NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM 3 Full Burst
Live the 4th Great Ninja War and its overpowering boss fights or defy your friends in ultra dynamic online and offline ninja confrontations! Originally released in March 2013 for Xbox 360® and PlayStation®3 to wide critical and fan acclaim, the most epic NARUTO game ever released has been given a thorough overhaul for its PC debut!
User reviews: Very Positive (3,435 reviews)
Release Date: Oct 24, 2013

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"Play as your favorite Anime characters from the naruto series through heavily story driven campaign and VS with your friends. Fun beat em-up."

Additional Languages

This version also includes Brazilian Portuguese interfaces and subtitles.

About This Game

Live the 4th Great Ninja War and its overpowering boss fights or defy your friends in ultra dynamic online and offline ninja confrontations!

Originally released in March 2013 for Xbox 360® and PlayStation®3 to wide critical and fan acclaim, the most epic NARUTO game ever released has been given a thorough overhaul for its PC debut! Not least among the wealth of enhancements contained in NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM 3 FULL BURST is the addition of the feverishly anticipated chapter in which Sasuke and Itachi take on Kabuto in a nail-biting confrontation.

Key Features

  • Absolutely Epic storyline: Wage the 4th Great Ninja War in the most epic NARUTO game ever
  • Extreme Immersion: Confront overpowering bosses including the gargantuan Tailed Beasts in memorable battles defying time and death
  • Gameplay Excellence: Discover NARUTO Storm ultra dynamic ninja confrontations with the series most extensive roster including the highly anticipated Naruto (Tailed Beast mode), Madara or the Jinchurikis.

…and Beyond! (Full Burst New Content)
  • Additional Chapter: Finally free of Kabuto’s control, Itachi intends to crack the Reanimation forbidden technique. Will an unprecedented Uchiha alliance with Sasuke be enough to handle it?
  • New playable character: Kabuto reaches the almighty Sage mode and is now playable in versus mode. Unleash his power and defeat your opponents both offline and online.
  • Director’s Cut: Discover completely revamped Storm 3 cinematics and experience the epic conflict consuming the entire ninja world more intensely that ever.
  • 100 New Missions: Embark on a whole new series of missions, many with their own uniquely challenging objectives.
  • 38 Additional Costumes: Outfit characters in a selection of 38 costumes from the NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM 3 DLC packs.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP, Vista, Seven, 8
    • Processor: 2Ghz Dual Core or AMD equivalent
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 512MB video cards Pixel Shader 4.0 (Geforce 8xxx-ATI HD2xxx)
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 8 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX sound device
    • OS: Win XP, Vista, Seven, 8
    • Processor: 2.3Ghz Quad Core or AMD equivalent
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 1024VRam DirectX10 GPU Pixel Shader 4.0
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Hard Drive: 8 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX sound device
Helpful customer reviews
99 of 125 people (79%) found this review helpful
45.3 hrs on record
I recommend you buy this game if you have a gamepad.
What can I say about this game? Hm let us start with... The price.
So I got this game for $12 only because of the sale. You guys need to save your money, wait for the sale. Note yourself that this game can drop as low as $12. Don't waste your money even though this game is cool.
So about the graphics, the graphics is... Awesome. The scenery of Konoha Village is beautiful. Note that I play with full resolution (1366x768) and Super-Sampling is 2x.
So the storyline? It's amazing. You can feel the intense, you can feel like you are in Naruto's place.
Highly recommend you guys to buy this game. If you are a Naruto fans, buy it. If you want to be a Naruto fans but you don't want to watch the Anime/Manga, buy it.
Posted: June 21
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49 of 56 people (88%) found this review helpful
50.5 hrs on record
I bought this with a low discount. I felt ripped off when I was in the launcher, as I there are only two graphical options, no default keyboard config(many ppl recommend to play this game with a controller). After I got a good keyboard config(guide made by ThillinaC), I launched the game, hoping to find my moneys worth. After the prologue, my feelings about this game turned 180 degrees. I wasn't a Naruto fan, but the story of the game won me over. I wasn't a fan of fighting games, but now I have more of those in my wishlist.
This game isn't a good PC port, but it has the steady 30 FPS, so you can enjoy this game that it's better than most expect. Like every fighting game, there are a ton of characters with different unlockable skins, each one with their unique moves. Even tough you'll most likely end up with picking favourites, picking random characters will show you that each character can win if you have the skill. The battles aren't about tactics as much as about timing, as the controls are the same for everyone, just the way the characters execute the commands is different, which makes every character interesting.
The story is so good that it makes the game deserve an underrated tag. For me it's up there with games like Mass Effect, since I've experienced many emotional impacts and catharsis throughout the game. It's all about the kid who turns out to be the hero that inspires five nations to believe in themselves again and fight the war to prove the opponent that peace in this world can be. The story can turn out to be enough to get a person out of depression.
There's also free roam and the sense of exploration brings many rewards. The missions can be replayed, along many bonus ones. There are a lot of extra battles, like tournaments and mission challanges, that make wallpapers be available for the desktop.
It's a great game, both in quality and quantity, but it's also a bad port. I won't complain about the graphics, but some texture models could have used an improvement. 9.3 is the score for the game and I(along many fans) look forward for the next game and every naruto game that comes after it(that's how much of a fan this game has made me)
Posted: August 23
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33 of 42 people (79%) found this review helpful
49.8 hrs on record
Every fan of the Anime/Manga of Naruto, need to play this game.
The good things:
+ Great history, changing the story with your decisions in some missions (lol, that rhyme) √
+ Great soundtrack √
+ Great gameplay √
+ Most epic Naruto game ever released √
+ The first Naruto game for PC √
+ You can change the controls of the keyboard √
+ You can use a gamepad √
+ Multiplayer √
+ Voices in English and Japanese √

