Captain your own space ship and roam the galaxy in 3D in this tactical space simulator with tons of RPG depth ! Space has never looked so inviting - but images can betray... It has been two years since the end of the second Gemini war, the situation in the wartorn system is further from resolution than ever.
User reviews: Mostly Positive (1,946 reviews)
Release Date: Sep 26, 2014

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"New space trading and combat sim with some CRPG-elements. If you like Freelancer this is a game for you!"

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February 18

Secrets of Aethera DLC for Starpoint Gemini 2 is out now!

Greetings captains, once again.

We've got another announcement today. It's not just an update day, it's also a DLC day.

Secrets of Aethera is now available bringing new ships, new missions, a special upgradeable weapon, new freelance mission... a nifty little bundle :).

I won't spam you too much, so here's a link to the DLC store page

Safe travels captains!

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February 18

Update v1.3000 - Long time no see

Greetings captains!

It's been some time since our last update, but we've been hard at work.

The full change-list for the update is below, but as highlights I'd definitely mention the all new side missions, the shield charger structure and the new global events!
Naturally, along came a number of fixes as well.

If you like what we're doing with the game, I'd suggest checking out the Secrets of Aethera DLC :).


  • FIXED: A bug that could trigger a constant loading of new video files, without first releasing the unused ones
  • FIXED: An error that could in some instances cause asteroids to render improperly
  • FIXED: A rare crash bug that happened when the player chose maximum weapon energy or shield energy in the energy transfer panel while affected by an engine dampener anomaly.
  • FIXED: A problem with the drydock turret button that caused it to become permanently disabled
  • FIXED: A bug related to Freelance mission generation that could in some instances cause the game to crash
  • FIXED: A visual bug related to very bright or very dark ships
  • FIXED: Several errors in the Assembly editor
  • FIXED: Several minor errors on Taxy and Ferry Freelance missions
  • FIXED: Side mission HUD icon is now identical to the log icon
  • FIXED: Side mission markers are now properly shown on the Starchart, when the mission is acquired
  • FIXED: Various minor errors that could appear when using controllers
  • FIXED: A minor error with Thaddeus Malen hero definition file
  • FIXED: A minor bug related to audio playback while anchored
  • FIXED: A minor database error in the Russian localization
  • FIXED: An error where a notification did not always appear when exiting a wormhole even if an event occured
  • ADDED: Ships can now be added using global parameters instead of only local (region-based)
  • ADDED: Automated repair facilities, artefacts, shield chargers now have special individual Starchart icons for easier recognition
  • ADDED: Ion storm global event can now occur
    • Be careful when entering Ion storm. It's discharges can severely damage your ship
  • ADDED: Ion Storm now encompasses the Maelstrom region
    • Maelstrom can be a good source of Ionized gas which you can sell for profit
  • ADDED: Numerous side missions, mostly faction-related
    • Side missions can be triggered in various ways
    • Appearance of side missions is linked to both Reputation and player level
  • ADDED: Bounty hunters of the Gladius Group now hunt for the player if his/her reputation is Outlaw
    • The lower the reputation, the higher the chance of appearance
    • Chance is automatically higher in some regions
  • ADDED: Shield charger structure is placed in the world and can be used in the same manner as Automated repair facility (enter it...)
    • Charging your shield costs Credits
    • Simply enter the ring-like structure to start charging your shield. Credits are automatically deducted
  • ADDED: Regions now become more difficult in several stages
    • First switch occurs when player reaches level 30
    • Second switch occurs when player reaches level 60
  • ADDED: A third control scheme ONLY for Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers
    • when starting the game, choose the Joystick/Gamepad scheme
    • this scheme has predefined controls configured specifically for these controllers
    • modifying controls in this mode is NOT possible!
  • ADDED: Several gameplay effects on anomalies (when scanned) and accompanying HUD warnings
  • ADDED: A specific side mission related script function to prevent bugs and glitches
  • UPDATED: Target locking of objects is now automatic when using gamepads.
    • Simply cross over an object with the targeting reticle to lock onto it
    • In combat, some objects are filtered out so they don't get in the way (you can still manually target such objects by cycling through available targets)
  • UPDATED: The in-game menu on the upper right (Starchart, Captain info...) is now hidden by default when using controllers. You can get the menu to appear by pressing the START button. This automatically pauses the game as well.
    • You can change which key is used for this action in the Controls Menu, command is called "Show Menu". This change allowed us to free up some additional buttons on the controller, like DPad Up/Down for Tactical Overlay/Align To Plane
  • UPDATED: Opening any panel/in-game menu/context menu pauses the game when using controllers
  • UPDATED: When boarding enemy ships, troopers are automatically sent when possible
  • UPDATED: Various hints and tooltips are added when using controllers (Drydock, Trader, Hiring... panels)
  • UPDATED: Hints when using controllers are no longer placed in the middle of the screen
  • UPDATED: Changing your avatar name when starting a new Freeroam game, when using controllers is now possible
  • UPDATED: Changing the name of your ship on the Drydock->Customization panel when using controllers is now possible
  • UPDATED: Autosave is now created when ANCHORING on a station/planet, NOT when leaving
  • UPDATED: On normal and lower difficulty levels, when boarding an enemy ship - all allied/neutral/mercenary ships will immediately stop firing on it, unless instructed otherwise by Marking the ship (via the Context Menu)
  • UPDATED: Starchart icons of collected Artifacts are greyed out
  • UPDATED: NPCs no longer attack a ship you're attempting to capture
  • UPDATED: Several minor changes in NPC AI
  • UPDATED: Several changes to the game text files
  • UPDATED: Increased level requirement for some events to occur when leaving stations or planets
  • UPDATED: Numerous smaller changes made to different files to make the Secrets of Aethera DLC possible and in working order. Modders are encouraged to cross-reference their files with the default game files
  • UPDATED: Added current contraband quantities so that players can decide whether they should pay the fine or fight for the valuable goods.
  • UPDATED: Stations now show faction-ownership changes
  • UPDATED: Several minor changes done to cloaked NPC ships
  • UPDATED: More distant stations now keep a more detailed info on commodity prices
  • UPDATED: Accepting quests is no longer possible when using T-Drive to open the Starchart
  • UPDATED: Player name is now displayed on the dialog panel
  • UPDATED: Add & Remove turret buttons are now exchanged with the Configure turrets button so it gives more info on what exactly is going on

Safe travels captains!

