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Black Ink is a new, non-realistic GPU based painting application that, instead of imitating traditional tools, brings new inspirations to every artist. Forget about pen and paper or watercolor and discover a new, generative and truly computer based way to create.
Data di rilascio: 6 Set 2013
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Black Ink 0.173.1777

21 Agosto 2014

The Version 0.173.1777 is now available


List of changes :

  • N! Selection tools :
    • Create Polygonal Lasso.
    • Tip : When you Adjust a Polygonal Lasso primitive
      • Use Shift+Click to add a new control point
      • Use Alt+Click to remove a control point or an edge

    • Create Lasso.

    • New + shortcut ( Zoom step in )
    • New - shortcut ( Zoom step Out )
    • New We can now zoom more than 100%

    • Fixed Some random crash when using a Tablet and when a wrong auto calibration is computed ( issue )
    • Fixed Crash when loading an image when the Select & Transform toolbar is collapsed.
    • Fixed Some brush Shape type was not affected by the current selection ( issue )
    • Fixed Fill Layer was not affected by the current selection.
    • Fixed Crash when loading a grayscale PNG ( issue )
    • Fixed Sometimes brush preview is incorrect ( displaying the preview of another brush )

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Black Ink 0.168.1749

11 Giugno 2014

The Version 0.161.1686 is now available


List of changes :

  • New Selection tools :
    • Create rectangle primitive.
    • Create ellipse primitive.
    • Tip : When you create a new primitive you can use shortcuts to choose an operation :
      • Use Shift+Click to add a primitive to the selection.
      • Use Alt+Click to subtract a primitive to the selection.
      • Use Shift+Alt+Click to keep only the intersection of the primitive with the selection.
    • Adjust last selection. Allows you to adjust the latest selection primitive to refine your selection instead of canceling and starting over.
  • New Ctrl+C shortcut (copy selection from the current layer)
  • New Ctrl+Shift+C shortcut (copy selection from all visible layers)
  • New Ctrl+V shortcut (paste content of the Black Ink clipboard on the current layer)
  • New Ctrl+X shortcut (cut the current selection)
  • New Ctrl+Shift+A shortcut (select current layer’s opacity)
  • New Ctrl+A shortcut (select all)
  • New Ctrl+I shortcut (invert selection)
  • New Ctrl+D shortcut (deselect all)
  • New Ctrl+F4 Exit Black Ink
  • Fixed Losing DynamicsTextures on the canvas when resizing the Black Ink window in Direct3D 9.
  • Fixed Edition of double slider sometimes buggy when a value is entered in a numeric box (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SI5cs29PKAE&feature=youtu.be).
  • Fixed The Eraser side of stylus didn’t work.
  • Fixed Crash when saving with the transform tool active.
  • Fixed Wrong window size when windows taskbar is not positionned at the bottom of the screen (issue http://steamcommunity.com/app/233680/discussions/3/558753804266664854/).
  • Fixed Overwrite message displayed in all situation when using the Save As command (issue http://forum.bleank.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=627&p=2602#p2602).
  • The brush cursor is thinner and uses an inverse color technique for better visualisation:

  • Transformation Editor update:
    • When transforming a layer the gizmo now surrounds only meaningful content and not necessarily the entire layer


    • It’s now possible to undo/redo with the transformation tool active (useful to compare original state and current transformation without exiting the mode).
    • You can now configure (in options) the alpha and the visibility of the handles and the frame of the transformation gizmo.
    • You can define a snap angle in the transformation parameters.
  • It’s now possible to open .BKD directly from the windows explorer if you assign Black Ink to this file format.

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Steam Greenlight

Black Ink Beta

This product is still in beta. Purchase now with a huge discount, and receive all future updates for free! A lot of great features are in development for Black Ink and the special beta offer will evolve as they come in. Take advantage of this offer before Black Ink is complete!

Informazioni sul software

Black Ink is a new, non-realistic GPU based painting application that, instead of imitating traditional tools, brings new inspirations to every artist.

Forget about pen and paper or watercolor and discover a new, generative and truly computer based way to create. Black Ink’s non realistic tools makes creating original pictures fast and easy, whether you’re an experimented artist or never used a painting program before.

Black Ink gives you the freedom to modify your brushes in any way you want and no real life constraint is going to stop your imagination. You can create the perfect brush, or the most crazy one, and share it with other users for unlimited variations and effects.
Black Ink’s unique and simple node-based system allows to very easily assign behaviors to your brush as well as create limitless advanced setups.

And thanks to Black Ink’s GPU technology you can forget about the pixels and work on high definition documents. Don’t worry about the resolution anymore and just create a 4, 8 or even 10k picture and draw without slowing down on real, full bitmap documents.

