Black Ink is a new, non-realistic GPU based painting application that, instead of imitating traditional tools, brings new inspirations to every artist. Forget about pen and paper or watercolor and discover a new, generative and truly computer based way to create.
출시 날짜: 2013년 9월 6일
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Black Ink 0.168.1749

2014년 6월 11일

The Version 0.161.1686 is now available

List of changes :

  • New Selection tools :
    • Create rectangle primitive.
    • Create ellipse primitive.
    • Tip : When you create a new primitive you can use shortcuts to choose an operation :
      • Use Shift+Click to add a primitive to the selection.
      • Use Alt+Click to subtract a primitive to the selection.
      • Use Shift+Alt+Click to keep only the intersection of the primitive with the selection.
    • Adjust last selection. Allows you to adjust the latest selection primitive to refine your selection instead of canceling and starting over.
  • New Ctrl+C shortcut (copy selection from the current layer)
  • New Ctrl+Shift+C shortcut (copy selection from all visible layers)
  • New Ctrl+V shortcut (paste content of the Black Ink clipboard on the current layer)
  • New Ctrl+X shortcut (cut the current selection)
  • New Ctrl+Shift+A shortcut (select current layer’s opacity)
  • New Ctrl+A shortcut (select all)
  • New Ctrl+I shortcut (invert selection)
  • New Ctrl+D shortcut (deselect all)
  • New Ctrl+F4 Exit Black Ink
  • Fixed Losing DynamicsTextures on the canvas when resizing the Black Ink window in Direct3D 9.
  • Fixed Edition of double slider sometimes buggy when a value is entered in a numeric box (see
  • Fixed The Eraser side of stylus didn’t work.
  • Fixed Crash when saving with the transform tool active.
  • Fixed Wrong window size when windows taskbar is not positionned at the bottom of the screen (issue
  • Fixed Overwrite message displayed in all situation when using the Save As command (issue
  • The brush cursor is thinner and uses an inverse color technique for better visualisation:

  • Transformation Editor update:
    • When transforming a layer the gizmo now surrounds only meaningful content and not necessarily the entire layer


    • It’s now possible to undo/redo with the transformation tool active (useful to compare original state and current transformation without exiting the mode).
    • You can now configure (in options) the alpha and the visibility of the handles and the frame of the transformation gizmo.
    • You can define a snap angle in the transformation parameters.
  • It’s now possible to open .BKD directly from the windows explorer if you assign Black Ink to this file format.

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Black Ink 0.161.1686

2014년 2월 20일

The Version 0.161.1686 is now available

Long time since the last update. Due mainly to lot of personal duty for the team members.
Anyway this version mainly introduces more complex layer operations (which is the most requested features from the community).

Please note that this is the last release before a discount update which will occur in one week from this post. So if you are still undecided for Black Ink make your decision before the end of the next week, or it will cost you few more bucks ;)

Many thanks to all the users who already purchased Black Ink! The community grows every day and we are really amazed by your great feedback on our product.

Now here the list of changes :

