Pinball Arcade by FarSight Studios features exact recreations of the all-time greatest pinball tables from Williams®, Bally®, Stern Pinball®, and Gottlieb® together in one game. Every flipper, bumper, sound effect, and display pixel has been painstakingly emulated in astonishing detail.
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Предимно положителни (2,267 рецензии) - 73% от 2,267 потребителски рецензии за тази игра са положителни.
Дата на излизане: 4 ноември 2013

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6 юли

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Tournament ends July 13th at 1AM CST.

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29 юни

Twitch Stream: Indianapolis 500™ Pinball

Join us on Twitch tomorrow (Thursday June 30th) at 4PM Pacific!
We will be featuring Indianapolis 500™ before it's released! Everyone that shows up has a chance to win free stuff for select platforms!

Also, don't forget to stick around for real pinball and more prizes on 'Bro! Do you even pinball?" directly following our stream.

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“Mobile Game of the Year!”

“If you have any love for pinball, you should definitely pick up the Pinball Arcade. Grade: A”
100 – Gaming Age

“These tables are awesome”
85 – IGN

Steam „Зелена светлина“

Относно тази игра

Pinball Arcade by FarSight Studios features exact recreations of the all-time greatest pinball tables from Williams®, Bally®, Stern Pinball®, and Gottlieb® together in one game.

Every flipper, bumper, sound effect, and display pixel has been painstakingly emulated in astonishing detail.

Download now and you’ll get the incredible Tales of the Arabian Nights™ table for free!

Twilight Zone™, Star Trek: The Next Generation™, Theatre of Magic™ (named the best video pinball simulation of all time by G4TV), Scared Stiff™, Elvira and the Party Monsters™, Monster Bash™, Gorgar™, Circus Voltaire™, Funhouse™, Medieval Madness™, Pin•Bot™, The Machine: Bride of Pin•Bot™, Creature from the Black Lagoon™, No Good Gofers™, Big Shot™, Taxi™, Harley-Davidson® 3rd Edition, Black Knight™, Cactus Canyon™, White Water™, Space Shuttle®, Centaur™, Flight 2000™, Goin’ Nuts™, Terminator 2: Judgment Day®, and other great tables are also available from within this great game.

Each month, regular updates will add classic pinball tables for years to come!

Our goal is for the Pinball Arcade to become the most realistic and comprehensive pinball game ever created. Please support us in our efforts to preserve these tables and join the indelible part of Americana that is pinball!

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Mac OS X
    • ОС: Windows XP
    • Процесор: Dual Core 1.6 ghz or better.
    • Памет: 1 GB памет
    • Видеокарта: Graphics card supporting DirectX 9.0c and Shader Model 3.0
    • DirectX: версия 9.0c
    • Устройство за съхранение: 11 GB достъпно пространство
    • Звукова карта: Direct Sound capable card.
    • ОС: Windows 7
    • Процесор: Dual Core 2.0 ghz or better.
    • Памет: 4 GB памет
    • Видеокарта: nVidia GeForce GTX 560 or higher. ATI HD 6950 or higher.
    • DirectX: версия 11
    • Устройство за съхранение: 11 GB достъпно пространство
    • Звукова карта: Direct Sound capable card.
    • ОС: Mac OSX Lion or Mavericks
    • Процесор: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.8GHz or equivalent
    • Памет: 1 GB памет
    • Видеокарта: OpenGL 2.0+ support
    • Мрежа: Широколентова интернет връзка
    • Устройство за съхранение: 2 GB достъпно пространство
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( 85.7 изиграни часа )
Публикувани: 24 юли
FarSight changed the game with a new UI which is not only buggy, but very ugly. Myriad complaints by exisiting customer base have gone ignored.
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The Root Of All Evil
( 14.6 изиграни часа )
Публикувани: 24 юли
Great set of games, one of the worst UI updates I've seen in ages.
Полезно? Да Не Забавна
( 2.6 изиграни часа )
Публикувани: 22 юли
Wow.. As a long time pinball arcade fan, I must say that the new UI is .. err.. terrible..
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( 139.2 изиграни часа )
Публикувани: 22 юли
I have over half of the table packs and as a gamer who is old enough to actually remember most of the tables from the arcade, I can say it is pretty faithful.

