The Ship is a murder mystery alternative to traditional FPS multiplayer games. You are invited on board The Ship by Mr X, and given the name of a player to kill. Another shipmate will also be stalking you. Can you survive The Ship?
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Дата на излизане: 11 юли 2006

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"A great game in the Source Engine which has a very interesting multiplayer mode with a pretty decent Singleplayer mode to match, worth to get in a sale."

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13 октомври

We're really, really, really sorry...

For years now, we've sat back and watched friendships being torn apart by The Ship. We've seen your former best friend blow you up on the toilet more times than we can count. We've watched you retaliate with a mannequin’s arm. Frankly, we took great pleasure in watching the situation escalate – the purse bombs, the piranhas, the sleeping potions, the cleavers, the scalpels, the sauna and…the umbrellas…oh God, the umbrellas…the things you did with those umbrellas…

Then, one day, there was nothing. The friendships that once brought you aboard The Ship, lay broken. No doubt you soldier on in your daily life, the salty taste of your own tears a stark reminder of what once was. But it’s not the same, and we know each time you see your former friends playing other Steam games without you, the notifications hurt as much as every badly timed death on The Ship.

Unfortunately, we've gone and done something you’re not going to like. We've added trading cards to the multiplayer game. We know each one of the (admittedly, quite beautiful) cards, backgrounds, badges and emoticons will be like tiny pixelated axes chopping away at the brave facade you've been putting on. Quite literally in one case…there’s an actual tiny pixelated axe!

We’re truly sorry and offer our full support through these difficult times.

Note: Steam Trading Cards are earned by playing The Ship Multiplayer only.


ːtheShipCleaverː ːtheShipCrowbarː ːtheShipFireAxeː ːtheShipGunː ːtheShipWrenchː

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The Ship: Complete Pack is part of Humble Bundle's current flash bundle for the next couple of days. You can buy it here:

It's a great deal - pay what you want for the bundle of games and even decide how your payment is split between the developer, Humble and a charity donation.

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“its gameplay and design draw on everything from Poirot to Quake, with even a slightly unhealthy dose of The Sims thrown into the mix - but the game is much more than the sum of its well worn parts”
8 – Videogamer

“Unlike a lot of its hybrid predecessors, this multigenre multiplayer game really is something completely different. While the game draws on identifiable sources such as Quake, The Sims, and Clue, it mashes these elements together with a few new ideas to create an innovative experience that doesn't play like any of its inspirations.”
8.3 – Gamespot

“the game twists around the Clue formula to make it a little more interesting. Instead of having to uncover a killer, The Ship makes you the killer. The main gameplay mechanic revolves around finding your target, called your quarry, and breaking their face as stealthily as possible. To do so there are plenty of lethal odds-and-ends to wield, and even some environmental traps. It's certainly a quirky take on first-person gaming, but it's an entertaining one once you get the hang of it.”
7.4 – IGN

Two Free Activations with Purchase

Purchase The Ship and receive two extra activations to send to your friends! Additionally, any user that receives a gift activation will be able to give one additional activation to a friend.

Относно тази игра

The Ship (Корабът) е онлайн мултиплеър игра за убийства, с уникален подбор от правила.

Корабът е собственост на мистериозния г-н Хикс и като един от многото „щастливци“, получили безплатен билет за луксозния круиз, с пристигането си на Кораба разбирате, че има уловка.

Под смъртна заплаха, не само за Вас, но и за семейството Ви, Вие сте принудени да участвате в брутален Лов, за да задоволите фантазиите на г-н Хикс. Единственият шанс да опазите себе си и семейството си е да играете Лова и да спечелите.