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“ of the most positive and relaxing game experiences I’ve had in a long time”
80 – PC Gamer

“… if you’re the kind of gamer who really enjoyed the likes of Freelancer and the X-series, then you’ll want to keep an eye on this game.”
Escapist Magazine

“...largely nails that feeling of being a grizzled starship captain who doesn't play by the rules, making his living any way he can.”
75 – Strategy Informer


We do NOT officially support Vista, as is shown in the minimum requirements section (Win7 is minimum), but we do our best to keep it compatible nonetheless. PLEASE keep this in mind when considering a purchase. The current version does run on Vista though, but there is a special procedure for it (you need to opt into a special product branch) which is described in detail on the game discussion board.

Steam Workshop And Modding

Starpoint Gemini 2 is as mod-friendly as we can make it (although we constantly work on opening it up even more). Sharing your modded content through Steam Workshop is done easily via our Mod Manager that is supplied with the game. Check out the Workshop section to see what mods are already available!

About This Game

Captain your own space ship and roam the galaxy in 3D in this tactical space simulator with tons of RPG depth ! Space has never looked so inviting - but images can betray...

It has been two years since the end of the second Gemini war, the situation in the wartorn system is further from resolution than ever.
The collection of freedom fighters named Gemini League is now reduced to a small group, with no power or influence, after losing their leaders. The Empire meanwhile, has used the re-opened Starpoint to occupy the once renegade Gemini sector - and beyond.

A multitude of Imperial warship fleets and mammoth motherships have crushed every trace of opposition. The situation was looking bleak, when they suddenly halted their armada and re-shifted their focus on fortifying Starpoint with staggering numbers. Rumours soon spread that they were afraid of something coming after them through the T-gate, from what was supposed to be the core of the Empire. What are they running from that makes even the mighty Empire tremble?

Starpoint Gemini 2 will take players on a breath taking journey, with dark secrets and unimaginable twists that will finally unveil the incredible truth...

Key features:

  • Complex, but easy-to-use RPG system, now coupled with dynamic real-time 3D combat.
  • Explore the dynamic game world as a whole, rather than through individual maps.
  • Use T-Gates, wormholes and riftways to travel faster around the Gemini system .
  • Fifty diverse factions ranging from states and companies to outlaws, locked in a powerstruggle, with over 100 commodities to trade or plunder.
  • Special revocable licenses acquired from factions offer various bonuses and unlock new options.
  • Hire mercenary captains to follow you on your travels and share your fate, and employ officers to fill key positions on your ship (engineering, navigation, tactical).
  • Random missions get generated depending on the player’s actions and allegiances.
  • Over 70 unique ships, fully upgradeable with various ship systems, with a.o. visible turrets, and a large arsenal of destructive weapons to blast enemies to pieces.
  • Direct ship controls create complete immersion.
  • Advanced physics provided by NVIDIA PhysX technology

System Requirements

    • OS: Microsoft Windows 7, 8
    • Processor: 2.2 GHz Dual core or equivalent
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 10 compliant graphics card with 512MB RAM
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Hard Drive: 8 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card
    • OS: Microsoft Windows 7, 8
    • Processor: 3.0 GHz Dual core or equivalent
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 11 compliant graphics card with 1GB RAM
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Hard Drive: 8 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card
Helpful customer reviews
389 of 430 people (90%) found this review helpful
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55.4 hrs on record
Posted: September 27, 2014
TL;DR: At the verrry bottom, ya heathens!

This game, wow. It is eating away at my soul here. Like I need to sacrifice another small vessel for creds so I can sleep again.

I bought this game cause I had a gut feeling it was what I needed in a game right now. Yeah sure there are others like it, but I just wanted singleplayer and something really solid and fun. An man was I in for a treat! I had no idea I could enjoy a game so much again, like back in the day with all the old systems around and gramps was trying to figure out why the TV is calling him.

So far the story has been very engaging with some smug and unsavory characters, not to mention a bunch of stuff to do on the way. Clearing asteroid fields for some spare loot to fill that cargo hold, capturing enemy ships to either sell or dock for your own collection. Beaming aboard your crew to steal stuff for you on a old mining field or enemy ship in battle to turn the tide an steal it for yourself, you will have to tractor beam it the whole way at impulse speeds to the nearest planet or station of course, who wants to do anything the easy way any way? Psssh.

You have your classic worm holes you can use to travel or them good ole relays for cash, but who wants to waste money?
Also you will run into random slipstreams in which you can use to traverse.. well the verse, by steering your ship properly through it. Be warned about worm holes though you can loose people, but don't worry you can get more red shirts at the nearest docking bay :D.

Even combat is savvy. Tell your people to fire at will, take the helm do it yourself or root all power to engines as the words of Firefly's Jane "Let's Moon'm" cascades from your lips like lavander and oats. Be a commander, be THE commander. Hire merc ships to roll in your space posse, have a fleet of some bad to the bone misunderstood ship captains looking for redemption and love among the stars. You can of course also customize your ships colors and a few decals, but the real bread n' butter is the all the parts you can fit the ships with. An there is a lot of parts ranging from pulsar cannons to rail guns.

You are not constrained in anyway wanna be that scruffy looking nerf herder? You can! Got that Serenity Smuggling Fever? This game has the cure my friend! Wanna travel across space corralling convicts like Cowboy Bebop? See you space cowboy, I'll be chilling with Jet. Wanna make enemies of a gang Outlaw Star Style? Look no further time to pop that space cherry Gene Starwind! Need to feel like you're back in Star Fleet Academy with Kirk? Picard? Riker? Janeway? Tuvok? Classes start as soon as you hit the buy button cadet! An tell Neelix I sent ya ;D.

What is also great is that the devs have been very responsive and helpful working with the community to solve issues, active devs have really made this product shine and continues to better. I do hope you get the game and enjoy as much as I am.

In my conclusion yes I recommend this amazing game, I have spent the last few years just really yearning for something, but sure what exactly. When I saw this I knew my sacrifice to the Game Satan had finally been heard. The graphics are solid and just breathtaking, the gameplay is as smooth as Bruce Willis's bald spot in The 5th Element. An steam workshop also? All I can say is beam me up Scotty, we can do it Captain this time we have the power.

