Newly updated with 7 singleplayer/co-op missions, a brand new multiplayer map and vastly improved hit detection! Interstellar Marines resurrects the old school tactical FPS, offering a unique blend of co-op, role-playing and nonlinear gameplay. Play co-op or multiplayer on dedicated servers around the world.
User reviews: Mostly Positive (4,729 reviews)
Release Date: Jul 2, 2013

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What the developers have to say:

“We're a small team pouring our blood, sweat and tears into delivering an FPS that merges the best from tactical shooters with believable science fiction and role-playing-- think Half-Life meets System Shock, giving birth to Rainbow Six in space!

By purchasing Early Access to Interstellar Marines, you’re actively supporting the development of the game, and as we release frequent updates we invite you to give your feedback and suggestions to help us create the best game possible.”
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"It's about a 9/10 on the "i'm going to wet my pants" scale. The co-op is pretty good!"
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February 9

Update 17: Welcome On Board!

Update 17: Welcome On Board!

Every new year should blast off with something exhilarating, so for this update we're moving you along at a blistering speed with the addition of the new sprint movement mode AND a free week on Steam!

Update 17
Version: 0.5.17
Released: 6th February, 2015

What's New

ADDED: New Introduction Mission: Welcome To Project IM
ADDED: Early iteration of the Accuracy, Stamina and Sprint changes. These changes will be completed in Update 18
ADDED: Hell Week introduction video and sign up form to main menu
ADDED: Admins can now change multiplayer map from in-game
ADDED: Spawn locations of power boxes in Operations are now completely randomised
ADDED: Server browser is split into Coop and Multiplayer servers for easier and quicker browsing
ADDED: Chat is now logged on a per-server basis
ADDED: Warning message given to players joining a high-ping server
ADDED: New hit detection is default on servers
ADDED: Spearhead icon now shows for Spearhead players on singleplayer scoreboards
ADDED: Several new Steam achievements
ADDED: Several new TP rewards
ADDED: List of TP rewards in the Profile tab, removed outdated list from levelcam view


UPDATED: The NeuroGen Incident re-built as version 3. Improved map, resolved several issues, improved performance, added mercenary bots to different team, reworked several areas of the map
UPDATED: Server browser filters are now expanded by default
UPDATED: In-game chat function now allows multiple lines
UPDATED: Several additions to stats tracking
UPDATED: Arch to ensure players cannot glitch out of the map
UPDATED: New reticule for the Assault Rifle

Known Issues

- Some new achievements and TP rewards may not work. We're investigating
- Not all new achievements have icons, we'll add next week
- New achievements do not show up within the in-game Profile tab. We will add these soon
- The HUD names and kill messages will be clipped on aspect ratios that are less wide than 16:10
- The game will stop updating when switching out of fullscreen in Windows (known bug in Unity 4)
- View jittering may occur when jumping on lossy networks
- Audio may cut off partially/completely on weapon/helmet sounds
- Other players will seem to float above or interpenetrate while standing on a moving dynamic platforms (network smoothing will exaggerate this effect)
- Potential to fall through elevator when moving


FIXED: "Keycard in crew quarter in NGI sometimes not appearing"
FIXED: "Inability to revive in multiplayer maps other than Dynacore"
FIXED: "Logs can only be played once in NGI"
FIXED: "Death skull now shows for bots in Playground maps"
FIXED: "No more floating bots at the start of Stronghold Coop"
FIXED: "No extraction marker on Starcrown"
FIXED: "No extraction marker on Colony if you leave and rejoin during a match"
FIXED: "Bots sometimes not appearing in single player"
FIXED: "The 'no run/crouch' triggers occasionally cause permanent 'no run/crouch'"
FIXED: "Multiplayer scoreboard styling"
FIXED: "Difficulty in single player sometimes incorrect after playing co-op"
FIXED: "Revived players experiencing black screens'"
FIXED: "Cargo elevators in NGI have crate shadows above them"
FIXED: "HUD difficulty text not going offline when HUD goes down"
FIXED: "Bots spawning and instantly dying in NGI research"
FIXED: "Exiting the coop poster now works"
FIXED: "Revive no longer completes if reviving player is killed"
FIXED: "Spawn time is now accurate when waiting to spawn in Deadlock"
FIXED: "Players not correctly first person spectating other players when dead"

Your team at Zero Point Software

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January 9

Hotfix For Update 16

Hotfix For Update 16

Today we've released a hotfix for Update 16. This introduces some performance improvements, fixes some minor issues, brings back The NeuroGen Incident servers and fixes some issues with the stats system.