The bad things:
- Slow motion
- Slow videos/cutscenes in some moments
- Not very good pc port.

I recommend you buy it in a Xbox or in a Playstation. Anyway I say it doesn't have a good pc port, but it doesn't mean it is bad at all.
Posted: July 12
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20 of 24 people (83%) found this review helpful
40.5 hrs on record
First of all I must stay I am a Naruto addicted so my recommendation may be biased xD

This will be a long analyses, but I am hoping useful for people interested in the game.

Naruto is a 3D fighting game developed thinking mostly of the fans of the anime. A proof of this the extent of the cutscenes in the story mode (some of them go as long as half an hour - you are basically watching a tv show), which means that if you are not a fan you will probably not enjoy this game very much. It is also advisable to have a gamepad to play, since fighting style games are not really developed for keyboard and this one is no exception.

You have 3 game modes available: Ultimate Adventure, Free battle and Online.

Starting by the Ultimate Adventure, the story picks up after Pain destroyed Konohagakure and goes until the end of the Fourth ninja war (giving it an alternative ending to the manga). The main story takes about 10-12 hours to complete, of which probably 6-8 are cutscenes. After you finish the main story there is a load of side missions to do, and if you want to complete everything to 100% (S-rank every fight with bonus) it can take close to 30 hours. The art is fantastic, with little to no bugs in the free world map, and with very interesting side quests in my opinion. In here was where I learned the game mechanics which are pretty simple but still manage to make the game enjoyable.

After you finish the Ultimate Adventure more than 100 characters will be at your disposable to use in Free Battles. In this section you can also do the 100 misssion battles with different challenges each, which should take you 10 more hours if you go for the 100% again.

Lastly the Online. It is terrible in my short experience. Games crash a lot (I wasn't able to finish a single combat in 5 tries and have a 100mb connection), and there is also a significant delay between when you press a button and the action takes place. This could be a turn off for you if you are buying the game for the online, but for fans like me, the offline mode will keep you very happy.

I saved the best for last: YOU CAN USE MODS IN THIS GAME!! It is awesome, you can add characters like Goku Naruto, change characters movesets and even add new stages, all developed by a fantastic community and just ready for you to download xD



+Simple but addictive gameplay
+Lenght (40 hours offline only)
+Ammount of characters

-Extensive cutscenes

Hope I have been helpful (:

Posted: June 22
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55 of 96 people (57%) found this review helpful
104.1 hrs on record
This review was voted Not Recommended due to poor PC conditions, not that it's a bad game. Continue reading for further explanation.

NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM 3 Full Burst for the PC is a poorly optimized port. Judging this game on PC alone simply goes by how well your system is. The FPS is capped at 30, which is fine for me, yet high end systems still have difficulties hitting this cap. In addition, the game suffers from serious slow down at certain moments. While this is ignorable in moves that bring up cutscenes like Ultimate Jutsus, when they're on the field due to intense gameplay it really kills pace as frames slow down and inputs are delayed.