TL;DR: Game good. Combat fun. RPG Loot Funsies. Space much of. Do lots o' stuff. Very shiny graphs. Much impressed. You should buy it too.
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7.7 hrs on record
Posted: October 21, 2014
Click for Gameplay Trailer - Preview
I Like:
+ beautiful graphics
+ amazing soundtrack
+ huge map
+ 30 factions
+ many ship modifications
+ good RPG elements and mechanics
+ different jobs
+ random missions
+ many weapons and ships
+ good combat system with special skills and energy managment

I Dont Like:
- no multiplayer
- unfair fights at higher rank
- simple and repeating side missions
- no landing animation
- time-consuming traveling
- many weapons similar

You take a starting ship and go your own way through the galaxy. Complete a number of missions and activities to level up and grow stronger (actual 13 missions in freeroam mode), such as trade contracts or assassination attempts. The map randomly generate missions as you progress and explore. Players can ignore the story even if they choose campaign mode, and simply wander the stars as a rogue craft. The universe is a vast and dangerous place! Don’t forget to upgrade your ship, as during these missions you’re sure to be attacked by space pirates in search of a quick salvage.

The feel of a huge universe where u can be what u want, from a economy based mega Trader, to a Pirate in a search for a better loot.
Buy your ship, upgrade its capabilities, choose from a variety of sizes: from small and fast gunner, big slow freightleiner for hauling your precious cargo to a nearby station, or just a mega military carrier in a massive battles.
It’s possible to fight with manual aiming, but there is a “fire at will” command that can allow you to focus on your other tactical options. Directing power to shields or weapons is a possibility, and so too are the cooldown abilities that can boost your defenses, mobility or reflect damage back at your enemys. Larger ships have the option to launch fighter . If you have troopers on board, you can board an enemy ship.
The battles can be hard. You find yourself dying and restarting multiple times, so be sure to save often. It's also difficult to say what weapons and other gear best suit your ships, so be sure to save before you buy just in case the item you purchase doesn't mount on your ship.

The game use some RPG elements. You gain experience points by doing stuff, and as you gain levels, you can spend them on skills to enhance your ship in various ways. You can also give your captain new skills to gain various bonuses. There’s the stat-building, which occurs as you tweak your captain’s abilities as well as the enhancements of your ship. And of course, you can pick a path to play in the game, focusing on combat, trading, or even a bit of mining.

The visuals great at times. The cosmos are beautiful, planets and stars aren’t the only things to have gotten an upgrade. All the models look great and if your PC can support it, the particles and textures really shine. The only thing I don’t like is the UI. It could be a bit more visible.I’ve found that sometimes parts of the text will actually clip off the top or bottom slightly as well. With a game that is this information heavy, that’s not good.
Open space universe is a delight to see and feel. many transport network hub ranging from ships T-Drive capabilities to riftways and wormholes, many asteroid fields and beautiful crafted nebulas. It all gives you a feeling of a real galaxy, in which your adventures will make a big impact on a world.

Big necessity for a Sci-Fi is a decent set of sound effects and ambiance. Admittedly at times the noise brings a sense of loneliness, but this only helps to really sell the whole space experience. I’m very happy with the sounds etc. All of the weapons have cool sounds. Not all the sounds are perfect though.
The voice-overs are bad. The same 10 or so repeat over and over again as you travel. In combat, your foe taunts you--repeatedly--about your ship's lack of weapons and its age and your combat prowess.

Classes of Ships:
- 8 Gunships
- 8 Corvettes
- 8 Frigates
- 8 Destroyer
- 8 Cruiser
- 5 Battleships
- 6 Dreadnought
- 5 Carrier
- 5 Freighter
- 5 Freightliner

Overall,great game! If you like science fiction and Freelancer, this is your Game!

Sorry for my bad english. This is my review account, because the low playtime.
Thanks for reading! If you Like my Review, give me a Thumbs up in Steam.
Your help is greatly appreciated :)

My Curator Page:Sub
My Steam Group:GameTrailers and Reviews
My YouTube Channel:Steam Reviews
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72.9 hrs on record
Posted: September 27, 2014
150+ Games in my account. This is the first one that makes me write a review:

+Addictive Gameplay
+Beautiful Graphics
+Amazing Soundtrack
+Awesome Community
+Sleepless, highly motivated Devs that listen to this awesome community

+/-There's no real "Build your Empire" aspect as in the X-Series (yet) (Since I loved Freelancer, I don't miss that though)

-This game will reduce your social life to a minimum, Beware!

So, If you played and loved freelancer in particular: Just GRAB IT!
If you like space games in general: Take a close look, think about it, then GRAB IT!
To all other gamers: IF you GRAB IT, this might become a gateway drug to space game addiction. You've been warned

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150 of 157 people (96%) found this review helpful
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26.5 hrs on record
Posted: November 5, 2014

Starpoint Gemini 2 is a bit shallow and a bit pricey for what it offers, but it is still enjoyable. Overall the story was okay enough to keep me going, and the combat was fun enough to make my stay in Gemini enjoyable. If you are itching for a space sim that is pretty easy to get into and doesn't require a large time commitment to win (around 24 in-game hours for me), this will scratch that itch pretty well. Otherwise, you may want to think carefully on buying this game unless it's on sale.

However, the developers appear to be actively working on improvements to the game as time goes on. Some concerns raised in this article may be addressed as time goes on. Keep an eye on the updates page if you're interested in this product!

The good:

Visuals are nice, music is nice, starship aesthetics are good too, and the combat is solid. The universe feels big, and provides a pretty immersive experience of traveling through space. Said universe is also populated by various starships as well, usually around space stations and various other miscellaneous space structures. There are many different factions that like to use certain types of ships and lay claim to different areas of space, and you can easily see heated space battles taking place at faction borders. The HUD takes a little getting used to, but is pretty nice once you learn it.

The game itself is a bit grindy as it uses RPG levelling mechanics to determine what ship you can pilot, but I personally didn't mind it that much since the combat was pretty fun.

The not-so-good:

The story is okay. The Voice Acting for the story dialogue ranges from terrible to okay.

Side-story missions boil down to "repair structure there for $$$ and XP" or "kill enemies here for $$$ and XP" or "ferry person over there for $$$ and XP" with little fanfare. After you finish the main story, all you can do are the missions described earlier.

During the main story, certain factions and places will be purportedly destroyed or crippled, but what this actually means is that you will just pretend that the story happened while in practice the universe remains largely intact and unchanged.