Update 16a - Assault On Starcrown Aerospace
Version: 0.5.16a
Released: 9th January 2015


UPDATED: Physics performance enhancements
UPDATED: Revive time depends on mode and difficulty setting
UPDATED: Xmayhem game mode put back in Santa's Christmas box, and Mainline Winter reverted to original version


FIXED: "Incorrect Unity build setting creating issues with resizing screens and vsync"
FIXED: "Issue in The NeuroGen Incident (NGI servers are back up)"
FIXED: "Not being able to find the last bot in Elimination game mode"
FIXED: "Online stats are now being recorded. Some further work to be done for edge cases. Stats will be reset in future"
FIXED: "Occlusion bugs on Starcrown and Mainline"
FIXED: "Blocker added to Mainline to ensure players cannot leave the map"
FIXED: "Crate occlusion on Stronghold"

Known Issues

-The HUD names and kill messages will be clipped on aspect ratios that are wider than 16:10
-The game will stop updating when switching out of fullscreen in Windows (known bug in Unity 4)
-View jittering may occur when jumping on lossy networks
-Audio may cut off partially/completely on weapon/helmet sounds
-Other players will seem to float above or interpenetrate while standing on a moving dynamic platforms (network smoothing will exaggerate this effect)
-Potential to fall through elevator when moving
-Sometimes bots will not appear in single player maps. Restart the game and they will appear
-Sometimes the first series of bots on Stronghold Elimination A will spawn mid-air
-Revive does not work on multiplayer maps except Dynacore
-Scoreboard sometimes goes out of alignment

Your team at Zero Point Software

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Interstellar Marines - Regular Edition

Purchase Interstellar Marines and receive the following:

  • Early Access – be part of the development of Interstellar Marines and provide your feedback and suggestions as we expand the game update after update.
  • All In – receive all future updates and expansions completely free of charge.

Interstellar Marines - Spearhead Edition

In addition to Early Access to Interstellar Marines (including all future updates and expansions), the Spearhead Edition includes:

  • Access to Beta Builds of New Updates – Spearhead owners receive access to early beta builds of new updates before they're released publicly, allowing you to test out new content in advance.
  • Spearhead identity – A unique honorary game profile that with time will grant you access to special skins, helmets, weapons etc. (does not alter gameplay).*
  • Hall of Honor & Credits – Your name will be acknowledged in a special in-game Hall of Honor and you’ll also get your name in the credits.*
  • Digital Soundtracks – Download the Interstellar Marines: The Beginning soundtrack as well as all future soundtracks as they are released.
  • Digital Art Books – Download digital PDFs released periodically, filled with high resolution concept art, screenshots and behind the scenes information.*
  • Extra Steam Key – You’ll receive an additional copy of Interstellar Marines to trade or gift to a friend.
  • Digital Concept Art – You’ll receive early copies of concept art and other images in a special Spearhead folder on your hard drive.
*Not available yet

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About This Game

7 Singleplayer/Co-op Missions and 9 Unique Multiplayer Maps Available!

We now have seven singleplayer/co-op missions available to play, including the new Assault on Starcrown Aerospace and The NeuroGen Incident campaigns, which propels you into the middle of two pivotal missions inside the Interstellar Marines universe. Play singleplayer or co-op with up to three friends in intense action with more co-op, singleplayer and multiplayer missions coming soon!

Interstellar Marines resurrects the old school tactical FPS, offering a unique blend of co-op, role-playing and non-linear gameplay. Set in a believable future, you take on the role of an elite soldier handpicked to join Project IM, a top secret military program being assembled to protect mankind from all dangers outside our solar system.

Interstellar Marines is inspired by Half-Life, System Shock 2 and Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield. Our game is all about evolving the FPS recipe with all the inspirations we've assimilated since the birth of the genre. Our goal is an evolutionary leap forward driven by our compulsive interest in science fiction, role-playing, military realism, and respect for first person immersion.

Features Currently Available

  • Singleplayer and co-op stealth campaign called Assault on Starcrown Aerospace with sandbox gameplay, randomised locations and multiple difficulty levels.
  • Massive singleplayer and co-op level titled The NeuroGen Incident.
  • 5 additional co-op and single-player challenge missions against our unscripted AI for you and your friends to test your abilities.
  • 9 unique indoor and outdoor maps featuring dynamic environment configurations such as time of day, rain, thunder and lightning, emergency lighting, fire alarms, movable platforms etc.
  • 100% dynamic lighting and real-time shadows as well as destructible light fixtures.
  • Full-body first person character simulation (no more floating hands!) with a physics-based dynamic character controller.
  • Advanced and intuitive crouch and cover system.
  • Physically present combat helmet with futuristic HUD projected onto the inside of the visor glass and affected by light and rain.
  • Deadlock game mode (5vs5 and 8vs8) in highly dynamic environments.
  • Full spectator and movie mode with freecam, first and third person views. Record movies, livestream, and cast matches.
  • Experience various maps and prototypes in “Playground” mode (singleplayer).
  • Play on high capacity dedicated servers in the US, Europe, Australia, Russia and Brazil.
  • Submachine Gun (CE6) and Assault Rifle (AR-3) with full-auto fire.
  • Shoot from hip or look through the Red Dot scope for increased accuracy.
  • Toggleable tactical flashlight for when it’s pitch black.
  • Toggleable laser to assist your aim (no crosshairs)
  • Smooth network play even on high latency connections with packet loss.
  • Realistically simulated ragdolls with momentum transfer.
  • Multiple Steam Achievements.

