Salvation Prophecy is a military space epic. Human, mutant, and robotic factions are at war for galactic domination. Battles rage as space fleets collide. Invaders clash against fortified enemy colonies. Yet the greatest danger is the impending annihilation foretold by an apocalyptic prophecy.
Data de lançamento: 7 Out 2013
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New languages, fan art

17 abril 2014

Salvation Prophecy is now available in Hungarian and Dutch.

Also, I wanted to share some fantastic fan artwork by nevardaed. Seriously, check it out, it's great. :)

Salvation Prophecy will be on sale from Apr 17-24, a week long Easter sale. Thanks to everyone who has bought and played the game.

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“the jump between space battles, ground battles and strategy elements are just about perfect.”
92%. – Space Sim Central

“Salvation Prophecy has some of the best non-scripted battles in any space adventure game”
6/8 – Out of Eight PC Game Reviews

“It's not just unique but the amount of gameplay features and scope of the game had me taken aback because even big budget AAA games usually don't include the amount of content present in Salvation Prophecy.”
Gaming Blend

Sobre o jogo

Salvation Prophecy is a military space epic. Human, mutant, and robotic factions are at war for galactic domination. Battles rage as space fleets collide. Invaders clash against fortified enemy colonies. Yet the greatest danger is the impending annihilation foretold by an apocalyptic prophecy. You must seek out the mysteries of distant alien worlds, and master ancient powers to withstand the coming storm.

Space Combat

  • Engage in epic space battles with 50 fighter ships, space stations, and battleships.
  • Upgrade your ship with more powerful weapons, missiles, engines, shields, reactors, and EMPs.

Planet Battle

  • Embark on drop ship missions to invade enemy colonies.
  • Battle against enemy troops, turrets, flier-bombers, and powerful mech units.

Alien Planet Exploration

  • Navigate your ship through unstable wormholes to unknown galaxies.
  • Explore alien planets inhabited by dangerous creatures.
  • Discover the secrets of an apocalyptic prophecy.
  • Seek out the guardians of ancient runes.

Military Command

  • Gain ranks by completing missions.
  • Rise up to lead your faction's military strategy.
  • Construct planet colonies, space stations, and military units.
  • Order new missions to attack the enemy.

Requisitos do sistema – PC

    • OS: XP, Vista, Win7, Win8
    • Processor: dual core
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 256 MB. NVIDIA Geforce 8600 GT, ATI Radeon HD 2600, or better. Integrated graphics cards are not supported.
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible

Requisitos do sistema - Linux

    • OS: Ubuntu 12.04, Ubuntu 12.10
    • Processor: dual core
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 256 MB. NVIDIA Geforce 8600 GT, ATI Radeon HD 2600, or better. Requires NVidia/ATI proprietary graphics drivers.
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
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Similar Games:

Mass Effect, Mount & Blade, and to a lesser degree Dynasty Warriors

The Good:

Varied gameplay mechanics that primarily focused on third person ground combat and space flight, but layers of strategy & RPG were there as well
Ground combat had a Mount & Blade/Dynasty Warriors feel to it, so the player would be fighting alongside his/her comrades in massive ground battles
Space flight and combat had a similar feel to the ground portions, but much more open and interesting
Space travel was unique in its use of wormholes and hyperjumps, which were refreshing and a nice change of pace
When needing to get a far off area in space, “hyperjumping” gets you there faster through the use of a quite fun mini-game that involves avoiding electric bolts strewn across a tunnel (See image)
A similar mini-game is present when using “wormholes”, which require you to stay in the center of the tunnels without hitting the sides (See Image)
Four different character races that each have different looks, starting areas, ships, and equipment loadouts
An RPG progression system that rewards you with skill points for accomplishments in battle (both space & ground)
This allows the player to tailor their character to their specific play styles (offensive, defensive, etc…)
A giant living, breathing world with a deep backstory and lore
Conversation trees are welcome and add a bit of needed flavor to character interactions
Numerous choices and options that are not only present in character and story development, but also in the game interface
Character interactions are amusing and keep a sense of humor about them (I was reminded of GlaDOS during certain points of the tutorial)
Sound design is well done and helps to immerse the player in battles or space travels
The Bad:

