Wake is the story of an engineer trapped on a sinking ship. Navigate through the ship however you want to find your way to the surface above, but avoid the ship's corrupted security system!Key Features Run and swim to escape a sinking ship Dodge bullets, fire, electricity and LASERS - but most of all avoid drowning!
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A little update

1. září

Hi everybody!
I've pushed out an update that fixes one cause of slowdown for some users. Also if the game crashes when you quit, please delete the "steam_api.dll" file located in the game's folder (Steam\steamapps\common\Wake). This file is no longer included in the game files so if you delete or reinstall the game you won't need to remove this file.

Cheerio, and have a good un,
- James @ Boss Baddie

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O hře

Wake is the story of an engineer trapped on a sinking ship. Navigate through the ship however you want to find your way to the surface above, but avoid the ship's corrupted security system!

Key Features

  • Run and swim to escape a sinking ship
  • Dodge bullets, fire, electricity and LASERS - but most of all avoid drowning!
  • Randomised areas change the ship every time
  • Tense, close-quarters gameplay
  • Collect keys, torches and other items to stay alive
  • Unravel the truth behind the sinking of the ship
  • Multiple difficulty modes and end-game challenges
  • Compete against others with online scoreboards
  • Xbox 360 and standard controller support
  • Includes full MP3 and FLAC soundtrack

Systémové požadavky

    • OS:Windows XP
    • Processor:2ghz Core 2 Duo
    • Memory:512 MB RAM
    • Graphics:DirectX 9.0c
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:200 MB HD space
    • Sound:Any
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
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    Wake me when the menu loads.
    Přidáno: 27. června
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    Wouldn't recommend it even for my enemies, the menu is laggy, the music is repetitive and annoying, and you will get frustrated really, really fast while playing, there's no "pause" button and no in-game menu, and there's just no excitement at all!
    Přidáno: 1. června
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    Wake is the type of game that seems promising at first and keeps you entertained for a while, but fails to deliver once you got the idea behind its concept. That concept is is as simple as it can get: you are on a ship that is slowly sinking and the only way to escape is by climbing all the way up to the top where the three exists are located, avoiding fire, debris and for some reason automated machine guns that will be shooting at you on your way up. Besides that, little is known about your character, what sunk the ship or why are you the only one inside it and even though the game doesn't give you any direction or indications, your purpose is pretty obvious, but on your way to the exit, you might encounter some difficulties. As you make your way up to the top the only thing you know is that you must head upwards and to help with that you have a map of the entire ship meant to display all the chambers, notifying you of the one you are currently in and giving you a sense of direction to where you should head next depending on where the hallways from one chamber to the next one are located; however inside the actual game that isn't executed as smoothly as it sounds, as most of the doors leading to those hallways are locked and the only way to unlock them is by using one of the keys you collected to unlock the terminal which will most likely be placed at the other end of the chamber, so until you memorize the layout of those chambers, which differs each time you restart the game, but not in a definitive way, you'll have to needlessly move from one end of the chamber to the other and repeat. There is no actual story to follow as the game takes an arcade style, focusing more on replayability, but for a game that centers around that the radio transmitter messages that will randomly pop up as you make your way up top are a futility as they only state obvious things such as the alarming amount of water around you and there is no way to disable them either, so you will have to skip those each time you replay the game.
    Rating: 4

    Your most useful tool, at least until you familiarize yourself with the ship is your map, as you will constantly use it to orientate yourself and find the easiest way up top, but at the same time it can become your worst nightmare as the doors or terminals aren't marked, so making your way to where the hallway of a chamber appears on the map will send you back to where you came from most of the times simply because there is a locked door between you and that hallway. Aside from that, your most useful items will be the axe which can be used to smash wooden doors, opening up new routes out of a chamber and the keys which are used to unlock terminals for electronic doors. There are three levels of difficulty, but that isn't where the challenge is supposed to be, as even the most inexperienced player can finish the game on hard as by default if you die, instead of having to restart the game the water level will simply rise all the way to your location, but even if it does get above your level your character can swim just fine, so as long as you have the patience to find a way out, you shouldn't have any problem escaping. The real challenge comes in the form of achievements, as they will put different conditions in which you have to escape, such as avoiding water entirely or escaping without collecting any keys. Those challenges might keep the hardcore achievement hunters around for a while longer, but even if they manage to do that, the game is still a half frustrating, half boring experience. No matter how many times you change the condition under which you have to escape, the way up there is always the same: avoiding machine guns and fire, struggling to jump from one block to another because the jump mechanic only works when it wants to and finally escaping through one of the three exits just to see the same ending. On top of that the game has a large number of technical issues, starting with the menu that takes way too much time to load, random crashes or the classic character stuck in the environment cases.
    Rating: 4.5