Vision of Interstellar Marines

  • First Person Simulation
    A razor-sharp focus on creating a truly immersive First Person Simulator via distinct graphics, audio and gameplay.
  • Tactical Co-op
    The entire game experience designed from the ground up to support up to 4 players in co-op, with true cooperative interaction.
  • Progressive Role-Playing
    Flat and classless progressive character development and skill system that is not dumbed down for consoles.
  • Nonlinear Game Design
    Open and dynamic game world that always presents a multitude of tactical options for navigating the environment.
  • Customizable Arsenal
    A comprehensive selection of weapon models and types, extension upgrades and equipment options, allowing on-the-fly choice in each tactical situation.
  • Thinking AI
    Enemies that react to input from you and the surrounding game world. We would rather have one smart thinking enemy than five stupid ones.
  • Believable Science Fiction
    Realistic and rich sci-fi environments, ranging from claustrophobic space stations to large outdoor worlds.
  • Interactive Storyline
    A cinematic narrative centered around first contact with another sentient species, where your choices and actions will have consequences.

    Roadmap (Near Future)

    These are the features we are planning on adding fairly soon, and are in no particular order. Many of them have already been partially completed:
    • Steam features (stats, achievements, friends).*
    • Advanced character movement (sprint to be added).*
    • Tactical gameplay (fatigue and adrenaline).*
    • Co-op features (multiplayer).*
    • Weapon features (rate-of-fire, extensions, reload types).
    • Extend general game UI and HUD system.
    • In-game profiles.*
    • More weapon types and models.*
    • New multiplayer maps.*
    • Environment variations, theme and context.
    • Shooting range (singleplayer).
    • Developer Commentary mode.
    • Oculus Rift support.
    • Server / LAN support.*
    • Artificial Intelligence (AI).*
    *This is already partially completed and in Interstellar Marines

    Your team at Zero Point Software

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS:Windows XP SP3 or Windows Vista
    • Processor:2.4 GHz Dual Core
    • Memory:2 GB GB RAM
    • Graphics:Nvidia Geforce 8800 GT / ATI Radeon HD 4770
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:3 GB HD space
    • Sound:DirectX 9.0c Compatible
    • OS:Win 7 or later
    • Processor:2.4 GHz Quad Core
    • Memory:4 GB GB RAM
    • Graphics:Nvidia Geforce GTX 280 / ATI Radeon HD 5830
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:3 GB HD space
    • Sound:DirectX 9.0c Compatible
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
    • OS:10.7.5 (Lion)
    • Processor:2.2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:Nvidia Geforce 8800 / ATI Radeon HD 3850
    • Hard Drive:3 GB HD space
    • OS:10.8.2 (Mountain Lion)
    • Processor:2.4 GHz Intel Quad Core
    • Memory:4 GB RAM
    • Graphics:Nvidia Geforce GT 120 / ATI Radeon HD 4870
    • Hard Drive:3 GB HD space
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
    • OS:Linux
    • Processor:2.4 GHz Dual Core
    • Memory:2 GB GB RAM
    • Graphics:Nvidia Geforce 8800 GT / ATI Radeon HD 4770
    • Hard Drive:3 GB HD space
    • OS:Latest version of Ubuntu (14.04)
    • Processor:2.4 GHz Quad Core
    • Memory:4 GB GB RAM
    • Graphics:Nvidia Geforce GTX 280 / ATI Radeon HD 5830
    • Hard Drive:3 GB HD space
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
Helpful customer reviews
197 of 262 people (75%) found this review helpful
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4.8 hrs on record
Posted: February 10
Early Access Review
This is an user friendly game review/in game useer manual for Interstellar marines xDDDDD

Interstellar Marines, is an first person shooter game (FPS)
It is yet only in the early-access stage wich means that this game may, or may not be finished. But as it seems like right now the devs will continue this game. The first impression of this game when i first saw the video that plays when you first start up the game was great. the game has great overall graphics and suits pretty much all computers (within limitations) you do not need to have an super computer to play this game and it gives good fps.
In the begining you will start straight on the training course to get used to the controls.
then you are on your'e own. you can choose to play either single player (story mode/campaign) or you can jump over to co-op or versus mode. but first off im gonna talk about single player:

Single player means that you play versus the computer, (also called bots/Ai's)
The bots in this game are well made, they seem to be "artificial intelligent" they detect you easier when you stand/run than they do when you crouch and move slowly.
In game you will also have the options to equip lights (F), laser aim on your gun (G) or supressor (Q) when you use laser and the flashlight in game be carefull,\ because other players in game can see the laser and the flashlight (bots too)
they detect you a lot more faster when you have laser and flashlight enabled.
If you do not use the sound supressor on your gun, then be adviced. within a few seconds you will hear tons of robots stomping in the ground and coming sprinting towards you and ready to bash your skull in with their fists :)

the envoirment in the game is mostly dark/foggy so it is hard to spot enemies as well as it is hard to stay hidden if you will have to use your flashlight. this is why i often like strobing the flashlight for few moments as it can be mistaken to be lights in game that flimmers.

The thing with this game is that there are not very many guns. wich makes this game more focused on how actually skilled you are isntead of all the gear.
some peopels like it. some peoples dont.

the physics in the game are great. movement are well balanced as well as the gravity, in this game you do not have a bar that shows your stamina. but you still have it. so dont be sprinting around like a maniac. because this will affect how well you can aim when youre standing still as you will soon start to breathe like you have held your breath for 5 mina haha.

in game you can comunicate with different players. both with text and with voice chat. voice (V) chat is more prefered as the text does not show up before you open the "text menu" where you writes your messages, so they do not pop up on your screen automatically.

