The Ship is a murder mystery multiplayer. Buy The Ship: Remasted and get The Ship: Murder Party FREE!!
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發售日: 2006 年 07 月 11 日


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06 月 23 日

Buy The Ship: Remasted and get The Ship: Murder Party for FREE!

Starting with the Steam Summer Sale today, not only will there be a special sale price of 66% off, we've gone totally overboard and you’ll now get 2 Ships for the price of 1 when you buy, or own The Ship: Remasted. Oh buoy, what a deal!

For those of you that already own The Ship: Remasted, make sure to update the game in your Steam Library to get access to the freebies. The Ship: Murder Party is still available to buy individually from the Steam Store and is currently 50% off in the summer sale.

For any issues or enquiries, please drop us a mail at
Please be aware that this is a non-giftable copy. It will be added to your library.

Happy Hunting!
The Blazing Griffin Team

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05 月 12 日

The Ship: Remasted Dedicated Servers are live!

Ahoy Shipmates!

With the latest patch we’ve moved Dedicated Servers to the open seas and out of the testing drydock! This will allow for the setup of Dedicated Servers that don't require the The Ship: Remasted to be running. If you are hosting a Dedicated Server you will need to ensure your ports are open so that people can see the server and connect.

Opening your ports

If you wish to run a dedicated server please open the following ports;
  • TCP/UDP 7776-7778
  • TCP/UDP 443

The server.cfg file uses 7777 as the default, if you change this then make sure you open one more and one less than this, e.g. If your default is 6555, open ports 6554-6556.

Anyone is now free to host a Dedicated Server. This can be done two ways:

Downloading and running the server anonymously

You do not need to own The Ship: Remasted or have the steam client running to run a server anonymously. This is perfect if you want to run a Remasted Dedicated Server on some dedicated hardware.

Download the server files from here and unzip them to a folder where you would like to install the game.

Then double click the “Run_DedicatedServer.bat” file and it will automatically download all the files needed to run a Remasted Dedicated Server. Note: every time this batch file is run it will check for updates, so whenever a new patch is out re-run the batch file to keep the server up-to-date.

If you wish to change the server rules to a configuration of your own making, be sure to look at the README.txt file found in the ‘Remasted Dedicated’ folder. This explains how to make your own ‘server.cfg’ and change the batch files to use your configuration instead of the default one.

Downloading and running through steam

The other way to launch a Dedicated Server is to download and run it using Steam. Doing it this way will require you to own The Ship: Remasted and be logged into your Steam account.

Download the server tool from within Steam (Library > Tools > Right Click ‘The Ship: Remasted Dedicated Server > Install).

Game settings can be edited in the various files located in the TSRDS_1 folder (...steamapps\common\The Ship Remasted Dedicated Server\TSRDS_1). If this file is not present, running the Dedicated Server once will automatically create this folder. Opening the server.cfg with a program such as notepad++ will allow you to tweak game settings, such as Server Name, password, Map and Score Limit. The mapcycle text file, in the same folder, can be edited with the list of ships you want the server to cycle through and in what order.

Note: If you are only trying to join a server you may not need to open any ports depending on your setup. Any Dedicated Servers that are running will appear in the Join Server menu in-game under ‘Dedicated’ or ‘All’ tabs if you have the same version number of the game as the server. All servers appear in the Steam Server browser and they indicate which version of the game they are running. If you try to join a server with the wrong version number you will be taken to the main menu of the game.

Other additions

Aside from the Dedicated Servers, the team have been hard at work tweaking existing features and squashing those pesky little (and sometimes big) bugs. We have added new audio updates, such as footsteps (thus removing those silent ninja assassins). New facial animations have also been added, meaning characters will also no longer stare blankly into the depths of your soul!

If you are playing with bots, killing them while they are in a container will no longer cause the container to become unusable.

Loyalty Discount

If you own The Ship: Murder Party you will get 25% off The Ship: Remasted. This offer has been extended until the 30th of June.

Also make sure to follow us on twitter to keep updated! (@BlazingGriffin, @TheShipGame)

Happy Hunting!

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“its gameplay and design draw on everything from Poirot to Quake, with even a slightly unhealthy dose of The Sims thrown into the mix - but the game is much more than the sum of its well worn parts”
8 – Videogamer

“Unlike a lot of its hybrid predecessors, this multigenre multiplayer game really is something completely different. While the game draws on identifiable sources such as Quake, The Sims, and Clue, it mashes these elements together with a few new ideas to create an innovative experience that doesn't play like any of its inspirations.”
8.3 – Gamespot

“the game twists around the Clue formula to make it a little more interesting. Instead of having to uncover a killer, The Ship makes you the killer. The main gameplay mechanic revolves around finding your target, called your quarry, and breaking their face as stealthily as possible. To do so there are plenty of lethal odds-and-ends to wield, and even some environmental traps. It's certainly a quirky take on first-person gaming, but it's an entertaining one once you get the hang of it.”
7.4 – IGN

Buy The Ship: Remasted and get The Ship: Murder Party FREE!