Certain mechanics are a bit shallow (i.e. hiring crew = looking up which dude/gal has which bonuses, click hire button). Also, while you *can* be a merchant or asteroid miner in this game, it seems to be much eaiser just to capture enemy ships and tow them back to a planet/station where you can sell them.

Character progression is RPG-like, yet character skills/perks can pretty much be ignored. Your character's power is MUCH more dependent on what type of ship you are piloting and how well it is outfitted. The RPG mechanics are more akin to a gating system, where your level determines the type of ship you can pilot.

For me, the entire game was a bit grindy. This was how it went down: capture/sell ships until I can afford the next weight class of ship, do missions (sometimes main storyline) so I can meet the level requirement of said ship. Repeat until I have achieved highest class of ship.

Long segment about what I would have liked to have seen in the game:

Multiple plotlines in the game.

The "Escape Velocity" series of games (plot-heavy 2D shooter space-sim) implemented this rather well; there were multiple plotlines for each main faction AND there were also a lot of side plotlines too.

Examples of side-plots: testing prototype weapons for a starship arms company, or ferrying vacationing CEOs to a jungle planet for big game hunting, or helping a rockstar go on tour throughout the galaxy only to discover that he's a robot! Or picking up a random stranger and ferrying him to a planet only to discover that he's a leader of a small sect of colonists who are trying to resist pirate incursions, and he implores you to help them with their plight since the Powers That Be in the universe are far too busy (or corrupt) to deal with the pirates.

I didn't just do these missions for cash, but to see the story unfolded; to see how these characters reacted to these sometimes tragic events in their lives, and how they would deal with it.

I think it's good to have a big Main Storyline as the main attraction, but there's plenty of room in Gemini for smaller guys with fascinating struggles and dramas in their own lives that an aspiring starship captain can be a part of.

Being able to hail and talk to other ships and planets.

You don't need to have dialogue trees for every one. But it'd be nice to be able to beg for mercy from a pirate and buy him off with credits, or just say hi to random ships and planets. In this vein, they'd also have a message for when you greet them, with each faction having a different way of talking to you. Perhaps even with a random pool of different types of responses from each faction that vary in tone depending on your standing with them? This is a bit small, but I think it would help with game immersion.

The ships, planets, and space stations could use more flavor text.

Though it might seem like a huge hassle to write up descriptions for every space station/planet/starship, you can build an EXTREMELY immersive narrative with these and make the game feel alive. Again, the "Escape Velocity" game series (mostly Escape Velocity Override and Escape Velocity Nova) used flavor texts/descriptions to great effect.

Why is this station in the middle of nowhere and surrounded by hostile space? Are they revolutionaries or sympathizers with another faction, or are they just badasses? Why is this Frigate cheaper than this other one? Oh, the company that manufactures this one wanted to push out a model to get an edge over their hated rival company who was taking their sweet time with their own model. Hey, this Corvette saved an entire company from the brink of bankruptcy! This Carrier design looks like a UFO because of a revolutionary new frame that allows for rapid fighter launching while providing overlapping fields of fire from all of its turret batteries? Cool. This Dreadnought looks like a eldritch abomination because their designers desperately welded a lot of spare parts together and accidentally created a ship that could challenge all previous starship design conventions? Neat!

Planets and some space stations presently have short descriptions with a little flavor text. But it doesn't help that these blurbs are only accessible via starmap. When a player is on the starmap, their first instinct is not to click "info" and read; they want to get somewhere quick. I think it would have been better if you saw the write-up in an unobtrusive static text box on the bottom of the screen. This provides incentive for an exploration-oriented player to land/dock on every planet/station that they find so they can see the little blurb there. These descriptions can really flesh out the factions and gives you an idea of why they exist and how they conduct themselves (i.e. how they treat citizens, local planetary economic problems, policy problems, military actions, natural disasters, etc.).

Overall, more flavor text would be nice so that the universe that the player travels in would feel more alive.

Also, it would be nice to have an in-game chart of which ranks correspond to player level.
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8.3 hrs on record
Posted: September 30, 2014
My initial reaction to the game was "Wow, this looks like a massive sandbox space sim! Just look at how big the area map is and how many factions there are. I'll be playing the game for tens of hours!"

Well, after a while I started to realize the game had lots of problems with being a LOT more shallow than what it promises at first. Setting aside the optimization issues and how easily the game can be prone to crashing, It boasts and impressive ~50 factions with a reputation system that ended up being nothing more than a glorified Good / Evil alignment system. If you do missions given out by the good factions you get +rep and they will be friendly to you an the evil ones will be hostile. Vice versa you do missions given to you by the bad guys and your rep shifts to their side making them friendly to you. Unfortunately that is as deep as the faction system goes. Factions don't change opinions as they are completely static.

The static factions leads to me next problem. The whole world is static. There is absolutely NO sim element in this game to speak of. The game has NO economy, NO dynamic factions, NO dynamic world events. When we speak of sandbox you think of open worlds with things to do in them, but all it is here is the same map as the campaign, just without the campaign missions. Since the game lacks an economy and dynamic factions it makes trading all but a dull and soulless experience. Also, since the world isn't dynamic, there is no real territory control for the factions either. I mean they have their own territories, but they are completely set in stone. You cannot capture territories for the differenct factions. This leaves you with the same Assassination, Taxi, Cargo ferry and Repair missions to grind over and over and over again.

How is the combat then if the other aspects are non-existant and hollow? Well, the combat is rather decent, but what kills it for me is how the game is level scaled. Each time you level up so do your enemies. After certain points their ships get upgraded. If you do like me and other people may have done and only grinded missions for money and XP you'll quickly find yourself in a situation where you don't have enough money to upgrade your ship but you are starting to be too weak to do missions and half the time you simply have to turn around and go away since the RNG pitted you against enemies that simply outclass you. This can be avoided if you salvage derelict ships for parts or capture them and sell them, but then it means that the level scaling system is balanced if you play in a certain way which is horrible, horrible balance in a game that claims to be a sandbox. Simply put if you aren't maximizing your money gains per level then you'll find yourself run into issues.