Tutorials | Brush making | Tips and tricks

Key Features

  • GPU rendering technology offering unprecedented speed with full bitmap high resolutions documents (4K, 10k and more)
  • Non-realistic brushes for generative computer based creation
  • Powerful node-based brush customization tool
  • Unique and intuitive user interface

Upcoming Features

  • Tools upgrades:
    More layers options, transformation tools, search and filters in the Brush Manager, blurred shapes, canvas flipping, stroke modifier, new controllers nodes…
  • New features:
    Preferences, shortcut customizations, symmetry and duplicate tools, tile tools to loop strokes over the edges of the picture...
  • New brush types:
    Multi-splines, polygonal, multibrushes...
  • More details

Requisiti di sistema

    • OS: Windows XP (SP3)
    • Processor: Single Core Processor at 1.6 Ghz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Graphic card with support of pixel shader 3.0 and 512 Mo of VRAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Hard Drive: 50 MB available space
    • OS: Windows 7 SP1
    • Processor: Quad core processor
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Graphic card with pixel shader 3.0 support and with 1 GB of VRAM
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Hard Drive: 50 MB available space
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I have to say, I wasn't sure how I'd like this program, but I've been playing around with it... the documentation is currently sparse and I haven't figured out everything... but I LOVE this program. It has been working really smoothly, and I'm enjoying learning how it works.

I judge it a good buy, especially on sale as it is. It's great already, I think it'll be what I generally use, unless a specialty function in another program is needed...

Update: One minor thing (since I suspect it'll be added to later) is a limit on layers. I found I hit a hard limit, and this was a bit of a pain for me. I still think it's worth it, and suspect they'll add more layer capabilities soon.
Pubblicata: 3 Aprile 2014
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Very nice, simple, and easy-to-use application.
Provides many tools, effects, and brushes.
The pencil lines are realistic since it adjusts its size according to the speed.
Pubblicata: 18 Agosto 2014
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So good
Pubblicata: 6 Marzo 2014
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I've had this software for a while, but never could get it to run well. I know it's supposed to still be in beta, but...

Black Ink just doesn't work well on a Cintiq Companion. It has very slow brush tracking and weird jumps in the line. The only solution is to disable precise stylus tracking, which means less smooth lines. It does work a lot better (and way faster) with a capacitive pen, if you don't mind loosing pressure sensitivity, that is. Also, touch support is poor, with very slow pinch to zoom and no panning. Take a look at the latest update for Manga Studio 5EX if you want an example of how pen and touch are supposed to work together.

On a gaming PC with a Cintiq the tracking problems and wobly lines are also present, but at least the performance problems are gone.

At this point I have lost interest in digging deeper onto Black Inks features. There are too many drawing tools out there that do work well, even on a tablet. A shame, really. I do still like the concept. Perhaps I'll take another look once Bleank finishes the software.

Generally avoid if you plan on using Black Ink on a tablet/slate PC. It needs a beefy GPU and is too slow on an Intel HD 4000 (confirmed by the developer). Also be prepared for possible problems drawing on a Wacom Cintiq. Try the demo before buying!
Pubblicata: 13 Aprile 2014
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I really wanted to like this software. I honestly did. I did my absolute best to work through its awful problems and I just couldn't. To put it simply, this software just doesn't have enough of anything to be on par with everything else out there. There are so many areas where BlackInk is lacking and it's unusable. Here's a list I've compiled of the gigantic flaws in this software.

1. The eraser tool doesn't erase your single layer. It erases the background as well, so instead of you removing the mark that you had made, it does that and it also removes the background along with it. You wind up seeing gray checkered streaks across your screen. The only work-around is using a white pencil of some sort, which isn't even remotely helpful because it's too small to erase your marks.

2. BlackInk is lacking in a variety of tools which they say they're going to implement, but they haven't even paid any mind to it. In 2012, they said that there would be this array of new tools being added, yet not a single one has appeared yet. These tools include: smudge brushes, line tools, shape tools, and complex brushes. What I've seen is that they've just been working out small glitches every six months and calling that an update. "Here is a list of what we have in the pipeline for BlackInk in the next few months". To me, it seems like the pipe is pretty clogged. If you're going to promise a community that they're getting some nice new things for the program that are essential, at least try to input one of them.

3. File sizes are unrealisticly large for this type of program. Comparing the BlackInk save of a file (.bkd), and a JPEG file, .bkd winds up being about six times larger than a JPEG. This is also an unnecesarry addition because you simply don't need to incorporate a new type of file when you can save your artwork as JPEGs anyway. I don't know why you would want to have a file six times larger for the same thing.

Overall, I completely understand that this program is in beta. I get that. I've used a lot of things that were in beta. Fortunately, the things I used were passionate enough about their program to update it every few months or so. I also understand that you can't do all of it in a single day. I know things take time and that they aren't just going to suddenly appear because you want them to. But if you make a promise two years earlier for something that should only take a few months to implement, then why are you making promises at all? I honestly don't mean to offend any of you working on this project, but at this rate, you're not going to be up to par with anything because you simply aren't pushing in any of the things users would find useful. Best regards.
Pubblicata: 11 Agosto 2014
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Make, download, or use the provided brushes to make amazing speed-sensitive designs. People with no talent can make interesting paintings in seconds, while those with skill can produce amazing picasso-esq poitraits in minutes. You might want to conisder picking up a small graphics tablet for an input device, also.

Or you can be like me and just get high and drunk and doodle, and then when people ask what you do all day, instead of having to respond that you're always sitting on steam, you can proudly say "I, sir, am an artiste" as you laugh and twirl your mustache.
Pubblicata: 26 Novembre 2013
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