You’ll now get The Ship: Murder Party for FREE when you buy, or own The Ship: Remasted. Oh buoy, what a deal! For those of you that already own The Ship: Remasted, make sure to update the game in your Steam Library to get access. Happy hunting!

Finding a Server

Ahoy Shipmates!

Unfortunately the in-game server browser is no longer working. However, players can connect to servers via the Steam Client > View > Servers (if you don't see The Ship you may have to restart the client). Feel free to drop by the forums to chat about this and you can find a more detail explanation of the issues in our announcement:


《The Ship》是以多人線上遊戲為主的謀殺案遊戲,有非常獨特的遊戲規則。

這艘遊輪的擁有人是身份不明的 X 先生,您則是獲得免費招待券的幸運兒;然而您上船後,卻發現這次的豪華假期並非那麼簡單。

您被迫參與冷血殘暴的狩獵遊戲,為的僅僅是 X 先生的妄想,卻威脅到了自己和家人的性命。 您唯一能夠生存並拯救家人的方法,就是加入狩獵,然後贏得勝利。


    最低:1.8 GHz 處理器,512MB RAM,DirectX 8 等級顯示卡 (1024x768),Windows 2000/XP/ME/98,滑鼠,鍵盤,網際網路連線,DirectX 9.0c
    建議:2.8 GHz 處理器,1024MB RAM,具備 DirectX 9 功能顯示卡 (1024x768),Windows 2000/XP/ME/98,滑鼠,鍵盤,網際網路連線,DirectX 9.0c
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極度好評 (4,982 篇評論)
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( 14.7 記錄時數 )
張貼於:07 月 24 日
Got in,
went on a server,
killed bunch of people,
got kicked out of the server....
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Lord Brady
( 5.5 記錄時數 )
張貼於:07 月 23 日
Can Some One Tell Me How To Make A Private Server
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( 4.4 記錄時數 )
張貼於:07 月 23 日
7/10 : Nothing To Say !
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Zeff Conri
( 5.8 記錄時數 )
張貼於:07 月 22 日
This game is to fun lol
Helpful? 搞笑
Master Baiter
( 7.2 記錄時數 )
張貼於:07 月 22 日
Had lots of fun playing this game with friends.
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Green ( Leaving for Trip )
( 11.3 記錄時數 )
張貼於:07 月 21 日
It's decent, but it's better if people actually played it.
Helpful? 搞笑
Cow_ Bell
( 0.7 記錄時數 )
張貼於:07 月 21 日
This game is decent fun by yourself but online and with other people you know this game is great fun that doesnt require a powerfull computer to run.
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Dz Fnx
( 1.9 記錄時數 )
張貼於:07 月 21 日
nicee game :)
Helpful? 搞笑
A Bored Communist
( 42.2 記錄時數 )
張貼於:07 月 21 日
First Game on the ship.

Finds kinife and kills every one :)
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( 6.0 記錄時數 )
張貼於:07 月 20 日
An experience unparalleled in the fun you can have playing with people. The Ship has it all- mystery, mayhem and murder! You never know who you can trust- explore the ship, take care of your needs, become super fashionable, socialize with other passengers, but most importantly hunt your Quarry down before your Hunter hunts you! Few games match the unique franticness of a round of The Ship!

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6 人之中有 5 人(83%)認為這篇評論值得參考
有 2 位使用者認為這則評論很有趣
7.4 記錄時數
張貼於:06 月 25 日
Honestly, it's a game that appeals to a very certain group.
Basically, broken down into catagories:
The Good:
-Fun game to play with friends, though primarily you need to have more than 4 friends or it gets old real fast on finding out who's who in the murderer/victim fastion.
-Most Servers have bots to liven up slow gameplay, so this isn't usually a problem.
-Straightforward gameplay with only a few occasional camera/guard glitches in being detected.
-The graphics are smooth, and ran on my old toaster. No issues with lag unless map's changing soon.
-There's usually a shiv in the prison. Shank time 2k16.
-I beat someone to death with a manniquen leg and got like $10,000.