It just isn't a good game in the end of the day, and it certainly is no sim either, which is what I was lead to believe. There are no simulations happening behind the scenes, everything is static. The game is hardly an open world sandbox either. It seems to be a loose term that gets thrown around a lot these days. It's a sandbox world if all you had was the big open box without any of the sand in it to be shaped and sculpted by your hands. The game COULD be good, because the flying around, the skill system, the ships, the combat etc. feel good and are fun, but the content within the world is non-existant, unless you want to count repeating Kill X (Assassination and Rescue missions but both work the same. In rescue missions it means that you have to save an NPC ship, but so far they have served as reliable allies that help me take down the enemy ship faster rather than someone who needs help), Fetch Y (there is fetching and delivering cargo and serving as a taxi for VIP, but it works the same mechanically for either mission type so it's only different by name) and Repair Z (there's also Scanning anomalies as missions, but mechanically it works the exact same way as repairing so there is no real difference here either) missions as robustful content.
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16.4 hrs on record
Posted: September 27, 2014
This is from a post I did on the forum and decided to add it here following a suggestion to do so.

SPG 2 The Good, the Bad, Oh God the Insanity

If you’re on the fence as to whether you should get this or not it will all come down to what you are looking for in a ‘space’ game.
This is not Eve Online so get that out of your head. Seriously, if you want EO you’ll need to go log into EO. There is no online multiplayer, no gate camping players, no griefers and no gankers.
That being said, this game offers something EO and many others, online or not, have simply forgotten or just don’t care about. Interactive Devs.
Yep, you read that correctly. The Devs are extremely active in the forums. I’d hazard a guess and say 99% of all issues, questions, comments etc. are answered near instantly.
They take concerns very seriously and look for ways to address them as quickly as possible, faster even it seems.
While this isn’t to say other Devs aren’t around, personal experience has shown they just don’t answer, are too busy, don’t care and on more than one occasion… are downright obnoxious and rude.

So +1 for Dev support seemingly 24hrs a day every day…

Community… holy crap, where to begin…

There are a lot of helpful people. One or two I have noticed try to step in when the Devs FINALLY get some sleep. This doesn’t mean there aren’t more filling in those roles, only that I can’t read, re-read, and re-re-read each and every post over and over to see who is filling those roles. Though, I will admit, sometimes the forum reading is an exercise in hilarity.
Serious questions for the most part get serious answers. Once in a while they spiral out of control with loose jokes, odd references and such, though more or less after the issue has been handled.
Remember the active Devs from earlier? Yeah… they contribute too.
Don’t be surprised to find one or more of them plowing into your thread to partake of whatever silliness is afoot. Oh yes, my friend, they are characters indeed.
On the whole, the community is developing into a large group of knowledgeable friendly people looking to help out any way they can. Yes, some can be offended easily, but I have yet to see an all-out flame war like everywhere else. In fact, most people just apologize if they upset someone and move on, including myself.

So +1 for a truly friendly and helpful community.

Nothing that will stress your system too terribly. High end or low end, it seems everyone can find a setting that fits the bill and allows them to play. I have seen one or two instances where certain systems (read Laptops) refuse to allow the game to run, but I have yet to see more than those.
Even then, the Devs are still trying to figure out how to get it working on those couple of problem machines. Interesting, since most would just tell you that your system doesn’t have what it takes and to go get something bigger.
All in all, the graphics are very nice indeed. Nothing mottled, disjointed or misaligned. No missing pixels here and there or stand in objects for missing items.

So +1 there for that…

What do you expect? They are NPC’s. They shoot at you, they kill you and they keep doing it. Unless you kill them first, in which case, they die rather well and don’t whine about it. I seem to remember an account of griefing done by NPC’s, though I believe that was a one-off. Funny though.
They get tougher as you progress through the game. Different levels, different types and different areas. They fight each other if they are opposing factions and will turn on you if you are low enough rep with one, or both. In which case, run.

So I give a +1 for good NPC mechanics.

Lots of them. They are everywhere in both aspects of the game. Free play or Story line there are tons. Decent rewards for the time invested as far as I can tell, probably a bit too decent considering some missions you just have to click a button and repair something.

I’ll give a +1 here too.

For as much as I have done, it progresses well. Seems to have substance and a bit of plot for as far as I have gotten.
It is buggy. Missions sometimes fail out. Sometimes you overshoot a zone and they get canceled, dropping you out of the storyline and into free play mode. Other times, you just crash out of the game.
They are working on the bugs as fast as they are made aware of them and that helps out a lot. More often than not, you can just reload from a save point and try to continue.

No points for this one, still needs work.


There are more than a few. Something for everyone I suppose. Uber ship, got it. More money, got it. Star Trek themed ships, go those too.
From Star Trek to vastly improve (overpowered) beginning station inventories, there is something to fit most everyone.
The game has a mod community growing faster than the game itself. Even at least one mod I saw that will completely change the game to Mass Effect themed ships and even a new storyline that appears to be in the works.
The Devs seem to support unlimited, no holds barred modding.

So definitely +1 here.

Oh, lest I forget...

Community input...

Look in the game. Look at achievements and improvements. You will see all the signs of active community involvement that has been taken seriously. (mostly)

Yeah, +100 and some Oreos for all you community peoples that report bugs, request content changes and overall general improvements.

All in all, for me, this has been one hell of a ride… and it’s just beginning. The game is only getting better and more is on the way.
If you’re on the fence, get off it. Buy the game and join the fun in the community.

And the insanity? Glad you asked...

There are the elite few who can claim this. They watch you at home while you play. They see you in your boxers. They wear your boxers, like I am right now. The Devs are part of this group, I know one, whom I shall leave nameless, who has watched me in my boxers. Yes, some of us are insane... And that is the fun of it all.


P.S. +1000 to the Devs for allowing us to be insane, taking us seriously when needed and for being on top of everything, everywhere, all at once, every day... always.

Now... which one of you took my boxers, Meep.
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Posted: November 17, 2014
Overall the game is pretty awesome, but it could use some polish.


Nice variety of skills and perks available.

Great variety of factions and areas of control.

Good selection of ships.

Can capture enemy ships.

Like the blueprints idea.

Like the compare weapons and ships.


Traveling over 10 units takes a couple minutes.

There are four equipment slots to use and only about four that I found were actually useful, ie. shield recharge, strengthen attack, scavenger bots, hull repairs. Even then, I rarely ever use them.

Crew members do not have special abilities, but rather only bonuses. A single slot for a special crew member. Assuming only one special member exists in the game and is almost impossible to gain because the blueprint takes 20.