If you like to change graphics settings or general game settings and key bindings, then there is an fair ammount of options to use. and the game has a good compability to most screens. wich is quite good as i am using an 50" tv while i play. wich can be troubling in many games.

Also, every single bullet you fire in this game counts. the STATS menu will show you absolutely everything, and by saying this i mean absolutely EVERYTHING
you can see how many bullets you have shot, how many kills, how many deaths, kill/death ratio, wich body part you have hit the most. and how many times you have hit the different body parts counted per bullet.

so theres lot of room for competition with your friends about the best stats.
it is also displaying what your favourite weapon is.

The in game controls are easy to maneuver and is easy to get used to.
If you want to play online either in co-op or in versus battles there are plenty of servers in different locations so you can use the filters to browse for servers that is filling your recuirements of ping, difficulty, game mode and so on.

If you have any questions or any issues or maby even a bug report then you can just contact the devs via twitter, facebook or the steam game forum page, they are really fast at responding. and they are also really friendly.

i have already reported in a few bugs that aint a big deal and they responded within 20 minutes.
so i give the support area an 10/10 points just for that.

One of the biggest thigns about this game is that even it is a futuristic/sci-fi game it is still really realistic wich means things work out in the game as it would in real life, as an example: laser aim. in many games they make the laser beams a solid red beam that is highly visiblie to all players. but i real life you would not be able to see the laser beam unless theres some dust particles in the air. the more dust particles in the air, the more visiblie the beam gets.

and in the game. it is just slightly visiblie as it is under normal circumstances in real life.

the flashlight is dynamic light. it fades over distance and lights up the room like a real flashlight. it is not a static/flat light.


when you run, your character starts breathing more heavily. and starts to run slower.
if you get injured. your vision will become blurry and you will have an hard time to see your surroundings until you recover.

in the interview of the devs they say they wanted to create this game as realistic as possiblie for sci-fi games. and they did it pretty well!

in general this game is a whole lot of fun and really exciting and it is a great game and personally i have high expectations for this game as it got such big potentional to become something big and if you like fps games. then this is the game for you.

in general i give this game an 8/10 points.
reason i do not give it 10/10 is because of there is a few bugs, but im pretty sure this will be fixed pretty soon.
the campaign does not have much of an "story" but this is just what i like with games.
the multiplayer part is 10/10
but as i said earlier. this is still an early access game. so it is not done yet and it will improove over time. it is a good buy and i do recommend this game.

this is one of the best FPS multiplayer games made in a really long time.

Lock'n load. and prepare for having some real fun !

(i have made an in game video wich i will post up here pretty soon)
and ps: excuse my english grammar, im not from an english speaking country ;)

heres my video reviev in game:
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8.1 hrs on record
Posted: February 13
Early Access Review
After 8 hours I think I've seen enough of what this game has to offer to make my own judgement on whether or not I would personally recommend it in it's current state. I was looking forward to trying it for some time and really wanted to like it more. I will definitely be checking back throughout the future, and I recommend anyone else that is somewhat interested in the game does the same.

Without getting into details, the developers and the game concept itself have had a rocky history going back to 2005, yet they continue to persevere. There are a lot of reasons the situation is the way it is but it just reminds me of development failures like Duke Nukem Forever. Ultimately, it raises a red flag to me because every single game I had ever hoped for that had such a long development cycle ended up being a failure and as such I can not recommend people spend their money on something that statistically does not have a very good chance at delivering on the promises it has made.


My favorite part of the game (and this is honestly kind of sad) is that you can open and close your helmet visor. So far it's pretty pointless, but during the more lengthy game modes I find that opening the visor makes the game feel much more immersive - and it also makes me feel like kind of a bad-♥♥♥ for some reason.

I also really like the tap/hold functionality for running, flashlight, etc. You can tap to toggle on/off or just hold it for the duration you want it on. It's a nice touch that I haven't seen before anywhere else.

Maps like Elevation show promise, in that the environment changes - on this map in particular areas of the playing field raise and lower. That was very cool and is a gimmick that the dev's should definitely try to cash in on.

The 2 guns look nice.


The first night I played I started with coop, playing each of the Survival and Elimination maps and the much praised Neurogen Incident map where we experienced the key-card bug and ended up wandering around for 40 minutes (our collective confusion was one of the most amusing things I experienced in the game). I enjoyed myself but it didn't take long before I lost interest.

The next night I tried single player looking for something more immersive, and although it was a bit creepier to not have backup I just found myself running from objective to objective running and gunning without much strategy at all (yes, even on the Neurogen Incident map).

Finally I tried the multiplayer, after about 10 attempts to join servers and 10 subsequent errors I finally got to play. I quickly found that 3-4 sloppy shots across a moving enemies torso was enough to get a kill, easy. My fondest memory was getting repeatedly team-killed and having to wait 2 minutes for re-spawn. Also, I was killed a number of times without hearing any bullets, seeing any enemies or noticing any incoming damage beforehand or even seeing a message about who or what killed me.

