game is great! Totally recommended! A bit clunky to get started, but you'll get used to it! Lots of addons to help you, client-side and server-side! The graphics are also beautiful!
Publicada: 16 dezembro 2013
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I've probably put over 1500 hours into this before it came to steam.
This is one of the best games I have ever played. It's limitlessly open, with a great mature (edit 4 months later: kind of mature, it's a lego game, of course it'll attract kids.) community, and there's just so much to experience, from dogfights, to city RPGs, to gangster shootouts, to go-kart races, to who-knows-what! There's thousands upon thousands of addons (plugins/mods) for the game that are extremely easy to install and the game is still going strong since it's initial build in 2004!
Buy this game!
It even just permanently dropped it's price from $20 to $10
Buy it!
Buy it now!
Publicada: 16 dezembro 2013
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The vanilla game may not have a ton to offer, so it all comes down to what the community has to offer (which is a ton). The gameplay makes it a lot like Gmod, except with a more consistant style. Additionally, it's multiplayer architecture makes joining servers with custom content seamless. You'll literally never need to actually install an add-on to play on a server with custom content (with a few exceptions, servers using custom GUI's may want you to install their GUI mods in order to play. This is usually optional anyways.) It's a game you'll just keep coming back to.
Publicada: 16 dezembro 2013
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Blockland is my favorite game, and is has been since 2008. The community is creative, and there's hundreds of servers to explore 24/7. Building is a joy, TDMs are responsive, quick, and fun, and exploring other people's servers will keep you entertained for a lifetime. I certainly recommend this game, and so does pretty much everyone I know that has it.
Publicada: 16 dezembro 2013
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