But the pricing is out of whack, keep running specials on the $9.99 table packs and I will finish out the collection for ten bucks at a time all day long.

$29.99 for a few tables is way too much. I would never think of paying that. Not for a perfect rendition of any obsolete amusment. Nostalgia notwithstanding.

The Interface for the menus was disappointing but only because for a brief time I would crash my computer every time I left the game. This doesn't happen anymore.

It would be great if you coukld fix some oif the bugs in the old games, but by far this is the best version of pinball ever made that features the actual tables from the arcade so I have to give you props for that.
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( 0.1 изиграни часа )
Публикувани: 22 юли
Only £317.88 to unlock all the tables. Bargain
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( 0.7 изиграни часа )
Публикувани: 21 юли
The game is a lot of fun. Accurate recreation of many classic arcade pinball tables are available. Great physics. Feels responsive.
You just have to put up with the new user interface. The older one was better looking and easier to get around. The new UI is less convenient and looks worse. I don't know what they were thinking.
Good tables. Bad interface.
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( 9.7 изиграни часа )
Публикувани: 21 юли
I was enjoying this game almost daily for months until all of a sudden it started crashing, running extremely slowly, and making it impossible to play. I have no idea what happened, but a game that used to run perfectly every time was acting so buggy it was laughable. I even turned down the graphics all the way and it still runs like molasses! I love pinball, and I used to love this game, but I am extremely disappointed by whatever's happened with the "updates" recently.
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( 19.2 изиграни часа )
Публикувани: 19 юли
As a pinball lover, it's hard to review a game like this. (The binary yes/no of Steam Recommendations doesn't help, when you really want to say "meh".)

On the one hand, I want this product to succeed, because I want pinball to flourish. On the other hand, I don't want to encourage Farsight's approach to product development.

On the plus side, there are the technical aspects: authentic emulation of arcade ROMs, fairly accurate replication of physical table layouts, decent physics and real-time lighting.

On the negative side, there's everything else:

- the icon, logo, overall design, UI and UX. It all sucks.

- buying, choosing and playing a game with a game controller (gasp!) is an utter chore.

- good luck buying a single table directly from Steam. Instead, you have to navigate an in-game UI-from-hell.

- load times are inexplicably long and unnecessary. Farsight, we're not playing on iPhones here...

- table texture art ranges from good to abysmal on the very same table.

- environment art is even poorer. (It's been this way for many years -- way back before Pinball Arcade was even on Steam -- so I'm not holding my breath.)

The developers need to employ some talented designers. Designers who will design interfaces specific to the platform, with attention and care. See: Zen Pinball.

Farsight often claim that they love pinball. But it's clear at this point that they don't love details. Or game controllers.

I want to recommend the pinball, but I can't recommend the package.
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( 7.6 изиграни часа )
Публикувани: 19 юли
I am really addicted to the game, i just downloaded it two days ago. Today, ive been playing it most of the day, and i took a break. i came back and started playing the free one of the month, and all of a sudden my shifts dont work. i thought it was a lag. i tested it out on my notepad, and the keys wernt working, so i thought, ok, my batteries need to be changed. so i changed them. I start playing again, and it worked fine, until my second ball then all of a sudden my keys werent working again.i have to add that it works fine with my mouse clicks, but i would prefer to use my keyboard, but for some reason it doesnt want to work. i may have to see if i can find my usb keyboard and see if it works better. if not, then i know it isnt on my end of the stick. NOW, last night i was experiencing that my computer would crash when i picked random. i chopped it up to the fact i dont have any purchased sets, but it still crashed everytime. so i dont know what the issue is. . .
Gameplay: i wish there was an option in the game to look back on all your scores.

I plugged in my usb keyboard and it worked much better. so i am assuming it just doesnt respond well to wireless keyboards?
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( 173.2 изиграни часа )
Публикувани: 11 юли
Effin love it!
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13 от 15 човека (87%) сметнаха тази рецензия за полезна
Не са препоръчани
113.5 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 3 юли
I never write reviews, but I was so (negatively) inspired by the recent UI "update" (more like "downgrade" to what feels like the late 90's), that I had to say something.

