You are an Exile, struggling to survive on the dark continent of Wraeclast, as you fight to earn power that will allow you to exact your revenge against those who wronged you. Created by hardcore gamers, Path of Exile is an online Action RPG set in a dark fantasy world.
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"My video is several years out of date but this f2p with an incredibly fair business model is a dark and grim Diablo-style aRPG that's worth your time."
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30 сентября

New Microtransactions in Tomorrow's 1.2.3b Update

We're putting together a small 1.2.3b update that will probably be deployed tomorrow. It primarily includes the first steps of the process that will allow Grandmaster Supporters to export their characters for inclusion in the Hall of Grandmasters. One other aspect of this patch is that we're adding nine new microtransaction item skins (eight weapon skins and a shield skin). Today's news post contains videos of those nine new skins. We'll post more information about the patch tomorrow!

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29 сентября

Build of the Week Season 3 Episode 5: Hegemony's Era Crit Knockback Staff Duelist

Gamespot have posted our fifth episode of this season of Build of the Week which showcases a build where the creator of the character (Hegemony) is a high-tier supporter who has been allowed to design a unique item. His build uses this item and some clever tricks to create a very powerful character. Check out his build guide here.

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“PC Game of the Year 2013”
9 – Gamespot

“Path of Exile distinguishes itself with a unique ability system based on gems and a labyrinthine passive skill system that permits the creation of almost any type of character.”
8.8 – IGN

“Everything you wanted from Diablo 3 - and more”
PC Gamer Magazine October 2013

Об этой игре

You are an Exile, struggling to survive on the dark continent of Wraeclast, as you fight to earn power that will allow you to exact your revenge against those who wronged you. Created by hardcore gamers, Path of Exile is an online Action RPG set in a dark fantasy world. With a focus on visceral action combat, powerful items and deep character customization, Path of Exile is completely free and will never be pay-to-win.

Key Features

  • Freedom. Power. Revenge.
    Banished for your misdeeds to the dark, brutal world of Wraeclast, you play as the Duelist, Witch, Ranger, Templar, Marauder, Shadow or the Scion class. From forsaken shores through to the ruined city of Sarn, explore Wraeclast and uncover the ancient secrets waiting for you.
  • Unlimited Character Customization
    Create and customize hundreds of unique skill combinations from tradable itemized gems and our gigantic passive skill tree. Combine skill gems, support gems and trigger gems to create your own unique combination of power, defense and destruction.
  • Deadly Missions
    The Forsaken Masters each have their own style of mission and each of these missions has many variations. As you explore deeper into Wraeclast, the pool of available variations increases to challenge you in new ways. All of the Missions and their variations can occur anywhere in the game, including within end-game Maps.
  • Dressed to Kill
    Path of Exile is all about items. Find, collect and trade magic, rare and unique items with arcane properties, then customize your character build around the deadliest combinations you possess.
  • Brutal Competitive Play
    Battle in PvP tournaments seasons and Capture the Flag events for worldwide recognition. Compete in Daily Leagues and Race Events that run as separate game worlds with their own ladders and economies to win valuable prizes.
  • Customise Your Hideout
    ​In their extensive travels throughout Wraeclast, the Forsaken Masters have discovered ideal locations for an Exile to use as their own secret Hideout. Once you've earned a Master's trust, you may be taken to a Hideout, where you can create your own personalised town. Masters residing in your Hideout offer you daily Missions and train you in advanced crafting options. Use your Hideout as a quiet place to craft after battle, or expand it and use it as a personalised Guild Hall with hundreds of decorations.
  • Fair-To-Play. Never Pay-To-Win.
    We're committed to creating a fair playing field for all players. You cannot gain gameplay advantage by spending real money in Path of Exile.

