Pinball Arcade by FarSight Studios features exact recreations of the all-time greatest pinball tables from Williams®, Bally®, Stern Pinball®, and Gottlieb® together in one game. Every flipper, bumper, sound effect, and display pixel has been painstakingly emulated in astonishing detail.
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Data lansării: 4 nov., 2013

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"They aren't all winners, but there are plenty of fantastic and accurate re-creations of real pinball machines here to get excited about. -JG"
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27 noiembrie

No Fear: Dangerous Sports™ Just Released

No Fear: Dangerous Sports™ (1995): combines extreme sports with extreme pinball. Created by a design team led by Steve Ritchie, players are challenged with competing in the most daring events in the air, snow, asphalt, dirt and water. These include free climbing, water skiing, super-cross, extreme skiing, auto racing and more! The playfield features excellent flow with easy-to-follow shot lights and a talking skull who calls out what to aim for. The magnetic ball accelerator sets players up to take a flying leap across the Jump Ramp's void. A little danger makes it a lot of fun! 4,540 units of this table were produced.

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23 noiembrie

Twitch Steam: No Fear™ (Wednesday 25th @ 4PM Pacific)

We will be showing off No Fear™ on Twitch this Wednesday(25th) at 4PM Pacific! Just show up for a chance to win free copies of the table for Steam or Mobile!

Immediately following the stream, Buffalo Pinball will be taking over with 'Bro, Do you even Pinball?', the real No Fear™ table and MORE Prizes!!!

See you there!

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“Mobile Game of the Year!”

“If you have any love for pinball, you should definitely pick up the Pinball Arcade. Grade: A”
100 – Gaming Age

“These tables are awesome”
85 – IGN

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Pinball Arcade by FarSight Studios features exact recreations of the all-time greatest pinball tables from Williams®, Bally®, Stern Pinball®, and Gottlieb® together in one game.

Every flipper, bumper, sound effect, and display pixel has been painstakingly emulated in astonishing detail.

Download now and you’ll get the incredible Tales of the Arabian Nights™ table for free!

Twilight Zone™, Star Trek: The Next Generation™, Theatre of Magic™ (named the best video pinball simulation of all time by G4TV), Scared Stiff™, Elvira and the Party Monsters™, Monster Bash™, Gorgar™, Circus Voltaire™, Funhouse™, Medieval Madness™, Pin•Bot™, The Machine: Bride of Pin•Bot™, Creature from the Black Lagoon™, No Good Gofers™, Big Shot™, Taxi™, Harley-Davidson® 3rd Edition, Black Knight™, Cactus Canyon™, White Water™, Space Shuttle®, Centaur™, Flight 2000™, Goin’ Nuts™, Terminator 2: Judgment Day®, and other great tables are also available from within this great game.

Each month, regular updates will add classic pinball tables for years to come!

Our goal is for the Pinball Arcade to become the most realistic and comprehensive pinball game ever created. Please support us in our efforts to preserve these tables and join the indelible part of Americana that is pinball!

Cerinţe de sistem

Mac OS X
    • SO: Windows XP
    • Procesor: Dual Core 1.6 ghz or better.
    • Memorie: 1 GB RAM
    • Grafică: Graphics card supporting DirectX 9.0c and Shader Model 3.0
    • DirectX: Versiune 9.0c
    • Stocare: 11 GB spațiu disponibil
    • Placă audio: Direct Sound capable card.
    • SO: Windows 7
    • Procesor: Dual Core 2.0 ghz or better.
    • Memorie: 4 GB RAM
    • Grafică: nVidia GeForce GTX 560 or higher. ATI HD 6950 or higher.
    • DirectX: Versiune 11
    • Stocare: 11 GB spațiu disponibil
    • Placă audio: Direct Sound capable card.
    • SO: Mac OSX Lion or Mavericks
    • Procesor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.8GHz or equivalent
    • Memorie: 1 GB RAM
    • Grafică: OpenGL 2.0+ support
    • Rețea:
      Conexiune Internet Broadband
    • Stocare: 2 GB spațiu disponibil
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26 din 28 oameni (93%) consideră această recenzie folositoare
111.5 ore înregistrate
Postat: 13 septembrie
If you are interested in Real pinball, as in machines out in the real world. This is the game for you.
All the tables are based on real tables, and does a pretty good job of it. So after playing the tables in this game, you already know what to shoot for out in the real world, and your scores will be that much greater.
However, Make sure you run this game in DX11, and make sure you adjust the lighting. (I usually go for 10-15% room brightness and 90-100% lamp brightness, to better emulate how games typically will look like in the real world.)

Now for the bad parts. (Why you shouldn't buy this game)

Most people will not know how to run this game in DX11, so the game will look like crap tbh. And when you see the same machine in the real world, it will not look familiar at first. (because in RL it will be much darker.) in short, this game will not look like the screenshots to most people. (I'm sure this issue will eventually be addressed.)