First, let me say I've LOVED Pinball Arcade. The previous interface, while perhaps not as intuitive as possible, was attractive and familiar, and at least reasonably functional. So when I dowloaded the update and entered the game for the first time, I truly couldn't believe what I was seeing; I *seriously* thought something had gone wrong; perhaps steam couldn't identify my current version, or thought I had older hardware or something, and installed and older version of the game over my current one. But then I saw recent;y released tables in the list...OK, well, maybe this is new. somehow. I still wasn't sure tough until I logged in the next day...same thing. I was amazed.

I've never seen such a dramatic downgrade in the functionality of an interface in my 30 years as a computer user...seriously.

So while the actual gameplay itself hasn't changed, and is still a blast to play, be advised, you'll be dumbfounded (as everyone else seems to be) by the current UI ...VERY disappointing.
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12 от 15 човека (80%) сметнаха тази рецензия за полезна
Не са препоръчани
32.1 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 2 юли
New menu layout is downright horrible. I almost bought a new table pack right before the change. With all certainty I won't now. Explative!
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10 от 12 човека (83%) сметнаха тази рецензия за полезна
Не са препоръчани
3.5 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 2 юли
Purchasing Farsight Studios' Pinball Arcade packs has been the worst experience I have had in my cumulative experience with buying video games online. Their team completely ignores requests for features they have been receiving for, literally, years... they continue to introduce new bugs to their pinball table packs, and have introduced a new user interface that is so unpopular their overall ratings have dropped from 73% to 44% over the last 30 days (as of the last time I checked).

I won't go into detail on these issues as they are already clearly documented in their user discussions... my intent is to let other consumers know how bad my experience has been buying from this company so that other people can make an informed decision about their purchases. I can assure any interested parties that this developer will not communicate any plan for improvement, bug fixes or for future update timelines, etc etc... they are only interested in selling new content on a monthly basis without any regard for quality or consumer satisfaction whatsoever.

I am lucky enough to have been eligible for refunds on most of the Pinball Arcade content I have purchased.

Thank you for reading... I hope this helps someone to make informed decisions about dealing with this company.
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8 от 9 човека (89%) сметнаха тази рецензия за полезна
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131.6 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 3 юли
Many of your favourite tables replicated
Works with a controller
Many hours of fun pinball

Years-old bugs remain unfixed on several tables
Forced zoom to ball launch and other camera silliness
Truly horrible UI designed for handheld devices, readable only with high-powered binoculars, and full of hard sell items that you would already own if you had wanted them in the first place.
Flipper, ball, and table physics fall a bit too short of reality for pinball nostalgia to kick in
Tables you will never buy take up space on your drive
Can't play tournament unless you own all the tables, including the bad ones
Nudge/tilt physics quite poor

You'll have some fun, but don't hold your breath waiting for those annoying bugs to be fixed. Devs love releasing new content but not interested in addressing bugs and other shortcomings. Recent UI changes undermine credibility of the developers who seem have turned their back on loyal customers long ago. A disappointing result from a game which showed great promise initially. Buy it on sale using money you found down the back of your sofa.
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9 от 12 човека (75%) сметнаха тази рецензия за полезна
Не са препоръчани
8.8 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 25 юни
I have only recently owned Pinball Arcade within the last year after acquiring a VirtuaPin Mini Pincab running PinballX as my Frontend. I have hear rumors of possible cab-friendly changes in the not too distant future. In the meantime, I have managed to make things cab-friendly enough and, thanks to the author of PinballX creating integrated support, have been fairly satisfied with the results and playbility. That is, until the UI change that totally broke the integration with the pincab and the frontend.

The new UI reminds me of an XP touchscreen. If you have more games than can load on the screen and try to scroll down, the display fighte against you and scrolls back up. Just a quick note, pincabs don't generally have mice, keyboards, or game pads. While I was not a fan of the original UI, this one isn't much better, and in some cases is actually worse. And still no cab-friendly support.