Blueprints are super difficult to find, but very rewarding IF you ever complete them before becoming near god strength already. I completed one for a nice fighter hangar jet, but the rest remain far out of reach while I am practically invincible with all the best enhancements and warship.

The only truly useful weapons in the game are rail guns and maybe missiles. I say maybe missiles because they are only really useful if the shields are already down and rail guns can usually take care of it anyway. Lasers are useless. Plasma is too slow to be useful except for mining.

Level 70 bounties are easy kills for a level 50 that has a good battleship with maximum upgrades. I think I may have beaten one with the next class down at a lower level too because you can stay behind them and they cannot fire back.

Travelling outside the known universe area leads to infinite enemies and loss of whereabouts on the map. Travelling too close to the sun does the same thing except enemies will start to randomly die from heat damage.

Cannot see what is on a captured ship until it is transferred to the garage and crew is transferred as well. Crew losses will occur if the captured ship has less.

There are three kinds of heavy weapons, but I failed to see any real difference in shockwave damage.

Exploding ships nearby do no damage.

Has lag and slowdowns most of the time.


Make traveling without gates a little faster when in full engine mode.

Make some artifacts that last indefinitely / bonuses or useables that fit in equipment slots.

Change the decimal enhancement descriptions, eg. 0.5, with percentage values, eg. 50%.

Please fix weapon range. Bonuses are not being counted.

Add a barrier on the edge of the map to prevent getting lost in the void.

Give a warning for pending heat damage when getting close to stars.

Show radiation areas on the map.

Show map sections that are partially visible on the edges of the map.

Allow transfer of weapons and cargo from ships in the garage without transferring crew.

Make plasma weapons hurt shields more, but damage hull less.

Make lasers damage both shields and hull with shield punchthrough for damaging systems.

Make railguns work best on hull, and less on shields.

Do a similar rock paper scissors with heavy weapons.

Fix the pathfinding.

Improve AI for wanted bounties.
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Posted: September 28, 2014
Well-made hybrid of SG1 and Freelancer. with light RPG elements on top.
+Vast selection of ships from fighters to dreadnaughts and carriers
+Engaging combat
+diverse systems
-Lack of persistent objects. You won't see ships traveling from one system to another, because they are always generated when you enter a system.
-There is like 30 factions, but reputation system is two-dimensional. So when you help one faction you improve/worsen relation with the rest of them.
-Below average performance.
7/10 (8 of 10 if the they fix bugs and improve optimization), worth buying if you are into space genre. If you are not, you can wait for Christmas sale, a lot of things should be fixed by then.
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Posted: September 26, 2014
Very much recommended. a very good space opera game full of originality and good ideas.
A unique RPG experience made with spaceships, and the best developer support ever.

Besides, with 861 positive reviews and some negative cretin reviews which say "this does not work on XP" when XP is not supported, what can you expect?

If you liked freelancer, x3, and want a different, original experience, made with acceptable VA and a lot of support, take this :)
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Posted: October 1, 2014
TL;DR version - GET IT! Fun as heck! Some minor issues and bugs but devs are hard at work on fixing them!

Ok as far as space games go, this is "easy to get into" and "fun" to me. Easy once you actually READ the tutorial tips and understand how it all works. And it's fun cuz I found myself needing to "just go over to that next unexplored sector" to see what's there.

However, you can't compare this game to another game like X, or Star Citizen, or Elite Dangerous. It's like asking if Diablo 3 is like Skyrim - they simply can't be compared fairly. The only thing in common between this game and the game you want to compare to is just that the action takes place in "space". How it makes the gameplay fun is different from the one you want to compare to.

If you want to ask "Does it have <this feature> like <the other game you want to compare to>?", don't. Go back and read my previous comment.

What I can tell you is that this game feels like an RPG more than a Space Combat game. There is a story. You upgrade your weapons and armour. You kill your enemies and loot their corpses (derelict wrecks). You use what is better than yours and you sell what is not. See? Just like an RPG.

You can do some trading, but I don't concentrate on it like I would have in X or Elite Dangerous. In the end, the question is - does it make you feel that you want to play this more? Does it make you want to see what happens next?

The answer is YES for me.
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Posted: October 20, 2014
I recommend this game because of the following

  • The minor bugs are actively being fixed
  • The devs are responding on the forums
  • Space feels large, but it's only one solar system
  • Plenty of travel shortcuts
  • The map has to be uncovered by visiting each sector
  • There is, sort of, an autopilot for easy travel to a waypoint
  • Combat is fun
  • Auto-fire if you don't feel like aiming
  • The controls work well, controller support
  • The visuals look good (DirectX 11)
  • All of the screenshots are from the in-game engine, not works of art.
  • The planet-side artwork is nice
  • The space stations and ships are varied and have style
  • The game is well polished
  • Simple user interface
    Equipment and Loot
  • The ship fitting is pretty simple
  • There are multiple types of ships, weapons, and multiple styles to choose from
  • There is a collect all button to make looting quick
  • There is a quick way to sell everything in your cargo hold
  • You can do more than just shoot other ships
  • You can choose free-roam instead of doing a campaign
  • You can crash into a planet
  • Achievements with in-game bonuses
  • It's able to be modded
  • Easy to learn
  • Music and sound is good
  • It's not complicated, but I am also a fan of complicated games

What's bad about it? Not much, just things I personally prefer. Others might consider some of these to be Pros
  • No multi-player options
  • No empire to build
  • Freelance missions do not have much variety.
  • The officer system is a little strange. You can only hire them in their original location, they go home when you fire them, then you have to fly back there to hire them again.
  • You can't equip ships unless you are piloting them. This can cause you to lose crew or be forced to sell cargo.
You might like Starpoint Gemini 2 if you like these games. Freelancer, X3-series, Eve Online, and space based games in general
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Posted: September 27, 2014
Most have taken to calling this EVE offline, but I find it to be more EVE Lite or Diet EVE. Think the core concepts of EVE in an open sandbox map rather than many separate systems, but with the waiting 5 months for a skill replaced by grinding for a few hours and all the player interaction removed.

At the end of the day you're left with all the things that made EVE great, with none of the stuff that makes it only suitable for people with vast swaths of time available. You can jump in, do a quick mission, save and jump out. You don't have to worry about being dicknailed by a ship fifty levels higher than you at any given time, and you get an experience that's much more simple than EVE.