Системни изисквания

    Минимални: 1.8 GHz процесор, 512MB RAM, DirectX 8 видеокарта (1024x768), Windows 2000/XP/ME/98, мишка, клавиатура, интернет връзка, DirectX 9.0c
    Препоръчителни: 2.8 GHz процесор, 1024MB RAM, DirectX 9 видеокарта (1024x768), Windows 2000/XP/ME/98, мишка, клавиатура, интернет връзка, DirectX 9.0c
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89 от 101 човека (88%) сметнаха тази рецензия за полезна
4.9 изиграни часа
The Ship: Sims combined Murder/TTT Gamemode. Fukken A++
I spawned in the Deck C, set down in Cafeteria, ate a hamburger, nobody gave a ♥♥♥♥ about a corpse falling down from the Captain's Cabin.
Then, I went into someone's room, took a ♥♥♥♥, and killed it's owner.
I found my Hunter while I was taking a shower, he was stalking me through a glass Door. I killed him with a Polo Stick. His corpse got stuck in the wardrobe and then propelled into a Flowerbed.
After all this, I was Jailed for 1 Minute because I was wielding a Dangerous Weapon ( Polo Stick ).
I bribed a Guard with 50$ so he won't pay attention to my crimes.
I ♥♥♥♥ed up the whole Cafeteria, bought an energy drink and went into Engine room where nobody also gave a ♥♥♥♥ about Scottish 1-eyed Afroamerican ( I spawned like that ) with Camasutra book.
This game is ♥♥♥♥ing 10/10. Buy it now.
Публикувани: 19 август
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132 от 215 човека (61%) сметнаха тази рецензия за полезна
8.3 изиграни часа
Dropped a purse bomb on a naked man as he swam for life from piranhas.
Публикувани: 8 юни
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33 от 50 човека (66%) сметнаха тази рецензия за полезна
3.9 изиграни часа
The -Mob-Ship

So this is an adventure, you appear by somehow on a ship, when suddenly a meddling that shows everyone on board is on the middle of a survival game for their lifes, you know the hunter and the hunted. (and to vary, everyone loose their ♥♥♥♥ing head by that)

The Ship can´t be more big than it is, 5 covered, and going to end with the same fate of the "Titanic"(looks like big ships can´t coexist without being sunk)

but you have an usefull map which indicates objetives in every moment so you can´t be like a missing turistic in a new country.

But this is not you average boring ship, is a completely ♥♥♥♥ing mafia from the inside, conspirancy ,hitmans, even yakuzas....
Packed with weapons in every corner, lockers, and every single room you can find (i don´t know how this ship was ongoing)

To make thing harder than it already is, your character things he is in some kind of "Sims" game, he has needs...everytime.....Oh God...a ♥♥♥♥ing kid.

10 missions to complete, to get a wtf ending

But despite the negative facts, it has a good dynamic, and good idea from base. Is a good way to go later with the multiplayer (When the fun doesn´t end neither).

Публикувани: 22 август
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43 от 69 човека (62%) сметнаха тази рецензия за полезна
6.8 изиграни часа
You can have enough weapons on you to give an airport security guard a heart attack. 100/10
Публикувани: 25 август
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21 от 30 човека (70%) сметнаха тази рецензия за полезна
0.6 изиграни часа
Ok, 5 minutes of gameplay is really nothing, but I was in a bad mood, got this game from a very good friend, and after 5 minutes playing as Kim Jong-Ill, I laughed my ♥♥♥ off. This game is so ♥♥♥♥ing (sorry for the language) awesome, it's even better then "The Young ones"!

I tell you this, if you hate world leaders just as much as I do, BUY THIS GAME!!! I keep on laughing about this game, dso gimme a minute, I need to go to the toilet because I ♥♥♥♥ my pants because of the awesomeness of this game!

Публикувани: 5 октомври
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401 от 423 човека (95%) сметнаха тази рецензия за полезна
11.3 изиграни часа
Turn Clue into a first-person shooter on 1920's era luxury liners, sprinkle in bits of The Sims, and you've got The Ship. Instead of having to uncover a killer, The Ship makes you the killer. To be more specific and familiar to the gaming audience, The Ship is a very polished and creative take on the Assassin's Creed Multiplayer experience (but also keep in mind that this game came before the Assassin's Creed Multiplayer genre was released)....where the main gameplay mechanic revolves around finding your target, called your quarry, and breaking their face as stealthily as possible. To do so, there are plenty of lethal weapons and objects to wield, and even some environmental traps that you will find yourself potentially avoiding. To add flavor, everyone else on each map has a quarry as well. While pursuing your own target, you'll need to stay alert and attempt to spot the passenger readying a knife for your back. The Sims element of the game, quells upon your daily needs to survive (food, drinks, toilet, sleep, etc). The 'character's needs' element makes for a deeper gameplay experience, as your character is vulnerable to attack while you're downing a bag of chips or snoring on a bed. And it is surely funny when your friend murders you on the toilet. The Ship is one of very few games that brings a large amount of enjoyment to my friends and I. Built on Valve's Souce engine, a majority of gamers can experience a $20 title with basically 4 copies to gift away. A little too much? Ask four of your friends for $4 each, and your all set! Overall, The Ship is a very innovative, satisfying and humorous experience that a bunch of 5 friends can't pass up. "Let us set sail!."
Публикувани: 15 октомври 2013
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