The alerts that appear if you accidentally shoot a teammate are a nice touch but since you get kills in 1-4 shots it's often too late to be useful anyway. The only thing that really differentiates enemies from teammates (when your visor is open or HUD is down) are some barely noticeable blue lights on their uniforms. Some claim this is to add to the realism (right, because a game where robots run at you at 150mph is realistic), but I tend to think the dev's have just been too lazy to make a slightly different marine skin.

Normally, I play games for a couple to a few hours at a time but I just had no desire to do so with this one as it quickly became redundant, regardless of the solo/coop/multi options and different game types that aren't really too dramatically different from one another.


What we have right now is a game with only 2 weapons, 2 enemies and a handful of playable maps. Reading through the development blog I see that it took almost a year for crouching to be implemented - this, among many other things, in my opinion does not bode well for the future of the game. People have provided me with reasons (excuses) as to why it took so long, claiming that it's more advanced than a typical crouch function, but they fail to realize that what it is is actually just a cover system, and I've played tons of games with cover systems, it's nothing new and I'm not impressed.

From a distance, the game looks visually pleasing, but if you actually stop to look at anything you find that it's all really quite bland and lacking in detail. The computer consoles, for example, have less detail than an unpainted plastic model kit. I wonder if that's one of the reasons they made everything so dark?

When you start the game you're thrown into possibly one of the most boring training missions ever without even really telling you who you are, what's going on, why you're doing the things you do, etc.

The AI is atrocious, but stupidly entertaining. I have approached groups of bots, shot one and the rest just stand there perplexed. I've seen 3-4 bots getting stuck going up a flight of stairs. I've had staring contests with a few bots that I'm pretty sure are supposed to be trying to murder me. Sometimes they move around a corner to try and hide from you, but they only go halfway behind the wall so it's still easy to shoot them in the side of the face anyway. They also tend to get stuck on walls and behind doors. The only thing that balances their stupidity is the fact that they can usually kill you in 1-2 shots which makes me wonder why the marines even bother wearing body armor.

There are a number of silly animations and sounds which I'm sure could be improved rather easily. The running animation is as comical as can be and there seems to be an issue currently causing marines to suffer from rather serious sounding asthma attacks. I find it funny how you can kill someone who is standing perfectly still and their weapon goes flying like there is a really powerful wind or something (if you don't believe me, go to the physics playground, shoot the marine statues and watch the guns fly).

I see a lot of people saying this game is scary, granted the maps are generally pretty dark and robots run at you ridiculously fast causing some jump scares. It is creepy to hear their footsteps in the distance and wonder what direction they'll come from. I would still consider Mass Effect to have scarier moments and that was not a scary game. Still, there's potential for that to improve.

Final Thoughts:

At the end of the day I wouldn't have high hopes for this game, it has taken the developers a very long time to come as far as they have and they have much much farther to go if they want to achieve the "AAA indie" game they keep talking about. In my experience, a game that takes forever to develop is most likely a game that will never deliver on the promises it has made, or it will be ripped off and done better and faster by somebody else.
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30.6 hrs on record
Posted: February 10
Early Access Review
I've only played this game for 6 hours as of now, but I've gotten to rank 25 online, which isn't too bad considering 80% of people who're on there are all under rank 8.



The gameplay is surprisily very good. Realistic, and yet not too hard. The guns will move a bit upwards if you hold the trigger, but is still controllable, and confortable, so it's not bad. Just like other good FPS games like Battlefield(s), Medal of Honor, etc. The scope on your assault rifle is 4x zoom, but only has 20, contrary to your main weapon, which is a SMG, and holds 30. Nevertheless, the assault rifle packs a big punch, and if used right, can prove useful as a sniper would. Very accurate and easy to use. The SMG however, is all a SMG is really; quick firing, red dot scope, light, 30 round clip. Overall I like them both for what they are; one is close range, the other long range.


So I haven't done very many of the single player missons yet, but I've played all the online maps that there are, which is 9. All of them are fun in their own way. The winter one is very *cough*cool*cough*, the swamp map is a nightmere in the dark, but still freakily fun, and the others are well-made with lots of spots to hide behide, and lots of spots to round a corner and get shot in the face, or walk up to a building in the dark only to find out a guy is in the shadows *dead*. Overall, they're great maps in a sci-fi setting. You won't get bored of them very quickly.


The laser on the guns is awesome. You can see the point of it no matter where it is shining. (in the tree, on the ground, or 4 miles away) The only con about it is, in most maps whether in the dark, or rain, snow, etc, you can see the whole beam of light. Which makes it very easy to find the man holding the gun.

The flashlight is very bright, but gives you away in a *cough*flash*cough*. You have to pick the right moments to turn it on. if you're in a big room, and you think you saw someone, it's totally worth turning it on to get a kill. or at least see where you are in the pitch-black moments.

The silencer works, and I haven't noticed any reduced velocity as of yet.

You have unlimited ammo. Keep reloading till your R button is broken. I litterally reload even if I only used two bullets. A good habit to have.

Overall the gadgets have their advantages and disadvantages. Once you start playing you figue out what works best for you.



Although the two guns they give you by default are amazing, they do get old after awhile. And so far the game only has the two. I'm sure the devlopers will add more as they continue to add things to the game, but for now you'll have to live with the only two.