    Just like Lunnye Devitsy, Boss Baddie's other game included in The Lunar Pack, Wake also launches at a fixed resolution and apart from choosing between fullscreen, small windowed mode or large windowed mode, there is no way to change that. Once again, playing in fullscreen becomes an issue on bigger displays. The effects range from horrible to even more horrible as they often disturb the eye more than they please and apart from telling you where the fire is or in which part a machine gun is shooting they really are useless to the overall design. The ship might not be the largest map and it doesn't need to be considering its purpose, but for a ship that has over 15 different chambers, it's shocking to see that the only thing helping you differentiate one from another is the wall colour in the background.
    Rating: 3.5

    Wake sounds just as bad as it looks, with effects for basic things such as jumping or pushing objects around sounding mediocre and in the heat of the running, feeling even absent. Machine guns shots sound just as bad, with obvious tonality issues and the water sound effects that are just not there. Even worse, this game features possibly one of the worst soundtracks in the gaming history, with the same annoying song playing in the background over and over again, and no way to turn it off, but I guess since the effects are just as useless you could just play the entire game on mute.
    Rating: 1.5

    Getting to one of the three exits shouldn't take longer than 5-10 minutes, but considering you have to familiarize yourself with the map first, your first playthrough will probably take around 30. Once you get that over with, it really depends on how many achievements you're aiming for, since that's your only motivation to replay the game on different scenarios, but even so earning each one of them shouldn't take longer than 4-5 hours.
    Rating: 3

    Wake is an arcade game, even though it is not aware of that, trying to force obvious story bits on you, but it is a very bad arcade game, since it is boring more than challenging, and frustrating more than enjoyable, making it a bygone in your library of games once you got the idea and got bored of hunting for the remaining achievements.
    Rating Overall: 3.3

    Check out the full review and a lot more about Wake at http://gamedragons.net/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=245
    Přidáno: 3. května
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    What a mess!
    Avoid at all costs.
    If somebody gives it to you, quickly get rid of it.
    Better yet give it to your enemies.

    Unfinished, unpolished, pile of #$%^
    Přidáno: 22. června
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    Well I found it. My worst experience on Steam so far. Which is, like my other bad review for Ace Patrol, less about the gameplay and more about the state of the game.

    The game is simply erratic. The first time I loaded up, I couldn't access the menu at all, because it wasn't there. The only button that worked was ESC, only if I held it down for several seconds. Loaded again, I got a menu but couldn't use it. Closed and plugged in my game pad. Now the game took minutes to get to the screen, and still barely worked. I was able to get to config, but couldn't get anything to work, pressed "B" and it took me back to the menu. And it was suddenly working. That time.

    The game runs at low res with a lot of post-processing. There is an option to disable post-processing, and I recommend it. The game actually looks awful with it. All of the details in the graphics are obscured by it. But it does not actually fix the real problem. There is a massive blurring effect that not only effects the game's graphics, but all of the text and visuals as well. All in-game text, including the menus are blurred and much of it is illegible.

    Should you actually manage to get into the game, you'll find that the controls are erratic and don't always do what they are supposed to do. For instance, there is a crucial climb ability, but it only works some of the time, even when done the same way each time. Or in the same climb.

    And to make it all worse, running the game full screen actually runs at a low res with the Steam overlay. Any messages that popup will not appear off in the corner. No, they will take up the entire bottom half of the screen almost.

    If there is a good game buried in here, I will have a hard time finding it. I hear there is manual tweak to remove the graphics effects, and I will look into that. In its current state, this game is unplayable.
    Přidáno: 22. června
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    2.4 hodin celkem
    Ještě nikdy se mi neudělalo ze hry špatně od žaludku, ale toto je nápor na vaše oči nejen podivnou máznutou grafikou, ale i na váš sluch protivným zvukem, který hra vydává.
    Trochu zmatené ovládání, a podivná hratelnost, prakticky stačí vyčkávat až se loď naplní vodou a vy tím získáte přístup tam, kde to za sucha nebylo možné. Logicky bych očekával, že musím před stoupající vodou utíkat, ale voda vám vlastně pomáhá. Občas obraz hry zčerná a za moment se zas rozsvítí, aby navodila jakousi atmosféru asi.
    Hru jsem koupil ve vánoční akci společně s Lunnye Devitsy za necelé jedno euro, a i takto malé částky lituji, jelikož obě hry jsou podobně "kvalitní" raději bych podpořil nadějnější autory.
    Hra je pouze pro silné povahy, hardcore hráče, co se před ničím nezastaví a musí získat každý achievement v každé hře na steamu nebo pro sběratele.
    Přidáno: 2. ledna
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