  • New User can now use the .JPG image format in Black Ink for saving and loading.
  • New Command Menu for each layer (in the upper left of the layer thumbnail) :
    • Duplicate Layer
    • Fill - Fill the layer with the given solid color
    • Transform - Transform the whole layer
    • Merge Down - Merge down the layer
    • Merge Visible - Merge all visible layers
    • Merge All - Merge All layers into a flattened image
    • Export Image - Export the layer as an image
    • Import Image - Import an image in the layer
  • New You can Drop an image file from the Window Explorer to open it. If it’s a .BKD it will open the document but if it’s another file format( .JPG, .PNG ) it will import it in the current selected layer.
  • New T shortcut ( Transform the current selected layer ).
  • New “General Shortcuts” section added in the Toolbar.
  • New “Transform” section added in the Toolbar.
  • New Transform Editor ( invoked when user starts a Transform operation )
    • You can set the opacity of the current transformed object before applying the transformation
    • Center the transformed object
    • Tile the transformed object thought the entire canvas
    • Fit the transformed object thought the entire canvas
    • Fill the canvas with transformed object content
    • Flip the Transformed object Horizontally or vertically
    • Reset the Transformed aspect ratio back to its original size
  • Fixed The Eraser function of stylus is not recognised on new Intuos PRO ( issue )
  • Fixed Impossible to Pin the Black Ink.exe in the TaskBar ( issue )
  • Fixed Problem when resizing the application window with the controller panel opened ( issue )
  • Fixed Crash when using the stylus Eraser when brushing with the mouse.
  • Fixed Crash when switching to the stylus Eraser when editing some Controller parameter
  • Fixed Crash when selecting the Crepe Default Brush, editing the 2nd color and drag&dropping one of the color-markers away (to remove it)
  • Fixed Brush Preview flooding when Dragging out controller block from a slot without destroying it. A Preview was created each time the user start to draw while it was unnecessary.
  • Fixed Black Ink Window is correctly placed when Maximized with a Task bar pinned on the left, right or top of the desktop ( issue )
  • An Empty= Layer is created above the default white Background when the New command is invoked (request)
  • The Shortcut Esc that sometimes close Black Ink has been removed.

The new layer menu

New Transform gizmo

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Steam Greenlight

Black Ink Beta

This product is still in beta. Purchase now with a huge discount, and receive all future updates for free! A lot of great features are in development for Black Ink and the special beta offer will evolve as they come in. Take advantage of this offer before Black Ink is complete!

소프트웨어에 대하여

Black Ink is a new, non-realistic GPU based painting application that, instead of imitating traditional tools, brings new inspirations to every artist.

Forget about pen and paper or watercolor and discover a new, generative and truly computer based way to create. Black Ink’s non realistic tools makes creating original pictures fast and easy, whether you’re an experimented artist or never used a painting program before.

Black Ink gives you the freedom to modify your brushes in any way you want and no real life constraint is going to stop your imagination. You can create the perfect brush, or the most crazy one, and share it with other users for unlimited variations and effects.
Black Ink’s unique and simple node-based system allows to very easily assign behaviors to your brush as well as create limitless advanced setups.

And thanks to Black Ink’s GPU technology you can forget about the pixels and work on high definition documents. Don’t worry about the resolution anymore and just create a 4, 8 or even 10k picture and draw without slowing down on real, full bitmap documents.

Tutorials | Brush making | Tips and tricks

Key Features

  • GPU rendering technology offering unprecedented speed with full bitmap high resolutions documents (4K, 10k and more)
  • Non-realistic brushes for generative computer based creation
  • Powerful node-based brush customization tool
  • Unique and intuitive user interface

Upcoming Features

  • Tools upgrades:
    More layers options, transformation tools, search and filters in the Brush Manager, blurred shapes, canvas flipping, stroke modifier, new controllers nodes…
  • New features:
    Preferences, shortcut customizations, symmetry and duplicate tools, tile tools to loop strokes over the edges of the picture...
  • New brush types:
    Multi-splines, polygonal, multibrushes...
  • More details

시스템 요구 사항

    • OS: Windows XP (SP3)
    • Processor: Single Core Processor at 1.6 Ghz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Graphic card with support of pixel shader 3.0 and 512 Mo of VRAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Hard Drive: 50 MB available space
    • OS: Windows 7 SP1
    • Processor: Quad core processor
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Graphic card with pixel shader 3.0 support and with 1 GB of VRAM
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Hard Drive: 50 MB available space
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스팀에 등장하고 구입 후 써보았는데..
다른 그래픽툴과 비교할때 너무 부족한 기능들이 많다.우선 처음 나올 당시 이미지 리사이징도 불가능했고(이 점은 현제 변경 가능하다. 다만 너무 불편하다.)원하는 부분 수정도 일일히 손으로 그려줘야하며 가장 불편한점은 색깔 선택 및 레이어 개수 재한과 관리가 너무나도 불편하다. 한가지 더 더한다면...최적화가..발이다..
사양 좋은 컴퓨터에서는 문제 없겠지만 Sai혹은 오픈캔버스 가벼운 툴에 비교하면 프로그램 용량대비 너무 무겁다.
최적화가 더 필요하다고 생각되며...중급 이상 능력이 없는 컴퓨터라면 구매를 비추천한다.

