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The team that created the original Incredible Machine® is bringing all of the Rube Goldberg craziness to the modern age. The final version will have you Solving puzzles involving ridiculous chain reactions full of hamster motors, trampolines, alligators, cats, and so much more.
Utgivelsesdato: 28 Aug 2013
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“Contraption Maker is in a releasable "Alpha Version" state, which means it is playable, but not yet finished. The current version is missing features, has some bugs, and still requires polish. However, if you do buy into the Early Access, you will be helping the original team that created The Incredible Machine make a new game that will be so much more than the original. Our Alpha is already fun, and now we want to get your feedback to make it even better.

Our initial focus for the Contraption Maker Alpha has been to make a great sandbox experience with our "Maker Lab". Although there will be lots of great puzzles in the final release, they are not the main focus of this initial Alpha version (there are currently 40 official puzzles & lots of community puzzles). The game is still in development, and is going to have many new parts and features regularly added to the game. As we make changes to the physics, functionality, and size of parts, there is a chance your creations will break in newer versions of the game. This doesn't happen very often, but you will sometimes have to fix old contraptions as the game progresses through its initial stages.

We are offering players the ability to receive Early Access to the Alpha at a discounted price from the final release version. Signing up for the Early Access of Contraption Makers will give you Alpha access as well as the final 1.0 version when released. We are looking for passionate fans who will be willing to give their input to make the game better! Play and share your contraptions through the Steam workshop and share with us what you would like to see to make the game better on our private forums at http://forums.contraptionmaker.com/. We look forward to working with you to make CM into something special.”
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Contraption Maker Alpha 6 is finally here

7 April 2014

The Alpha 6 update is finally here! It's about a month late, but you'll see that the wait was totally worth it. For this update, we have started the huge task of totally replacing the game UI. After a bunch of iterations, we have settled on a style that we feel is a great balance of fun and functionality. This is still very work in progress, and there are still a lot of parts of the UI that still need to be switched over to the new style. In addition to new UI, be sure to check out new official puzzles, new parts, some usability tweaks, part adjustments, and a new scenery set!

New Puzzles
15 new official puzzles have been added. Our last puzzle update was mainly made up of easy puzzles, this batch should give more of a challenge. Check them out, and share all of your crazy exploits and issues :-)

New Parts
  • Part Disposal: Plug this in and drop parts into it to make them disappear forever.
  • Flying Saucer: The flying saucer works like a blimp, but it moves vertically. It will fly up until it bumps something, then it will turn around.
  • Thread Bobber: Attach a belt to this to turn rotational energy into a pulling motion. This allows you to use a belt to pull a rope.
  • Sound Block: There are two types of sound blocks, "physical" and "powered". Physical blocks will play a sound when they are hit by something, and powered blocks will play a sound when turned on. REAL SOUNDS COMING SOON.
  • Color Block: Color blocks function like sound blocks, but will instead show a color when turned on.

New UI & Usability Fixes
We are in the process of doing a total overhaul of the in-game UI. This is part one of the change, with the major game modes receiving an update. In the next update, the changes will be more refined, and the rest of the old UI will be changed.
  • New play screen
  • New workshop
  • New main menu
  • New game settings
  • New make mode
  • Belts and ropes no longer go off of the screen while playing a puzzle.
  • We changed how pulleys connect to ropes. Now you can just drag a rope over a pulley to either thread it through, or to unhook it from a pulley. This is a WIP functionality, let us know what you think about it in the forums.
  • Added curved ends to belts and let either unattached end be grabbed.
  • Added larger graphical handles to ropes and belts to make them much easier to grab.
  • Moved part help button to no longer be on top of wall handles.

New Part Art
New art has been added to a bunch of the parts. We have also added new "effects" that we are experimenting with. This includes things like stars above Tim's head when he gets knocked out, and onomatopoeia for some special in game effects.

A NOTE ABOUT NEW LASER ART: The new laser art has slightly adjusted the collision boundaries for most of the laser parts. If any of your puzzles or contraptions use these parts, there will most likely be some part overlaps. If you have any creations using these parts, you should check them out and see if anything needs nudged around.
  • Fixed blurry textures on certain parts
  • New Laser Repeater artwork
  • Added new Domino artwork
  • Added new Red, Blue, and Green Laser artwork
  • Added new Laser Outlet artwork
  • Added new art for Laser Mixer
  • Added new artwork for the Mirror
  • Added new artwork for the Powerstrip
  • Sounds added for Tim's voice
  • Play curse effect when Tim is hurt.
  • Chomp effect for Steve
  • Play boom effect at end of cannon
  • Eating effects for Waldo and Milton
  • Fight animation for Waldo and Milton
  • Chimney smoke when Tim gets home
  • Stars above Tims head when knocked out
  • New explosion (WIP)

New Scenery Set
We added a new basement scenery set. With this set, we tried a few new types of parts to help you customize your backgrounds. There is a pegboard broken up into sections so you can make it into a custom size and shape. There is also a chalkboard with a bunch of different drawings you can use to make it different every time. It's a pretty fun set to play around with.