The "Bad":
-The server system is indirect and clunky, relying on server connections through the steam client itself. It was more of a mystery to me to figure out how to get into servers with friends than it was actually finding out that the sketchy looking guy following me down a hallway was trying to pull out an umbrella to bludgeon me with.
-The game is nigh impossible to play without at least 3-4 people on the server. Even then it's predictable and repetitive. For max game play experience, be sure to join a game with bots.
-Sometimes the controls (i.e. opening closets, doors, etc) can glitch out and leave you stuck a doorframe until someone beats you to death. This is used more than once to block people into a room.
-"Autoban" features on most servers if your money drops too low. This is also inconvenient when you just have a really bad round.

Overall, I'd say wait until it's on sale to actually purchase it. I received this as a gift from a friend, who I enjoy playing it with in our group, but standalone or on your own is somewhat unpleasant with the thin presence of other players. Suggested because the game is complete and playable, but be warned that going in this one alone might now be the experience you're expecting, especially since most people will have to google search how to join a server in the first place.
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6 人之中有 5 人(83%)認為這篇評論值得參考
10.1 記錄時數
張貼於:06 月 29 日
Fantastic game that still has a lot of active players!
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3 人之中有 3 人(100%)認為這篇評論值得參考
4.3 記錄時數
張貼於:06 月 28 日
The fact thats it was from 10 years ago and it looks good for 2006 graphics i mean wow i dont like how u cant drink from the sleep in this game but other than that its good (by that i mean theres some stupid mechanics but its all good)
這篇評論值得參考嗎? 搞笑
39 人之中有 21 人(54%)認為這篇評論值得參考
有 20 位使用者認為這則評論很有趣
13.3 記錄時數
張貼於:06 月 26 日
If your looking for a review on this game you've come to the wrong place, but if your looking for an outstanding pie recipe you've come to the right place.


1. 2 tablespoons olive oil, divided
2. 1 onion, diced
3. 1 pound ground beef
4.1 pound ground pork
5. 1/2 cup Panko*
6. 2 large egg yolks
7. 1/4 teaspoon ground allspice
8. 1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg
9 .Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste


1. 1/4 cup unsalted butter
2. 1/3 cup all-purpose flour
3. 4 cups beef broth
4. 3/4 cup sour cream
5. Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste
6. 2 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley leaves


1. Heat 1 tablespoon olive oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Add onion, and cook, stirring frequently, until onions have become translucent, about 2-3 minutes.

2. In a large bowl, combine ground beef, ground pork, Panko, egg yolks, allspice, nutmeg and cooked onion; season with salt and pepper, to taste. Using a wooden spoon or clean hands, stir until well combined. Roll the mixture into 1 1/4-to-1 1/2-inch meatballs, forming about 24 meatballs.

3. Add remaining 1 tablespoon olive oil to the skillet. Add meatballs, in batches, and cook until all sides are browned, about 4-5 minutes. Transfer to a paper towel-lined plate.

4. To make the gravy, melt butter in the skillet. Whisk in flour until lightly browned, about 1 minute. Gradually whisk in beef broth and cook, whisking constantly, until slightly thickened, about 1-2 minutes. Stir in sour cream; season with salt and pepper, to taste.

5. Stir in meatballs and cook, stirring occasionally, until heated through and thickened, about 8-10 minutes.

6. Serve immediately, garnished with parsley, if desired.

*Panko is a Japanese-style breadcrumb and can be found in the Asian section of your local grocery store.
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1 人之中有 1 人(100%)認為這篇評論值得參考
4.4 記錄時數
張貼於:07 月 23 日
7/10 : Nothing To Say !
這篇評論值得參考嗎? 搞笑
1 人之中有 1 人(100%)認為這篇評論值得參考
有 1 位使用者對這則評論感到有趣
4.5 記錄時數
張貼於:07 月 11 日
Get the Remastered (Remasted) version cuz it comes with this one
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5 人之中有 3 人(60%)認為這篇評論值得參考
9.5 記錄時數
張貼於:07 月 10 日
well not recomended for the orignal version

my suggestion, i like this game but since remastered came out i got to pay for that

which is fu*king ret@rded because why cant you just use the orginal version to get remastered for free otherwise whats the fu*king point of the orignal version

GG community

f*ck off.

dont mess with tony's turfs
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4 人之中有 2 人(50%)認為這篇評論值得參考
0.2 記錄時數
張貼於:06 月 30 日
good fun game, would love to recommend because the concept is great, however i dont recommend because no one plays correctly online, people just run at each other instead of espionage and finesse that the game was meant for
這篇評論值得參考嗎? 搞笑
2 人之中有 1 人(50%)認為這篇評論值得參考
4.5 記錄時數
張貼於:07 月 16 日
Great Game
這篇評論值得參考嗎? 搞笑
2 人之中有 1 人(50%)認為這篇評論值得參考