I'll reccomend it. I've come across some bugs, and the voice acting is really, really bad at times, and just pretty bad at others. Personally I think the 20 bucks out of pocket I paid (had 6 bucks steam credit) was in the right area for the game, maybe a little high. I'd say buy at 5-15 for sure and 20+ only if you like the sounds of EVE Jr.
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Posted: September 28, 2014
Really good fun, was worried about some of the EVE comparisons but tho it does lack first person/cockpit view its not to its detriment and it seams to make the fights more tactical and less frantic also i havnt done any spread sheet crunching yet.


Big seamless world with lots to explore, compleat with random space anomalies worm holes and nebulea

lots of different ships at diffrent lvls to fly

All the different playstyles youd expect, fight, trade, pirate ect

space drugs

its fun

its not X rebirth


seams like quite a grind to earn cash for ships but kind of expect that and it makes that first ship upgrade seam all the more special

it has crashed on me a couple of times (nothing game breaking ) but meh that will probably get fixed in time and the auto save is pretty good
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Posted: November 28, 2014
Loved this game. Felt like Privateer 2 without the cutscenes and sadly missing Clive Owen with Christopher Walkins :-( Freelancer should've been more like this. SG2 is a lot more open world than Freelancer which has its advantages and disadvantages. Personally, I found it purely an advantage. Unlike Privateer 2 and Freelancer you can truly just be a merchant if you want and switch effortlessly to being a badass kill everything murder ship at any space station/planet. Sometimes it's just the little things that make you happy... The graphics are great, the music not annoying, the abundance/ease of quickly accepting missions is a serious plus, and most importantly the flexibility of the game to allow someone the ability to play the game how they want w/out the need of trainers, cheat codes, or cheat engine.
Just like in the real world there are easy ways to make a quick buck with minimal returns or riskier methods that garnish heavy monetary rewards. I love that this game isn't afraid to make the playing field drastically uneven when it comes to rewards. Harder, almost always (there are times you get lucky/learn to exploit advantageous situations), means greater rewards! Learning the in game market is very beneficial. But it gets better, should you disagree w/me all you have to do is download any of the many mods and change how the game mechanics work. This game is a literal win-win. Small minor bonus pluses that I think are worth mentioning are; 1.) Achievements actually give you in game bonuses 2.) Blueprints that give better stuff that can't be bought 3.) Bounty hunting ( this is a mixed bag. this system could better implemented but I'll be damned if i didn't end up hunting everyone down!) 4.) Buying of certificates/licenses (w/game money and not real money) that give-in game bonuses for no other reason but to make the game fun (personally, I think it could have been better implemented but I sure as ♥♥♥♥ was excited to find a new one!). 5.) A good array of ships to pick from (potentially unlimited if you count mods... Just saying...) 6.) Personally, I found the system upgrade gimmick confusing at 1st but once understood, it opens the door to a lot of options that becomes unlimited if you include modding (just saying...).
No game is perfect and this one isn't either. This is the disadvantage section of SG2. SG2 has some pretty poor optimization problems. 4-5 years ago my PC was a champ so it's aged a bit meow. Still, w/the level of graphics/visuals/objects it should run better. Especially since the video/graphics adjustment is bugged/non-functional. It's only a moderate complaint because the game allows mods and several are designed to reduce the toll taken on your PC. The rest of the comaplaints are mild at best because all are easily adjusted w/mods or are drastically overshadowed by the game's massive, bulging, make you scream in your pillow as you take it awesomeness so here goes- 1.) The voicovers are almost all a joke. They're done w/the stalest emotion possible. 2.) The story is kinda flat. Open ended games are prone to this a lot so it obviousley shouldn't be a huge unseen problem here. The game brings up interesting things here and there so kudos for the Devs for trying but it is still kinda... ummm... blah most of the time (kudos for the DEVs for doing such a good job to make the game so fun I really didn't care!)

In short, my complaints are minimal at best and I had countless hours of fun playing it. I found it quick and easy to learn and SG2 left a lot of options for me to explore for future play throughs. I can't ask a game to do more than that but w/mods this game could be literally different everytime I played. I got it on sale and felt like I stole something. I would have happily paid full price and been more than content. This game is awesome, WOOF!
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Posted: October 18, 2014
So I thought I’d wait before writing this review until I got at least 10h+ gameplay and finished the “story”. So at the time I’m writing this I got 43h+, and just finished the game.

My favorite space game of all time is probably Freelancer, and other games I’ve tried haven’t even come close to it. But when I heard about Starpoint Gemini 2 I got my hopes up a little. Started following the game, checked in-game videos and such, and I got very interested.

So I decied to buy it a week before the release cause it was on sale.
It’s a good game. If you, like me enjoyed freelancer then you will no doubt enjoy this aswell. It’s not as good, but it’s definitely not a bad game. The RPG elements are an interesting addition to the game.
You start of by choosing your “class” which are: Commander, Gunner and Engineer all with different set of skills. Depending on your play style if you prefer being in a small group of ships or just pure loner/dogfighter etc, I think most players will find these classes interesting.

Alright, now to the positive and negative aspects of the game: I really liked the “feel” of the ships, smaller ships are easier to maneuver while the bigger ones are heavier, and I like that “feeling” it really does feel like you are flying a ship. So the developers got that down quite well, spot on. I do wish they would have added like a secret ship(s) that could only be found and bought at a specific place that was hidden. And continuing on the topic of ships, there are A LOT of them to buy. Allthough you will be very discouraged with the prices in the beginning, but don’t worry cash will eventually start flowing in. Just do side missions or if you prefer mining or trading etc.

The map is huge, and you have a lot of exploring to do if you’re into that. Just wish there were more things to explore, more secrets and mysterious anomalies etc. There isn’t really any suprises or “wtf” moments in this game, which is sad. No mystery.
The graphics are awesome, no complaints here it’s a living world and the designs are nice.

The sounds and music are awesome. But…I really wish they would use at least more than just ONE battle tune, cause it gets reaaally tiring to be hearing the same ♥♥♥♥ over and over again. Specially since battle is a big part of the game. Would it have hurt to put in at least 2 more songs in? Other than that the rest of the songs are awesome, it really suits the mood and game.