다만 이런 불편함 속에서도 추천을 할수밖에 없는것은 브러쉬 느낌이 너무 마음에 들며 컨셉정도의 그림에서는 대단한 힘을 발휘할수 있는 툴이다. 간단히 그린것만으로 충분히 느낌을 뽑아낼수 있으며 자신의 마음에 드는 브러쉬도 손쉽게 만들수있다.

아직 정식버전까지 릴리스 되지 않은점도 있기때문에 후에 업데이트를 생각하면 충분히 사둘 가치는 있는 툴이라고 보고싶다.
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정말 좋은 프로그램 귯귯~잘쓰고잇습니당

미술을 하는사람들이라면 꼭 한번쯤 써봐야할 필수 프로그램
이걸 이용해서 평소에 자신이 해보지 않았던 방식을 우연히 접해 미술 실력이 크게 눈에 뜨이도록 좋아지며, 여러가지 시도를 통해 더욱 다양한 그림을 그려낼 수 있다.

자신이 원하는 붓의 패턴 ( 브러쉬의 형태랄까...? { 명칭을 모름 }) 을 만들어서 자신이 원하는 그림을 재데로 창조해 낼 수 있다.

자신이 프로그램의 창 크기를 늘리거나 줄이면 그 크기에 맞춰서 크기가 조정되고 크기를 직접 얼마만큼 정해서 그크기만 쓰는것도 가능하다.

결론 : 세일 할때 사면 님은 갓
게시 일시: 2014년 3월 14일
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Wonderful tool.

Even the nonexpert can get into it very easily and first of all, its very enjoyable.

Worth every coin you pay for.
게시 일시: 2014년 2월 20일
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This is a great addition or extension to your other design programs. It frees up a whole lot of my time in photoshop and illustrator thanks to the easy-to-use tools.

I mainly use Black Ink to add depth and depth effects to my drawings, then i warp it back and put the masks and shaders on it in PS/AI.

As it stands right now though, it's unusable as a single software, they need some better/more layering options and ordinary drawing tools.

For the price though, it's definetly worth picking up right now (on sale!) if you also use/own PS or AI
게시 일시: 2014년 2월 7일
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1.8 시간 기록
I've had this software for a while, but never could get it to run well. I know it's supposed to still be in beta, but...

Black Ink just doesn't work well on a Cintiq Companion. It has very slow brush tracking and weird jumps in the line. The only solution is to disable precise stylus tracking, which means less smooth lines. It does work a lot better (and way faster) with a capacitive pen, if you don't mind loosing pressure sensitivity, that is. Also, touch support is poor, with very slow pinch to zoom and no panning. Take a look at the latest update for Manga Studio 5EX if you want an example of how pen and touch are supposed to work together.

On a gaming PC with a Cintiq the tracking problems and wobly lines are also present, but at least the performance problems are gone.

At this point I have lost interest in digging deeper onto Black Inks features. There are too many drawing tools out there that do work well, even on a tablet. A shame, really. I do still like the concept. Perhaps I'll take another look once Bleank finishes the software.

Generally avoid if you plan on using Black Ink on a tablet/slate PC. It needs a beefy GPU and is too slow on an Intel HD 4000 (confirmed by the developer). Also be prepared for possible problems drawing on a Wacom Cintiq. Try the demo before buying!
게시 일시: 2014년 4월 13일
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