Team Killing

Oh yes, everyone's worst nightmere! Well, unlike other games that don't have team tags above players, this one does. The problem is once you get shot to a degree, your whole hub in your face screen shuts down for about 10 - 15 seconds. In that time the person who shot you could be right outside the doorway, but the only way you can tell if it's him or your teammate is if you see a little blue on him, (which is hard to see anyways) as the friendly tags and all the digital things you see in the game are gone. (except your sites on the guns) So yeah, there is a fair share of team killing, but it also makes it interesting for yourself when you get shoot.


Yes, when you die in an online match, (not co-op, I don't know what it's like for co-op) it takes about 100 - 120 seconds to respawn in a ten minute game. And you only have 15 seconds to be revived, which isn't very much at all, seeing is how you have to be careful in this game. But, if a teammate gets a kill, then a person get's to respawn early. or if someone captures a flag. So believe me when I say it's a team oriented game online.

Overall I rate it 7/10. You will have lots of fun with it, and at the sametime get scared outta your pants in moments. And it's not finished, so get it now while it's on sale, because it's great deal.
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Posted: February 6
Early Access Review
Getting punched to death by robots never looked so good or atmospheric.
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Posted: February 12
Early Access Review
Great game, great concept!

Interstellar sports only half a dozen levels but as an early access game it is understandable. At this point there are two single player missions (up to 4 players can complete them), a couple of levels for a team of 4 players (designated as coop missions) and some more stages for those eager to play with even more players (multiplayer missions).

When not playing against each other you play against robots. With the submachine gun they handle they look like T-800s straight out of the Terminator franchise. Some prefer melee to shooting - on greater difficulties it is easier to die but your friends can revive you.

Level design is excellent and the environment changes constantly: changes in the weather affect visibility; suddenly it is nighttime and only your flashlight helps you but then it also reveals your position. At night light poles can aid you or if it is raining the sudden lightning can help you to eliminate your foes.

Interestingly, you only have two rifles available. One is intended to help you with targets in greater distance; both can be equipped with a suppressor and laser sight. At this point they serve their purpose but perhaps a melee weapon could be nice.

As for graphics: the good old Unity engine delivers. Lighting effects are great - with the quick steps of the approaching robots you are in for a treat due to the excellent atmosphere. In fact, the single player mission revolving around an accident can certainly give you the creeps!

Interstellar proves we have to look out for independent video game developers! I am happy to recommend this game - especially now (February 11th, 2015) when it is free to play till next week.
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Posted: February 2
Early Access Review
This game has come far in development since it's initial Alpha release. It has gone through over a dozen patches and continues to improve in ways that I didn't predict. This game looks promising and given time, it will become a huge FPS hit on the market. I highly recommend you pick this one up as it is worth every penny.

( Message to self: I have to play more! :p )
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Posted: February 25
Early Access Review
There isn't much of a game yet, it only consisted of 2 guns, an assault rifle and an smg of sorts. However the atmosphere is really well done. Despite it's current simplicity the dark atmosphere and ability to shoot out lights to make it even darker is an unusual factor in the multiplayer FPS genre (which tend to have reasonably lit dark places or else supply night vision).

Along with the dark and deathly silent atmosphere you have enemies which are humanoid robots, however, as boring as that may seem, i've never had robots freak me out this much. Some of them are like fast zombies but they sneak right up on you before slapping you silly.

My favourite factor of this game is definitely the fact that you get the feeling you're the only ones alive. All there is is silence, that is very realistically unnerving when broken by sudden un-silenced gunfire.

There are some issues with objective bugs and flashlights not rendering from other players, i find the walking/movement to be a bit jerky and awkward, and as i said there isn't much content yet: limited guns, only 2 types of enemy with the same model, and fairly empty maps. While i like the atmosphere, i hope the game won't all be quite so barren and basic (when it comes to missions and so on). I guess i'll look forward to when this game gets some more meat on it.
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Posted: February 4
Early Access Review
A genuinely tense gaming experience without resorting to cheap jumpscares... and it's not even really a horror game. The devs are active within the community and if you join the steam community group you'll be notified about the community events where one of the devs livestreams the game on twitch, talks to players on teamspeak, and everyone has a really good time so be sure to check that out.

One thing people forget when commenting on how incomplete an early access game is, is how much opportunity there is to give feedback at a time where it can actually be implemented into the game. It's obvious the team is very passionate and dedicated to finishing this game so I'm not worried about that like with some others on early access.
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Posted: February 14
Early Access Review
Interstellar Marines is a tactical FPS in which two teams of marines are pitted against each other in an underground simulated environment. Some very unique features of this game include the almost immediate death and the weather mechanics. This is a game in which the old run n' gun technique will almost always get you killed. Often the best strategy involves using a suppressor and sneaking around until you can ambush your enemies.

Some subjective and personal positive aspects to the game I have noticed are:

Losing your HUD once you take a certain amount of damage.
In this game's multiplayer it is nearly impossible to tell friendly soldiers from your enemies without the use of your HUD. The feature which temporarily removes use of your HUD makes being wounded even more frantic because when you turn to run you need to look twice to make sure the marine behind you is friendly.
A feature which closely accompanies the loss of your HUD is the ability to open your helmet. By pressing "H" you are able to completely disengage your display and open your helmet. This comes in handy when it is raining because the rain will obstruct your vision by sticking to your visor.