The story mode is alright. Free roaming doesn't really hold as much of a point in this game than it felt in Ninja Storm 2 (I skipped Generations so I cannot compare to that) there feels to always be something right to another which is understandable due to the approaching and commencing Fourth Great Ninja War, there is still a huge amass of repetitive side quests, a lot of them looking like things that won't lead to fights, and then lead to fights because its a fighting game.

While Super Hard difficult CPU are alright, they tend to use Instant Awakening litterally until the points where they are forced out of it due to low Chakra or verge of death in some characters cases. This can make some fights really easy if they have jutsus that replace their supports if you end up landing a hit and able to predict their subs and counter, as they will have no outside help and will continously lose chakra.

Story mode CPU while getting more difficult also tend to gain bonus stats to confront your ability to use food to boost your stats pre-battle for the whole battle, but becomes tedious and unfun as you're constantly breaking from the action to restock your ninja tools, which I flat out skipped aside from Paper Bombs and Healing items which I was reluctant to use due to having to manually restock them even if you have them stocked. The food items that heal you and give you bonus stats are still necessary if you're going into battles with lower health but also become tedious when you're full health having to navigate and wait on the menus to use one for the stat benefits, which almost feels necessary torwards the end of the game and in post game content when opponents can have +70 - +80 in one stat, which if that stat is Attack, a jutsu can end up doing around a third of your health which is about the amount a Ultimate Jutsu does.

(No Spoilers) The ending of the game was also a great disappointment as fights have altered endings from Manga and Anime counterparts that drop all action immediately to just try and make sense of the game ending where it did and giving a bad transition into letting you free roam again to do the countless requests and Ninja Time Line, the rewards gained are for the most part not worth it. The benefit of some items are absolutely none as they sit as key items in your inventory that don't end up doing anything other than be collectables, while the majority of prizes are Ryo and ninja tools which while Ryo can be used to buy asthetic cards and titles for the Online mode, you only need to have around one run of the story to get enough Ryo to buy most if not all of the cards you can want. Ninja tool item rewards are lackluster as they are one time use and only useable in story mode, while thankfully, but serve little of a point as it seems the reward of one request is pointless money and tools to replace the ones you used if any.

There are, however, some fights in the Story mode with bonus missions, while all story mode fights have bonus missions it becomes more clear when looking at the time line that the rewards are different, getting Great Ninja Timeline scrolls for the timeline missions they have and beating those, result in gaining cards and titles which can be nice as they are normally relating to the fights which tend to be big ones like Naruto against Sasuke in the Final Valley, Sasuke vs Itachi in the Uchiha Hideout, Naruto and Pains fight in Konoha/Hidden Leaf.

While the game does have its balance issues, I enjoy playing online. Although fights rely on the system and connection of both players to be fun as you sync with your opponent in frames so the slower of the two sets the frame rate for the game, while connections can still display "Transmitting..." connections in fight, which can range from sparce to every second or two, and even result from minor to drastic input delay. If you're looking for online play it may be better to pick this up on console where everyone has the same system and only worry about connection issues, while you may have a high powered computer to play the game 30 FPS easy, and internet to match, won't insure your opponents from having the same setup and will cause frusterating gameplay issues.

The game itself I feel is great. It's issues lie in its balance of certain characters, while there are a lot of characters and most of them sit in the same reigon of difficulty and reward, some even being lower in terms of reward, there is unarguably a higher tier of characters that have less difficulty for higher reward due to their high responsive movsets and great hitboxes allowing them to strike opponents straight out of subsitution or even hit opponents who substitute due to back hits and quite possibily attacks that make opponents sub in the same place which they aren't able to guard before hitting the ground allowing them to get locked again unless subbing multiple times to avoid taking full combo damage which can also be counterd by dash canceling to continue combos.