Part & Physics Changes
A number of physics and part behavior changes have been added. The biggest change being that the trapdoor stick and "match device" key will no longer interact with anything once pulled. Although this is not realistic, we found that having these objects actually interact with other things was more annoying than fun. It was no fun to have to create some sort of holder every time you activated one of these parts. There was also an extreme amount of differentiation on how they would behave based on the angle and strength that they were pulled at, which caused contraptions to behave very differently very easily. Because of these annoyances, we have decided to make them no longer a problem. Please give us any feedback on this change in the forums and let us know what you think.
  • Made Blimp get popped by flames
  • Fixed how explosions create holes in walls to correctly handle all various rotations of wall
  • Let Blimp be programmed so that it can go slow or fast
  • Toast won't go through walls anymore
  • Toast is now a separate physics object instead of being attached to the toaster.
  • Removed collision borders from Match Device stick and Trapdoor stick
  • Made it possible for mouse, cat, and dynamite get sucked into vacuum
  • Add smoke trail to missile
  • Made Caution Wall (black/yellow stripes) not affected by explosions
  • Made Vacuum wind affect the Jack-in-the-Box head
  • Made initial Cheese state rotatable
  • Made initial Nitro state rotatable
  • Made Nitro explode when sucked into Vacuum
  • Made initial Big Wood Crate state rotatable
  • Made Big Wood Crate use default post physics callback
  • Don't allow Vacuum to destroy (suck in) Recycling Box
  • Don't allow Vacuum to destroy (suck in) Cardboard Box
  • Made Vacuum wind affect the Punching Fist
  • Made explosions affect the Punching Fist
  • Added Tea Kettle to the wind group
  • Adjusted Tea Kettle so it won't be sucked into Vacuum
  • Made Rocket not sucked into Vacuum
  • Made Missile not sucked into Vacuum
  • Made Bottle Rocket not sucked into Vacuum
  • Made Dynamite not sucked into Vacuum
  • Made Steam Whistle affected by explosions
  • Added Steam Whistle to the wind part group
  • Made initial Bird Cage state rotatable
  • Made Balloon pop if sucked into Vacuum
  • Made initial Balloon state rotatable
  • Made initial Dripping Bucket state rotatable
  • Fixed bug so that Dripping Bucket won't continue to create Water Drops after it has been sucked into Vacuum
  • Made Spring Trapdoor safe so that Tim and Nitro can bounce off of it without exploding
  • Adjusted Spring Trapdoor so it is affected by explosions
  • Made Lawn Mower Motor handle affected by explosions
  • Made moving Gears pop Balloon, Paper Lantern, and Blimp
  • Fixed Candle so it is blown out by Bellows and other wind generating parts
  • Only suck pin of Match Device into the Vacuum instead of the whole Match Device
  • Made Teeter-Totter only able to flip Electrical Switch when it is moving

I've run into the character limit for an announcement post, so I can't get all of the bug fixes in here. For a complete list of changes, head over to the forum to see the WHOLE POST.

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Contraption Maker Alpha 5

3 Februar 2014

Contraption Maker Alpha 5 (version 0.101) is here. This release involved some amazing feats of programming, and has been one of our most complicated updates, but a lot of it wont be able to to really be seen on screen. Kevin has spent the last month converting our physics engine from floating point to integer. This was an absolutely massive change that touched almost every single file in the game. We have done our best to test it internally, but please let us know of any bugs you find in our forum.

So what does this change mean? It means that Contraption Maker will now run exactly the same across all different computers, processors, operating systems, and devices. The game was already fairly consistent, but this fixes some last little problems that weren't going to be fixable. Although it's super cool now that the game will run with exactly the same results on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, etc. the other awesome feature is copy & paste.

Because of the way floating point physics work, copy & paste was not going to be possible with our old engine. Moving parts away from the origin point of the scene would sometimes cause physics calculations to give different results. This was noticeable especially if you selected a big group of parts and just shifted them a bit to the side, you would sometimes get very different results.

It's important that if you copy a group of parts, they behave exactly the same no matter where you put them in your contraption. With the new integer physics system, this is now possible. You can now select a group of parts and click the "copy to clipboard" button. Then, just right click and select paste somewhere else in your contraption. You aren't even restricted to keeping the group inside of your contraption. You can copy a group of parts, open a new contraption, and paste them there. This opens up some very cool possibilities. People can make cool "components" that are easily repeatable for their own contraptions, or sharable to other people looking for help or inspiration.