Системные требования

    • OS: Windows XP SP3/Vista/Windows 7/8
    • Processor: x86-compatible 1.4GHz or faster processor
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® 7800 GT or ATI Radeon™ X1950 Pro or better
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 5 GB available space
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нельзя играть через стим в России, вывод тогда такой играйте в неё сами.
Опубликовано: 16 июля
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7.5 ч. в игре
Годнейшая игра! Лучший F2P проект в мире. Фактическая бесплатность всего контента, за деньги приобретается только косметика.
Никакого сравнения 3-я Дыбла не выдерживает - особенно при запуске того и того на 54-дюймовой плазме.
А система умений и крафта выше всяких похвал. Ново, интересно, бесконечно для проб и ошибок.
Но - разрабы в отношении дистрибуции на стиме повели себя как пъидорыы - тупо заблочили игру для СНГ и рядом, желая продать её какой-то невнятной компании. Учтите что ру-коммюнити в стиме второе по численности и кол-ву покупок.
А так рекомендую - качайте отдельно и играйте.
Опубликовано: 19 апреля
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174.5 ч. в игре
Warning: this game will consume big part of your life. If you start playing it, you will keep coming back for more all the time. Before I started playing Path of Exile, my attitude towards Hack'n'Slash genre was... let's say bad. This is my first game of such genre and I am completly satisfied.

Now let's go straight to good and bad points of PoE.

+ truly Free To Play model, there is no such thing as Pay To Win, there are microtransactions that are all about purchasing visual effects for your character and his abilities (you can also purchase more tabs in stash, but that does not impact the game),
+ developers actually care about the game and keep fixing bugs, creating new content or reworking old visual effects (I have been watching development of PoE since open beta and it constantly changes until this day, successfully becoming better),
+ new leagues and events are started on a regular basis,
+ huge amount of passive skill points which gives you enormous combinations for character developement, every build is unique (unless you begin copying others' builds which kills the fun). There are so many possibilities that you are even able to turn an archer into a melee character!
+ large variety of active skills - you want to sweep your axe? You want to cleave through enemies with your sword? Maybe you fancy raining arrows or using various kinds of magic? No problem, you can choose anything you want and upgrade your skills so they can consume less mana, become faster or fire more projectiles at once and that is not everything.
+ many armors and weapons: one handed or two handed: axes, maces, swords also daggers, claws, bows, wands and staves, items also have different stats and 4 grades: normal, magic, rare and unique, same thing applies to monsters,
+ crafting-currency trade system, it might come out to be hard to understand at first, but then you keep realising that everything has its value, there is no gold, just barter trade system,
+ this game has challenging end-game consisting of large variety of special maps that can be modified to become more rewarding and demanding at once, if you reach high level [80+] with decent items and statistics you will simply feel satisfied
+ nice, vivid and helpful community.

Unfortunately the game has some flaws that sometimes might make you rage quit or commit suicide.

-the biggest con is desynchronisation between client and game server or simply laggs that might turn your free time you wanted to spend on relax into the festival of rage and tears. Losing 10% of experience at level 80 is pretty disappointing since it takes a bit of time to gain it, now imagine same thing happening few times in a row. Now try to imagine laggs killing you in hardcore league which means transfer of your character to normal server,
-this game becomes a bit repetitive after some time, especially before reaching end-game when you have to complete 3 acts with 3 different difficulty levels, this means doing same quests 3 times which may make you very exhausted. The other exhausting thing might be farming experience when you are underleveled. I quit this game few times before reaching level 70 and completing all the difficulty levels, however I found a solution for this problem - do not play alone, all you need is a friend on TeamSpeak!

I hope that I managed to describe this game generally, but I have to say one more thing: you will not be able to experience the game by reading others' reviews, just give it a try and you might fall in eternal love.
Опубликовано: 13 августа
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Крутая игра. То, чем должен был стать Diablo 3.
Опубликовано: 21 августа
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1.9 ч. в игре
У каждого разное мнение , и вот мое...

Это игра , которая сразу с первых минут напоминает Diablo III , лично я считаю Path Of Exile довольно хорошей заменой для тех у кого нет возможности купить Diablo III или для тех кому жалко денег на Diablo III ...
Тут также присутствует мрачная атмосфера которую полюбили все те кто знаком со II частью Diablo .

Игра действительно хорошая , и мало чем отличается от Diablo III ( В основном атмосферой ) . Потому я и ставлю этой игре 9.5 из 10
Опубликовано: 20 июня
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7.1 ч. в игре
Расизм без примесей - теперь игра точно не доступна в нашей стране.
Опубликовано: 27 января
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