Adding on the Guard Support, while not entirely broken, is nearly a must have on any team that isn't single support as its presence cuts momentum for someone who's ahead trying to keep the offensive, and for cutting the momentum of players in a loser position trying to capitalize on certain things like trying to cover great distance to an enemy who's just lost all their subs, but the guard support can end up blacking any dash as long as the opponent keeps his distance and making the opponent try and use dashes and counter them when they hit the guard support. The down side to this is when a Guard Support is deployed either as the manual jutsu support or doing its guard, if its on the field it won't guard if its on the field. If you strike a guard support with your dash it will be knocked on the ground giving about a 1 dash window where you can try and close distance and make contact before showing up again, but this is again, up to the enemy if he tries to delay you with jutsu, supports, chakra projectiles or even back dash. This is going to be fixed in Naruto Shippuden Ninja Storm Revolution where suppor types are taken and revamped into battle types, and that supports can be damaged and removed permadently from any source of damage be it even projectile tosses or dashes.

Overall, as a PC Port, I've seen more than enough issues that cause the game to be unfun. The game is good but by extension of massive slow down, hard to reach but low FPS cap, and possibility of transmission screens and input delay fights online I'd have to give it overall a 6/10. If Cyber Connect 2 somehow ports this better to fit on more systems to better improve medium and lower end systems FPS it would be the difference between playable and unplayable. The game is over priced with a sequel on the horizon promising to be made more competitve and we can only hope that CC2 will end up making a better port as it will come to PC as well.

If you're looking to get Storm 3 on PC I would suggest waiting until Revolution comes out, and if it's in the same state or better in terms of optimization for regular game and online servers then pick it up as they will probably be a $10 difference at most, unless this game is on sale.
Posted: June 15
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421 of 487 people (86%) found this review helpful
57.0 hrs on record
This is just a brief review of the game/product~ /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst is the latest installment in the Ultimate Ninja series. Full Burst brings you a revamped of Storm 3 Cinematics and a New Chapter, a Chapter that enables you to fight against Kabuto at his Sage Mode, he can be playable after the completion of the chapter.

The game has over 80 playable characters, from the young generations to the characters of the On-going 4th Great Ninja War. In addition, 100 new missions has been implemented on this version that expands the gameplay hours due to challenging objectives. In addition, 38 Free Costumes, character outfits that were DLC's from the orginal Storm 3, which were worth more than £30 in total. English and Japanese audio is available within the game alongside with english subtitles.

Overall the gameplay is fun and entertaining, ain't hard to get grasp on to execute visually appealing combos. The characters has been re-balanced for the satisfaction of online play from the orginal Storm 3. The game does not end after the story mode, the all New 100 Missions and Online play is available for the challange. Over two thousand in game collectables are available to haul, from profile cards to titles, which can be used to customized your in game battle profile.

As a Anime fan i would give this game a 9.5/10 due to the justice it served on the original content as well for the Ninja Storm franchise.

However as a Gamer the game appeal to me as 6.5/10 due to the lack of depth gameplay mechanics, although this type of game isn't supposed to be complex, unlike Guilty Gear and Street Fighter which have more rigid and competitive gameplay. Though Storm 3 serves multiple objectives, it can be a gateway to a reminisence childhood or enter a whole new world of dedicate fans of animes. Or maybe you just simply want to enjoy to see Sasuke getting lariat by the Raikage dozen of times. *no offense to Sasuke's fans ;)*

NOTE: The game starts directly after the Pain Arc, no filler characters are in this game, only Canon story is implemented - summarization with 3D visuals, more than 24 hours worth of 3D custcenes.

In case you're not familiar with the Shippuden series and want to watch/catch up, there are roughly 200 anime episodes to watch in total, filler excluded, in order to catch up with the story in this game.

Watch Guide List:

Watch episodes 1-56

Skip at 57-70

71 - Last 10 min or so is manga material. But is relevant for the next arc.

Pick up at 72-89

Skip at 90-111

Pick up or Skip - 112 - Last 10 min or so is manga material. But is relevant for the next arc. You will see eye burning filler but all you need to know is that the akatsuki captures the three tails.

Pick up at 113-143

Skip at 144-151

Pick up at 152-169

Skip at 170 & 171

Pick up at 172-175

Skip at 176-196 (Some of this arc has filler mixed in with manga material so for those who care about the 100% completion and dont mind seeing a little burning lol, check out the spoiler below.)

Pick up at 197-222

Skip 223-242

Pick up at 243-256

257 - half filler/half manga

Skip 258-260

Pick up at 261-278

Skip 279-281

Pick up at 282-283

Skip 284-295

Pick up at 296-302

Skip 303-320

Pick up at 321-

Source info (watch list) :
Posted: October 27, 2013
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