Operable doors.
Most FPS these days have decided to remove the idea of operable doors in their multiplayer modes. I beleive that it is a strong suite for this game they have not decided to do that as well. When opening a door on a map such as Dynacore you can't tell if some one is hiding on the other side. Doors are also very useful as cover from enemy fire. It also adds a degree of realism and dynamic gameplay.

Weather/Day night system.
This game has fully dynamic shadows and a weather system which has been expertly fleshed out. You have different weather conditions from rain to snow to high winds. The rain will greatly obstruct your vision while your helmet is down. The snow reduces visibility in general and plays tricks with your mind because of the movement. The winds add slightly more chaos to the area however are likely the least influential of the three.
The day and night rotations are incredibly important in any game of Interstellar Marines. In the day time you have only a very small chance of successfully hiding. In the dusk and at night you will have a much easier time at remaining concealed. You will also learn that the use of a flashlight is unadvisable to say the least. The dynamic changes in weather and time force players to change their strategies whenever the map decides that it got bored.

Lastly, the dynamic motions of elements in the maps.
Many of the multiplayer maps have different structures of elements within the maps themselves which will periodically move. This will force players to change their routes and hiding spots as hallways are cut off and buildings rise into the air and sink into the ground.

Now for what I dislike about the game in its current state. Please be advised everything listed below is subject to change. Alpha = Alpha

The game has very few weapons at the moment.
I am personally very happy learning to use two different weapons proficiantly. But for those of us who want more variation you may have a hard time excepting the lack of variety in your choice of weapons. On top of this there is only a few small differences in the way the two current weapons handle. The Rifle has more accuracy over the SMG but it quickly loses that with sustained fire. The SMG has an additional 10 rounds over the Rifle bringing it to a total of 30. It also has iron sights with a much lower magnification that allows it to be used in close quarters combat, as opposed to the 4x scope on the Rifle. However besides these small differences the guns are essentially identical.

Movement system.
Although perfect in almost all situations, the movement system has its flaws. The devs have nerfed sprinting and jumping by forcing you to start panting after a certain amount of either running or hopping about. My concerns with this mechanic in its current state are as follows; Jumping rarely allows you to overcome an obstacle the first try. After your second or third attempt you begin panting for as long as 20 seconds afterwards. In multiplayer it can also get tiresome when you are trying to catch up with your team on the map Evacuation and you start to pant, then you encounter and enemy and your crosshair is bouncing all over the screen.

Early Access.
The game is currently in development. Listen to me when I say that this game is in EARLY ACCESS. That means when you buy it you are admitting that this is the product you want in its CURRENT STATE. Although I think this game deserves all the support it needs to have a successful launch, you must understand that there is no guarantee it will ever be released, and there is no guarentee there will ever be another update. If you decide to spend your money on this game, I would say its worth every cent. But at the same time you must make certain you want this game and not the Interstellar Marines that you are thinking about 5 years down the line.

Please remember this is a preliminary review of an early access game which is subject to change. Before perchasing you should look at other reviews and perhaps some video coverage of it online.

Thank you,

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Posted: February 10
Early Access Review
This game made me a Tactical Space Marine Operator in Space. 10/10

With jokes aside, I really enjoy how this game is so far. It has a ton potential, I'm confident that the game will be good, since it was in development since 2005. Uh on second thought, maybe games with long devs time don't ALWAYS turn out well. *Looks at Colonial Marines* Err-uh anyways. I'm sure this'll turn out just fine. (please forgive me for mentioning that)

The singleplayer/co-op missions are atmospheric, which I absolutely love. It's like both System Shock games, the movie Aliens, and Doom 3 had a baby. (With Alien/Aliens mainly being the inspiration for any sci-fi horror game). Your eyes and ears (mainly your ears) are the only friends you'll have in those missions. As to who or what you're fighting in the missions, well you'll have to figure that out for yourself.

The multiplayer is interesting, well. The maps are, for the most part. I love how they have day to night transitions, and weather effects. Not many games have that anymore. I like how it encourages stealth, and team work, I've been playing nothing but Conquest. And I have to say, being the last one alive and having to capture a point, (or waiting out their respawn timer) to bring back members in your team can be pretty exhilerating.

I like what I see. A highly enjoyable game, and I expect to see great things when it comes to it's final release, because this has potential.
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Posted: February 13
Early Access Review
I've played a lot of FPS games in my time and a lot of them are generic. I can see how this is trying to be unique, however, the majority is generic. Short review; it's eh.

(However, props to the devs for not having a horrendous alpha)
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Posted: February 7
Early Access Review
Yes, go and buy this one!
Every FPS and sci-fi fan should have it!
Although the game is not finished yet, it's really great already and with each update every month it's getting even better and better.
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Posted: February 11
Early Access Review
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Posted: February 12
Early Access Review
Interstellar Marines IS what Skill Based FPS should be. No random spray and pray or full burst of entire magazines like in Buggerfield or Call of Copypaste, where even blind noobs can frag.