My biggest complaint here is that you have to pay extra to get access to "Pro-menus"
This means you can't tweak the tables to match Tournament settings, where extra balls are usually turned off. This is the biggest complaint I have about that. Some might argue, but I feel this is just a moneygrab.

The game is locked at max 60fps. As someone who has been used to playing at 120fps on another game, this looks terrible. When the ball moves quickly across the table it looks like a series of frames, not movement. Not only does this look bad, but diminishes the feel of the game. For something intended to emulate real world pinball, this is something that need to be improved. Monitors with higher refresh rates are more and more common, and is cheaper than ever, as monitor makers now focuses on 4k and g-sync/free-sync.

Nudging = unrealistic
In this game, nudging shakes the table and moves the ball a bit afterwards. In the real world, you shake the table a bit, but the ball will just stay in place. (like moving a carpet under a ball, the ball just rolls in place dues to the inertia of the ball, and pinball are quite heavy.) So in the real world, you nudge a part of the machine into the ball to make it move, like a bumper, wall or the flipper. (I make a point of only nudging when "slap saving" or a wall/bumper would hit the ball to move it. So that I don't develop any unrealistic habits for when I play RL tables.)

Physics are generally bad.
It does a good job of trying to emulate the feel of playing a real table, but combined with 60fps, the collision handling is just horrible. Many times the ball has moved into the same space of the flipper, resulting in the ball shooting off in the direction nearest to open space. Like straight through the object, out the other side. (the nudging doesn't even follow any laws of physics.)

Although you can play the game in 3D, like with Nvidia 3D vision, the game consists of 2D objects, albeit layered. So although bumpers and ramps stick "out", they are still 2D flat. The ramps looks especially dull.

+ If you want something that emulates real pinball, this is definately the game for you. Buy it!
- If you want a pinball game that looks better, plays better and takes advantage of all the possibilities a pinball game on the computer can give you. You might not want to buy this game.

But overall, this is still a fun game to play, even if this is the "second" pinball game you buy ;)
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Postat: 25 iunie
I previously had issues with Black Knight and they seem to be working on the ball lock issue.

They upgraded the game with an optional DX11 version, but you can play it with DX9. If you have a DX11 video card, try the enhanced version.

You can customise the DX11 lighting effects.

You can buy seasons or individual tables. They occasionally have sales.

The pinball tables are fun. I have almost 20 hours logged into it.

There's one free table. There's a table of the month you can play as well. There are adds between games as well.

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Postat: 2 septembrie
Don't mind my hours because I've played a ton of Pinball Arcade. I first fell in love with it on the Playstation 3 and eventually moved to the Steam version, which I like much more. I highly recommend getting the season packages. In fact, this is put out by a fairly small outfit with a lot of dedication and passion for pinball, so I pay extra for the pro pack to help support them. I don't even mess with the extra stuff that comes with the pro, except maybe ball skins. They're just worth it.

If you don't know, buying a past season gives you all the games from that season, since they've already released. Your game (Pinball Arcade) updates a few minutes after your purchase, so there isn't an install, unless things have changed since I bought one last. If you buy the current season, there may only be a few games but be patient. Similar to a current season of TV episodes, the games are still being released and you'll get them as they come until the purchased season is over. It gives you something to look forward to!

As an 80s kid, I didn't have money for plunking into pinball or arcade machines. I was one of those who would stand around and watch others play, just to feel the excitement. My father worked in a factory and would sometimes bring home an actual pinball that popped out of a big machine on occasion. I settled for rolling that around on the floor (sad, I know!)

But now, I have more than I could ever dream at my fingertips! And they're so realistic! Farsight takes the actual tables and dissects them, ensuring we get as authentic an experience as possible besides playing the real thing. And while owning real pinball machines sounds great, think of the upkeep and expense, not to mention the room you'd need. It's a romantic thought, but this is way better.

I have a number of pinball video games, but there are two that rule supreme for me: Pinball FX2 (Zen) and Pinball Arcade. I love Zen Pinball for the fantasy angle. They make excellent tables that never existed so anything is possible, especially with Marvel and Star Wars! But when I want to play something that was actually crafted and made the rounds back when I was wishing I could play, that's when Pinball Arcade comes through for me.

I play using a Logitech Gamepad F310, by the way, and it works great!

This is my first time actually sitting down and writing a review here (I think), so I hope it was worth a poop.
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4 din 6 oameni (67%) consideră această recenzie folositoare
76.4 ore înregistrate
Postat: 17 august
The best Pinball game I've ever seen and with great controller support, letting you even do light nudging depending how hard you hit the stick. All the machines existed in real life and recreated as realistically as possible.
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Postat: 26 noiembrie
If you like the old pinball games that used to get put out in all the old diners and dives that I remember from growing up, then you'll love this game.
If you never had the opportunity to get acquainted with the wonderous boards that Gottlieb used to put out, but still want to, then this is the game for you.
It plays well, scales for different systems easily enough, and it plays true to how the boards played.
All in all, great representation. I'd still love to have the real board in front of me, but you can't ahve everything. This is the next best thing.
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