The beginning of the game is not indicative of the full package
The player will spend a good thirty minutes of slogging through a mediocre tutorial/basic combat section that has a very “been there, done that” feel to it
Graphics are very dated and can really ruin the great immersion the story creates
Animation and physics when it comes to combat sequences is very limited
Example: explosions all look the same and do not have a physics engine behind the particles (at least it is perceived that way)
Example: the death animations on the ground combat sections are all the same as well, with no variation based on the chosen weapon or vehicle of death
Not enough variation in indoor textures
When traveling to different space stations it is not uncommon to see the same textures and/or room setups within the same race
It feels like the game tries to do too much in scope and would benefit on focusing on one of its styles (space combat was my personal favorite)
Can you play it while the children are awake?:

I think so. With the dated graphics and basic death animations, the game didn’t scream inappropriateness to me.

Did I make time to complete it?:

I did not. However, I found the scope and gameplay compelling and worth the time spent in the game world. This small team should be proud of their ambitious project and I look forward to their future endeavours.

Recommended Purchase Price:



75% of full retail value of $19.99


Publicada: 3 dezembro 2013
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Salvation Prophecy manages to successfully marry several play styles into one game which makes for an enjoyable excursion into space for fans of shooting and exploration. Whilst the progression feels a little rigid in places, once the game opens up there's an enjoyable fusion of gameplay elements that keeps the game fresh and worthwhile. The game is very much a budget release, but with so much care and attention placed into this project, it stands as a testament that smaller budget games can be good and don't necessarily need expensive effects or flashy graphics to make them enjoyable. The gameplay and looks are simple compared to triple A games, but if this can be ignored, there's a cool and fun game to play here that's well polished and certainly worth the price of entry.

Score 8/10 - review by Robert Cram
Publicada: 26 novembro 2013
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When I first started playing this game I thought it would be the game I had long waited for. A space type game where you both command and fight, both in space and land. Although it wasn't quite what I had hoped it to be after playing for a little while, I still enjoyed the concept, and enjoyed playing it. When I became the faction leader I proceeded to concentrate on expanding my Empire while gradually destroying my enemies. I was doing really good, and then came the alien invasion. From that point forward it was a full time struggle just to survive and rebuild against their attacks while waiting for the storyline to continue. But I thought to myself, "Well, once I destroy the alien invasion I can go back to finishing the game by defeating my opponents", and decided to see the alien invasion as a good late game variable as it did cause powers to shift, and even allow one faction that was all but destroyed to make a comeback. So I procedeed to follow the storyline which led to the solo attack against the alien mothership, which took about 4 attempts, then landed on the alien homeworld and defeated the "Boss" alien. And then the game ended, apparently with me sacraficing my life to destroy the alien homeworld. So really, once the alien invasion occured, the only objective left in the game is to survive long enough to defeat the alien mothership and Boss on the alien homeworld. Because of this, I was left very disapointed, since the game turned from a changing dynamic of a power struggle to defeat everybody else, to a very narrow storyline of survive long enough for the final battle that ends the game. Overall, would not recomend this game.
Publicada: 11 dezembro 2013
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It's nothing super fancy, but I enjoyed the ride. Considering the size of the team (Which you should look up, it's surprising!) it was a great job. Perhaps a sequel with a bigger budget will come eventually, which'd be amazing based on this.
Publicada: 27 novembro 2013
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Ever since Derek Smart pitched the idea for a sandboxy joint ground and space sim almost 20 years ago, I've been waiting for somebody to pull it off right. Despite his many attempts, he never did, and neither does this game.

It's a very lite space sim combined with an almost Earth Defense Force kind of third person shooter. Go look at the space screen shots... yep that's as far as the HUD goes: no radar or target lead reticle. The equipment and skill progression is very poorly paced. The Mount and Blade-like dynamic war is innovative, but doesn't really mean anything as the races tend to keep a stalemate until you reach the faction commander level. The writing for the opening and the "timeline" pieces are amazing, but almost none of that color reaches the gameplay portions.

I got it for 10 bucks, but if I paid more for it, I would have been angry. Bottom line is that the graphics are circa 2006 and the gameplay is shallow and gets repetitive fast. It's not a bad game, it's just that there are so many other good games out there you should be playing instead.
Publicada: 13 fevereiro 2014
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