If you can't control recoil and know how to shoot / aim, you will never frag anyone even at 1m of distance.

Netcode and Hitboxes are great, 1 shot 1 kill if you go for the headshot, damage similar to other games like Insurgency or Red Orchestra.

Dynamics maps ( with fog, pitch black, sun, rain, emergency alarms only and much more weather stuff ) , stealth and tactical gameplay, no crosshair, minimal Hud with the essential you need, Marines Suits that can let you without sound or hud / no team mates indicator if you get hit harder in critical points, co-op and single player and more to come !

This game is Higly reccomended to Hardcore gamers / players that love those kind of games, casuals can use the exit door right there and go back to cod or other sellout crap games with bad netcode, balances and stuff.

You can ♥♥♥♥ in your pants too when Pitch Black turns in !

Would ♥♥♥♥ in my pants again !

10 / 10
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Posted: February 13
Early Access Review
i love this game alot from what I've played,though i dont like the jumping, I i cant tell when i am and it looks a bit awkward.
1.llooovvveee the graphics, though could improve on the ground, as in not so rough.
2. i also really like how this game is realistic in the sense that, it doesnt take a whole MAGAZINE or more to kill someone, so thank you for that, though i didnt like how long you had to wait, and think you should make it you only have to count down from 50 or less.
thats really all the things I think can be improved on, right now, other than hot quickly it transitions to night and day on multiplayer.
i am going to buy this game and tell everyone i know, I've found a decent MAC game, please dont give up on this game and cant wait to see what you do next
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Posted: February 14
Early Access Review
When a game has a warning for science fiction and shooting addiction, you know it's good.
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Posted: February 24
Early Access Review
Interstellar Marines is by far the most fun I have ever had in any game. Fight robots with your friends or go lone wolf. As of now there are few maps and guns, but despite that I find myself replaying the same map over and over again. This game allows you to use the environment and lighting to your advantage, and with the suppressors the game can be attempted from a stealth perspective. If you find yourself bored fighting with CTR's then go for some PvP. The developers are very active in the community and are concerned with your concerns. I will say that this game could be better optimized, so for those with low system specs, I would recomend waiting until it is released. FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME!
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Posted: February 14
Early Access Review
Rainbow six in space.

Genuinely some of the best lighting and weather effects I have seen, along with great gunplay and textures.

Tension is perfect and carries over into the multiplayer.

Thoroughly reccomendeded for any tactical shooter fans.
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Posted: February 10
Early Access Review
In space your friends can hear you scream...

7/10 does a good job at what it sets out to do.
Could be better but the devs are doing a decent job so far and it is still early access.
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Posted: February 10
Early Access Review
I'm confused.
The atmosphere of this game provides some level of stealth, some level of close-encounters jump scares due to the general darkness which seems to haunt every single level in this game. But that's pretty much it.

I'm confused. What's special about this game?
Interstellar Marines seem to be doing the exact same thing any other FPS on the market does, only with the exclusion of any natural light sources. That's pretty much it. Every map is dark, and you walk up to someone and shoot them in the face while spraying.
Is this the selling point? Dark maps? That's it? Seriously, I'm lost.

Before any of ye wail : "But it's just in alpha!! Give it some time!"
From what I experienced, the game seems to have its gameplay in order, its roots can hardly change any more than Evolve could've changed while it was in "Alpha". All it lacks is some additional content -- but all it means is that what you're looking at is Counter Strike with some extra flavor, or even a Call of Duty in perpetual darkness with no other selling point. Interstellar Marines, as much as I experienced -- is your generic shooter....In space. That's it.

Other than my disbelief that there's any actual gameplay (spray-and-pray), I find the free week long trial to be a marketting blunder, who thought a "pre-alpha" game is a good demo? Heck, even when stepping into the tutorial of the game, it never does anything to tell you how Interstellar Marines is in any shape or form unique or interesting. You walk around, you shoot stuff for no reason, the end.

I was informed they essentially want to create a form of a Rainbow-Six tactical-shooter, but when you finish the tutorial, or when you even finish a multiplayer session....You get absolutely 0% Rainbow 6. You are only welcomed by a "The Swapper" atmosphere, which is pleasant, and, sadly, some mindless bot killing. You do nothing but blindly walk around in a poorly lit series of rooms, and spray anyone you can see.
That's it.

The game, upfront, tells you its current vision : "Nothing".
I don't buy the "pre-alpha" monotony, the game's design is too polished, too satisfying. They clearly thought that'd gain them more sales if the game was an eye-candy, but sadly -- they neglected how the game works, how the game plays out -- and currently, and most likely for the very distant future -- it will not be anything like Rainbow-Six in space. I cannot be anything but cynical regarding the development of this game. If they do manage to pull their vision off, whatever it is, good for them, really. But I fear that might be some time in 2018.

TLDR: The CORE OF THE GAME does not exist. Whatever it is they have envisioned, it does not currently exist. After 2-3 years, they have nothing to show for. What were they doing all that time? They sure boast their dynamic-lightning system, but where's the actual game?

I seriously think someone up on advertising and marketting thought he was being clever for coming up with this week-long thing, what a rubbish idea. It only demotivated me from buying this game. For shame.
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