This is a very major physics change, and it will cause some of your current contraptions to run a little bit differently. For reference, of the 40 official puzzles we have right now, I had to make some little adjustments to 6 of them. So if you have some uploads out there in the workshop, I would suggest you go take a look at them and see if they are behaving like they should be.

That's all for this update. Like I said, it may not look like much on the surface (even though copy & paste is very cool), but this update was a massive undertaking, and it was better to do it now instead of later. For those of you that really want some "money on the screen," stay tuned for our next update. New art and new puzzles are coming! Also, I cannot promise any sort of timeline or deadline, but I will put this image up for those of you still wondering about a Linux version :-)

Major Fixes
  • Physics engine has been converted from float to int
  • Groups of parts can be cloned with right click
  • Groups of parts can be copied to the clipboard and pasted elsewhere (even in a new contraption)
  • Adjusted electrical cords so they don't jump between outlets when more than one part are moved at the same time
  • Clicking the part help or goal buttons will now open and close windows instead of having to click the ‘X’ every time
  • Delete fully connected ropes and belts in a group so that ropes no longer have to be deleted twice
  • Fixed bug where attached ropes and belts were not deleted when the parent part was dragged out of a puzzle, causing the rope to become un-deletable
  • Fixed a memory leak on PC version
  • Massive performance increase on Mac version

All Bug Fixes
  • Added location goal to Milton Mouse
  • Initialized the electrical cord plug after cloning
  • Changed methodology of how auto plugin of electrical cords work.
  • Make sure cloned part ids are always sorted.
  • Fixed segment to segment collision check to fix laser being blocked by nothing. A side benefit is the code will be slightly faster. Laser beams are very long so they were more likely to have overflow problems.
  • Bellows wind force is no longer 65536 times too high
  • Allowed Fishbowl to be flipped
  • Explosion now affects Tim correctly
  • Adjusted trigger angles on Steam Whistle so it is activated correctly
  • Fixed overflow when calculating offset to explosion on wall
  • Fixed max heat value for bomb's fuse
  • Made sharp point of pin slightly larger
  • Added profiling to lots of places.
  • Ensure identical temporary part ids across clients    
  • Reset temporary object ids
  • Prevent clones from overlapping.
  • Fixed part removal so it always occurs on the same frame that the mShouldRemove flag is set. Before it could be delayed to a later frame if a larger delta time was passed into level update.
  • Fix memory leak in line batch sprite
  • Sin, Cos, and Exp routines that return same values on Windows and Mac.
  • Fixed crash when cloning from an older level    
  • Do not allow cloning when there are overlapping parts
  • Removed the rounding values from the fixed point routines.
  • Fix for belts / ropes not disconnecting
  • Sort parts to clone before cloning so they go up by part number.
  • Fixed Rotary Limit constraint value on Jack-in-the-Box
  • Fixed Dynamic Rope Segments to correctly handle larger values
  • Fixed Laser Beams to not overflow when calculating start and end points
  • Fixed quite a few sin/cos calculations in CMPart.cpp that were causing overflows
  • Fixed impulse and damping on Bottle Rockets, Rockets, and Missiles
  • Fixed calculation of location of Water Drop created by Dripping Bucket
  • Fixed Lawn Mower Motor's handle's rope attachment location to get rid of divide by zero error
  • Fixed CCDrawNode to use correct shader
  • Fixed trampoline missing message
  • Delete zone in puzzle mode includes being outside the window
  • Fixed belt attachment rotation speeds to work with new integer delta time values
  • Fixed bugs in a few places where integers were being treated as floats or floats were treated as ints. This cause some calculations to be off by 65536 times too large or to incorrectly round to zero
  • Fixed Waldo's vision so it is slightly larger (works better)
  • Fixed an overflow condition in Damped Rotary Spring that was causing very stiff spring-loaded trapdoors to vibrate instead of coming to rest.
  • Fix rogue goals causing puzzle completion bug
  • Fixed animation bug where the first frame can get out of sync.
  • Do not play an animation with one frame.
  • Fixed various overflow type bugs
  • Make group cloning work in multiplayer.
  • Prevent unlocked parts with goals from triggering completion.
  • Fixed rectangle borders on the trapdoors
  • Fixed explosions to not overflow by using larger impulse ranges
  • Fixed speed imparted to Water Drops leaving Dripping Bucket
  • Fixed collision verts of broken Fishbowl (they were still in old smaller float range)
  • Fixed force imparted by Pinball Bumper
  • Fixed bitmaps so they scale correctly in Punching Fist and Spring Trap Door
  • Fixed processExplosion in Wall so that the correct segments are destroyed by explosions
  • Fix for puzzle goals not all being checked if one has a timer.
  • More fixed point defines and macros
  • New square root functions that return an int
  • Added an approximate distance routine
  • Changes to Dynamic Rope to be more efficient
  • Adjust Dynamic Rope Segments to run either floating point or int64 versions