There are also enemy heroes in this game, which all have bounties on them. And they give you a lot of cash, I totally missed this feature when I started playing so it took forever for me to get cash in the beginning.
So that’s a nice feature, but would have been even more interesting if they had like one final hero that was nearly impossible to beat, unless you were leveled up to the max with the best ship etc.

Now to some of the negative aspects of the game: Map travel, when you press M or whatever button to bring up the map, the game pauses…so while you check your map and try to plan ahead for your future travels, the game is on pause and you don’t progress at all. So while I was travelling to this planet, and checking the map at the same time I noticed I was right where I left of. So that’s annoying.

The autopilot fails a lot of the times. It only does this after you have docked with a starbase and you click on your next destination to go there autopilot, most of the times it just freaks out and takes you in circles.
The voice acting in this game is a big joke. And not in a good way either, cause sometimes bad voice acting can at least make you laugh, but this was just…ugh.

The storyline is nonexistent. Which is really sad cause of the big universe the developers built up they could have written such a better story for this game. So if you buy this thinking it will have a nice or at least mediocre story, rethink why you want this game. Im not saying not to buy it, beacuse the good things outweighs the bad in this game.

So to end this I’d say it probably is the best new single player space game out right now.

I’d give this game a 7/10

+Many ships to buy
+Huge map, a lot to explore
+Pretty graphics
+Enemy Heroes
+RPG elements

-Bad voice acting
-♥♥♥♥ story
-Autopilot fails
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Posted: December 20, 2014
I really enjoy this game for the sense of freedom/exploration it gives.

Here's something that happened to me a couple days ago.

I got a mission to deliver some porno mags to a sector that I had not explored yet, everything was going fine... just another day in the Space Delivery bussiness, full speed, power diverted to my propulsion system... everything was going smooth.

When I finally was able to spot my destination (long trip), I got a warning on my bridge control about hostile/uncloaking ships nearby, not even a second after the warning BAM, my Power gets disrupted and my Engines no longer work at full speed, I am now being chased by ~6ships with MUCH better Offensive/Defensive systems, I had no chance.

Im taking a lot of hits, and my shields are long gone, my HULL is down to ~30% and my ship is about to be blown to pieces... THEN I spotted it, one of those small wormholes that take you to about ~3 sector away if you keep "riding" its gravitational pull.

I had no time, my ship was burning, my guns didn't even scratch the enemy ships and all I had left was the items that give you a small speed boost. Without thinking much I pointed my ship to the worm hole and put it on the max speed possible. It was freaking amazing to avoid the enemy ships by riding the Worm hole.

I ended up riding it for about half a sector and then used my PowerToEngines to get out of it and back to my delivery destination, this time fully cloaked!

Can't help but think what kind of sick Space Porno that was.

I recommend this game to everyone, the various things that happen make it very interesting for those who thrill to be a Space Captain.
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Posted: September 29, 2014
This game will give you hours of fun, not a fast pace action packed in your face game but the strategic plan your every move with every action having consequences game. In saying that the combat is very rewarding with many battles containing the fast pace action (if you manuver your ship properly to avoid incoming damage and allow your weapons to target correctly while adjusting speed, shields and/or gunnery). Interface gets the job done but can take a few minutes to understand which isn't a negative with a great tutorial that can be accessed at any time if you forget something.
There are not many camera angles which I look forward to an update on this to make a more fluid experience especially in combat (there is free move camera angle which can hinder while flying and looking around). I truly would enjoy a cockpit view from the captains chair to feel really immersed while mining or ship to ship combat. I also want to see more interactivity with planets and stations ( one suggestion would be allowing the player to approach an enemy planet to try a diplomatic or subversion mission to change the flow of power/status of that planet). In a nutshell try this game it makes for a great space flying simulator.
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Posted: September 26, 2014
Excellent game, now that they have the story in.

I've gotta say, that I've watched this go from an alpha state (when I first bought the game) to a completed project. It's truely an amazing experience.

Buy this game. You won't regret it.

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Posted: November 4, 2014
Starpoint Gemini 2 is a great space rpg.

usually a statement like that needs clarification, so here we go.

this game is basically if you took the most complicated parts out of games like x, opened up the game world like evochron mercenary and throw in a control system not unlike eve online. what im getting at is that its not as complicated to play as the aforementioned games but leaves the best parts of each and marries them into a system thats fresh and familiar.

one of the things that irritated me about the x series and evochron for that matter is that missions had to be acquired at a station. my question has always been, why? no long range communications in either universe? in SPG2 that is a thing of the past, when you enter an area, you will be notified when missions are available and you can accept missions directly from the starmap

which brings me to the next point. the starmap is one contigious area, like in evochron, there are no load screeens and while the actual area is smaller than evochron, its a lot more detailed visually. so yes its probably not 100% true to life because there are very few areas that just look like a black void in space, but the visuals are well done and give you more to look at than just black with white dots everywhere.

controls are reminicent of eve online though i havent played it in years, it reminds me of that. not necessarily a terrible thing, but if you are looking to find yourself in the cockpit of the ship, these ships dont feature cockpits. if anything even the smallest class available would have a bridge. so in comparison to the ships in X or EM, youre piloting a capital ship right off the bat. in fact to give some comparison, the M5 through M3 classes of ships in X are basically bought as commodities to place in the hangar of carriers. you wont be flying anything that small and if you were, youd have reason to be very very afraid. it would seem that the gemini system doesnt build much of anything in small scale :)

As of this writing there are a few technical issues that arent game breaking but considering the devlopment team is very active and even communicates with the players regularly i feel that this game will evolve into something even better. if you like rpgs and space games, this will be right up your alley. LGM has done a great job keeping the game fun and challenging without making it a nightmare to learn how to play.
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Posted: September 28, 2014
Starpoint Gemini feels like a PC game I played when I was younger. It's relatively rough around the edges and there is nothing groundbreaking about the graphics--but it represents a kind of space exploration game in a very cohesive package. The soundtrack is filled with ambient electronica and is a real highlight for me; scanning pulsars and exploring unknown reaches of space feels extremely gratifying and peaceful at the same time.

The game itself lets you explore space however you choose: you can become a merchant flying cargo through sectors, a bounty hunter going after pirates, an explorer of the universe and scanning anomalies and space oddities etc, etc. It's a game with great potential that doesn't hold you hand from start to finish. If you have any interest in Sci-fi/space exploration games (Freelancer/Star Trek: Bridge Commander/Eve Online) this game does a great job filling that role.
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