C'mon Farsight! Help us to believe in you again! Your tables are great! Your UI not so much. Add to the new UI woes no command line support to directly launch individual DX11 tables or multi-screen (playfield, backglass, DMD) support, I can't recommend this to others as a sound purchase.
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6 от 7 човека (86%) сметнаха тази рецензия за полезна
Не са препоръчани
290.7 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 8 юли
Very balanced pinball experience. Beautifully recreated tables.First seasons lack a bit of visual appeal though, having blurry textures.
DX11 lighting is good.
No real cabinet option, but it can be achieved with a mod.
What kills it at the moment is the new UI, which is ugly (IMHO) and delivers more bugs than improvements and isn't thought out very well. Give the usual time it takes to fit things this review is gonna stay negative for a while.
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7 от 9 човека (78%) сметнаха тази рецензия за полезна
Не са препоръчани
11.3 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 2 юли
I loved playing this series on the PS4 and thought PC would improve the experience. Yikes! I'm stuck with a game that freezes on a regular basis. Nothing like being on a great roll, tripled the free game score on your first ball and you know you've already lined up at least three extra balls and you think this is the time I break the table - my score is going to be through the roof. As the third multi-ball madness winds down, without warning the game freezes. The table broke me and I never got to ball number 2. This is when the heartache went too far. The game freezes more often than not before I can go through three balls.
Беше ли полезна тази рецензия? Да Не Забавна
7 от 10 човека (70%) сметнаха тази рецензия за полезна
1 човек намери тази рецензия за забавна
Не са препоръчани
8.7 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 2 юли
This is probably my favorite game of all time. I own it (and many many tables) on both android and PC. It's amazing. I however will not be recommending this game until the unbelievably crappy new UI is fixed. I was happy with the game I had before and now it's sorta broken and quite frankly a little clunky. Ew.
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8 от 12 човека (67%) сметнаха тази рецензия за полезна
1 човек намери тази рецензия за забавна
Не са препоръчани
313.9 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 1 юли

I had a nice, long, positive review ready to go a couple months ago for this game, which I've enjoyed for years... then they updated the UI and pointlessly ruined the game. It's ugly, it gets in the way, it's annoying and cumbersome to use with a controller or pincab, it crippled performance, and it makes the entire experience, frankly, unbearable. I said it on the forum and I'll repeat it here: Whoever designed the updated UI should be fired.

So yeah, nice one guys. You apparently put a lot of work into a UI that turned out to be beyond terrible, you beta tested it without listening to your beta testers (of which I was one -- my feedback was ignored just like everyone elses), and then you forced it upon your long suffering customers without any warning and in spite of complaints coming from every direction that it was a mistake. Great work. Get rid of new UI or at least make it usable without intruding on gameplay and ruining performance and I'll consider posting an actual review of the game.

But right now, because you suck at coding and you didn't listen, I can't play a game I've spent a huge amount of money on and actively supported for years, so all you get is this:

Беше ли полезна тази рецензия? Да Не Забавна
9 от 14 човека (64%) сметнаха тази рецензия за полезна
345.1 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 10 юли
Just wanted to post a review for this game as I feel it is undeserving of the Intense criticism it's recieving lately.

This game has undergone some changes and people are not happy. I prefer to think positively about this, the new user interface is no way near as bad as some people are making out. It does have some issues yes, most definitely but I'm hopeful it will get worked on with time. What Farsight studios is doing is unprecedented, they have a lot of work on thier hands and I respect them for taking on a Mammoth challenge like this. If you love pinball, and I guess more importantly.. 'real' pinball, this game delivers a fantastic experience in simulating the real thing. And it's only going to get better with time, as physics improvements and more are planned. If you are a hardcore pinball fan, you may be disappointed with the amount of bugs in game which are extremely slow to be fixed, resulting in frustration for many.

So my review concludes that the game is functional to a point, but if you can stand the long wait or deal with the possibility of some bugs never being addressed, it's a brilliant simulation that is only going to get better. It is currently my favourite game on the market, and I look forward to the years ahead and seeing what they will bring... adios.
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