Header Contraption is "Ridiculously Complicated Mousetrap" by J3lly

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“It is a from-the-ground-up modernization, with enough familiar elements to instantly excite old fans of The Incredible Machine and enough modern touches to fuel the imaginations of gamers who have never touched the original.”
Gaming Trend

“Contraption Maker is catnip for engineers, a phenomenal implementation of an age old formula. Bravo.”
Brain Lazy

Om spillet

The team that created the original Incredible Machine® is bringing all of the Rube Goldberg craziness to the modern age.

The final version will have you Solving puzzles involving ridiculous chain reactions full of hamster motors, trampolines, alligators, cats, and so much more. Everything you loved about the original game is back and improved with a new physics engine, high definition art, and new parts and programmability. Our Alpha release focuses on the Maker Lab, where you can create your own contraptions, but that doesn't mean there aren't any puzzles. Currently the game has 40 official puzzles, and over 100 community creations.

Steam Workshop integration allows you to share your creations with the world. Cooperative play, sub-assemblies, mods and more are coming soon.

Current Alpha Features

  • Over 80 Parts: An assorted batch of parts from paper lanterns to cats are available for all of your contraption building needs.
  • Ridiculous Size: There's no part or size limitation to your contraptions. Build as much as you can to bring your computer to its knees.
  • Some Puzzles: Although puzzles are not currently the main focus, there are 55 official puzzles and over 100 community puzzles for you to play.
  • Cooperative Multiplayer: Play online with friends to build contraptions together.
  • Fun Characters: Toolman Tim and Waldo the Cat are the first of many characters that will add life to your creations.
  • Layered Background Tool: Use the background tool to create settings for your contraptions to exist in.
  • Background Animation: Animate your backgrounds with our easy to use background animation tool.
  • Video Recording: Record and share videos of your contraptions directly from the game without the need of any third party software.
  • Steam Workshop Integration: Share your puzzles and creations easily through Steam Workshop.

Planned Features

  • More of Everything: More parts, characters, and tools for the Maker Lab. The Alpha has a very limited selection of parts compared to what's planned for the final version. Expect to see more than is in the game currently.
  • Polish: This is the very first releasable Alpha, expect the game to become more and more polished as we release updates.
  • Lots of Puzzles! Contraption Maker will have over 100 official puzzles to leave you scratching your head for days.
  • Programmable characters:Characters like Toolman Tim (and his friends) will be able to interact with many of the parts in your contraptions. Use these interactions to program him and make him do what you want.
  • More Workshop Integration: Share more than just puzzles. Share your custom backgrounds, sounds, part skins, and more.
  • Community Challenges: Compete in occasional solo or team challenges to see who can build the most creative contraptions.
  • Live Updates: Live updates after launch will continue to update and improve upon the game.

Systemkrav (PC)

    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: 1.7Ghz or Higher
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 512MB VRAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 80 MB available space
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM

Systemkrav (MAC)

    • OS: OS/X 10.7
    • Processor: 1.7Ghz or Higher
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 512MB VRAM
    • Hard Drive: 80 MB available space
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
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Contraption Maker is a wonderful Rube Goldberg creation game. If you were a fan of incredible machine, you'll love this.

My gameplay review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ErFqr8qhrnI&list=PLEngsjAeWQXgUdr1YrZ9AXzQdG_sRj1QO&index=8
Publisert: 26 November 2013
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The best Rube Goldberg machine sim you will find. From the creators of the cult-classic The Incredible Machine series, Contraption Maker brings not only a wide assortment of parts for your cat-caging pleasure, but innovative features like online co-op puzzle solving and Steam Workshop integration for sharing your creations.
Publisert: 4 November 2013
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18 av 21 personer (86%) syntes denne anmeldelsen var hjelpsom
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This is an excellent remake of The Incredible Machine with loads of improvements. The steam workshop integration insures the games longevity and even in it's early access state it's worth the money. This is a great game for all ages, easy to pickup and has a intuitive creation proccess.
Publisert: 4 Desember 2013
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15 av 21 personer (71%) syntes denne anmeldelsen var hjelpsom
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If you played the incredible machine as a kid you will like this game, if you haven't pick this up anyway.
Publisert: 25 November 2013
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8 av 8 personer (100%) syntes denne anmeldelsen var hjelpsom
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This is a great game for families to enjoy. Easy to pick up and yet something you can play for hours. Steam workshop support is great for sharing creations and keeping the game alive for the foreseeable future.
Publisert: 7 Januar 2014
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